Behind the false prosperity of personal website

stock market bubble to investors is the loss of time and money and energy on the network the same way may even be healthy so we have to ask the network in the end there is no bubble there is no future there is no money


China a Alibaba to let the website excited but even Alibaba did not find the profit model I want to say a very simple question people to engage in complex, is to present advertising rates of domestic influential advertising alliance Baidu Ali Mama gogole first video is not so ideal even for personal webmaster very depressed the flow of money to that high conversion can not keep a son a lot of money to pay a lot of effort even after the work can not find the money but also don’t say you take the money this is the status quo

In the end there is no big bubble

network site is our benchmark domestic events in recent days we have seen in my opinion is very serious and even a little crazy now have a website with the lottery like thinking that profits this idea is very good to give yourself a dream for the difference between the two is obvious

The essence of

network is to meet the things to do network if the network like a shopping website is now if counter counter charges are too low to what people are for the impact of the Internet gold rush such self-evident

site only to bring you the things you need to have the existence of the necessary or you are not making money

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