Adsense network broadcast an article how to achieve high reading volume QQ, WeChat more and more far

P2P: 1 Mega fraud was arrested when the card is 180 million, sentenced to 15 years imprisonment penalty of 500 thousand  

The P2P network lending platform

wants to borrow money issued tender information, people also have the money on this platform to see the project bidding, one party may pay a low interest loans, the other party can take a little interest on deposits, the platform party charge agency fee, this is everybody happy what.

may have a personal use of this platform in Quzhou cheated on the yuan to spend. Yesterday afternoon, the Quzhou intermediate people’s court for a large P2P fund-raising fraud sentencing.

do network loan lose about 1000000

Zhou Hui, born in 1982, college degree. He is beginning to come into contact with the red ridge venture in 2010, after a study tour, that the network lending platform profit is considerable.

in February 2011, he set up a limited liability company registered in Quzhou, and delegate made the PO INVESTMENT web site on-line operations.

2 after more than a year of social entertainment, QQ was thrown on the road to catch up with WeChat’s far more

"simplicity is more difficult than complexity: you have to work very hard to figure out how to do it better" – Steve ·

last week, an article entitled after 95 basically do not use WeChat: the "brain hole" with you read 90, the article by the official WeChat open platform issued by the public. The article survived for about 2 hours and was deleted.

established in 2013, Tencent open platform currently belongs to Tencent social networking business group, mainly for QQ and QQ space to attract all kinds of partners. A few days before the article was released, Tencent held a mobile community conference in Beijing, announced a series of social networking to promote cooperation in film and television, music, online literary star. Throughout the event, did not mention a WeChat.

"98% of WeChat users are adults. QQ community of 10 to 29 years of age accounted for up to 80% users." The article after the deletion of a summary of the summary said WeChat failed to seize young users, QQ is still the mainstream in this crowd.

3 Green League technology subsidiary of the loss of six months, the chairman of the board of directors to resign  

18 million 880 thousand

August 14th, NSFocus (300369) announcement that the company was acquired in a year ago, a wholly owned subsidiary of e-safenet losses in the first half of 18 million 880 thousand yuan. For business reasons for poor billion Saida, a former executive of the "daily economic news" reporter said, due to the high management of poor, now e-safenet keystaff scattered. At NSFocus acquisition e-safenet, Esai new network security product R & D investment, but no output, which is e-safenet performance significantly.

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