Why is the nternet financial information disclosure behind them

the evening of October 28th, an event in the Internet financial circles, Chinese Internet Financial Association officially to member units issued "Internet financial information disclosure of individual network lending standards" (hereinafter referred to as the "information disclosure standards") and "Chinese Association of Internet financial information disclosure self-discipline management standards" (hereinafter referred to as the "standard" self-discipline management). The "Internet financial information disclosure of individual network lending" definition and specification of 96 disclosure index, mandatory disclosure index more than 65, encouraging disclosure index more than 31, divided into institutions information, operation information and project information platform in three aspects. After nearly two months from the draft, so far the history of the most stringent net loan information disclosure standard version finally released.

but it is worth noting that the "information disclosure standard" the drafting unit is from the industry, namely ant gold clothing, the melting point of the network, Jingdong finance, Orient, pleasant loans, Jiu Fu Group, group net loan and loan of Guangzhou E. So, why is by the eight financial services platform to draft? Then we choose some representative platform ant gold clothing, finance, Jingdong nine rich financial analysis, confusion will be smoothly done or easily solved.

one, the overall strength of the platform as strong as cattle

platform on the basis of comprehensive strength, the Ant King is currently the largest domestic financial services platform for the Internet, its valuation has exceeded $60 billion, the highest among all the Internet Unicorn company. Relying on Taobao, Tmall and other business support, Alipay has become the world’s largest third party payment platform, the mobile number of active users has exceeded 27%, occupy the domestic market share of more than half. After established the huge scale of Internet banking users based ant payment service also on the Alipay Foundation launched the balance of treasure, treasure, treasure and other entertainment services and launched a series of financial management, funds, stocks, commercial bank……

Jingdong finance relying on Jingdong mall, the pace of its development is more rapid, especially in the field of consumer finance and public goods raised. IOUS and other consumer financial education, currently being comprehensively to the consumption field and vertical Jiezhuang line penetration, while in the field of commodity chips, Jingdong is currently the industry to raise the public worthy of the name.

as for the nine rich finance, currently the number of their registered users has exceeded 30 million, the number of subscribers has been far more than any other P2P platform. Nine rich early in 2006 to carry out business, can be said to be one of the mobile internet financial platform for the most senior, ten years of accumulation of them accumulated rich resources, Jiu Fu has 32 banks, more than 10 thousand branches, more than 200 thousand bank financial management division provides retail bank restructuring, financial product design, small micro credit audit and other support services, has a profound accumulation in the financial business.

two, almost all of them take

business layout

from the Jingdong, financial services, gold ant nine rich financial business layout, they.

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