Ali mother launched the rush ticket activities


August 2nd – 3 · Hangzhou · the APEC Business Advisory Council of the Asia Pacific SME summit


first class entrepreneur, first class investor, first class scholar, first class media

the new global business climate vane

one of the world’s highest gold content of business activities

give you all you want!!!

now the opportunity is at hand!!

this Wednesday to five and next Wednesday to during the period, the amount of single day consumption of more than $200 advertising has the opportunity to get up to $1680 worth of summit tickets



1, click on the same day the total amount of CPC advertising spending more than $200, you can participate in the next day to grab votes activities (such as the amount of money on Tuesday to spend more than 200 yuan to participate in Wednesday to grab votes activities)

, 2 votes, during the event at 10 in the morning every day to open the activity of posts, replies the user, the top 9 valid users, you can get tickets for the



1 per person, only one vote per ticket only (a number respectively: the morning of August 2nd, August 2nd, August 3rd afternoon field morning field); please state your replies must be required to choose a time to prepare and screenings, to distribute the daily tickets before the election first principle.

3 tickets, 2

daily will be broadcasting 3 session, a total of 9


3, all winners, we will be in a working day after winning contact with you.

4, tickets using the real name system, in determining the use of people, can not be resold or traded;

5, ticket holders with identity cards to take votes;

6, for the use of any non malicious vest to grab votes to grab votes in normal way, Ali mother has the right to cancel its qualification.

7, this event Ali mother has the final interpretation.

APEC summit presentation:

– APEC, the world’s most influential official economic cooperation organization, he means business opportunities, more free and convenient business environment;

– APEC Business Advisory Council, a strong voice of the business community to create an environment conducive to the development of the business sector;

, APEC and global business leaders face to face, for your career guidance



Sun Zhengyi – founder of Softbank Corporation

Mohammed. – Professor, banker, economist, Bangladesh. 2006 Nobel Peace Prize

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