The domain name recently to 3 million 800 thousand high hands

webmaster network January 9th news, a webmaster to Admin5 Adsense nets editor said recently, is well-known master Xu Xianming to buy, prices at around 4 million, 2012 is currently the highest price of the domain name.

webmaster network editor then contacted the new communication CEO Mr. Xu Xianming, Xu then confirmed the news, and to disclose the exact price of the domain name to the editor is 3 million 800 thousand yuan. Affected by the Ministry of Railways official website domain name, the current site natural flow of 250 thousand IP or so, the current domain name jump to hao123 site navigation.

When the

editor asked Xu Xianming is ready to buy expensive domain name or investment when he said there is no clear goal, the future does not rule out to sell at high prices: "the current sites hao123 day income of about 10 thousand yuan, but 3 million 800 thousand of the purchase of such domain income do not know what time to return this".

analysis of industry experts, due to the high-end domain name transaction price has been rising, especially in 3, 4 and Larry domain digital digital domain name market is soaring, so domain investment attracts more and more people of all ages, but also to remind the novice to the rice farmers due to prudent investment, a large investment funds should be multi industry experts.

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