Tmall aftermarket major upgrades! Fast return service 0 seconds to respond to the arrival of 2 hours

Following the 2015 launch of the

speed refund, today announced that Tmall, once again upgrade aftermarket security, the introduction of speed return service.

from now on, shopping more than 3 stars (including 3 star rating) consumers, put forward 7 days no reason to return the application, can enjoy the return for 0 seconds, rookie pick back, response speed, full refund link one-stop return experience. From the application to the refund to the account, the fastest need only 2 hours.

it is understood that shopping more than 3 stars (including 3) rating of consumers in 7 days of receipt of goods, to apply for refunds for 7 days no reason on the grounds, can immediately receive a return address, without waiting for the merchants agreed to.

needs to wait for 72 hours before the deal with the company, the system achieved a response of 0 seconds, greatly enhance the return aging.

at the same time, consumers enjoy the return service at the same time to apply for the return of the goods, but also can apply online to take back service. As long as the application time between 9 a.m. to 20 points, will automatically notify the courier system, will be within 2 hours of a pick-up.

is reported that the first batch of the service has been carried out in women’s clothing, men’s clothing, clothing accessories, shoes and other men and women under the category of more than 1 thousand businesses.

in addition, with the speed of return service release, Alibaba consumer shopping rating system officially open query. Star range from 1 star to 5 stars, consumers, the higher the star, enjoy the ultimate service experience more rights and interests.

with immediate effect, consumers can view the individual star and the corresponding rights and interests in the phone and PC membership page. If the display is 3 or more, you can enjoy the Tmall speed return service.

need to be reminded that the stars are constantly floating, enjoy the speed refund consumers, if found to be dishonest behavior, the corresponding behavior data will be returned to the rating system, thus affecting the stars.

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