Junior students set up buy network has been about 20000000 venture capital

5151 buy network entrepreneurial team

every day a discount product has been about 20000000 yuan venture capital

Zhongshan University several junior students do poineering work site, get up to about 20000000 yuan of venture capital investment. These students do buy site every day to launch a discounted products, discounts are below 50 percent off.

discount of more than 50 percent off

these students set up a website called "5151 groups", which is a group buying site. Yesterday, the website commodity is "a farmer in Hanoi Zhi fish and a Coconut Juice acid on papaya sago", the commodity price 48 yuan, after the discount price of 25 yuan. As of 6 pm, there are already 51 people to buy the product. Consumers in the online purchase process, the purchase of the product, through online banking payment to confirm the purchase, the website then sent SMS confirmation, and as the consumption voucher. "In the buyers before we will first payment to the merchant." Website operations director Pan Wenwei said.

in Guangzhou, they have dozens of pieces of merchandise on hand, the recent push the internet. Can they have a simple list of available goods: University City is the largest chain gym card, original price 40 yuan, can enjoy free; fruit house a drink, the original price 12 yuan, the price can be low to free; a restaurant a couple of package, the original price 230 yuan, buy discount to 116 yuan on the website, as low as 50 percent off of the price; in the Pearl River Metro a dental clinic, a package price for 600 yuan to 100 yuan by the website after the discount.

maximum daily hits over 90 thousand

Pan Wenwei, the site to provide goods on class of all people living in idle away in seeking pleasure, necessary. Consumers purchase orders, can be suspended for consumption. For example, a month ago to buy goods, you can spend a month later." If the group does not reach the lower limit, the transaction fails, the site will refund. But even if the business is not successful, is also a kind of propaganda.

Pan Wenwei introduction, since the recent promotion of the site, the site IP traffic more than 10000 times a day, click rate is doubling every day, the maximum daily flow rate of more than 90 thousand hits.

cooperation with the province’s more than 2 thousand merchants

reporter was informed that, like the "5151" elite model of the site began to appear in foreign countries last year. Ceng Shixiong, chairman of the website, is a junior majoring in Information Science, Zhongshan University, founded in April last year, the site has now been more than a year, mainly to accumulate business resources over the past year. He said that only in Guangdong Province, with their business partners have identified more than 2 thousand. Now the Guangzhou Railway Station, GuiYang Railway Station, Hangzhou Railway Station, NanJing Railway Station, ShenZhen Railway Station, Zhuhai Railway Station, Chengdu Railway Station is expected to be on the line within half a month.

in addition, for the special audience groups in Guangzhou, the site opened the University City area, the university has nearly 40 thousand people in the city.

the birth of more than a year of entrepreneurship

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