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Love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng e-commerce strategy using Gome love Shanghai open platform

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one of the keywords to love Shanghai to search, results in addition to advertising and official website of its own brand, there is a box like this:

in fact, Gome online mall this website, in many e-commerce sites, Shanghai Longfeng foundation is relatively poor, but we see it in Alexa on some data:

yes, this is the United States electronic online mall weapon in Shanghai Longfeng aspects: love love in Shanghai Shanghai open platform data open platform. Any legitimate sites, as long as the application and website conform to the classification of search engines love Shanghai needed, will be free to love Shanghai submitted to the search engine, like the United States presented in front of the user. Of course, some conditions, including as is to provide the tax registration certificate, authentic licensed assurance (for details see love Shanghai merchandise search, if you see the noble baby divided into the categories of goods). The submitted to love Shanghai, is in the XML format as submitted format, the format is in compliance with the standard, but also to love Shanghai search engine site map file.


from the figure we can see, search traffic proportion of Gome online mall is very high (3C appliances ranked first Jingdong is 11.9%, suning贵族宝贝 is also in 11.8%), but it is more important for us to see the right side of the search for the keyword ranking, in front of a few are large brand keywords, do e-commerce the website of Shanghai dragon friends will know, this kind of search keywords to break into the list is not a simple matter, because the competition is too strong.

so, to >

believes that many Chinese market for Shanghai dragon er know, love Shanghai is a very difficult search engine, not only the rules, sometimes also be rather baffling K (of course, most of the time because of the excessive Shanghai dragon caused, not to mention a detested) love Shanghai, abruptly grab many first place (even worse is the love of Shanghai promotion allows competing products keyword delivery). But we want to introduce an e-commerce website today, Gome is on the network of electronic commerce website. Familiar with electronic commerce China friend might ask: why I don’t like the analysis of Jingdong and suning贵族宝贝 and other well-known website

We take the actual

in Shanghai Longfeng circles actually spread such words: the best of Shanghai is not Shanghai dragon dragon. This sentence sounds like a lot of people may misunderstand, because behind should also take: concentrate on creating good content and do search engine friendly, what Shanghai dragon skills are not. Create the good content in all walks of life are different, but today we are going to discuss little about electronic commerce website in Shanghai love search engine in the Shanghai dragon strategy, how to do love Shanghai search engine friendly


The chain member from one can not afford to see how to make a transition to the soft

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with love of Shanghai foreign chain hit more and more serious, A5 to cancel the signature, blog post or reprint included is not very good, Shanghai dragon in the end of April 25th, decide on what path to follow? Love Shanghai Lee about the foreign chain of view, in his article seems to deny the existence form of the chain. It had to make some small website hit a cold war. We have stayed there watching, to see who is the final winner.

Xiao Bian just intercepted a number of title of the article, in fact there are many, are interested can go to look at mining. The same article, in the hands of different authors can have a different style, so I really admire.

? !

problems become small my confusion, but I just want to say: "I want to do a good transformation of editors."

, want to look at the same time, I ask myself to see what others are thinking, writing, what is the written expression; what questions, can attract people; his soft sources come from? These are very important. From here I want to focus on is a data. From my reading experience, most of the article is based on the current Shanghai Longfeng environment creation out of love such as Shanghai’s official website information update. When the official update, to update the policy of all kinds of soft start, such as some time ago love Shanghai "Lee" on the judgment of the chain, of every hue soft baked. The following figure:

The chain from a member of the

can not afford to see how to make a transition soft? This is now very small problem to solve. Writing can easily get bad Webmaster Platform audit audit by the editor? After the rejection, almost all the reason is not readable, so how to make the article become rich and colorful


, do not write Never mind, the beginning is a cumulative process, no one can be achieved, no one will be born when. So a plan early, I began to ask myself every day to see at least some A5 or Chinaz on the soft, large, or write good and bad to look at, not only at home recommended articles, which have been approved but not in the first page of the article to see.


then, I make a plan


editor also carefully read this article about Lee, although the chain hit a lot of cheating, but he did not mention, is soft, it seems to love Shanghai soft acceptance is very high. Soft Wen is a very efficient chain. A soft value is far more than four, five hundred of the garbage outside the chain, believe that the soft of the chain is the best choice.

How do we do website optimization and global account details

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my own in the process of website optimization, website optimization is a global discovery and details of both the global optimization is work, is the core of the optimization program, efforts in vain in the wrong direction that is the truth, and the details of the implementation of specific measures derived by global, both of which are optimized the foundation, are indispensable, the author and all the detail of what we want to do.

first, must be a reasonable planning for the entire project site before optimization. Shanghai Longfeng optimization project planning is very important. Because of the overall planning objectives we can know where to go, can clearly see their objectives to be optimized in there. What stage do what, what things need to be done, these are we need careful consideration in the overall layout planning problem. We first look at the site title, optimize the development to the present title and writing evolved from before cheating is now nature, a good title should have characteristics clearly understood. The title do not accumulate a lot of core keywords to optimize and integrate into the company, in the title of the concept of service in line with the user experience is the core. For the specific description tag is that we provide services, mainly through the complete sentence fluency to describe those we provide related services for the core keywords, the reasonable deployment is the main theme of the present optimization.

third, the website optimization should be gradual. After the completion of the station optimization we have to look.

second, website optimization is reflected in the details of the perfect station. With the above program of things, here is the station optimization details of the grasp, if a person is a global vision, the details is a personal style, here is the construction of global website to support our website theme in the website core keywords layout and detail is how to through the station including the home page the inside pages, keyword deployment details, by providing valuable information for users to retain our visitors, and further to win the search engine keyword is not recognized, in addition to the station, we need to build a new station on the line early effort, must provide the original content of high value, Shanghai Longfeng class can some companies make appropriate information in allowing users to really feel the power of culture to the enterprise itself is not limited to information Content updates must be carried out, around the user is most concerned about things, optimization of articles and news articles of the enterprises should be combined, not all is Shanghai dragon very obvious signs of the article, it will cause excessive optimization of the suspects, in the specification of URL, the site is at the beginning of the line must be carefully set reasonable and as far as possible the use of static / pseudo static settings for url. In weight, in the 301 and 404 pages, 301 can focus your weight, 404 can improve search engine and user experience, and rational use of robot.txt to screen the dead link, the station optimization details are carefully pay attention to the problem.

Do anything including do Wangzhuan have to exercise executive powerEBay’s new platform unveiled port

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, the launch of the new platform for eBay, means that the brand level has completed the return from "eBay eBay" to "eBay". According to Wang Leilei introduced a new platform for on-line beta, the existing eBay eBay platform will have 90 days for completion at the end of September, is expected to be fully closed. At this point, eBay and eBay officially split up in China, will operate independently.

from eBay and misdiagnosis of "western medicine", finally return to the "Chinese medicine" asked. In August 30th, Wang Leilei, who was also TOM online and eBay CEO, said, "long time no see", announced the completion of the re run of eBay, embarked on a new journey home.

a lot of friends very easily in the process of God. Do Wangzhuan project specific performance such as I want to do a project today, but I got a , and then idle dabblers, imperceptibly, a day so wasted. And then I was feeling that I didn’t finish anything today, or that I set my goals today, and then I thought it was a long time. Let’s watch the movie and do it again. Then the time so imperceptibly pass. This is a lot of problems do Wangzhuan friends, must be changed! Therefore, the first step to exercise executive power, loneliness, withstand the temptation, remember every day to complete the goal, not for other things distracted! < / p>

two. Exercise execution, have a schedule,

C2C schema SP


three. Write an article every day.

Wang Leilei used the "Phoenix Nirvana, ashes" to describe the "new ebay". "This is by no means a simple return to old eBay, but it’s a new milestone for eBay people on a higher starting point," he stressed." Late last year, TOM announced that it would complete its user data migration in 5 and June this year after the joint venture between eBay platform and eBay was launched. Wang Leilei said that the international background and localization advantages will become the core strategy of ebay. To attend the conference, eBay China CEO Liao Guangyu said, e – Bay in the international level will continue to provide more support for new eBay platform. At the same time, eBay will continue to promote cross-border transactions in China, and help Chinese SMEs and individual users to sell on the eBay global platform.

said that after TOM took over eBay online, he tried different TV shopping, wireless platforms, magazines and other traditional marketing methods, many of which ended in failure. By contrast, cell phone channels are a good channel. Reporters learned that, for the seller’s mobile phone authentication, eBay will be different from other online trading platform features.

on September

. Loneliness, withstand the temptation of

it is understood that… At present, in addition to the real name authentication of the bank, eBay has also set up a method of mobile phone authentication – the seller as long as the individual name and mobile phone number is entered, it will be immediately sent to the mobile phone verification code certification. The move was seen by the industry as a direct migration of SP experience and patterns in the process of TOM’s online move into e-commerce. commissioning editor admin01

execution, execution, execution…… In the higher, three words most often heard is "execution", the execution is to do Wangzhuan us how important. You have to do this project must be carried out, a lot of people know that it is true, after all is said and done, has become a topic of a commonplace talk of an old scholar. The importance of this will not waste too much ink to promote execution. Direct access to the theme of today let ambition to teach you how to truly exercise and improve their execution! Of course, this is just my way of thinking, the hope can help to those of the executive power is also very confused novice friends. Veteran across.

actually speaking, execution is a process of persistence. No one can casually succeed. Every successful person must learn to persevere. Therefore, to insist on being specific, that is, every day to write an article. When it comes to writing, many people may have a headache, and some people will blame their own belly ink is not much, not to knock out a few words. It’s really not difficult to write an article, but the difficulty is whether you have the heart to go

eBay eBay closed

I think this step is very important for the exercise of executive power. First of all, we must aim at one month as a target unit. Write down what you need to do each month and what you want to achieve. Don’t underestimate this step, even if you know you’re going to do it, but you didn’t write it down, which proves you still don’t know. Think and do are two different things, and this is my personal experience, think only in the mind to form a vague concept, and we want to put this concept into reality, so we must write down the target with a pen. After we have planned the whole month’s goals with a pen, the next step is to subdivide that goal. That is, divide this month’s goals into four weeks, then subdivide each week’s goals, and list the things you need to do every day. From each month — every week — every day, every step you need, write it down with a pen. If you want to exercise strong execution, that’s what you have to do,

Imperfect web analytics data Data idealization and visitor idealization

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1, technical idealization

Collect each kind of data

has its unique technical advantages, but no one can capture the perfect way to collect visitors all the action on the site, each kind of technology will be due to the limitations of the cause you see the data is not perfect data. To calculate the page stay time, for example, the following figure is the time history of an access: (the time in the icon is the time to enter the page)


usually calculates the retention time of the page as follows: the entry time of the current page is the difference between the entry time of the current page and the entry time of the next page. Thus in this example page retention are as follows:

pages A:5 minutes

pages B:1 minutes

pages C:4 minutes

page D:?

Why not stay

page D? Yes, no matter what kind of collection mode could capture page D accurate residence time, the reason is very simple, the data collection methods are unable to capture the visitors leave (or stay for a long time in the exit page no click, or closes the browser). Therefore, different tool manufacturers have different definitions of the time of stay on the exit page, and some are uniformly calculated for 1 minutes, some simply think it is 0 minutes.

currently has some of the following techniques or restrictions on data acquisition or obfuscation of existing data collection.

1. cache

does not mean caching physical chips such as CPU, but rather to save network resources, speed up Web browsing, build browser caching, or proxy caching. A simple understanding of these two caches is to store the content of your web pages (including pictures and cookie files) on a computer or proxy server. When you call a previously read page, you can directly transfer the contents of the cache without the need to retransmit data again from the web server.

below is the file record left in the local cache folder after accessing a web site:


because when a visitor accesses a web site through a local cache, it does not send a request to the web server, and naturally there is no Log record of the access. That is to say, the data collected through the Web log will definitely lose this part of the traffic.

2. crawler

if you want to clarify the principle and algorithm of the search engine crawlers will open a single section are not enough, and it is not the subject of this book, so will not repeat them here.

first gives a search engine crawler record in web server Log: >

The face of entrepreneurial legend need rational attitude

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one after another the birth of a legend, so that people have endless fantasy for entrepreneurship, looking forward to become the next successful example. However, no success can be easily copied, in the face of the legend, need a correct attitude.

Always listen to the counter attack story

Feng is still wide entrepreneurial dreams started 3 years ago, it was real hard fan two a slap in the face: the preference of Internet project investors and investors from the traditional industry, do not agree with him to see drama snack idea; the night before his M.A., decided to terminate the production factory cooperation. After that, in the team, only slowly on the right track.

in dealing with pork, Chen was done after the resignation of civil servants, also sold the vegetables, sold the house, selling drinks, then have pig breeding, it can be said that his starting point is not low. As for the 2007 start pork stalls in Guangzhou to sell pork, but once again expand diversified industrial layout, "pig guy" is the outside world for a label he posted. What’s more, the real pig related industry accounted for only 1/10 of its assets, "not the equal relationship between man and pig" billions of dollars.

A, is an opportunity. Everyone can not exist independently of the community, the individual entrepreneurial entry point must be consistent with the overall situation of national economic development and social progress, must represent the direction of industrial development. Only fully understand and grasp the law of the ups and downs of the market cycle, innovation and entrepreneurship can win the opportunity to be able to stimulate the enthusiasm of the economic and social growth can be transformed into an effective driving force.

Home boutique product design tips Xiaobian secret

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in recent years, to improve people’s quality of life, but also led people to improve the taste of life, more and more people started to pay attention to Home Furnishing taste of life in this environment, some modern boutique Home Furnishing began to receive people welcome.

highest quality products!

"Home Furnishing boutique furniture franchise" good quality and simple, modern style, favored by domestic consumers, has won the trust of foreign buyers. At present, domestic consumers can be in any place except Tibet to buy "Home Furnishing boutique furniture; join the" Japan South Korea, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Russia, Britain, Poland, Spain, the United States, Canada, Columbia, Australia, South Africa and other more than and 60 countries and regions, consumers can enjoy the high quality of the "Home Furnishing join the boutique".

our company not only pay attention to their own development, pay more attention to human happiness and strengthen environmental protection, have been put into normal production environment, earnestly implement the state, provinces and industry departments in charge of relevant laws and regulations and the corresponding requirements. Green company, beautify the environment, purify the work site. "The real thing, is sincere place", is committed to leading furniture fashion, advocating a healthy life "Home Furnishing boutique will join" to create a healthy, environmentally friendly as in the past, personality, fashion products and arecommitted to

Home Furnishing


now in social life, some fine Home Furnishing shop market needs is still relatively strong, at the same time, some of the fine furniture store business, start and product design concept is to win the consumer recommended

It’s wise to open a shoe store

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shoes are each of us every day to wear, a business is a lot of investors choose the correct way to open a shoe store opened, now let’s come to open shoe for example to take everyone to know about how to choose the shoe shop to join. A shoe shops is according to the characteristics of personalized shops, for location, investigation and research, such as the preparatory work in the practice of TCM "pulse", "pulse" pass through the collection of information, the case analysis on the investment object, instead of intuitive judgment of shops investment for scientific decision-making, and take the right the Raiders, has strong rent shops.

shops "pulse" a lot of information, investors in the "pulse", from the following aspects, collection, analysis, induction, reasoning, and judgment.

, the local population, including population, density, and the degree of aging, the population density is too low, not easy to form a commercial prosperity, aging is too high that the quality of purchasing power is low.

two, the level of economic development of the region where the store is located, it is related to the level of income of the population in the region, that is, the ability of the regional population consumption and weak.

three, shops where the total supply and demand in the shopping area, supply and demand affect the price of shops.

four, the price of commercial housing. Commercial housing is a sign of standard goods, the price reflects the consumer’s ability to consume.

five, shops own conditions. Shops on their own conditions for the applicability of the business is very poor, a lot of obstacles to the shop, then the use of shops prices are low, adverse impact on the prices of shops, the value of the shops to increase the value of space. All of the above pulse is the main factor affecting the value of shops, which is the need to pay attention to the shops investors.

investment shops need technical analysis of the investment object, can’t follow it, nor excessive speculation play "short, flat, fast, because shops investment is a long cycle of real estate investment, the investment shall be in accordance with the law, the general rules of investment: the investment cycle is longer the greater the risk so in the end, the decision of investors to stand the test of time.


above is about how to open a business center of shoe store, there are still many shortcomings, I hope you don’t mind, for the majority of investors, a good shop address can be said to help people achieve a multiplier effect, a good range can help attract popularity, so as to drive shop business.

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2012 to prevent the success of entrepreneurship in the three mistakes

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is coming, so we are looking for a simple and convenient way of doing business, many people choose to start their own businesses, in that case, you have to be careful to fall into the following error.

A, the blind worship of social relations

The relationship between

two, but without knowing

three, habitual lack of credit

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erasable pen

Online business to be careful three aspects

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As an important component of the current venture market,

online entrepreneurship has helped countless entrepreneurs to achieve the goal of success. With more and more people start to invest in this industry, the experience is summed up more and more rich. In short, if you want to venture online, we need to pay attention to the three".

ten years ago on the Internet business, others will say you are whimsical, sitting at home will be able to make money? What a good thing to get you? Ten years later, we can see the first person to eat crab has now earned Ma Yun, Ma Huateng don’t slam the waist, these networks of large, even when the little Taobao owner, a lot of people have become bigger and stronger.

online entrepreneurship is now not a few clear-cut cases, with the growing entrepreneurial team, entrepreneurship is no longer a store patent. But online business can not be blindly foolhardy, not because of low cost, low risk seriously, need more careful online business. Look at other people’s successful experience, in order to get out of their own entrepreneurial path.

recently, in major news portals and forums, can see the "Yuan Fang, what do you think of the post, the post content of humor, by netizens artificial stickies to the popular comment position is a concern. Online business at the same time may wish to stop, look at the predecessors who have gone through the road, listen to their views may be the way you will go better.

we can also ask: "online venture, Yuan Fang, how do you see?" Fang Yuan certainly doesn’t know, but there are a lot of entrepreneurs on the road "Yuan Fang", as they have the experience of successful entrepreneurs, there must be a lot of valuable experience to see the successful experience of others, to get out of their own entrepreneurial path.

1: select the project to be careful

is under preparation, to be an important condition to embark on the road of entrepreneurship is to choose their own direction, that is the entrepreneurial project selection, to succeed, the choice of the direction is certainly important, but only to find the direction to determine the value of your efforts. Online business because of its own limitations, but also to the choice of the project when the static under heart to do business, the probability of success will be greatly increased in high cost industry.

two: for the bottleneck to be careful

there is a phenomenon, a lot of online entrepreneurs are first-time entrepreneurs rookie, in order to achieve the final victory or to their own weaknesses continue to improve their own. Entrepreneurship is to reduce their own shortcomings, unlimited to expand their strengths. In the face of the lack of capital, knowledge and resources, online entrepreneurs must continue to improve themselves, enrich themselves, with knowledge to arm their minds is the largest