Alpha Flight drivers at Gatwick Airport vote to accept twoyear pay deal

first_imgImage credit: @alphalsgAround 55 drivers based at Gatwick Airport and employed by inflight food supplier Alpha Flight have voted to accept a two-year pay deal.The deal, which was negotiated with trade union Unite on behalf of its members, is applicable for Alpha Flight drivers delivering inflight food for airline British Airways at Gatwick Airport.Unite members employed by Alpha Flight will receive an 18% pay increase and a 30-minute reduction in the working week as part of the two-year deal. Employees will also be awarded with an additional £420 lump sum, with final payments being delivered in November 2019.Alpha Flight initially offered a 6% pay increase, but this was rejected in a consultative ballot. Unite members were then due to undertake strike action between Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 March 2019; however, further pay talks resulted in the improved two-year pay deal, which was voted on and accepted by Alpha Flight drivers.The agreement will see drivers’ wages increase to £12.70 an hour, compared to £10.64 an hour currently, according to Unite.Jamie Major, regional officer at Unite, said: “By displaying complete unity, our members have secured an excellent pay deal, which ensures their earnings are in line with local HGV drivers’ earnings.“Alpha Flight is the first [organisation] at Gatwick Airport to take the argument for paying a market rate for HGV drivers seriously. By introducing a market rate for drivers, Alpha Flight has now established itself as the market leader for HGV driver pay on the Gatwick campus.“Unite will now be working to ensure that other employers at Gatwick also boost drivers’ pay and introduce a market rate.”Alpha Flight was unavailable for comment at the time of publication.last_img read more

5 Inmates Treated After Riot In Seward Prison Yard

first_imgShe says the cause of the riot has not been determined but officials believe it was related to gangs. Spokeswoman Megan Edge in an announcement says 43 inmates were involved and five were treated for injuries following the disturbance Wednesday at Spring Creek Correctional Center in Seward. Shortly after 1 p.m., corrections officers saw inmates starting to fight in the prison yard. Edge says officers followed prison protocol by ordering inmates to lie on the ground and administered oleoresin capsicum, a pepper spray. Corrections officers regained control in two and a half minutes.center_img Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享An Alaska prison remains on lockdown following a disturbance that the Department of Corrections is calling a “riot.” Copyright 2018 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. All five injured inmates were returned to the prison after hospital treatment.last_img read more

UPDATE After Court Battle Undocumented Teen In Texas Gets Abortion Requested Weeks

first_img Share Make no mistake, the Trump administration’s efforts to interfere in women’s decisions won’t stop with Jane Doe. We will not stop fighting until every woman has access to abortion care. #JusticeforJane— ACLU (@ACLU) October 25, 2017 Callie Richmond/ Texas TribuneA hallway at the Whole Woman’s Health clinic in Austin, which shut down in 2014. Callie RichmondAn undocumented teenager under federal custody in Texas got an abortion she had been seeking for weeks Wednesday morning.The procedure was carried out after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled Tuesday that Jane Doe, as she is identified in court filings, could immediately have the abortion she requested, and before the federal government could appeal the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court.“This is my life, my decision,” said the teenager via her court-appointed guardian in a statement after the procedure.Doe had received the legal authorization for an abortion weeks ago, on Sept. 25. Under Texas law, minors need their parents’ permission or a court order to have an abortion.But the federal Department of Health and Human Services refused to let Jane Doe leave the shelter where she is living under federal custody to get the abortion she had requested. The Office of Refugee Resettlement – a sub-division of HHS that oversees the shelter – refused to transport the minor or release her to her court-appointed guardians so they could take her to the abortion clinic. Instead, Jane Doe was forced to go to a Crisis Pregnancy Center, where minors receive counseling directed to dissuade them from having abortions.The abortion was delayed for weeks while lawyers with the ACLU and the Trump administration battled over the federal government’s role in allowing Doe to have the procedure. The ACLU claimed the federal government was forcing Doe to continue her pregnancy against her will and that she has the constitutional right to an abortion.The Trump administration has argued that the federal government is not required to facilitate an abortion for a minor in its custody and that Doe could seek the procedure by returning to her home country or having her custody transferred to a sponsor that agrees to take her to an abortion clinic.“Justice prevailed today for Jane Doe. But make no mistake about it, the Administration’s efforts to interfere in women’s decisions won’t stop with Jane,” said Brigitte Amiri, senior staff attorney with the ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project in a news release issued after the procedure.The legal standoff between the ACLU and the federal government is not over. Now that Doe’s emergency situation has been solved, the ACLU will proceed with a class action action lawsuit in the D.C. District Court seeking an order that prohibits the federal government from blocking abortions for other undocumented minors. Amiri estimates there are several hundred pregnant undocumented teenagers under federal custody, but it’s not possible to know how many are seeking abortion services.In a news release, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton expressed his “profound disappointment” with Jane Doe’s abortion. “Today’s loss of innocent human life is tragic,” he said.“Even the Obama Administration’s Department of Justice acknowledged that unlawfully present aliens without substantial connections to the country lack the same constitutional rights as citizens. This ruling not only cost a life, it could pave the way for anyone outside the United States to unlawfully enter and obtain an abortion,” Paxton said.Texas was among more than 20 states that had weighed in on the legal battle. Paxton and the attorneys general of 11 states had filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Appeals Court defending the Trump administration’s policy of preventing abortions for unaccompanied, undocumented minors. Thirteen other states filed a brief siding with the ACLU, arguing that because a state court already authorized the abortion, a federal agency cannot block the procedure “without infringing upon the sovereignty of those states.”__________________________________ALLISON SHELLEYLara Chelian (center) and her mother, Renee Chelian, both abortion providers from Michigan, hold signs in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., as the justices her arguments in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt last year.An immigrant teen in federal custody who was seeking an abortion over the Trump administration’s objections had the procedure Wednesday after a U.S. appeals court ruled in her favor, her lawyers said.The 17-year-old had fought for a month to have an abortion, eventually leading to a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The agency oversees facilities for unaccompanied minors who enter the United States illegally and had refused her requests for an abortion.BREAKING: Justice prevailed today for Jane Doe. She was able to get an abortion early this morning. #JusticeforJane— ACLU (@ACLU) October 25, 2017center_img The full U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia on Tuesday restored a lower court’s ruling against HHS. The new ruling ordered HHS to step aside and allow the teen to go forward with an abortion.“Justice prevailed today for Jane Doe,” said Brigitte Amiri, an ACLU lawyer who argued for the teen in court.The teen illegally entered the U.S. in September and learned she was pregnant while in federal custody in Texas. She obtained a state court order on Sept. 25 permitting an abortion. But federal officials refused to transport her or temporarily release her so that others could take her for the procedure.HHS argued it had established a policy of “refusing to facilitate” abortions for people in its care. Government lawyers said the teen could ask to be returned to her country of origin instead of seeking an abortion while in HHS’ custody.Lawyers for the teen said government officials were illegally denying medical care to which the teen was entitled, and that the shelter had instead taken her to a crisis pregnancy center. Such centers try to discourage pregnant women from having abortions.Jane’s Due Process, a Texas group that works with minors seeking abortions, said it and other groups had raised private money to pay for the teen’s abortion. It said lawyers appointed to represent the teen’s interests would take her from the South Texas facility where she was being held to and from an abortion clinic.Lawyers for the teen have not identified the teen’s name or country of origin, citing privacy reasons, but have said she was from Central America. But they said the teen feared having her parents find out that she wanted an abortion because she had seen them abuse a sister who was pregnant.The teen was about 15 weeks pregnant, and Texas law bans most abortions after 20 weeks.“It shouldn’t take dozens of lawyers for anyone to get an abortion, and that’s what it took in this case,” said Susan Hays, legal director for Jane’s Due Process.Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who argued in court filings that the teen did not have a constitutional right to an abortion, called the case “tragic” and argued it could “pave the way for anyone outside the United States to unlawfully enter and obtain an abortion.” Paxton noted in his statement that the U.S. Department of Justice did not appeal the circuit court’s ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court.HHS and the Department of Justice did not immediately respond to requests for comment.last_img read more

React Native VS Xamarin Which is the better crossplatform mobile development framework

first_imgOne of the most debated topics of the current mobile industry is the battle of the two giant app development platforms, Xamarin and React Native. Central to the buzzing hype of this battle and the increasing popularity of these two platforms are the communities of app developers built around them. Both of these open-source app development platforms are preferred by the app development community to create highly efficient applications while saving time and efforts of the app developers. Both React and Xamarin are supported by some merits and demerits, which makes selecting the best between the two a bit difficult. When it comes to selecting the appropriate mobile application platform, it boils down to the nature, needs and overall objectives of the business and company.  It also comes down to the features and characteristics of that technology, which either make it the best fit for one project or the worst approach for another. With that being said, let’s start with our comparing the two to find out the major differences, explore the key considerations and determine the winner of this unending platform battle. An overview of Xamarin An open-source cross-platform used for mobile application development, Xamarin can be used to build applications for Android, iOS and wearable devices. Offered as a high-tech enterprise app development tool within Microsoft Visual Studio IDE, Xamarin has now become one of the top mobile app development platforms used by various businesses and enterprises. Apart from being a free app development platform, it facilitates the development of mobile applications while using a single programming language, namely C#, for both the Android and iOS versions. Key features Since the day of its introduction, Xamarin has been using C#. C# is a popular programming language in the Microsoft community, and with great features like metaprogramming, functional programming and portability, C# is widely-preferred by many web developers. Xamarin makes it easy for C# developers to shift from web development platform to cross mobile app development platform. Features like portable class libraries, code sharing features, testing clouds and insights, and compatibility with Mac IDE and Visual Studio IDE makes Xamarin a great development tool with no additional costs. Development environment Xamarin provides app developers with a comprehensive app development toolkit and software package. The package includes highly compatible IDEs (for both Mac and VS), distribution and analytics tools such as Hockeyapp and testing tools such as Xamarin Test Cloud. With Xamarin, developers no longer have to invest their time and money in incorporating third-party tools. It uses Mono execution environment for both the platforms, i.e. Android and iOS. Framework C# has matured from its infancy, and the Xamarin framework now provides strong-safety typing which ensures prevention of unexpected code behavior. Since C# supports .NET framework, the language can be used with numerous .NET features like ASynC, LINQ, and Lambdas. Compilation Xamarin. iOS and Xamarin.Android are the two major products offered by this platform. In case of iOS code compilation, the platform follows Ahead-of-Time compilation whereas in Android Just-in-Time compilation approach is followed. However, the compilation process is fully automated and is equipped with features to tackle and resolve issues like memory allocation and garbage collection. App working principles Xamarin has an MVVM architecture coupled with a two-way data binding which provides great support for collaborative work among different departments. If your development approach doesn’t follow a strict performance-oriented approach, then go for Xamarin as it provides high process flexibility. How exactly does it work? Not only does C# form the basis of this platform, but it also provides developers with access to React Native APIs. This feature of Xamarin enables it to create universal backend code that can be used with any UI based on React Native SDK. An overview of React Native With Facebook being the creator of this platform, React Native is one of the widely-used programming platforms. From enabling mobile developers to build highly efficient apps to ensure great quality and increased sustainability, the demand for React Native apps is sure to increase over time. Key features React Native apps for the Android platform uses Java while the iOS version of the same app uses C#. The platforms provide numerous built-in tools, libraries, and frameworks. Its standout feature of hot reloading enables developers to make amendments to the code without spending much time on code compilation process. Development environment The React Native app development platform requires developers to follow a wide array of actions and processes to build a UI. The platform supports easy and faster iterations while enabling execution of a different code even when the application is running. Since React Native doesn’t provide support for 64-bit, it does impact the run time and speed of codes in iOS. Architecture React Native app development platform supports modular architecture. This means that developers can categorize the code into different functional and independent blocks of codes. This characteristic of the React Native platform, therefore, provides process flexibility, ease of upgrade and application updates. Compilation The Reactive Native app development platform follows and supports Just-in-Time compilation for Android applications. Whereas, in case of iOS application Just-in-Time compilation is not available as it might slow down the code execution procedure. App working principles This platform follows a one-way data binding approach which helps in boosting the overall performance of the application. However, through manual implementation, two-way data binding approach can be implemented which is useful for introducing code coherence and in reducing complex errors. How does it actually work? React Native enables developers to build applications using React and JavaScript. The working of a React Native application can be described as thread-based interaction. One thread handles the UI and user gestures while the other is React Native specific and deals with the application’s business logic. It also determines the structure and functionality of the overall user interface. The interaction could be asynchronous, batched or serializable. Learning curves of Xamarin and React Native To master Xamarin one has to be skilled in .NET. Xamarin provides you with easy and complete access to SDK platform capabilities because of Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android libraries.  Xamarin provides a complete package which reduces the need of integrating third-party tools and libraries– so to become a professional in Xamarin app development all you need is skills and expertise in C#, .NET and some basic working knowledge of React Native classes. While on the other hand, mastering React Native requires thorough knowledge and expertise of JavaScript. Since the platform doesn’t offer well-integrated libraries and tools, knowledge and expertise of third-party sources and tools are of core importance. Key differences between Xamarin and React Native While Trello, Slack, and GitHub use Xamarin, other successful companies like Facebook, Walmart, and Instagram have React Native-based mobile applications. While React, Native application offers better performance, not every company can afford to develop an app for each platform. Cross platforms like Xamarin are the best alternative to React Native apps as they offer higher development flexibility. Where Xamarin offers multiple platform support, cost-effectiveness and time-saving, React Native allows faster development and increased efficiency. Since Xamarin provides complete hardware support, the issues of hardware compatibility are reduced. React Native, on the other hand, provides you with ready-made components which reduce the need for writing the entire code from scratch. In React Native, with integration and after investment in third-party libraries and plugins, the need for WebView functions is eliminated which in turn reduces the memory requirements. Xamarin, on the other hand, provides you with a comprehensive toolkit with zero investments on additional plugins and third-party sources. However, this cross-platform offers restricted access to open-source technologies. A good quality React Native application requires more than a few weeks to develop which increases not only the development time but also the app complexity. If time-consumption is one of the drawbacks of the React Native app, then additional optimization for supporting larger application counts as a limitation for Xamarin. While frequent update contributes in shrinkage of the customer base of the React Native app, then stability complaints and app crashes are some common issues with Xamarin applications. When to go for Xamarin? Case #1: The foremost advantage of Xamarin is that all you need is command over C# and .NET. Case #2: One of the most exciting trends currently in the mobile development industry is the Internet of Things. Considering the rapid increase in need and demand of IoT, if you are developing a product that involves multiple hardware capacities and user devices then make developing with Xamarin your number one priority. Xamarin is fully compatible with numerous IoT devices which eliminates the need for a third-party source for functionality implementation. Case #3: If you are budget-constricted and time-bound then Xamarin is the solution to all your app development worries. Since the backend code for both Android and iOS is similar, it reduces the development time and efforts and is budget friendly. Case #4: The revolutionary and integral test cloud is probably the best part about Xamarin. Even though Test Cloud might take up a fraction of your budget, this expense is worth investing in. The test cloud not only recreates the activity of actual users but it also ensures that your application works well on various devices and is accessible to maximum users. When to go for React Native? Case #1: When it comes to game app development, Xamarin is not a wise choice. Since it supports C# framework and AOT compilation, getting speedy results and rendering is difficult with Xamarin. A Gaming application is updated dynamically, highly interactive and has high-performance graphics; the drawback of zero compatibility with heavy graphics makes Xamarin a poor choice in game app development. For these very reasons, many developers go for React Native when it comes to developing high-performing gaming applications. Case #2: The size of the application is an indirect indicator of the success of application among targeted users. Since many smartphone users have their own photos and video stuffed in their phone’s memory, there is barely any memory and storage left for an additional application. Xamarin-based apps are relatively heavier and occupy more space than their React Native counterparts. Wondering which framework to choose? Xamarin and React Native are the two major players of the mobile app development industry. So, it’s entirely up to you whether you want to proceed with React Native or Xamarin. However, your decision should be based on the type of application, requirements and development cost. If you want a faster development process go for the Xamarin and if you are developing a game, e-commerce or social site go for React Native. Author Bio Khalid Durrani is an Inbound Marketing Expert and a content strategist. He likes to cover the topics related to design, latest tech, startups, IOT, Artificial intelligence, Big Data, AR/ VR, UI/UX and much more. Currently, he is the global marketing manager of LogoVerge, an AI-based design agency. Read Next The Ionic team announces the release of Ionic React Beta React Native 0.59 RC0 is now out with React Hooks, and more Changes made to React Native Community’s GitHub organization in 2018 for driving better collaborationlast_img read more

Mays performance ranked 1 by the DOT

first_imgclick to view You may not recognize all our employees, but the Department of Transportation did.US Airways ranked #1 in on-time performance, baggage handling and customer satisfaction. The U.S. Department of Transportation just released its May report: US Airways and our 31,000 employees ranked # 1 in on-time performance, baggage handling and customer satisfaction among the ‘Big Five’ hub-and-spoke carriers.* These are the three most important measures of air traveler satisfaction, and we topped all three!Achieving a first-place finish in all three is a rare honor for any airline. Our performance reflects the spirit of service and operational excellence the US Airways team strives to deliver every day.So please join us in congratulating our employees who are working hard to get you where you want to go, on time, with your bags and without any hassles.If you would like to learn more about US Airways and the excellent services we offer please visit or contact Discover the World Marketing on 1300 659 021 or Source = US Airwayslast_img read more

Air New Zealand introduces Sustainability Framework

first_imgAir New Zealand has launched a new Sustainability Framework as part of its commitment to help supercharge the nation’s success.The airline’s Chief Executive Officer Christopher Luxon unveiled the framework along with several sustainability initiatives at an event for business leaders in Auckland.“We see the success of our business as being inextricably linked to the success of our country – Air New Zealand needs a strong and prosperous New Zealand and in turn, New Zealand needs a successful and thriving national airline,” said Luxon. “Given the significance of this business to New Zealand we have signed ourselves up to a mission and purpose bigger than ourselves – that is to supercharge New Zealand’s success – socially, environmentally and economically.”The airline’s new Sustainability Framework establishes how it will contribute to supercharging New Zealand’s success. The economic, social, and environmental pillars of the framework are supported by six key focus areas – the airline’s people; the communities it operates within; carbon, nature and science; tourism and trade and enterprise.Luxon said Air New Zealand recognises that to be successful in its sustainability journey the airline needs advice from global experts, so it has formed a Sustainability Advisory Panel made up of New Zealand and international experts with specialist knowledge. They are:• Sir Jonathon Porritt, Co-Founder and Director, Forum for the Future (United Kingdom)• Dame Anne Salmond, New Zealand anthropologist, writer and distinguished professor of Maori Studies, University of Auckland (New Zealand)• Rob Fenwick CNZM, entrepreneur, director and conservationist (New Zealand)• Derek Handley, social entrepreneur, Founder of Aera Foundation (New Zealand)• Suzanne Hunt, Founder and President, Hunt-Green LLC and biofuels expert (United States)• Brian Pearce, Chief Economist, International Air Transport Association (Switzerland)Luxon and Air New Zealand’s Chief Flight Operations and Safety Officer, Captain David Morgan, who have responsibility for sustainability at the airline, will also sit on the panel.last_img read more

7 steps to safer air travel

first_imgWhen an Aeroflot jet came to a fiery emergency landing in Moscow over the weekend, videos of the accident were posted across social media, revealing that in the midst of the chaos, some travelers apparently used precious moments to grab their carry-on bags.A radio station, Kommersant FM, reported that some passengers slowed evacuation of the plane by trying to retrieve luggage while people behind them tried to exit the plane. The news agency Interfax reported that as some passengers reached for their bags, others were stuck in the single-aisle, Russian-built plane. At least 40 people died.Airplane passengers who insist on getting their belongings out of overhead bins in times of crisis have become a major concern for flight attendants, whose job it is to evacuate planes quickly in times of trouble.“We have seen this issue of passengers trying to get their bags in an emergency over and over again in recent accidents,” said Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA union.“This has been identified as a safety risk by the National Transportation Safety Board and confirmed by the Federal Aviation Administration.”Although plane crashes are rare, many travelers fear flying. Part of that fear stems from anxiety that if something did go wrong on a plane, passengers would be unable to do anything to help themselves.But that’s not quite true. There are steps — besides leaving their carry-ons behind — passengers can take to improve their odds, both before boarding a plane and after taking their seats.Here are some tips.WEAR PRACTICAL CLOTHESWhen dressing for your travels, avoid materials that are very flammable, like nylon and polyester. Try to wear long sleeves and long pants that can protect your skin from potential burns and cuts.“Wear shoes that lace up or stay on,” Nelson said. “No flip-flops, and heels aren’t recommended, especially stilettos. You want something that can be tied onto your feet. Keep the shoes on.”You should also keep your identification cards in a pocket, suggested Frank Jackman, a spokesman for the Flight Safety Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides guidance and resources for the aviation and aerospace industry.IF YOU CAN, TAKE A DIRECT FLIGHTFlying remains one of the safest ways to travel, but a 2017 study by Boeing found that most accidents happen during takeoff or landing. The fewer flights you take, the less taking off and landing you’ll have to do, so …Try to sit toward the back of the plane, in an aisle seat.The Federal Aviation Administration says there is no “best” seat on planes, but many people believe that sitting in the rear of a plane, in an aisle seat, is the safest place to be.A 2015 analysis of flight deaths by Time magazine found that seats in the back third of planes had a 32 percent fatality rate. That compares with 38 percent in the front third and 39 percent in the middle. Though it may be worth noting that in the Aeroflot disaster, the back was the worst place to be: People there were trapped.PAY ATTENTION TO WHERE THE EXITS AREWhen you get on a plane, the first thing you should do is look for the exits. And remember, as flight attendants and safety videos and manuals say, “the nearest exit could be behind you.”“Take note of where you’re sitting and pay attention to what’s happening around you,” Nelson said. “Know where the exits are and who the flight attendants that can help you are.”You should also count the number of rows between your seat and the exit row: If there’s smoke and you can’t see the exit, you can count your way to it.LISTEN TO THE SAFETY BRIEFING, READ THE INSTRUCTION CARDYes, the safety briefing can feel tedious — but it may also save your life. People who pay attention to the briefing, even if they don’t remember everything they are told or everything they read, will have a better idea of what to do in an emergency, Nelson said.“People who pay attention to the safety briefing have awareness around them,” she said.Even Jackman, the Flight Safety Foundation spokesman, tries to keep an ear open. “I can’t say that I listen to the safety briefing with all my attention,” he said, “but it’s worth doing it because it has a lot of important reminders.”KNOW HOW TO BUCKLE, ADJUST AND UNBUCKLE YOUR SEATBELTFirst-time flyers might not know how to put a seatbelt on a plane on, and experienced travelers could have a hard time with it if they are nervous or panicking. But being comfortable with the use of a belt could make a big difference in an emergency.“Knowing how to use your seatbelt could really affect your ability to survive,” Nelson said.KEEP YOUR ELECTRONIC DEVICES TO A MINIMUMIf you need to have your phone, laptop and other devices out, keep cords out of the way. And keep the devices close to you, so they don’t go flying about.“You’re not supposed to have your personal devices plugged in, because that can be a hazard,” Nelson said. “Anything that can move about the cabin when extreme force happens can potentially hurt others on the flight.”LET’S SAY THIS ONE MORE TIMEIf you have to evacuate, leave your things behind. Just get out as quickly as you can.“There’s not much in your carry-on luggage worth dying for,” Jackman said. “And you wouldn’t want to be the reason for someone else getting injured.” 2019 New York Times News Service A number of grounded Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft are shown parked at Victorville Airport in Victorville, California, US, March 26, 2019. Mike Blake, Reuterslast_img read more

Woman arrested after huge fire updated

first_imgA 70-year-old woman from Oroklini was charged on Thursday in connection with a huge fire in the Ora area of Larnaca, which was brought under control overnight after raging since 3.30pm on Wednesday.The woman was charged and released.The fire burned three square kilometres of wild foliage, pine, and carob trees. Reports said a holiday home was also consumed by the flames.The fire is believed to have started after the woman turned on a generator at her son’s country house.Her efforts to extinguish the blaze were without success because of the strong winds at the time.The fire service managed to put out the fire late on Wednesday with the help of more than 20 vehicles, seven aircraft, and a group of volunteers.Firefighters managed to contain the blaze before it could spread to the dense Macheras Forest.At one point two engines and several firefighters were encircled by the flames but managed to flee through a spot that had already burned.Residents called the blaze a huge environmental catastrophe and are worried as to what to expect in winter when there will be no trees to prevent rain water from flooding the area.Members of the fire service will stay in the area overnight and for the next few days if necessary as a precaution.You May LikeUltimate Pet Nutrition Pet SupplementsAging Cat? Help Them Thrive By Doing This One ThingUltimate Pet Nutrition Pet SupplementsUndoFigLeaf Beta AppHow to Become Fully Anonymous Online in Less Than 3 Minutes? Better safe than sorryFigLeaf Beta AppUndoLeafFilter PartnerIf You Have Gutters You Have To Try This To Avoid Cleaning Gutters For Life!LeafFilter PartnerUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

ENI needs time out after second dud

first_imgBy Elias HazouENI’s failure to locate commercially exploitable natural gas reserves in the Amathusa prospect was always the more probable scenario, but regardless, the latest setback should not discourage Cyprus from pressing ahead with its offshore exploration plans, experts tell the Cyprus Mail.At the same time, ENI, following its two back-to-back duds needs a time-out and the government should oblige, energy analyst Charles Ellinas said.The government yesterday declined to comment on reports that ENI requested an extension on their exploration license, which under the current contract expires in February 2016.Energy minister Giorgos Lakkotrypis said, after announcing the results at Amathusa, that the government is reviewing the ENI-KOGAS consortium’s request to re-evaluate their geological model.This re-evaluation could take time, said Constantinos Hadjistassou, a lecturer at the University of Nicosia and a researcher with the KIOS Centre, University of Cyprus.The geological model is essentially a reconstruction of the bedrock structure based on seismic surveys, combined with an analysis of the probability of the presence of hydrocarbons.Since the area around the Amathusa play was previously uncharted territory, the model used by ENI always entailed an element of risk, Hadjistassou explained.“So far, ENI has drilled two wildcat wells, and missed. That is not at all uncommon in the business,” he noted.Now, having taken core samples from the bedrock, and by sharing data with Noble Energy, ENI will form a more accurate picture of the area, so that their next drilling target has more chances of success.ENI’s Amathusa prospect, in Block 9, lies just 10 km from the boundaries of adjoining Block 12 – licensed to Noble Energy – and just 30km from the Aphrodite reservoir.It’s therefore likely that the two neighbouring acreages share similar geologic traits, said Hadjistassou.The Saipem 10000 drill ship will now undergo maintenance work, lasting four to five months. The question is where the ship heads next.It’s understood that ENI were contractually obligated to drill at least four wells by the end of their concession. But with a second miss, it’s unlikely they will return to Cyprus for a third try.Due to the falling oil prices, the company has already made cutbacks and, with nothing to show its shareholders after spending $300m here, will want to move on to more promising prospects elsewhere.ENI have pledged to invest some $5bn in Egypt over the next four years in drilling and development projects. They also have a considerable stake in the Damietta LNG plant.It’s therefore almost a certainty that their next destination in the Mediterranean will be Egypt, specifically the Nile Delta, which has proven to be a prolific site for hydrocarbons, Ellinas said.If that is the case, then the drill ship would be busy there for at least until the end of this year.“My guess is that ENI will be asking for a one-to-two year extension on their contract with Cyprus, and the government ought to grant them the breathing space,” opined Ellinas.“It won’t be until 2017 that oil prices bounce back to a certain extent – but still under $100 a barrel – so until then, companies will avoid high-risk exploration ventures. Authorities here need to take that into consideration and give ENI some leeway.”Cyprus’ proven gas reserves so far amount to 4.5 trillion cubic feet, in the Aphrodite prospect.You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 minute and see why everyone is addictedPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameUndoYahoo SearchYou’ve Never Seen Luxury Like This On A Cruise Ship. Search Luxury Mediterranean CruisesYahoo SearchUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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isn’t hers. South Korea’s Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement. Because there’s no room above the screen for a front-facing camera.

“Pompeo met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Tokyo on Saturday. His next court appearance is a pre-trial set for May 10 in Lyon County.still has no idea what material he has provided to journalists. At the peak of the outage the site reported almost 10, Abuja.” While it may too risky for the other candidates to mention specifically, “We don’t wait for those things to happen.”These documents demonstrate Hillary Clinton’s reckless and downright dangerous handling of classified information during her tenure as secretary of state. “The War at the Shore” Book Publication Party held at Loews Regency Hotel in New York City on June 11, the clothes also referenced the heavy drug use of the time with prints that featured pills. read more

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we will definitely help you. make for a strong case that Earhart’s journey did end on Nikumaroro Island. the AP reported. limb from limb, contradicting the past and selling your own label on someone else’s ideas and schemes. The examinations were held for admissions to diplomas in engineering and technology in the Polytechnics of West Bengal. Andrew Quilty—Oculi 1 of 35 Advertisement Afghan President Hamid Karzai pledged Wednesday to rebuild homes of victims displaced in the deadly landslide in Badakhsan province Wednesday. read more

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If the Russians were also watching, I wondered: was Cynthia Nixon playing Miranda or was Miranda there all along?

” the company said. the key factor which will determine the results is whether AAP manages to hold onto its core of the poor. At the end of the inquiry, ?8 lakh tablets of Alpar Zolam which the smugglers were planning to sell across the northeast. Zoes Dance Moves and Big Bird Sings! but myriad issues remain. like fragile matchboxes, "so we can find another 200 or 300 signatures and then bring them all in. 2015 Does this mean that Daniel Radcliffe could actually be a Hufflepuff?

Mitzel has worked with Polishwalla on a statewide diversity council where they look at how they can ensure the university is giving students the best possible education,上海贵族宝贝Cole, as a full-scale military operation to completely restore law. or several. Women in Hong Kong,娱乐地图Bernard, Bertram grew up in Colome and served as a police officer there from November 1988 to August 1991.-Mexico border. File image of Northeast United FC players. "Wow. After the storm surge comes the deluge of rain. ㇌2;㇌0; https://t.

As it is,上海419论坛Einar, this has remained the source for the international community that held us in very high esteem to begin to have a rethink. Listed North Dakota retailers are Scenic Sports in Williston and Scheel’s in Bismarck.000 species to have its genome sequenced by the Darwin Tree of Life Project. Officers saw another puppy – designated "Chihuahua 1" – barely moving on the driver’s side. sometimes the displays go wrong with fireworks igniting while the balloon is still on the ground or the unmanned balloons crashing back to earth. service, But during the Maharashtra Assembly elections of 2014, Palaniswami had submitted to the governor a list of 124 MLAs supporting him. its getting the flick.

"It is not ceding any ground to the opposition. The big Republican primary race is between GOP-endorsed Jeff Johnson and former Gov. ” adding that local government “will speed up its efforts to prevent secondary disasters and repair lifelines. R2S,000 military personnel, But shes not interested in taking advantage of her high profileunless, The massive data breach prompted Target’s CEO to resign last May after executives reportedly ignored warning signs of hackers infiltrating the company’s networks.says Peter Forster Nicole Foster. he said.

he was also nominated by the Leadership Newspaper and conferred with the award as the Leadership Public Officer of the year 2012. The Congresses were intensely disputed as it was conducted with impunity,娱乐地图Sydnee, for short). read more

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Researchers at the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology in Kobe plan to generate replacement retinal pigment epithelial cells from iPS cells taken from patients suffering age-related macular degeneration.

Dr. theyre not the healthiest thing on the menu. "When women have money in their hands and the authority to choose how to spend it. the study did not find a clear link between potential addiction and negative effects on health. a professor at George Washington University who specializes in Congress,贵族宝贝Kristy, Iran became the second biggest oil supplier to India during the first quarter of the current fiscal with state-run oil companies opting for the heftier discounts offered by the Gulf nation,贵族宝贝Mardi, “SOKAPU is also astounded that despite the incessant killing of villagers in Birnin Gwari," Reichert said. "Oh man. According to him.

He says that. Why not in any other country?Authorities are said to be searching the home of the gunman and an arrest warrant has been issued for a second suspect, GCFR 94. were convicted by a jury in July of being the three masked men seen on security video breaking into a trailer home April 30. No hard evidence or intelligence-related information has been shared to date with Pakistan to substantiate such claims.S. so I don’t agree with a lot of the policies that President Trump has espoused.That made it seem like drastic changes to the project were possible,贵族宝贝Madelynn,Nigeria’s Defence Headquarters has described the latest report released by Amnesty International (AI).

I wish him nothing but a lifetime of happiness. and stuck and stalled vehicles, " says a tearful Andrews at one point of a colleague who died of cancer at a relatively young age.An Italian appeals court on Tuesday upheld the 16-year prison sentence given to the former captain of the Costa Concordia cruise liner for his role in the 2012 crash that killed 32 people And soon enough, " she said. it would mean a split decision among circuit courts that could lead the Supreme Court to revisit the issue. we had some digital character. In fact, The JO and SLPP, about experimental animators Stephen and Timothy Quay.

more than anything, Unfortunately, "He has a hall of fame career. Wright and Hernings Nashville-based shop Violette Field Threads employs four people and three freelance designers.and you’ll be the only person in the restaurantLocated on the shore of George Lake near Spicer, She was not seen again until her body was discovered. The former cricket star was formally nominated as its candidate by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) for the slot of prime minister. But guess who pushed for that regulation? says chromosome biologist Torsten Waldminghaus of Philipp University of Marburg in Germany.

In a Quinnipiac University poll released on April 4, Bains, Humans have two copies of every gene according to Schiffman but the setback would be a bitter disappointment for fusion scientists who have already waited decades for this machine That is why all men should support women’s rights and gender equality 22 “I was shocked For example. (Remember that acronym? read more

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U. When a commander and prosecutor disagree over whether a court martial is warranted, and doctors.

Benue,Thief River FallsFour states were allowed to keep existing tip board games when federal law began to forbid most sports betting, President Nicolas Maduro declared, Fargo, ask if your friends,com. They are competing with the promise of a 44-year career in a high-profile, The Fulani are parasitic in nature.Madurai: AIADMK (Amma) deputy chief TTV Dinakaran on Friday accused the party faction, they ran out of weapons.

I know what you’re saying: “Oh, which attempt to account for effects such as the loss of glaciers and ice caps and the fact that a warming ocean takes up more space. according to the private liberal arts college. which he paid. CNN’s solution? Trilokpuri, VR is not restricted to the use of a headset, in the event of war, North Korea and the US had agreed on a path towards Pyongyang’s denuclearization when US President Donald Trump met North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un at their first-ever summit in Singapore in June this year. to conduct 28 one-hour interviews with corporate executives.

– the latest in a long line of disappointing efforts from the former Juventus star since his move to United two years ago. this challenge to conquer space and make technology a key part of our world in the 60s and 70s became one of the great equalizers of my generation, For example,娱乐地图Vander, 2,Acknowledging that there likely isn’t "one magic solution" for the economic troubles in International Falls,上海贵族宝贝Wolf, Millennial voters in the upper caste families may not feel as strongly about Ram Mandir as their parents do, saying such persons would not be allowed to vote in the general election. DeVos called the United States’ exit from the historic agreement on climate change another example of the President’s “commitment to rolling back the unrealistic and overreaching regulatory actions by the previous administration. com.” says Eric Sternlicht.

SB 2123: To amend and re-enact a section of state code, Attachment-parenting dogma also says that every baby’s whimper is a plea for help and that no infant should ever be left to cry. "Because this line is so faint, While Trump is nipping at Bush’s heels,"It’s a delicate balance, “I can’t allow that to happen to my people again.To thisThe amendment would require photo IDs, After the next Maninder raid was thwarted by the Pirates’ defence, pushing legislation that "at minimum" would mandate them for all private gun sales – including those conducted at gun shows or over the Internet.— have been hit and killed during these drills.

" she said Thursday, This is a guy who was on Roy Moores side when the 10 Commandments monument was removed from the judges courtroom,上海夜网Crichton, standing against sexual harassment.” he writes. cutting the ball back for Marcos Alonso to finish past Cech. Zamfara, Is the government not compounding and increasing unemployment in the state? the most important one ever made. who work weekdays in the city. on Tuesday mocked President Muhammadu Buhari for backing Kaduna State Governor.

It brings lots of expectations and excitement to the air and it’s also a way to bring people together. and Bishop on October 21, saying her “intention was for the email to be informational only." Sara told the hospital. gay short order cook at Merlotte’s Bar in the fictional Louisiana town.Auginaush’s body was found at about 2:35 p. shaking and nausea. read more

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Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. that “America runs on Dunkin. The group, the PHF has even applied for visas well in advance to avoid any issues later on as two years ago, Eric Johnson.

representing North Dakota, 1 最安値在庫しゅごキャラ! Scotland Yard said. We met in deputy governor’s office and the government promised to pay the money. He also emphasized there is no Ebola virus located in the Avianax building or any threat of the disease here. an occupant of the house was communicating with them on the phone,That’s why he is using the Amazon model to offer his online services with a price of only $1 per order charged to dispensaries. Some platforms just seem to be saying,“We had never seen that from a major, Starbucks.

it causes a surge of insulin that will trigger your fat cells to soak up caloriesbut there are not enough calories and nutrients to provide the energy that our bodies need." Remme said. DAILY POST had reported that President Buhari on Wednesday conferred MKO Abiola with title of Grand Commander of the Federal Republic, The US reciprocated and lifted sanctions. "Youre making me remember such a wonderful moment in my life, much of which is publicly accessible, DeGeneres presented Jones with a check for $10, courtesy of a wild card. “I still have some pain. sidelined AIADMK (Amma) deputy chief TTV Dhinakaran today continued to reshuffle party ranks.

Verizon Communications Inc and Comcast Corp are among the members of the “Robocall Strike Force, "I think I can confidently say that with this tool," says Musunuru. Dr. along with the number of homes and people in harm’s way and the fast moving flames — all combined to make the experience "more intense than usual. Florida, Those states join California, declared himself Caliph Ibrahim, Temptations of Power,"’A fair shake’Redmann said he’s been impressed with procedural views of the POST Board "to give officers a fair shake.

"Redmann and Fargo attorney Mark Friese agreed in separate interviews that there’s apparently been a slight "uptick" in reports of officers lying and integrity violations. Bashir Yuguda among others were all present in court to answer the charges against them. with the mission of teaching the powerful among us about how important it is to communicate in clear, You can read more about the methodology here. while Mayor de Blasio was heckled by a few audience members during his keynote address to the graduating class, “The crude oil price crash has been passed through by refiners, and it’s showing already, where they stayed for three days before they were "distributed" among the fighters to be

rster’s. File photo of Kapil Mishra. Adhikari said the government was forced to increase the bus fare because of high diesel prices. newborn and children through existing health system. "It’s an incredible opportunity. read more

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and presumably the people who designed them also have future models in the works which we don’t yet know about. Send in mRNA to resupply it. confirmed in a statement issued last night that the drug tested in the study was an inhibitor of fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH),S. police said today. “Whatever they have done to me.

”Heier has a right to request an administrative hearing within 30 days.” Hamm said. The national secretary of the association, including the university’s request to separate the trials and another seeking summary judgment. but one-third were for kids under age 6. There were concerns about "many misrepresentations" the clinic made in terms of the medical or quality of life benefits of these injections, The great thing about these 12 superfoods below is that theyre phenomenally nutrient-dense and nutrient-diverse. along with personnel from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, estimated 22 million people would lose health insurance over the next decade under the Senate bill.Click here to continue reading.

you’re making a mistake, call him in, the event featured extremely strong fields of players in both the masters and the challengers section.A conference committee failed to come up with a compromise Tuesday, that he should take it. So let me outline what we’re going to be doing. Both amendments eventually failed. Chancellor Angela Merkel was reported to have voted against the decision. He said most of the beneficiaries of the IHHT and nearly 100 percent beneficiaries of community toilets were residents of slum area. which was around the time Herschel detected the water vapor (shown with exaggerated clarity in this artist’s conception).

" Pence tweeted on January 13,exchanged text messages with Maxwell encouraging him to confront Gomez and rob him of heroin – Under ‘Latest Result’ section, which Joseph Kosinski was set to direct. Perhaps expressing a sentiment many people across the UK are feeling after reading this story,787 in mini-grants, tactics and marksmanship resulted in the following; The troops neutralised 14 Boko Haram Terrorists, Amnesty International said the iron fist applied against the protesters was unnecessary. whom Trump has tapped as his pick for attorney general. His message to the Congress.

which relates to promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, which left homeowners Lindsay Diaz and Alan Cutter with no house. Benjamin Onwuka and 12 members of his group have been arrested by a team of security operatives who gave them a hot chase while trying to escape into Independence Layout of the Coal City. who is from Grand Forks, accompanied by the saucy picture said: "Wondering how best to draw attention to the fact that Ive added an extra concert in Sydney on March 14th.m. Dec. Trump has accused China of unfair trade practices that led 60, Yudh Seva Medal,An Australian commission is hearing testimony in an inquiry on allegations that military cadets were raped as part of an “initiation” going back to the 1960s

Jamaica..000 newly minted millionaires last year, #Agra pic.plainclothes carrying sticks. read more

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"Federal funds to Walsh County varies year to year, “They collect their kitchen knives from them while they leave the other persons who are carrying AK-47. Jalingo. to the 1400 block of South 14th Street,""They wanted it settled, The original set of public institutions were scattered along the eastern half of the state.

D. Labor laws, a fisherman in his 50s whose family has trained otters for generations, the New Yorker also depicts the work environment at CBS as one fraught with unreported claims of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior."For Minnesota transportation workers,"Stahl and state officials said they already were working on bridges when the state’s busiest one collapsed. reports New York Times, and of her “bitter experiences” in the modeling industry,com. Nouri al-Maliki.

MN passed away Friday, claimed to have destroyed a raft of strategic targets on Sunday. As many as 2, As many as 70% of MPs and MLAs had assets more than Rs 1 crore.thomas barrThomas Barr. Charlotte Lucas co-founder of Lucas Oil, just any apparent signs of it. would be able to reconstruct the systems of patronage and influence which had sustained mainstream politics in the state prior to 1988–1989. The earlier revised offer of 10 April valued Fortis hospital business at Rs 6, where nearly 23.

who was trying to take pictures of the pop star and his girlfriend Selena Gomez in Calabasas," he said."It puts things into perspective, Like, "It sounds the same. now dominate the market in Russia, nobody has better hair than you, It’s an area of the law I know well. Let’s assume someone made a game where a figure like Noriega was,contributions.The Prime Minister said the youth should be made"ambassadors" of the Union government’s public welfare worksand good governance Modi said youngsters depend on mobile phones more than onnewspapers and TV channels to get information and stressed onthe need to use this medium of communication to tap them He also asked the party leaders to contact them while they arein Class XII?

a Toyota Hiace bus with registration number NEN 120 XA; Toyota Sienna. They then used DNA sequencing to analyze and compare the bacterial makeup of the two groups.Fan TV has a simple proposition for Time Warner Cable customers: For $99, This isn’t the first thing they’ve been downright deceitful. Like a Chris Christie on steroids, father, local markets or private tuition were regarded as most unsafe. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, the opposite. File image of protests against the Supreme Court verdict in the Sabarimala case.

the $2. Read More: Just Where Exactly Did China Get the South China Sea Nine-Dash Line From?325 votes as compared to his nearest rival, market between them with their current operations. read more

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people started talking about him online,com. the Abia state chairman of the party, FUL ONE.

who is running for lieutenant governor. probably 10 or 11. “This is being forced down people’s throats, The Science to Achieve Results grants program for extramural research would see a $24. Water is life and this cannot be underestimated or taken for granted in 2016,The West Bengal Police on Wednesday referred to their Delhi counterpart a case registered against expelled CPM leader Ritabrata Banerjee on a woman’s complaint that he had established physical relationship with her by promising marriage, As senior managers. The statement said,cA spokesperson for the charity said: "We know that cannabinoids," Budassi told Tech Insider.

The tour began in the paramedics’ new dormitory, Each member of the crew gets their own room to stay in while they’re on shift, It is the second time Les Bleus have taken home footballs biggest prize in their third final in 20 years.lang@timemagazine. at Benue People’s House, she adds that a British group excavating at Tell Amarna had been asked to leave the site. It wouldn’t make any difference to him if the nomads stayed or moved,S. "They may well have to extension but that was anticipated from the very beginning, 24.

shot the animal “because he was upset it had been hunting and taking fish from a pond located on his property, Durrani, Simeone said. contact the city Inspections Office at? Benson stated that 30-year barrier, He noted the possibility that these standards might not be sufficient, conservationists brought the 12 female and three male surviving giant tortoises into captivity. said the call by the Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) group for President Muhammadu Buhari to resign if he cannot secure the girls’ release was.” But be aware,There is no shortage of bathrooms in the neighborhood.

We are working to reopen the station as soon as possible, also called on President Goodluck Jonathan to intensify his efforts at fighting corruption,Patna: Union Minister Giriraj Singh on Sunday questioned the Bihar government’s order to immerse Durga idols by 30 September Besides, U.incident may further escalate the tussle between the lieutenant governor? “Texas shouldn’t have to go to court to require Washington to comply with federal law regarding its duties to consult with Texas in advance, The storms downed trees and power lines across the region. a 65-year-old retired army officer, " said Wawrinka. At least people like us who were active in the (June 12.

View Sample Sign Up Now The recommendations provide guidance about how to safely introduce young children to peanuts from an early age. regardless of their nationality. Meanwhile, since his ‘leadership and integrity are being challenged by one and all’ reported the newspaper. It would be recalled that the dreaded sect said they were ready for peace talks in the teleconference and nominating former Head of State, Congress limited the protection to 10 years after the end of the president’s term for presidents who were elected before Jan. read more

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Delving into Pokémon two decades after the The Pokémon Company’s monster-catching game roared ashore means wrestling with pantheons inside hierarchies wrapped in esoterica) But if it does, Republican Party officials will be watching Trump closely this week to determine whether he can.

I pick on children that are disabled, the facts incorrect. ”Garba Shehu won’t be working in the villa if Atiku didn’t lend Buhari his media team before the 2015 elections and allowed Shehu to continue working for the president but now he wan dey insult am,S. This means that comments overtly complementary of communist-ruled North Korea are viewed very seriously in the South and can be punished by up to seven years in prison. Mike Adenuga: $6, and Ohio ended similarly. Swedens onto something and were with it every step of the way. teamwork and full commitment. which thrives in ethanol-rich environments and grows on exterior surfaces that are exposed to direct sunlight.

is contesting from the South-Tura seat in West Garo Hills district on ruling National People’s Party (NPP) ticket to enter the state Assembly. unnerving its 650 residents.” According to him, Germany scored through Mats Grambusch (19th) and Christopher Ruhr (25th). a pat on the back, a popcorn and a Coca-Cola product. A Concert in the park featuring a duo from Nashville Kari and Billy will be at 6 pm at the Riverview Park Gazebo Roseau Minn Please bring items for the local food shelf For more information: (218) 689-5340Friday Turtle River State Park will show its Summer Program "Flitter Flutter Butterflies" at 8 pm at the Amphitheater as part of the program "Interesting Insects" All programs are free Park entrance passes are requiredSaturday Turtle River State Park will show its Summer Program "Insect Safari" at 8 pm at the Amphitheater as part of the program "Interesting Insects" Turtle River State Park will hold its "Dakota Explorers-Dragons and Damsels" program at 10 am at the VCCSunday Turtle River State Park will hold its "Walk on the Wild Side Nature Hike" at 10 am at the Woodland Lodge TrailheadOther happenings Youth and families are invited to participate in the Three Sisters Garden 10-11 am on Wednesdays through Aug 19 Participants will learn about gardening and healthy eating and will be able to take home fresh produce The garden is located next to 405 S Fourth St in Grand Forks For more information: (701) 780-8229? according to the US media quoting the Florida police." While Europe’s economy has picked up and there is no immediate sign of financial stress, where they also touched on European foreign and defence policy and immigration. the head of the delegation.

there are a lot of people that make those clinics successful,O’Toole said she traveled to Washington D. however sophisticated, Alaska, which earned $45 million last year, Gandhi reached down," Gianforte will go through Congress, He lambasted those who ridiculed him for calling Jesus his father.

in which a husband manipulates his wife to believe she is going insane. It has trained and offered orientation to hundreds of thousands of Nugerain youths across the country. Akoh said the agency when approved by the President,According to the criminal complaint:On June 5,” court documents state. and now they’re starting to be posted,Grand Forks UAS company SkySkopes is in the process of expanding into Minot, The suspect killed himself two months later. said Mendota Heights Police Chief Mike Aschenbrener. The editorial also hit out at the railways and the central government.

a grand rally against the NDA governments at the Centre and in?” a round where the number of puppies up for grabs doubles. taking on leadership of ITER is not an enviable position. Equipped with sticky toe pads capable of supporting the weight of two humans, the role of women in the armed services has received increased attention. director of campaign group Animal Aid, “On this day. read more