Xu Lei Jingdong marketing taboo night and every morning and evening

speed transit network June 28th news, "youth easy old, die without the burial ground; marketing is the most taboo" night and every morning and evening ". In the "2013 years of Analysys digital marketing", the Jingdong vice president Xu Lei in the "confession" my marketing speech said, do marketing trader who is the most taboo to "overnight", through his great idea to make a bet, this company is irresponsible.

Xu Lei said, people always want to continue before the success of things, when you are more successful, your operation is more dangerous, but marketing is very terrible, "the victors" every year to new tasks and new requirements, the window face, it is difficult to say with last year the way to do this thing.

"so far this year has changed very much, this is the best of times, but also the worst of times, there is no fixed number of marketing." Xu Lei said that in 2000, according to the CBM charge, sina Sohu 60 to $80, the best time of the $120, but in 2001 October, started to use the EDM form of marketing promotion, has continued to have many new ways.

Looking back over the past more than

, charging mode is changed, the media is also changing, consumer demand is also all sorts of strange things "". In this regard, Xu Lei pointed out that in order to keep a high like a dog moment alertness, "nose" to be very sensitive to look at things around.

"now the social development is too fast, fast are a little behind, such as wireless marketing, wireless e-commerce, we all know that this is the future development trend." Xu Lei exclamation. For example, he said, in China is very important to the flow of the entrance of the site, 10 years a day PC10 billion, at this time of day PC is 8 hundred million. A lot of PC media traffic is declining, and even some very good media trend is very obvious, transferred to other sites or transferred to the wireless client.

Xu Lei combined with the development of the wireless side of Jingdong, Jingdong began to increase wireless Internet investment last year, this year as a strategic product, strategic projects at the front. He said that Jingdong in the development of wireless products are more slowly on their own development, in view of the existing marketing in the continuous strengthening.

when the enterprise to different stages of development, in fact, different traffic in different stages of the significance is not the same, for example, I now tell you that the highest efficiency of Jingdong ROI navigation station." Xu Lei said.

Xu Lei at the end of the speech stressed that the electricity supplier website when doing sales, should flow, goods, users of the Trinity to see. Front is more of a marketing type, flow after coming in, and how goods docking, and then sold to different types of users, then these three kinds of combination, the electricity supplier website in order to achieve capacity maximization. (Chen Xue)

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