SF has launched the A shares listed on the plan could be worth over 100 billion yuan

[Abstract] insiders revealed that the listed SF may adopt more assets into the listed company, or set by the reorganization of listed companies the way.

China express enterprises listed on the tide, the tide to sf.

February 18th, SF released "listed counseling announcement" said SF Holdings (Group) Limited by Share Ltd intends in the domestic stock market IPO is currently undergoing CITIC Securities, China Merchants Securities Limited by Share Ltd Limited by Share Ltd, Huatai Securities Limited liability company counseling.

according to the Securities Times news, the Shenzhen securities regulatory bureau has accepted the application for listing counseling SF holdings.

, however, this is only the beginning of the listing of sf.


anonymous investment bank analysts surging news reports, according to the conventional path, SF holdings to achieve the final listing in listing guidance after the end of the period, the relevant materials submitted to the Commission, the Commission accepted, audit and feedback material, then wait in line.

"usually takes 2 to 3 years." The analyst said.

however, according to express expert Zhao Xiaomin close to SF SF revealed that listed may adopt more assets into the listed company, or set by the reorganization of listed companies the way.

in the second half of 2015 so far, China’s express industry to enter the intensive listing tide. In December 2, 2015, Edisi (002468) announcement, STO will be listed to the backdoor; January 15, 2016, Dayang creation (600233) announcement that the reorganization of assets and a Day Day Express Ltd. The latest news is that China Unicom express invited seven or eight well-known investment bank in Hongkong to communicate with the company, and to consult its listing related matters.

had been the first at the tail, founder of SF Wang Wei, listed on the enthusiasm is not high.

he told the media that the benefits of listing is nothing more than money, not for the money market sf. Because the profit and stock price after the listing will become the main goal is not conducive to long-term strategic investment, while the information required to disclose the market is not conducive to the protection of trade secrets, the development of strategic plans.

Zhao Xiaomin told the surging news, SF choose this time to start listing plan, there are several reasons:

first introduced to promote the development of rural electricity supplier and express industry background in the State Council and relevant departments, relevant state departments hope to emerge a China express industry benchmark, SF has become the best choice.

second, CITIC Capital, China Merchants Group is the state capital, enter the SF after more than two years, also hope to get a better return on capital. In August 2013, SF has introduced yuan Wo Holdings, China Merchants Group, CITIC Capital, the ancient capital of four strategic investors, and the transfer of 25% stake in SF EXPRESS.

in addition to the current China economy

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