The WordPress site was down over 10 million blogs affected

Beijing on June 11th news, according to foreign media reports, the blog service platform WordPress website on Thursday night (EST, Friday morning Beijing time) again service interruption failure, resulting in more than 1000 000 WordPress services using blog affected, including the well-known technology blog TechCrunch, GigaOm was unable to access the website.

some netizens said that when they visited TechCrunch on Thursday night, the message was: " will be back in a minute". TechCrunch said it is not clear the specific time of the service interruption, but more than 1000 of the use of WordPress services blog apparently affected by the failure.

and GigaOm and CNN website some of the blog service, TechCrunch is also the WordPress site, VIP customers". TechCrunch joked, did not expect the treatment of VIP customers is the service interruption.

is not the first

the afternoon of February 18th this year (local time), WordPress has had a major service failure, the failure time of 110 minutes, about 1020 to 10000 WordPress services using blog site affected, the affected up to 5 million 500 thousand the number of web browsing. This is also the biggest service failure in the past four years, WordPress.

Service fault

in February this year, WordPress founder Matt · Mullenweg (Matt Mullenweg) said at the company’s official blog, the cause of the malfunction is due to the service provider WordPress data center was used to adjust the parameters of a main router.

Mullenweg said at the time, I hope the next large-scale service fault WordPress time is at least four years later". But to Mullenweg is expected, after less than four months, WordPress accident in large scale service.

latest progress

up to now, TechCrunch and other sites have been restored to normal. For TechCrunch, "asked" Mullenweg reply in an e-mail: "you may have noticed that most (WordPress service) blog site has returned to normal, of course, including TechCrunch, we are committed to the blog more than normal."

Mullenweg said the cause of the failure of the WordPress is adjusted for a portion of the hosted blog site code. Mullenweg said, WordPr>

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