How to let rookie every day to write high quality soft Wen

soft marketing is a very effective marketing methods, the same difficulty is very large. Especially in the SEO optimization, everyone knows how to get good rankings, the high quality of the chain is essential, while talking about the high quality of the chain is not soft.

every network marketing practitioners, how many have some experience, write one or two articles sharing Posts usually have no problem, but marketing is a long-term process, need to adhere to every day, their experience more, one day will run out, so every day to write text to determine how the theme, material? Especially a novice, in what they do not know the circumstances, how to write a high quality of soft Wen


through the author’s study and practice, summed up the four methods to determine the theme and material:

a summary of audio lessons

free online tutorials a lot, there are words, there are recordings, there are video. For a network for beginners to learn every day is necessary, especially the system of learning. To see some difficult articles, can insist to see in the video, after completing this course, their impression and understanding 200 to write a 400 word article according to is to a summary and review their course of study, written with this article to contribute to each big website.

there are four advantages:

first, to deepen their understanding of the course, usually after listening to the course of the past is often the effect is very poor, and after their own thinking summary, the impression will be very deep, the efficiency is very high.

second, will share their experience through the form of the article to share out, but also to help other beginners.

third, their understanding of the deviation, there will be a lot of experts immediately pointed out, can immediately know where they are wrong, timely correction.

fourth, for the majority of your target audience in terms of rookie, this is a very high value of the article, will not only get the user’s favorite, but also get the search engine like.

because it is a summary of the lessons of others, it is best to help people in the article to promote it, this is the respect for other people’s knowledge. Secondly, itself is a rookie, there are many understanding deviation, must be written in a modest attitude, like other soft error free as many online, mistaken for children.

two on the collation of online materials

when you have completed the first stage, your ability has been greatly improved. At this time there are many other forms of online tutorials, such as PPT, mind mapping, etc., limited to the limitations of the format, often can not accurately convey the content they want to express. You can translate these materials according to your own understanding.

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