E-mail Promotion of industry website

in the industry website promotion methods, e-mail promotion can be regarded as one of the essential methods. This paper mainly discusses the methods and skills of E-mail Promotion, which is used in China’s Viscose network.

talk about e-mail promotion, a lot of friends will consciously and unconsciously linked to spam. This is also quite reasonable, because the current spam is too much, with the flood is almost not enough to describe the word. However, here to say is not mass spam, but the precise marketing of e-mail.

, the collection of mail address library. To achieve precision marketing, the first is the accuracy of the mail address library. We don’t want to spam the library, we strive to address the inside of the library is our intention of the user group. For example, we are mainly doing adhesive industry portal, we collect the mail library, and the adhesive industry and related products. There are many ways to collect, here is a brief description of China’s Viscose web mail collection methods used:

1, the accumulation of long-term customer information. We are engaged in the adhesive industry for many years, has accumulated a large number of customer data.

2, the same industry site data collection. There are a lot of websites that focus on adhesive products or services on the Internet, which has a wealth of user information.

3, industry QQ group user information. Because the focus on the adhesive industry, we join or build a group of QQ group, as the garden of peer exchanges, in the group to answer questions raised by everyone. There are many of them are peers, which can retain users on the one hand, increase site traffic, but also to collect a lot of industry users e-mail address.

4, website registered user information. Our site itself has a lot of registered members, members of the information inside the e-mail address library, of course, we do the necessary information to promote the mail.

5, creative email address collection activities. Can carry out all kinds of promotional activities on the Internet to guide users to leave their e-mail address. Here is an example, Chinese adhesive net finishing a lot of value to the industry user data, these data we can free gift to a friend in need, but the premise is you need to leave your email address, email. This can be a lot of creativity, we use their brains, there will always be a lot of good ideas out.

two, mail content preparation. Do e-mail marketing, in order to achieve the effect, the content must be able to really generate the value of the content of the user, spam will not have any good results. Every time we send the content, are adhesive industry users are concerned about the product, technical problems. For example, we regularly produce adhesive journals to collect the latest adhesives supply, buy information, adhesive formulations,

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