An analysis of the skills of advertising network environment (two)


in the previous article, under the environment of network alliance advertising techniques of (a), of the web page information density, a full page advertisement page on the value of advertising content & Web content & people interested, these three delivery techniques are described; today, we will combine the experiment and data on eye movements to introduce the network environment, the change of the position of the advertising effects of advertising attention and thus can introduce new advertising style.

first, before the experiment, we need to define the text page, advertising form and advertising position:

(1) text page:


page form: the most common text page as carrier, take the high quality text page visual unity, neat, not crowded, ensure the participants through the pages in the experiment, not because the page itself and low quality influence on advertisement attention;


page text content: introduction to the 3 page form a national scenic spot, the subjects read each page after page to the next page can be independent of


advertising form: choose the most representative of the two dimensions of advertising as the research object, that is,

(960*90) and rectangular (300*250);

2 advertising location: located in

area, navigation sidebar and text area

navigation area: located at the top of the page, only the banner ad


sidebar: only rectangular advertising, in view of an article in the whole page and page in the sidebar has been investigated over Rectangular advertising attention, according to the experimental need, select only the sidebar, and the location of

two under the sidebar

text area: banners and rectangular advertising, banner ads to investigate the text page in the upper and lower 3 positions, rectangular advertising survey text and the next 2 positions

two, the text page, the location of the ads, banners and rectangular advertising and advertising attention to what kind of relationship?

(1), navigation sidebar, body area advertising attention

advertising in the navigation area, sidebar, body area of three different positions, advertising attention are different, the highest degree of concern which the location of the


eye movement research data found that the ads in the sidebar navigation area, and body area of advertising attention is different, the text area ads are the most attention, followed by the navigation area, and usually considered the sidebar quality position to get the attention of the minimum. Analysis for the following reasons: first, the area is the core of the text pages, the attention itself is higher than that of the sidebar sidebar sidebar ads; secondly, the long history, the users when browsing the web based on past experience will automatically shield sidebar ads, and is located in the area of advertising for the integration into the body. So the possibility is the biggest concern.


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