This article is the analysis of micro-blog micro-blog CEO Wang Peng reward 488 yuan

tiger sniffing note: today (November 20th) at 8:33 in the morning, @ new media in Shenyang micro-blog published an article entitled "three do not concern the new features of micro-blog’s" article, soon by micro-blog CEO Wang Gaofei (@ and between) attention: "analysis of the article is good, let be analysts can pay attention to some problems usually can’t pay attention to the new media to @ Shenyang article three" no compelling new features "micro-blog hit 488 yuan reward!" this article from the new media @ Shenyang long micro-blog, the original title "three does not concern the new features of micro-blog".

micro-blog recently released data show that: continued growth in the size of active users, micro-blog DAU reached 100 million, an increase of 30%. Cao Guowei, chairman of micro-blog DAU throws 200 million new target user impact. Nothing to think about, micro-blog has three new features.

first generation replacement

micro-blog’s user structure than in 2013 has undergone great changes in the past, like the Internet users to listen to the extremist discourse and the release of radical discourse bloggers, have continued to leave and adjust the style. A lot of big V before the network governance like to use a word is: "a major event," recently did not see the word. Now tigers so fierce, what can happen?

Changes in the structure of the user

, so that people leave the field of micro-blog public opinion is easy to misjudge micro-blog not work. This phenomenon can be called the circle above the field, is the Internet users in the circle, there is a field of cognitive errors in it. Do not stick to the bar that people do not think, do not play the blog that the blog is not, but what is the actual situation, but also need to analyze the overall situation.

from the perspective of external observation, to determine whether a field is not OK, there are three criteria: the influx of young people or new users, profitability tends to improve, the frequency of search. The first criterion is decided whether to maintain network community average age of youth, a key factor in preventing aging of the community; second is the standard economic support; third is the active demand for new users or not what the user’s memory.

is the most recent Baidu index: WeChat can be seen in the middle of this year to reach the highest point of search, while micro-blog remained stable.


(November 20, 2015 screenshot)

Baidu index in micro-blog search coefficient to micro-blog, Sina, micro-blog two key words summed up. From this perspective, micro-blog’s situation is still good, about about 400000 per day, while WeChat is between 600 thousand and 700 thousand. I think later, in a remote mountainous area child, his circle of friends are like him, he and the public communication combination, to network, starting this era, micro-blog is still the best tool of

two is the long tail of income

according to micro-blog’s three quarter earnings, micro

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