News marketing inventory press release after the ten display position

news marketing, has become one of the most important content of a work of enterprise marketing work, a lot of enterprise manager every week to plan the news point, soliciting press do news media, they are also professional work this is called PR, but I know the way marketing agency pony Masan after implementation of the project manager a news marketing project, found that many do not know the manager of the network news media channels, at least all network news can show all don’t know.

some planning manager comes from the sales department adjusted, still do not understand the media; some is director of marketing and brand planning, media placement can be clearly seen, but not the network news, for them is a new thing. In fact, some professional engaged in network marketing is not able to put all the communication channels of the network news media, namely the entrance position of all news show can say, following the author of small Ma Shitu Mashan marketing agencies will summarize the problem for reference, also hope that the people in the industry to further improve.

1, media portal

media itself, the news portal communication, which is the most easy to understand, but also everyone knows a communication portal. For example, a press release to the network marketing China Internet information channels, access to the Internet in the information list page when you can see this news, of course, can recommend the way to the top news channel home page or home page, but the manager must know the recommended one needs news highly, on the other hand is recommended to pay public relations fees.

2, related news portal

believe that all of us often browse network news, is no stranger to the word related news, when we pay attention to the real sister arrested news, the news can be seen below the "news" column, is associated with the real sister news, we browse several articles on this sequence of events is clear. The.

3, recommended news portal

recommended news similar and related news in the news, but also show the left terminal page or below, it will be placed at the beginning of the news, this column is all through the important news frequency first recommended, have not been recommended in this section show no news, this is also the reason why many companies are willing to pay more for news recommendation and PR the cost of. Pony know the way marketing agencies to do news marketing programs will be appropriate to arrange some news recommendation of the launch, so spread stronger.

4, news source display

the above three points are the media itself, the news source display belongs to the search engine communication, high quality media news release, will be Baidu, Google, 360 search, search and other mainstream search engine news Pastebin, when the user through the search engine news search search for relevant keywords to display in the search results. Most of the users who use the news source to search the news are the people in the industry and the media

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