Enterprises to develop network marketing should be clear demand and positioning


we carry out network marketing should be to clear their own needs, before carrying out the network marketing, should first assess what he should not carry out network marketing, who is going to find the implementation of network marketing, how to benefit is not responsible, and efficiency of network marketing, but also to build a pure website, is to carry out network marketing it should be clear the purpose. In the case of unclear demand, the network marketing, the result is not optimistic.

and enterprise network marketing is not the last straw, a means of network marketing and network marketing efficiency, competitiveness by the new network marketing professionals, system for business related research and analysis, the buckle planning and implementation of network marketing, to help enterprises to better understand that and we solve these problems, which can quickly for the enterprise in the business, do their own benefit in the brand.

and the demand of the enterprise is to carry out dynamic benefits of network marketing, network marketing and some great is that network marketing planning and implementation, such as a pure website, and should not go to a network marketing organization, and network marketing agency for the website construction with guidance. After defining the needs of the enterprise, how to carry out the analysis, from your costs, your demand function, investment costs, etc..

from the China Internet association partners, China’s famous new competitive network marketing management consultant over there to consult, the enterprise’s efficiency of network marketing how to carry out it?

I, analysis and research


part is a very basic work, not only is the industry analysis, or competitor analysis, found more in analysis premise for the future network marketing mode and orientation, these data should be compared with the history and current data, and historical data must have at least 5 years. Found associated with non related trends from these basic in diagnosis.

two, positioning and demand

why is the development of network marketing, how to carry out the benefit of network marketing, is to establish a corporate brand, or just products, for the company’s network marketing positioning, you’ll have a very good segmentation and demand, according to the relevant functions of network marketing website after making their own individual and scheme. Now the enterprise website can be divided into product display, network marketing, e-commerce, and service type, different types, different ways of marketing, so, for the network marketing planning is one of the best network marketing organization core strength.

one aspect, we integrate from the internal of the enterprise, the other aspect of the network marketing agencies to be integrated in terms of recommendations, and many of the marketing methods are deviated from the direction of the enterprise.

three, strategy and implementation

has a good analysis of the previous, is the implementation of the functions of network marketing planning, >

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