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Jabberly online helps users better connect to local communitiesHujiang Rui volt color business for 1

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below is the on-the-spot record of titanium media finishing:

I do Hujiang network do now for eight years, the site for thirteen years, the time is from * * * Chinese after the Internet bubble, 2001 entry, then online education is the first, to the present "

he believes that now the Internet education has not yet reached the highest point, is an absolute rise, last year there have been many projects, covering many aspects, many problems began to emerge, but still have not been covered, there are a large number of needs to be solved, so to provide enough opportunities for entrepreneurs.

, he recalled 8 years ago to get an angel investment, the most reliable investor Zhao Guibin – a freak, but also an abnormal investor. 06 years ago, when no one would vote for Internet education. Know each other, listening to his speech off the reel and completely cannot read his business model, in second years to $one million net of shanghai. Such people, he believes that really is an angel, although he is not a little angel, but he is really more concerned about the entrepreneurial psychology……

I thought we came to the scene today, entrepreneurship conference, people should not be too much, because of the popularity of education has been a long time, how can so many people? I think it is the most critical moment of Internet education, if entrepreneurs pay close attention to the words, hold on, don’t hurry, the best the peak moment may have been missed.

founder pointed out that Jabberly three outstanding technical features: instant response, peer to peer synchronization positioning technology, more extensive, more profound social networking platform.


do Hujiang network now for eight years, the site for thirteen years, the time is from * * * Chinese after the Internet bubble, 2001 entry, then online education is the earliest, now ten years later, more than a year, two years, the heat of online education is just coming to and this is a good thing, is not good.

products, there is a bright spot is called "jabberCRED", which is similar to credit rating system, the user can obtain credit rating by providing a small tips and recommended information for others in the Jabberly, the credit rating score can be used as a virtual currency to store cash coupons.

is currently available in 50 markets in the United States, but the company says its biggest hub will be in San Francisco. Jabberly told reporters that they envisioned several profitable ways, one of which is to join the merchants to provide a certain fee, while paying monthly, you can get business information ranking priority. Other ways include: business income sharing, organization planning, offline user activity, and so on.

In addition,

"you can’t discuss the service offered by Microsoft, but it’s very useful if you’re in a software company’s physical store."

Fu Cairui frankly, do Hujiang do now for eight years, the site for thirteen years, the time is from * * * Chinese after the Internet bubble, 2001 entry, then online education is the earliest, now ten years later, more than a year, two years, online education the heat is just beginning, this is a good thing, is not good.

via TNW

Hello! I’m Fu Cairui founder of the Shanghai river network, we used to call me Arno. I’m glad to see so many people here today. Please allow me to say it with pleasure. Welcome,


this year, since the end of the year, the online education sector has tens of billions of investment and financing, and recently there are many, "already crazy."".


titanium media note: 26 to 27 this month, the Internet Education Star entrepreneurship contest is being held in Shanghai hot. One day before the competition, Shanghai river network speech CEO Rui volt color share Hujiang network 13 years of arduous pioneering, and the four men met in a hard time.

to find instant information about its favorite stores, restaurants, or attractions. Jabberly is determined to solve this problem, a new day before their on-line application in Apple store, the user can ask for an instant locations, and quickly get the local people reply.

It’s sometimes difficult for

Jabberly was founded in 2011 by Bobby Marhamat and Ivan Turkovic, and it is not another LBS product similar to Blipboard, Foursquare or Yelp. They believe that this product can be considered a community, and those who rely heavily on social media can initiate and discuss information about locations and share their latest information.

Love Shanghai to update speculation keyword stuffing

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obviously, now the top four site does not exist in the words "Chongqing Shanghai dragon" stack phenomenon. In the example above reflects the phenomenon, we have to guess whether Shanghai is updated in love on the keywords website title and mate tags in the stack phenomenon. Love from Shanghai anti cheat team in the description put forward to improve the user’s search experience this point of view, I think it is possible. Although title and mate tag content is directly displayed on the page, but when users use search engines, title tags and m>

love Shanghai to carry out a large-scale renovation in June 22nd and June 28th to the website ranking, this update makes a lot of website ranking drop, even part of the site is K. For this update, love Shanghai anti cheat team description of the event. From the last sentence we can see that this is just a start. Through the two days of love Shanghai search "to observe the words Chongqing Shanghai dragon", seems to love Shanghai in the title and the mate tag keyword stuffing the phenomenon adjustment algorithm. Before the row in front of the station off. First look at the previous ranking among the two station data.

has serious keywords (Chongqing Shanghai dragon) stack.

ranking the first site:


fourth site:




third site:


look at this a few station title, whether the mate tag content keyword stuffing phenomenon.

is the first blog: Wang Xuegang

(Chongqing Shanghai dragon) stack, but not very serious.


second: Chongqing rain blog


has not been updated in this love Shanghai, the two station in the words "Chongqing Shanghai dragon" rankings are based on the front. Through the observation of these two days, the two station has been ranked behind, the Wang Xuegang blog ranking in 100 after the rain, the blog ranking in 86. Replace the two ranking in the station, and there are no keyword stuffing phenomenon. Here take a stand on top of the analysis.


second site:

The enterprise website is not a vase reasonable value

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, do the interior of the base and maintain the stability of

many friends and I spoke only enterprise website plays a role in the show, but is actually a vase, not directly to many benefits for the company, they think that the enterprise wants in the net profit is the need for certain investment and planning, relying solely on the website is not realistic. In fact, they would naturally make sense, but that the site is a vase, I certainly do not agree that the same principle is simple, because the site did not reveal Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the value of their own. Reasonable done Shanghai Longfeng optimization site will bring direct or indirect benefits to the enterprise to.


, do some external optimization and extended long tailed

in appearance based on

many of the company’s corporate website looks very beautiful, clean and elegant. But if you look you will find that the website is almost no Shanghai dragon, so the site is almost no traffic, and in practical terms also greatly deficient, some sites use FLASH and JS to make, beautiful effect class, but when the Shanghai dragon effect. Not that made with Shanghai Longfeng website is not beautiful, but in the foundation to ensure the Shanghai Longfeng situation, to increase the site’s visual appearance, after all, is to customer first impression. Therefore, for developers, the best know some basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon.


the last step is to do some external optimization, including the exchange of Links, including the construction of the external links, at this time, the exchange of about 20 Links and remained stable, the next step is the construction of the chain, because it can increase the weight of the website. Can do stand group, a large station, also can do the blog, so that the weight of the traditional blog to the site, had better write soft, soft Wen to help you increase the chain. After this accumulated for a period of time, the site has a certain amount of weight, this time began to increase the number of long term, the product parameters of various combinations, get numerous long tail keywords, making a static page. When the page is included, it has to flow, can help the enterprise to create value.

The first step of Second step

internal optimization is reasonable. Rational internal optimization includes Title Optimization, URL path optimization, image optimization, layout optimization, chain optimization. The best title contains the brand name or company name, but at last, the important note or write on keywords, find a within the industry as the focus of the conversion of keywords contained in the title; then using the static URL unified, unified picture writing ALT tags; typesetting aspect, on the front left in the key position in the aspect of text; chain, keywords, and the use of the anchor, the anchor in front of the best; if you do not have the link, will use the nofollow tag control weight, prohibit the indexed and included.

When Third step

, to ensure that the utility of

The station was K and will not be pregnant recently love Shanghai K station summary

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complaints The

site is not what the big deal

hero inside the lyrics sing very well: "do not experience wind and rain, how can see the rainbow, no one can casually succeed." I don’t want to say what I have to say the words of comfort here, Congratulations! Oh, glad that you have encountered it, go on the road at least in failure a road victory is much better than we know we have some deficiencies, as long as we try to analyze it we will be able to have the harvest, when the next optimization we can avoid this error, we also improve the analysis ability! Had not heard hangaozu defeated, and Xiang Yu force Nukiyama heroes’ fundamental no one can be the enemy, but when he failed to come to die? He said: "the day I want to die, and sin! Is that sentence site is k not what the big deal!

actually I have talked about this before the Internet environment, in those years, we do not Shanghai dragon, in those years, we only do the promotion, in those years, we do not rely on the love of Shanghai drainage, in those years we don’t write the hair of the chain. In those years we think is the customer.

intends to change the domain name from the new

has a well optimized website if you want to change the domain name to do his 301 from Shanghai is a directional love time, however, a K station directly for a new domain name, I’d ask you if you do not do a 301 redirect? I can tell you what the station did not k the big thing, because I did one or two K stood still a bit of experience, here to teach. First of all I want to say that the system in Shanghai, any web audit including punishment love Shanghai will be placed in the sandbox, the new station, K station are actually the same, treated by K station how to do it like a new way. If you change a domain name that is not like a new optimization? Since this is why the domain name for

yesterday love Shanghai small update, many forums to see many stations or appear to be K! Obviously love Shanghai for the "pseudo original and acquisition" (a specific statement related to sea love can love to see Shanghai Webmaster Platform) K station continues, and will continue to do so. Some things recently love Shanghai K station, see some loss of confidence and blow hard to force the webmaster, today I share a little experience here.

optimization? K

written in front of

Shanghai Longfeng optimization trend

actually I don’t want to say something to complain about, everyone will have to complain, but often see these people in a post they looked so sad. I still say, these people actually complain about school, I believe that they are not only to earn a post outside the chain, complaining from people who complain about the truth, I suggest you go to see a book called "don’t complain about the world" and in the static under heart to find their own problems to solve.



How old and new sites included fast sharing

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2. and their editorial content have a great relationship. Because the site itself inevitably there will be some common statements, these statements once too much appeared in an article in Shanghai, will be identified as love no new news. So on the back of a new press release available immediately be included. Some news is not included, or direct sea rock. Then I put these cannot be included in the news for a website to release the results of the second day was included. These are just proved this truth.

1. preference by mixed articles, only text pages included is relatively slow.


3. title number of easy to be included. But the title will appear on the label, page, so the title role is very important, if the title and content you are closely related, this is love Shanghai love things, then the weights will not only be collected and will directly increase the inside pages. When these pieces together. On the back of the drive home page weight. This is what some people write a lot of news, but the effect is less than another write less, this is a problem in the. In addition, the space is not enough, the content is not full, not too will be included.

has been included in the website, to attach great importance to the site within the chain, the quality of the original content, site of Mate (title, keywords, description tag set). Except, for example Links external links is more important. To check you >

4. site pattern is more important. Like an old station I focus on optimization, such as after many website was hacked, the server is attacked, the record was revoked, the fate of K website. The program also has some problems. For example, I can display the page update area is that a small "news center" the rest are dead fixed content. Two years ago, I still stay in the accumulation of key words, never touch it. So my article with new area only with this. I can be independent of each news page, because I did not show the function. I am in the article are the guide to the home page anchor. I love Shanghai spider come every time, grab the page is still limited.

website ranking is usually included, stable amount included is the most basic foundation of good rankings. So how to make their new website is a collection of love in Shanghai, or have been included in the website, how to achieve faster included? This is a deep discussion topic. Especially this year, love Shanghai has unlike previous years, as long as you continue to unremittingly new content is out of love, Shanghai will basically zhaodanquanshou to grab, and achieve the effect. Xiao Bian observed this year their site, the second situation basically No. Although all of the original information as in the past, it may take a few days to be included. Some will be pass off or directly. He will be selectively included. This small series also analyzed the reasons:

Grassroots webmaster interpretation of China’s Internet situation white paper

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as a personal webmaster section of the "white paper" in the situation of Internet China not very interested in, such as: to promote the development and popularization of the Internet; to promote the wide application of the Internet; Internet security protection; actively carry out international exchanges and cooperation. Grassroots webmaster only concerned about the government, how to manage our webmaster, is not to give us loose magic spell, the webmaster is not for local records?.

In the

white paper, the government plays a leading role in Internet management. The relevant government departments shall, in accordance with legal functions, safeguard the rights and interests of citizens, public interests and national security in accordance with the law. The state communications administration is responsible for the administration of the Internet industry, including the management of Internet basic resources such as Internet domain names and IP addresses in china. In accordance with the measures for the administration of Internet information services, China implements a licensing system for operating Internet information services, and implements a filing system for non operating Internet information services. Filing system for non operating Internet information services." There is no explanation for the specific operation of the record. Then, the Ministry of "local camera record" continues to perform.


white paper said that Chinese citizens enjoy full freedom of speech on the Internet in accordance with the law. The white paper points out that the constitution of the People’s Republic of China gives citizens the right to freedom of expression. Chinese citizens’ freedom of speech on the Internet is protected by law and can be published in various forms on the internet. Active communication on the Internet is a major feature of China’s Internet development. The amount of forum posts and blog articles is huge, which is unimaginable in all the countries of the world. The white paper said that China’s Web site pays great attention to providing Internet users with services for their comments, and about 80% of the sites offer electronic bulletin boards.

            Chinese existing millions of forums, 220 million blog users, according to statistics, every day people through forums, news comments, blog comments and other channels to reach about 3000000, more than 66% of Internet users often Chinese speech on the Internet, to discuss various topics, fully the expression of ideas and interests. The white paper said that the new Internet applications, new services for people to express their views to provide a wider space. Blogs, blogs, video sharing, social networking and other emerging web services have developed rapidly in China, providing more convenient conditions for Chinese citizens to communicate via the internet.

            Internet users actively participate in online information dissemination and participate in online content creation, which greatly enriched the information content on the internet. Part of the webmaster reads as follows: the State Council has default, there are millions of domestic forums, forums do not have a special record. I did not find such information from the word. What does not exist does not require special filing. The meaning is still ambiguous. From the point of view of the general network reader, the freedom of speech enjoyed by Chinese citizens on the Internet is stronger than ever. But there are some foreigners

Support overseas students to Tianjin innovation and Entrepreneurship

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is where people will be popular, Tianjin to promote innovation and entrepreneurship to welcome more overseas students to start their own business, but also for these people to wear a variety of people brought a lot of benefits.

in the Park registered students studying business, employment special funds to provide housing subsidies, subsidies to 1 yuan per square meter per day, the subsidy period is generally 2 years. To Tianjin to carry out innovative overseas talent, support for the study of foreign students to participate in scientific research projects funded by merit, given 20 thousand to 200 thousand yuan of funding.

combination of entrepreneurial talent strength and policy advantages, success is easy, Chinese’s business environment is getting better and better, overseas students can be completely self willed to return home.


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Market development but also clear differences between urban and rural areas

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the concept of urban affluence, rural poverty, although there are still a lot of people, but with the development of the economy, this concept is really need to change. After all, with the continuous change of policy, the gap between urban and rural areas is getting smaller and smaller. Especially after the village road, incompetence is a luxury car, refrigerator, color TV, or small to fresh vegetables, fruits, etc., are no longer the city’s patent. So the city has more than one business marketing channels, which is the product to the countryside.

I thought that both the rural market, or the city market, as long as the reasonable price of sales is a truth, in a few "hit the wall" I suddenly realized that the original expansion of the market, urban and rural areas are.

next door home air conditioning is GREE

a rural customer commissioned me to help him buy an air conditioner, I asked the customer for product specifications, price requirements after the action. Although I do not quite understand the advantages and disadvantages of air conditioning, but the goods than the three became my most stupid purchase measures, so I began a careful comparison of the work. After a full day of market research, I chose the past two years sales far ahead of the United States, the air conditioning, because I believe that the public is the choice of superior quality endorsement.

when I told my clients, "he said in surprise," the air conditioner next door is GREE?" I am confused, "next door is the GREE brand air conditioning, and you have what……" "You know, the air conditioner in the next door has been used for four years, and there has never been any trouble." If the customer interrupted, said seriously.

results can be imagined, I had to put their own victories to overthrow. Not only wasted my precious time of the day, but also delayed the return time of customers, and even increase the cost of processing each other.


] the case analysis we can win. I was in violation of the principles of operation at least, so the customer spot exchange will also be not at all surprising. Although human beings have some similarities in the same individual, but there are still too many differences exist, including consumer habits, as well as brand trust.

did not appear to have lost the air conditioning, more than a thousand words advertising bombing. I believe in one, the fact is better than eloquence. For the people, the way we touch the air is relatively simple, it is impossible to have a targeted market comparison, only the use of the next door as a reference for their choice. After communicating with the customer, I understand the reasons for customer critical.

pack a flower, choose it all by

a few days ago, I went to the countryside to visit a small supermarket on the roadside. Expensive products do not matter, well-known

Ali moved to the old staff to take out the western breakfast takeaway business

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for entrepreneurs, ahead of market investigation, to understand the investment market is very important, the takeaway O2O market is very popular, attracting many investors, entrepreneurs want to quickly do business friends may wish from the perspective of wealth as the breakthrough point.

The following is the oral

2014 Spring Festival, when you want to do something different in 2014, 35 years of age is not small actually did not mix executives. In other words, before deciding to make breakfast, we would also like to do fresh fruit and vegetable juice, drink a lot of fruit and vegetable juices and understand the situation in this category of industry, we did not start, this is a red sea.

from August to October operating for about 3 months, despite orders rose slowly in the meal, the feedback is also very good, but to October when we feel awkward and uncomfortable, but we still do find breakfast lunch and dinner, energy is obviously insufficient, lack of focus or not put down something, the main consideration is to to allow more people to experience the product to the end of October, after the US and the angel Bay students first exchange, after our team decided to discuss the position returning to April breakfast door-to-door service, western style, the beginning of the December goose breakfast will provide breakfast at WeChat public number reservation service, Amoy little will also continue to provide synchronization services.

Why do the door

look at the core group of our service is a quasi middle class, and first-tier cities, slightly more women than men, I summed up the crowd is spend their own money to buy a bunch of apple computer mobile phone TV people. This crowd is not happy is that TA is at least a mix of style + middle life, forced Gedoude naturally, but found the breakfast more embarrassed, busy at work get up late is normal, so TA asked can eat a good breakfast a little better? < / p>

on goose breakfast, we certainly want to do the recommended

Join green juice green drinks market high profit – Business

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green healthy drink, always very attractive. Entrepreneurship choose to join green juice and other green drinks, it is a very good choice. Open a healthy green drinks, no doubt, is a very wise choice. So, what are you hesitating about?

health function into industry trends

Chinese Quality Association recently released the results of satisfaction survey in 2016 showed that the beverage industry, the concept of health is the health concept popular in recent years, consumers for high calorie drinks containing high sugar, preference continued to decline, health and personality, function is the mainstream consumer demand in the future.

health and composition among the top two consumers focus on

in order to adapt to the increasingly strong consumer demand for health, health care will be more abundant connotation of the future development trend of the soft drinks industry. In this trend, the decline of carbonated drinks will be inevitable, and in line with the health characteristics of green juice, protein drinks, fruit juices and other varieties have greater market potential can be dug.

profit is how to get rid of the plight of water transport

soft drinks industry is one of the fastest growing industries in our country, 2003-2012 ten years, the total output of the domestic soft drink industry from 0.24 tons of growth to 1.30 tons, ten years production scale increased by 4.5 times, the compound growth rate of 20.8%. Industry growth rate is much higher than the same period last year, the domestic GDP growth, by 2015, the total output has reached 1.7 tons. 2016 China soft drinks production 183 million 452 thousand tons, an increase of 1.9%.

But most

product circulation process the soft drinks industry is almost in the "water", "water" products lead to low profit, must pursue the mass in order to profit, many enterprises take the production base construction of the regional transportation and form to minimize the cost of sales, while the beverage industry product homogeneity, copycat products really can emerge in an endless stream. A handful of companies own brand. Sales model innovation, product innovation has become a huge opportunity for the industry.

functional health beverage brewing will burst


over the past few years, tea and other beverage brewing hot drinks, tea has been gradually accepted by the market, but with the lack of innovation of tea products, the market also appeared tired. Therefore, the health of brewing drinks, personalized industry will become the next flashpoint. How to make the brewing more interesting, so that brewing more simple to become the research direction of many beverage companies.

now, a healthy market, are very hot market. Green juice, etc.