Some rules and methods of website promotion

used to have some personal webmaster or into the network company to do a friend asked me to promote the network promotion method. At the beginning, I will think about their website, then I told them the three elements. Because after a long time of experience, I found that no matter how they change the type of site, the three point is website promotion rule.

a clear site for the user base

whether it is to do a personal website friends, or just go to the network company to do the product or do the promotion of new cooperation. The first step is to understand the user’s own site positioning, product positioning. Do not do the site for six months, or stay in the company for a few months, a lot of space to learn network promotion methods, it is not clear what their site is doing. To clarify their website what is suitable for people to use and watch, based on this premise, how can we talk about the development of the website, how to do site promotion.

now rarely have personal or company Sina, Sohu will do such a large and comprehensive website, because these sites face the crowd too wide, no background is very powerful, basically no chance of success. So now do vertical areas of the site more, because the users of such positioning clear, as long as the one area of user needs to do, the same can achieve great success, such as the now popular video podcast station.

two, the main place to investigate the user gathered online

in the clear your site to the user group, you need to do the investigation and analysis, these users mainly appeared online what place, what type of website, what type of forum, or what kind of local QQ group.

take the podcast video station, for example, mainly for video users, and video users will be where?

Search engines or video aggregation sites such as Baidu

1 video, video search, video search, Qihoo banner paste easy to video channels, these places are certainly the flow of video users, and video podcast station is a chance to get traffic from these places.

2 traditional video sites, such as kan5, Hainan integrated network so, do network TV, such as ppstream, do video players such as storm video, do video download client, such as thunder. These places have a large number of direct or potential video users, and there is no direct conflict of interest with the podcast network.

3 some of the video related forums such as professional TV series, movies, Animation Forum, or comprehensive forum of the TV series, movies, animation version of the area, is the place where video users gathered.

4 and the same point of view, TV series, movies, animation QQ exchange group, these people are also potential video users.

5 similar video podcast site, this does not say that we should also know.

three, research to attract users of the network promotion

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