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My part-time online PR experience

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I am a senior student at an ordinary university. As a result of the school regulations to experience social life, I have chosen thousands of jobs on the Internet. I have been working part-time at a professional online public relations company.

and most of the domestic public relations company, I part-time company official staff of no more than 10 people. Buy a few computers, rent an office, and then, they have to expand a few hundred to thousands of people ranging from professional network public relations "speculation group", relying on these "child care" speculation.


consists of a professional team, is a group of unemployed "Indoorsman", "Indoorswoman". Their daily work, in accordance with the instructions issued by the company, to the Tianya, mop and other well-known forums to reply to the post, holding hot topics, with the company to complete the network public relations project.

"ha, I’ll have a bubble, too." Oh, my God, I’m speechless……" They are the most commonly used replies. However, many customers want to sell cars, air conditioners, refrigerators, and even funds, the professional knowledge of the relevant areas of high demand, you need to network public relations company planning, written by a person to write the soft text.

my first "project" was to hype up a Chinese fast-food restaurant. I was first arranged to go to Sina, Sohu, Shanghai hotline and other portals catering forum, and draw activists.

The first step of

which is a lot of network PR company "xuanxianrenneng". They usually watch 1~2 activists for months, send people to communicate with each other and ask if they are willing to join a public relations project.

"who would like to trade with people he has saved for years?"." I asked the activists to "speak" the requirements of repeated Yanci refused. I can only apply for ID, write their own "soft Wen" hair up.

every day, I’m going to register a new ID on the forum and send a story to eat at this Chinese fast food restaurant. Most of the time, I will use the diary form to write, such as today at noon and mom go shopping, go to this restaurant for dinner, what’s the point which dish dish, feel particularly delicious, "tooth cheek" language to describe the dishes.

in fact, the store can be "really unpalatable."". I reflected this problem to the company, plan to say, try to avoid "taste" problem.

every time a story like this, dining in the restaurant when encounter a girl to be his girlfriend, the restaurant became a place, the annual memorial day will be back here for dinner.

is amazing! But this post good affair can always give a deep impression, and everyone on the site is also very focused on the affair.

, but not every time so successful, and sometimes made a tough, "a post provoked thousands of curse" of the situation is very common.

, but it doesn’t matter. I’m used to being drowned in saliva. That’s a good thing. If no one replies, but also their own ‘top’ own, that is too easy to take. What’s more, the client’s requirements are very thick

Secondly, sum up the pseudo original creative techniques

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is the original article many search engines love the contents of an original and insightful article can easily be included, can bring a lot of traffic to the site, the original skill and writing and not every webmaster can use the handy but. So, pseudo original turned out, pseudo original is to attract search engine is another important method.

pseudo original is not a simple copy, there is a saying that "the world article general copy, see you will not copy copy", "copy" is also a copy of good skills, can bring a lot of flowers and applause, also can bring flow; copy is not good to be attracted even reviled, blow. The author summed up a few months of editing experience, summed up a few pseudo original skills, hoping to write from the original and pseudo original webmaster help.

first, write pseudo original, must read through the original article, understand the article careless.

Imagine a

, you have not read the article, how can it make only superficial changes? Is the processing of the original false original article, if you do not have a general understanding of the original article, how to write the article? Is a time-consuming and demanding process, but is not reached, so original before Jingxiaxinlai conscientiously, to complete a pseudo original. Editors in going when the most headache words without meaning, not the end result of the article is to be deleted. An article, even if the author did not understand its meaning, let readers how to read? So, remember, pseudo original before, must treat you to the processing of the original is read as a whole, and grasp the idea.

secondly, pseudo originality is not plagiarism, but re creation.

"pseudo original" is the creation of re processing, if only a simple replacement keywords and web site, it is tantamount to plagiarism. Such an article is not only edited at a glance, but also can not escape the "Baidu spider" eyes. After reading through the main idea of the article, we should begin to use our own language to express the article. What we have said is original, even if it has been said by our predecessors. Some reason is not only predecessors understand, you realize, you can also say, even if this inspiration is from the older generation, such pseudo original can be accepted. Pseudo original, but also not simply rearrange the combination, put the first paragraph in the last paragraph, put the second paragraph in the last second paragraph, these methods are not called false original. Other people’s point of view, expressed in their own language, is the pseudo original.

again, add your URL in the article.

wrote the original purpose is to publicity, in order to add their URL link, but anyone will refuse naked AD, in the article with your web site link, is smart people practice. Writing a pseudo original, don’t say "finally to AD" this is cidiwuyin practices at the bottom, can openly said, "the article from where, left contact interaction" and so on, in the face of a real pseudo original article.

Talk about the event marketing and soft Wen hype

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many webmaster may think, event marketing is send soft wen. Of course, I thought so before. See Webmaster Station form, form of soft Wen, let me think we all ignore event marketing.

in fact, the network is a hotbed of event marketing, event marketing, but often is carried out by comparison of comprehensive planning, and the whole process of it will cause the media to spread, pan.

to present many personal webmaster, webmaster flow is the most important, but from the development of a web site, many sites to capture large flow, such as garbage station, but to be able to make your own website brand spread farther, it is more difficult. And brand and events are related, a relatively sensational event, speculation may be more than your 100 soft text.

has many personal webmaster, a person has a lot of website, that is because of a lack of attention, in essence, is because the idea has not come out from the traffic, the site in the future, may pay more attention to the brand, personal Adsense website is no exception.

so, personal Adsense planning events to pay attention to what problem,


personally, I have the following points:

1. event itself is more civilian, the source must be transmitted by civilians, not the media, because the cost of the media is too high. We need to attract media attention in our own way so that we can get involved in it.

2. events do not have negative effects, or be associated with politics and do not violate morality. I think this is a basic principle.

3., pay attention to the continuity of events, need to grasp the development of the whole event, comprehensive and perfect planning.

4. unites forces to carry out the marketing of events and make profits at multiple levels. Remember, where there is profit, there is cooperation.

Oh, above Xialiao, more chaos, hope you understand.

Time axis experience and contrast in Facebook and QQ spaces

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what is the timeline,


timeline was announced in December 15th timeline, a global on-line feature called Facebook2011. It allows to graphic form according to the actual occurrence time of user autonomy (rather than release time point) to show that a comprehensive record of his life and consumer experience, to share with friends, function page is very refreshing, give a person find everything fresh and new feeling.

After the

timeline was launched, QQ space began to emulate the application. Now let’s compare the effects of the two time axes of QQ space and Facebook.

QQ belongs to the space small fresh style, it attaches great importance to the time axis master basic information and record the life show, in the background, the content is more prominent; and Facebook in addition to the basic information display, also pay attention to the interaction, the friends of the footprints in the performance, function and performance of the recommended events, mainly emphasizes the social function.

QQ space function is relatively simple, but made some innovations, such as he can release future events, highlighting the time axis in the navigation solar term, left, and cover into a custom background image.

1, personal information and behavior list, part

QQ space personal introduction, and some module layout and Facebook almost, structural changes slightly.

1.1 difference lies in the QQ space, and no friends, concerns, messages and other functions.

1.2, the right side of the function area, Facebook relative to QQ space, more friends list, footprint.

1.3, Facebook relatively emphasizes social and geographic information, while QQ space focuses on the time axis owner’s behavior record.

1.4 QQ space interface, the top right corner of the "gear" icon is "interface settings" to support the camera preset background, but also support custom background. This is a little different from facebook. From the QQ space to provide the default background to see, relatively clear, more prominent content, personalized than Facebook strong.



2, release box contrast,

2.1, if it is the master’s timeline, QQ space can publish diet, travel, entertainment, video, sports, events and so on. One bright spot is: the big event, but for the time being, I haven’t seen any specific features.


2.2, and Facebook also has a life event function, relatively powerful.

Website 365 security road

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Found a website

the Internet today inadvertently, let me be very surprised, actually a website with my program, I also is piracy website, page content and so on are mine, and the change is only an icon and contact! Said there must be a friend said. Your station was attacked by a hacker, or my computer became someone else’s chicken, maybe, I don’t want to complain about what, just remind those hard webmaster friends, to protect their own website, not later for others to do the wedding dress, really makes people sad!

for the site of the road safety, the webmaster how to walk, how to make their sites from scanning attacks hackers, this method is also very difficult to say clearly, perhaps only from the hacker master can find the answer there! Now I’m on my own website to a serious analysis and summary, I hope to give you some help.

1. select a good website system

I use the open source. V5.1 version of the program, has also been in the network try to search Dede vulnerabilities, hackers but this presentation is not much, and it is also known as the content management system is the most outstanding, has the advantage that you can generate static pages and is conducive to the ranking, that is to search engine friendly, I think should be content management system

2. manages your FTP password and changes it frequently.

problems that may be FTP accounts, I didn’t pay attention to this, see friends with nearly 20 code, think now it seems I make an unnecessary move, be negligent, on the other hand we also often change their password, the number is right, 16 or above may be safer, because tomorrow boy (hacker software) for password crack control is also in this range, I’m not sure, you can also express their views! Who holds your FTP who have the ownership of your site.

3., do not easily believe the so-called good hearted people".

a lot of friends especially those novice webmaster friends, when you have questions please some people in general love within the group, these good people is not really out of kindness is not to say, it is best to more improve my professional knowledge, can solve yourself to yourself, what other people help you to help you, what are the benefits to him, unless it is a particularly good network of friends, so I propose a word: in the network don’t trust anyone. I’m not so sure about it here, because I think there must be some kind people there.

4. before the site, look at the same under the other stations ip.

, I should have put it first. Now put him here. Many hackers can get their webshell through a secure, low web site under IP (which can manage the back door of the website) and then get the entire server by right

Why 1 is greater than 300

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if given a 1 chance to give B a 300 chance, then, who is more likely to seize the opportunity?

if you answer, who would you choose? I think you will choose B, because B has more than more opportunities, so B is also more likely to grasp the opportunity. Before you judge whether your answer is correct, let’s read the following two stories.



[two] storyA shooter,

"1" why "more than 300"? Because "1" is the only "lost", "the only", there is nothing, so the people of this "1" also look particularly treasure. And if the change on the "300" lost one "1", there are many "1", so people to lose one another "1", is indifferent, because of the indifferent attitude, who eventually lost all.

Learn six consumer psychology easy to stay customers

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consumers are really stupid? It can’t be generalized. They sometimes silly, funny, sometimes fine one. Fool is the happiest people in the world, where there will be so many fools, but it is only a period of IQ sleep only, as to what time to sleep, it depends entirely on what the consumer psychology. So we invented all kinds of marketing, and the essence of marketing, and consumer psychological game. What are some of the most common psychological characteristics of consumers


1, a base cover 100 ugly

in this era, not only is the mobile phone, in fact any class of consumer resistance to the last line of defense is the price. Even, the mass consumer chooses the product by the price limit. Therefore, "a base cover 100 ugly" is the most basic principle. Because "a base cover 100 ugly", so ugly clothes would have to wear, and then unpalatable restaurants will have to eat, and then withered vegetables will have people to buy a home.

of course, keeping the cost within a reasonable range, but also to make the core value of the product at the core of the pain points. There is a prominent differentiation advantage, the other level is mediocre. If there is no prominent differentiation advantage, it is necessary to support the comprehensive performance of a variety of value. It is precisely because of this contradiction, "small package", "fast fashion", "small batch", "supply chain", "pre-sale" concept began to blossom everywhere.

in the absence of the Internet before thinking, Chinese less profitable health wine brand, by reducing the amount of price sell the wine is a wine. Because of the lower cost of experiential consumption, product sales up, consumer habits have produced, the right to speak of the manufacturers and the terminal has also increased, forming a virtuous circle. Millet behind the sense of participation, but also proud of the low price. So, when there is no market based product market, pricing factors are more important than the positioning strategy.

2, beautiful and very

How to choose a dry cleaners

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with the people’s living conditions improve, people’s consumption capacity is also undergoing great changes, the demand for the dry cleaning industry is greater, the dry cleaners in the market nowadays is a hot demand, for many people, for convenience, will put his dirty clothes to the cleaners. To wash. Many entrepreneurs see this market, would like to open a dry cleaners, want to bring good development. Here to give you an introduction, how to open a dry cleaning shop location.

if investors operating small dry cleaning shop in common, can open a dry cleaning shop in the area near the. Because of the low rent near the dry cleaners, dry cleaners low investment risk. With the improvement of people’s life, people’s life pressure, work tired, after work rather than go away to find dry cleaners, and in the area near the cleaners have obvious advantages, time saving, convenient residential consumption.

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The types of headphones and how to buy headphones

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headphones are often bad, want to buy a good, but I do not know what the classification of the headset in the end, how to choose? Here are some suggestions. Let’s go and have a look!


The classification of

capacitor, also known as electrostatic. The utility model has the advantages of wide frequency band and good sound quality, but the structure is very complex, which makes the manufacture difficult.

according to shape can be divided into open and semi open and closed type:

closed suggests that the headset headset is completely closed up to the ears through its own ear pads. The headset is larger, mainly in the use of large noise environment.

semi open headset, it is a combination of a new headset closed and open two headset advantages, it adopts the structure of the diaphragm, in addition to an active active diaphragm, there are a number of passive vibration from the film. It has the characteristics of low frequency plump soft, high frequency, bright and natural, clear and so on. It has been widely used in the higher grade headphones.

two frequency headset two frequency headset is based on a semi open headset on the set of electric and capacitance both advantages of two division of the new generation of headset. The utility model integrates the advantages of an electric type, a capacitance type, a closed type and an open type four earphone

Chicken market franchise list – the whole

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chicken has been meat we are love, and a white chicken said, which is beneficial for our health but also eat and not endanger the health of that, while in the catering industry, there are a lot of chicken themed food items, such as braised chicken rice, fast food. Of course, we have a large chicken, today we will introduce you to the special features of this brand.

DaPanJi joined the chain list: blood, chicken stew, Xinjiang restaurant, Xinjiang Xia Li Sha Hu Wang Dapan taste chicken, braised chicken, chicken.

wolf market…

chicken chain to join the list of [blood bank chicken]

blood bank chicken belonging to the territory of Urumqi Wang catering management limited liability company. The company set catering planning and consulting, corporate image planning, marketing planning, catering management planning, brand management and technical extension services as one of the diversified company.

"blood chicken market" originated in 1994, after 20 years of development and accumulation, now has Urumqi city blood bank headquarters, North Street, Changchun Arts Park Road, Nanshan shop, four stores. Blood market chicken has now developed a secret system seasoning package, to achieve the development of Chinese food can be copied standardized operating procedures, without the chef, everyone can operate.

blood Panji products for its rich Zanxiang, juicy, tender and refreshing characteristics meets the taste. The product range covers the Xinjiang traditional blue series: three yellow chicken, spicy chicken, spicy lamb, stir and Hu morel and Xinjiang Hui; characteristics of delicacy balls, yellow sauce Gaza barbecue, fried meat Nang Ding and reputation and sales are very good gift series.

adhere to the "focus on food research and development, leveraging franchise" concept of development and a strong R & D team, is committed to exploring delicious, not only to retain the taste of Xinjiang, but also to meet the public taste of the mainland.

chicken chain to join the list of stores [Lai Li Li Xinjiang restaurant]

Shanghai Li Li Li Li Industrial Co., Ltd., in 2001 began to develop in Xinjiang based on Shanghai cuisine, brand "Li Xia Li," the Uighur means "Earth" – our common home.

The development and transfer of

, Xiali brand catering for many years dedicated to Western delicacy culture, was founded in 2001 for mass consumption, Xia Li Xinjiang style restaurant in Shanghai, strict control of food raw materials, from manufacturers and ensure authentic halal fresh air to Shanghai, become an independent school in Shanghai halal food brand, by connoisseurs welcome, and a government designated halal food brand. In 2010, Xia Li "ten years grinding sword" are introduced to meet the health.