Using mobile phone text messages to promote Taobao guest website

this morning to go to work, to a message, open look, the general content is to online shopping in (a web site). After reading, I open this website, the original is a Taobao passenger station, the habit of viewing their included and rankings, included only more than 1 thousand pages, Taobao customer site contains so much is no effect, but saw his volume can also be felt, net station set up time is not long, last year in November to do a good job, his grade one day about a dozen orders can be.

I like to chat with people, at the bottom of the site QQ customer service to find him, and he chatted. He told me that he would send 10000 text messages per month, the cost is about 700 yuan a month, the Taobao rebate network has about 1000 new registered members, he did not say how much income. Certainly more than the cost of 700 yuan. Otherwise he wouldn’t have done that.

we will discuss the use of mobile phone text messages to promote the site approach:

1 to find a good credit SMS platform, the general price of regular mobile phone short message platform is about 700 to about 10 thousand. Do not look for those 3,4 points of the SMS company, one is their arrival rate problems, one is their deduction.

2 collection of potential sites to access the phone number of the crowd, the potential customers for the Taobao site, usually those female white-collar workers. Some people may ask, how can I get so many white-collar phone number? A lot of channels, here is not revealed.

3 design attractive advertising language. Now SMS marketing as the fifth media, it has the advantages of other media do not have, for example, timeliness, interactive convenience, low cost advantages. As long as your ad is attractive enough, I think 10 messages to a IP is very simple.

In addition,

said, now a lot of mobile phones can be directly connected to the Internet, you may visit your site directly through the phone.

finally, want to leave a small problem for everyone, can let customers receive SMS automatically forwarded us your advertisement? For example, A received your propaganda messages, how to make A happy to forward this message to B, C, D…… In this way, your site sent 10 messages, may bring about 20 members. Let’s take a look at it. To be sure, it can be realized. This article by the Anhui mobile phone SMS platform original, reproduced please indicate where.

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