The failure of Google in China from the advertising language of Google

although I am very disgusted with Baidu, because he is always searching for malicious optimization of the web page, because he often acts of hegemony, because he does not have the broad and profound of the Chinese nation! But I still like hundreds of millions of Chinese Internet users, every day Baidu, because I have no choice! Google, the world’s leading level, but why not pressure? Small shallow, temporarily from the Google Advertising Google fiasco in china.


first, Google Chinese called "Valley brother", I don’t know exactly how many people would love this name, I know if a person never know Google heard this name will not have what feeling is more "awkward"; and people know Google, most of them think that this name too far fetched, basically equivalent to the literal translation! China is a populous country, of course, is also a big country. Too many people China, while the overall education level in a short period of time and can not increase, if foreign products into the Chinese, if not a good Chinese name, so it is difficult for him to do a short time range of visibility. In other well-known foreign products, such as "BMW", "Coca-Cola", "Rejoice", "Carrefour", which is not a genuine Chinese name? Look at Baidu, "he found the degreeses, suddenly look back, that person but in the lights dim, though you might not know that the hand of Xin Qiji, but this classic poem has sung Chiaki, even woman and children all know. Baidu in the name of the cultural heritage of the Google has been thrown into the millennium.


secondly, Google in China does not have a formal advertising language, which can not but say that Google Advertising strategy the most unsuccessful step! In the brand value is far greater than the value of the product of modern economic society, a world famous products did not belong to their own advertising language, this is the foreigner does not understand China, or I do not know foreign countries? And do not say Pepsi to "the young generation" just from halfway out, straight to the city of Changan Coca-Cola, NOKIA a "human technology" attracted much freedom warm blooded son; see NetEase of "people power" get together, this advertisement NetEase started from 2000, in TV commercials, magazine advertising publicity, this is probably the first formal use of advertising language website, and its status of NetEase now has made distinctions won in battle, although NetEase and other portals, no longer use advertising language! Now look at the heat of the WBE2.0, which is not a website called advertising than the site? There are too many Internet users in China, you can’t tell him what you can do for him, and let him remember your character in a short time! On, you will find that it is not like Sina, 163, Sohu,, they have only one site name, his title is "Baidu, you will"

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