China Telecom first hundred cities officially launched 4G commercial package details


China Telecom around the commercial use of 4G advertising image


technology news news February 14th, China Telecom today announced the official commercial 4G, the first 4G service will be available in nearly 100 City, 4G users to buy and package the data terminal, you can use Tianyi 4G services. At the same time, the China Telecom released the first batch of Tianyi 4G standard tariff package, including monthly payment packages, packages and six cards in the card package, and launched the Tianyi 4G brand advertising sharing the good life".

China Telecom launched 4G business

previously, December 4, 2013 4G license, China Telecom released Tianyi 4G brand advertising image at the beginning of December, Tianyi 4G baby "good start" the theme of the upcoming Tianyi 4G era. The new version of Tianyi 4G brand image is still Tianyi 4G baby as the protagonist, but the shape has been different, the theme of the ad by the beautiful is about to start to share a better life!

China Telecom said that February 14th is the Western Valentine’s day this year, the Lantern Festival is Chinese, choose this day released the first batch of Tianyi 4G standard tariff package, launched the Tianyi 4G brand advertising, hope that by passing true, beautiful and warm wishes, common witness and consumers and to share the good start in life.

in Beijing for example, five hot cell rings within the city, (airport, Huilongguan, Tiantongyuan, Changping County, Tongzhou County, on the north, and the airport in North Shunyi County, North six ring, west of Fangshan County in Western Yizhuang, Daxing Lu Cheng Xiang to the south ring region), has opened 4G, currently the region outdoor basic coverage.

Tianyi 4G network card and charges are introduced

February 14th, the China Telecom announced the Tianyi 4G card package: divided into monthly pay 70 yuan, 100 yuan, 130 yuan, 200 yuan and 280 yuan a total of 5 files, corresponding to a monthly 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 6GB and 10GB traffic. In addition, the China Telecom for the convenience of users, were also launched six cards and card package, which contains six cards 300 yuan 6GB flow (use within 6 months), the annual card is $600, includes 12GB flow (12 months).

China Telecom said, covering the domestic and foreign well-known brands of more than and 10 4G data terminals will be listed. The first batch of 4G data terminals are supported TD-LTE standard, divided into the network card, Internet treasure (MIFI), wireless gateway (CPE) three types.

in the first purchase activities, the user is only an additional 1 yuan, you can get a commemorative gift card containing the flow of the GB, the national limit of 2 million cards.

China Telecom said that consumers can call the local 10000 customer service hotline, landing G

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