My opinion on the promotion of entertainment humor jokes website

I have also done a humorous joke site. Since the Chinese website to write such a wonderful article. Can not afford to give their own copies of the ad has gone through 3 years, but also summed up the experience of the past 3 years. Share with friends who read carefully.

1) since it is a joke. Search is essential. Entertainment search, the largest proportion of Baidu, Yahoo partial, Google is relatively weak. In general an important word such as funny pictures joke joke funny humor that search is special. You can refer to the Baidu index Google index keyword query

summed up the 10 keywords for your site. Do 10 channels, if you have a search of 10 thousand IP every day, enough to do a successful entertainment site. Here’s the most important point. If your site has been searched, no hesitation for domain name is your first choice.

2) forum promotion. Since it is entertainment. Since it is humorous everyone is your audience. As long as it is a lively place, you are the promotion of local. Find a group of the most easily reproduced by the classic funny pictures. It’s better to be clear. Super engage. Then a punchline in the picture. Draw your little logo. This requires that your domain name must be easy to remember, not to be I and 1, and, and O, 9 and Q is not easy to distinguish. There used to be a website. Rely on the forum funny pictures, 3-5 IP per day.

3) professional humorous joke picture website, must do the art. If hao123 265 and other large web site included. Will be an endless stream of flood. So be sure to squeeze into the top. Because the professional to do this site is not much, many are just a channel. Stoppering the success of a half in.

4) entertainment site really want to keep people still rely on the forum to allow the network to entertainment users. Give them platform. Funny pictures. Beautiful pictures, funny movies. Network hot pet.

5) holidays are a great. There was a website, just by the holiday blessing page reached 500. About 200000 ip.

specific precious blessing page, holiday page I believe we have seen a lot, how more outstanding, who thought, who bigger.

6) entertainment flow is an entertainment website, don’t dream of getting this website made cause. Flow more put some advertising the village is not the store, missed the peak flow, leaving only the people will not have the tea cool, lingering around. >

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