Narcotics are poisonous variable profits temptation three months money thirty million

huge temptation "drug" turned into "poisonous"

The account password and other computer virus can steal user behavior of

have been well known, but for computer users, a case of the Nanjing police cracked still let many people be startled at: a "Trojan group Miss" manufacturing spread gangs, criminal business own account the best three months to earn 30 million yuan.

computer was done after the invasion of chicken

computer running more and more slowly, when the Internet site is locked, the computer constantly pop-up advertising, which is a phenomenon encountered by many computer users. Kingsoft Engineer Li Tiejun believes that these users computer is likely to become infected with a computer virus, chicken".

to browse the web, download software, game AIDS, through the QQ and MSN transfer files, the use of U disk, mobile hard disk, are likely to become infected with a computer virus, chicken may Aizai "". Unlike in the past, computer virus has become more and more with economic characteristics: theft of user computer in online bank accounts and passwords, game account and password, even with the economic value of documents, photo album. It is understood that the "big sister" Trojan once the flood, the Nanjing police confirmed that the case is worth more than 15 million yuan, and own account business three months the best earned 30 million yuan. Under "Miss" the network game of attack, including "swordsman", "dream swims on the west" wait for many 40 victims, too many to count game player.

six group control industry chain

computer virus author is no longer single-handed combat, but a combined group combat mode, and the formation of a clear division of the industrial chain, some responsible for the production of the Trojan virus, some responsible for the Trojan virus transmission to the user computer, some will be responsible for the classification of information value on the user’s computer package, and sales.

Li Tiejun said, there are six big horse group: porn May day group, Wang Xiaofeng group, Li Baoyu group, Jackie Chan group, CCTV-Just group, crabs, they attack the number exceeds the total amount of 90% of Internet users encounter attack. Theft from the user computer to the value of information becomes sold gold platinum. As a keyword search on Baidu website "game envelope", can find a lot of selling game account and password website, an industry official said, a game is a envelope contains a user account password, email. The stolen information in the relatively high value of the account number and password, will be sold as a letter in hand, price is high also, some can sell a million. After the selection information will be used as a letter, the price is relatively low, even for sale 2 yuan.

computer virus associated with the stock market

Kingsoft Corp network security experts also found an interesting phenomenon, the data show that the network virus and the stock market index showed a deep negative correlation. That is, the stock market rose, the number of network viruses decreased; shares >

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