Do have common heart -Cnet Wang Lu speech feeling

      evening host techweb Tatu advisory IT Longmen array, this period is the speaker of the Cnet China president Wang lu. I sat beside BINGSHU, took his new name card, only to find that he had gone to cnet. Later, when Wang Lu speech also specifically said, with the original BINGSHU is for his friends and relatives to participate, because he is afraid of himself is not good. This is Wang’s modest, in fact, he is very good today, especially in the interaction with the audience.

      when listening to the King Road speech, I have two more profound experience, one point is the business side, one point is the mentality. First say business:

      Wang Lu said in the website CNET acquisition, xcar was used as a classic case, even the United States CNET bigwigs have repeatedly mentioned; in addition, this year is xcar each quarter overfulfiled index. The introduction of Wang Lu, I should be proved in advance of a guess – CNET all the acquisition of the site, I think the most valuable is the xcar; xcar actually do a little bit, it should be a separate listing of the site.

      I see the website generally from 3 aspects: first, the website of the industry "card" is bigger enough — "card" and in fact the industry itself has nothing to do, but in your industry value chain "position". A lot of VC that is to look at the investment industry, in fact, is not accurate, we actually see the industry "card". A card, a "small" industries may be born large sites, such as Sun Deliang chemical network, an industry how vertical, but his position is very good; second, "live" users and business flow is uniform — some sites, such as some of the blog website, the user is known as a few million, is what ah, the key is whether the user on the site of the main business model on the "live". The blog website for example, if you really write blog blog website every day only a few thousand people, millions of people see beautiful pictures, it is not enough; third, "network effect", formed a very high barriers to entry for competitors.

      the above 3 conditions, it is difficult to have the website everything, especially difficult in the first article. However, xcar is the three conditions are available, I am too optimistic, optimistic about the n years. A joke, if I was an investment company, I will buy xcar 2 years ago. Please note that I am optimistic about whether xcar is related to whether he is a "vertical website". The statement, because now because Netsun successfully listed from a domestic industry or vertical wind — this is not necessarily on like a swarm of bees. Xcar is worth the acquisition, not because he is a vertical site, but that he meets the above 3 conditions.

      CNET after the acquisition of x>

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