Guangzhou military website illegal sale of firearms is being investigated

military website openly selling firearms, the Guangzhou police arrest, destroying the use the site to sell guns illegal gangs, and recovered from the buyers purchased guns.

March 2012, Guangzhou police according to the Provincial Public Security Bureau of the Ministry of public security, unified deployment, in the context of a major break, to chase the source of trace firearms dens, to destroy the network, sell as the focus of the fight against burst governance special action. Over the past six months, the police seized a total of 178 firearms, more than 4300 rounds of ammunition, imitation guns, a total of more than 4 kilograms of explosives confiscated, illegal fireworks and firecrackers of 194 tons. Special action, the city’s public security authorities arrested 87 criminal suspects, to strike out effectively combat all types of crimes involving guns and explosives.

at the beginning of this year, the police found surveillance, "a certain military website" through the network of trafficking in firearms suspects, after further investigation, the police find out the illegal sites, and take action to arrest in July, destroyed the illegal use of network sales of firearms, imitation guns illegal gang. The police are digging expanding line network according to the relevant clues, recovered already sold guns and ammunition, and according to the law on illegal purchase and possession of firearms and ammunition personnel investigation. The police were from Tianhe District, Yuexiu District Huang Wu, Baiyun District, Panyu District Hemou Liang and more than from the site of the illegal purchase of firearms simulation personnel recovered the purchase of firearms.

"report clues once verified, informants receive up to 50 thousand yuan reward." To encourage the public to report clues involving firearms and explosives, the police in Guangzhou had been specially formulated for people to report crimes involving firearms and explosives reward standard, for the public to report involving firearms and explosives clues, the police once verified, will reward informants 200 yuan to 50 thousand yuan.

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