Network marketing – details determine success or failure

enterprises do network marketing, the purpose is only one, sales of products, to earn more profits.

a company regardless of size, in the network above the sale of products, are fair competition, but who sell more products, make more profits, which is a lot of factors:

1 the quality of the product is 2 the price of the product is 3 the appearance of the 4 after-sales service 5 speaking skills

these 5 aspects can directly affect your monthly sales.

two network marketing advertising options:

1 search engine B2B 3 web site of the industry 4 ad text ads


three select website release product noteworthy details:

1 picture must be clear, and in the picture above the company name. Website。 Product name.

2 contact must be a mobile phone. Fixed telephone。 Fax。 QQ. MSN. E-Mail. Contact name. Try to bring all the

3 product description must be detailed, and should be included in the product description of the 2-3 key words in the product, as far as possible the key words on the front of the product description, which is conducive to the search engine crawl.


4 product selection, based on the original product name, try to analyze the word, also can use what kind of keywords, which would increase the exposure rate of your keywords, customers find your chance will improve a lot.

5 choose HTML format at the end of the site to release your products, Baidu, Google’s love included this static page, as long as you try to choose this website to release some products, this can save you a lot of advertising costs, but also in the search, make your product ranking.

four mail reply in a timely manner.

five phone calls from customers to focus on the collection, over a period of time to call.

six customer requests to send information, as far as possible to meet their requirements, if necessary, you can also use online chat tools. Try to solve the doubts in the minds of customers.

seven shoot some video products into the company’s Web site, you can increase the trust of your customers.

eight web site must be installed with an interactive tool, such as: QQ. MSN. Ali Wangwang. Web chat tool. You can also consider installing a message board on the left side of the site. The lower right corner. Do not use the kind of message board navigation bar, so the message board customers will not give you a message.

nine if the company is big enough to plant, some companies can shoot photos. Put into the company’s website, because it is a symbol of the strength of the company, you can increase the confidence of customers.

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