How to do a good job in micro-blog marketing

‘s boss has been fond of micro-blog, recently finally decided to spare the manpower to do marketing marketing for micro-blog micro-blog, I also just understand, but there is no in-depth study, so for the following points you feel okay you can write, if write well don’t scold me.


as a new media marketing tool for businesses, is undoubtedly a new platform, well done can effect on the whole to a tiger with wings added the marketing company. Want to do a good job in micro-blog marketing, first of all need to have a certain understanding of micro-blog.

micro-blog, as its name implies, is a mini blog, is an informal Mini blog. There are several features:

1, instant strong. We have to admit that micro-blog has a great influence on people’s search habits and life style, the latest trends of the latest news events of major brands, more and more people began to micro-blog search this information, because micro-blog information posted on the fastest, most fresh information.

2, strong communication. Simple and convenient operation process, basically not affected by the surrounding environment. On the bus, the rest chair, stop…… Everywhere there will be a cell phone brush micro-blog shadow. It spread like nuclear fission, a twenty chuan-100, transmission power as can be imagined.

3, high precision. After the registration of micro-blog, you can have the potential capacity of users to pay attention to observe their activities and topics of interest. At the same time, companies remain active on micro-blog (need time accumulation), but also can attract the attention of users interested in the product, become a fan of the enterprise. The two part, enterprises are the most direct target customers, enterprises communicate with them online, is in direct contact to the market in the first line, whether it is to collect market feedback, or brand communication, are facing more accurate consumer groups.

4, high affinity. Micro-blog is not a superior official website, micro-blog exchange as users of its nickname "Bib", warmth, fun, life. This fragment, speak enterprises through random, is not only the level of brand information and sales promotion, product promotion, can express their views on the social hot events, for customer service service in micro-blog, as much as possible for users to help users make good sense. Micro-blog marketing played down the image of commercial enterprises, consumers and fans closer to the distance, let the enterprise to listener attitude close to the consumer, to build a relationship of trust for each other.

5, low cost. Do micro-blog marketing cost can be compared to blog marketing or do BBS marketing cost is much lower.

for the above characteristics of micro-blog, the company launched micro-blog marketing has the following recommendations:

1, in-depth understanding of consumer groups. Who does our micro-blog write for? This is the first and most important step we have to face. There are three main types of our customers: one is the enterprise

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