YY music rapid growth online education into the future focus

YY (also called "YY", at http://s.yy.com/), a NetEase founded by former editor Li Xueling on 2005, after the 5 round of financing, 7 years of development, has been listed on NASDAQ in November 2012. The success of its overseas listing to other similar sites set an example, but its own problems are still not resolved.

is reported that YY’s revenue is mainly composed of online games, YY music, online advertising, online education is also the focus of its business development. Among them, YY music video broadcast and almost 9158, six rooms and other similar sites, anchor in singing, through the video to communicate with users, users send flowers, diamond rings and other virtual goods, and these virtual objects need to buy the real money. In order to get virtual goods anchor more natural language with such inevitable resorted to exhaust all the skills, involving pornographic content.

"As long as the

involves a network video broadcast, the pornographic content is more or less there will always be a little." Internet users, Fan Shaofeng told reporters "investor", "the referee" is not enough, the edge ball can hardly be avoided.

YY although the rapid growth of the business, and successfully listed on the Nasdaq, but in the YY music video broadcast suspected pornographic. At the same time, its online games, online advertising is also facing more competitors.

YY music fast growing

YY music on-line time is not long, but the growth is very rapid, compared with several other businesses, there is the potential of the latter.

2010, the celebrations of the times only online games and advertising revenue structure. But in 2011, YY music online, then YY music revenue 52 million 850 thousand yuan ($8 million 400 thousand), accounting for 17% of the total revenue; nine months of 2012, YY music revenue 180 million yuan ($28 million 700 thousand), accounting for 33% of the total revenue.

since the fourth quarter of 2010, the rapid growth in the number of YY music service users. As of September 31, 2012, YY music service monthly active users for 26 million 570 thousand people, of which paid users of 355 thousand people; the average contribution per user paid income of $254.

YY site general manager Cao Jin said in a speech in the forum, the 2012 celebrations of the times has exceeded the sum China all revenues in the layout of the music revenue.

at the same time, three years, YY company’s play (www.duowan.com) online advertising revenue accounted for the decline significantly, by 2009 accounted for nearly 60% in 2012 to the first three quarters of 15%; and the YY music online revenue contribution to the obvious.

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rapid growth of YY>

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