To accelerate the music collection ability KnownSec build website security ring X men


X 4" X-Men: the reversal of the future like a raging fire in cinemas, the film tells the story of X-Men X is encountered in the history of the biggest crisis of survival, they must go back to the past to save their own destiny, the reversal of the future. But the movie is always the movie, ordinary people have no way to go back to the past, and "it", rather than "nip in the bud". This kind of thinking can be applied to all walks of life, especially in the domestic security industry’s website is threatened by growing crises.

just last year, the site suffered disaster may reach in history, the P2P website was hacked to bankruptcy of the company less than 5, Struts2 risk vulnerabilities broke out again and again, OpenSSL bleeding heart affected online banking electricity providers, DedeCMS risk vulnerabilities repair repeatedly more than, the scope of a major national DNS fault…… Internet security personnel can do what it is necessary to wait until the outbreak of the crisis, they began to think, if you can come back again".


website security and the number one product, none other than the non accelerating music. If you compare it to the X – men, a collection of several protagonists in the film super capacity:

1 magic shaped female, she can use their own ability, turned into disguised as any person as to accelerate the music according to different site requirements, tailored service rules, flexible, can be invincible;

20 thousand magnetic king, can control all the metal material, for their own use. The acceleration of music through the accumulation of a few years, has captured the world’s massive 0Day, and it will be distributed to the demand in this area, there are qualified related industry companies, security companies.

3 fast silver, with extraordinary speed of movement. But when it comes to fast, which one can not expect to accelerate the fun of it? 2 minutes to open, speed up to about 5 times the site.

4 flash, you can quickly transfer people and objects. Is not the same as the acceleration of the smart DNS smart it through the provincial analysis, storage flow, the site is able to quickly access.

steel 5 lux, you can instantly put the body into a steel like material, invincible. He is like an accelerated music hacking anti attack function, can resist the attack by hackers, unscathed.

despite the acceleration of the collection of a variety of "super power", but also need a "Professor X" as the existence of the soul of the people to do the guidelines, know that the creation of Yu is accelerating music, "Professor X". But it’s not only accelerated the music a "X" in the maintenance of peace China X-Men Wolverine like Internet, there has a pair of claw Zoomeye, security risks every day to search the network space; a storm can control the SCANV, through the powerful security system, real-time Internet provide security protection there are the same; the Iceman security alliance, the illegal and unsafe sites will be immediately frozen, as always "

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