Knowing the self is the key to success

      do not know why, always have such a feeling, China grass with stationmaster is poor, and especially poor ones, or how to fill in behind, Admin5, zzht and Adsense nets articles, many have written is the cheapest, most low the cost to earn his first pot of gold?

      I think this is a kind of sad, Chinese the webmaster really reduced to this level? No, absolutely not, but I think that some of the articles disturb the sight of a lot of owners, China’s webmaster most need to consider is how to do a good job site, followed by the use of the site to make money, but looks like now reversed.

      see Admin5 advertising essay, the webmaster do stand experience moving, many are from the free space up, slowly expand, of course more is dead. I do not oppose from free space to start, after all, a lot of webmaster is a student, but look at these articles, I was in the mind is constantly make up a question, webmaster, you consider gain and loss?

      as everyone knows, the Internet now has developed into a relatively stable but very dangerous stage, there are more and more stringent national network policy, there are IDC deception, coupled with lack of understanding of the Internet personal webmaster, do stand is already a relatively tough industry.

      if you are a college student (high school students PASS ha, or to learn it), do stand before you should ask yourself, why do you stand? What is the purpose of the station?

      college students do have a lot of poor students, poor students is indeed a vulnerable groups, although the university basically have student loans, but many poor students are hoping to make their own efforts to reduce a burden to his family. But is making the best choice for you? Although there are 1 yuan of the.Cn domain name, good luck some people give you free space to use, but unstable things will be destroyed one day you feel like? Moreover, do not stand to make money, even garbage station. I do not agree with the poor students do stand, although some people succeed, but after all, is a minority. Give more time, a lot of money and no income for the website, and even students to be dropped out, how The loss outweighs the gain. Do stand time to learn how good, after work to earn more? Not dream overnight, citing graph king’s words: impetuous media ruined many students

      now many people seem neither working nor learning, into the heart of the Internet tide, if a few years ago, I absolutely agree with hands, but times change, Chinese large population here, thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers have a single plank bridge, a large extrusion die.


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