Stationmaster net eleventh training station began to accept the application.

training: dedecms site dedecms tutorial, through systematic training program. Master build templates, weaving imitation station technology, how to make personalized use dream weaving system independent website.

training crowd: personal webmaster, enterprise site personnel, the company’s Web site administrator

training: 30

registration advice: QQ:583850134 886128 phone 400-008-3536

start time: June 25th 20:00-21:30

Lecturer: Huaqiang (original snow Yi network) has a wealth of template production experience and PHP two development, has been training in the 8 period, the cumulative training of up to 350

charges: charge 300 yuan per person fee (address:, not can be transferred to the next semester to learn, learn so far. Students to participate in learning to send A5 forum real name member (


lecture content reference (according to the needs of students at any time to adjust the content):

this course is a professional video learning + real-time explanation +QQ group ask the way, after trying before the nine period, the training course and the previous period has a significant improvement, make it more reasonable, easy to learn! But I hope everyone in the study before the registration of this course, the first of Html/javasrcipt/CSS (learning page a preliminary understanding of the knowledge of the

!This training to DedeCMS V5.7

the latest version of SP1 as the foundation, installation and environment configuration, template, label and detailed all kinds of common problems mainly on the DedeCMS system.

explain the way with the same — with the detailed theoretical knowledge + rich practical test line. But this period will be appropriate to increase the content of some of the plug-in module development, packaging and other tutorials. Also suitable for a certain DedeCMS based friends to participate in.

training content

this training is divided into three parts, a total of 14 hours (28 hours), the specific distribution is as follows:

novice entry

first class: environment and system installation

1 local environment;

2 DedeCMS system installation;

3 DedeCMS background familiarity;

second hours: program files and security permissions settings;

1 explain the role of each folder;

2 Folder security permissions settings;


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