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How to make love Shanghai to speed up the content included in the new page

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many has stressed the need to make the high quality the chain, the site’s ranking to help, then what is outside the chain of high quality, new Adsense will mistakenly think is high PR>

website must update the content of quantitative timing, a certain period should pay attention to the cultivation of good search engine crawlers visit every time, only good planning website update time, then in the crawler crawling several times later, found that almost all a time Duan Youxin appear, then the crawler will be at this time of day frequent visits, website update time fixed, the same search engine crawlers will form a fixed time of visit.

fifth: update the chain number


chain not only need to update time stable, but also to control the number, remember not a sudden increase too much, but once again the case appeared scanty, long-term, the search engine will give the site right down, ranking drop, so the chain update every day the best fixed, slowly increase in fixed quantity so, rising steadily.

The chain of

love Shanghai for new sites are generally taken to only update the website snapshot and not included the content of the page, not a lot of experience in the face of this situation will be anxious, to take some ways to solve the problem of harmful sites, such as the use of mass chain software, content acquisition software, but is still not after use any effect, that is how to deal with this situation.

has been updated after a fixed time, also must pay attention to the number of website content updates, can not because the crawler daily visit, and the next release of a large number of websites that allow reptiles to grasp, because the search engine has a mechanism, in the capacity of a sudden spike will make the search engine mistaken collection site, so as to reduce the site the weight update, efforts to drive down the site snapshot, so the quantitative and slow increase of the update is very important.

third: update

pursuit of quantity, will affect the quality of most personal website as long as the pursuit of the number included, must the very poor quality, and post more quality worse, but the amount collected will be even worse, and the workload is large, so it is recommended that the careful preparation of several high quality articles, not only can increase the weight of the website, and the website of the amount collected is rising steadily.

to update the site, if every day, not three days of fishing, four days of that kind of, because every day the chain site in the increase, the search engine will give weight, but will make the site keywords ranking slowly rising, rather than give good ranking a few days later he dropped out of hundreds of.

second: update number

fourth: the chain update time

The first time Shanghai dragon master

sixth: update the chain quality

: content updateThe new

Is the enterprise stagnant Don’t panic this recruit let you return to growth periodCharlie lack of e

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our venture investment fund has a double identity as a partner Charles Li VC and entrepreneur, encouraging entrepreneurship of young people. In his view, there is no clear business model of start-up companies, in addition to fools, no one will invest, because no one willing to pay you wrong tuition. Early business cash flow is a life and death struggle, made recommendations to ensure that each business CEO company has not less than six months of cash reserves at any time.

first, under normal circumstances, start-ups want to be able to build their own chains around the world. Even if you don’t make billions of dollars a year, you’ll have to earn at least millions of dollars or tens of millions of dollars. At this stage, each start-up must aim at between 5% and 10% of its business growth every week in order to achieve rapid growth and expand its business.

3, no clear business model of entrepreneurial companies, no one but a fool would invest, don’t blame VC for not timely assistance, no one is willing to pay for your tuition to make mistakes. Early start is a cash flow life and death struggle. It is recommended that every startup CEO ensure that the company has cash reserves of not less than six months at any time.

for business start-ups in twenty-first Century, business growth is the highest pursuit of business.

following Chali classic part finishing:

4, I started business in many universities and ended up asking who would drop out of school and start a business with me. The answer was zero. Do you think students easily fooled? Please be assured that China culture education system in the vast majority of students don’t start! Those who have never seen entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship students fear ruin bigwigs, cut the crap, free to go to the students about to take risks, independent thinking,


editor’s note: the author of this article is Josiah Humphrey, and Mark McDonald co founded a mobile application services company called Appster, specifically for non technical origin of the enterprise founder to help.

business growth


specifically, they have to acquire enough users, scale economies, take on larger market share, expand operating income, and move steadily into the new market. In the final analysis, if a technology start-up can not guarantee business growth, it will have no way to survive in the fierce market competition.

2, start-up companies can not find the business model, and then CEO will There is not much left., experienced a severe test, and wait until the last moment of layoffs, than to begin immediately, the reality is cruel, not what face and dignity. That troubled venture CEO cut the Gordian knot, Jingxiaxinlai think again… Startups sometimes need to shock therapy, zero rebirth.

then, if a startup’s business growth is stagnant and the earnings remain stable after reaching a certain size, what kind of response should an enterprise leader take?

is a well-known technology start-up incubator co-founder Paul · Graham Paul Graham, or a serial entrepreneur and innovation of contemporary master Steve · Blanke Steve Blank, or the lean startup presenter Eric · LES Eric Ries, the key is the same. That is, as a technology start-up, to survive and succeed, it is necessary to ensure a certain speed and quality of business growth.

then, in this article, I will introduce three proven practical solutions to help those in need solve these problems successfully. In addition, I will share some of the ways and means that contribute to the growth of start-ups.

traveled the world…

I want to say: 1 all students find their favorite things, brave to do; 2 must have the opportunity to go abroad, the world is very big, worthwhile experience; 3 in front of a company and a large company job opportunities, and try not to take the former; 4 civil servants, has fallen into the VAT you ruined; 5 never lose dream!

Charles Li believes that if the company can not find the business model, then CEO will experience a severe test, and wait until the last moment of layoffs, than to begin immediately, the reality is cruel, not what face and dignity. He suggested that troubled entrepreneurial CEO should cut the Gordian knot, Jingxiaxinlai think again, entrepreneurial companies sometimes need shock therapy, zero rebirth.

1, start-up companies in cash depletion, business model risk breakout will be very serious, because the new business model needs time to trial and error, and in this moment, time and money have become entrepreneurs luxury, of course, whimsical in the company some people were forced to abandon the mark of vital importance, attention to the nature of the above finally, breakout success, as people said a close call business.

second, in order to ensure rapid and sustainable growth of business, start-ups must strive to achieve economies of scale. The so-called economies of scale, refers to a cost, income, the most ideal operating conditions. In this state, the cost of the product will follow the company’s customer

The importance of

I wrote another article some time ago. In that article, I highlighted the importance of business growth for a start-up. Specifically, at that time I analyzed the following three aspects:

Dry sharing network entrepreneurs explore the efficiency of individual owners to make money

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with "want to live on the web free occupation" more and more, individual network business has become a hot topic and one of the premise, want to start is to have its own survival ability, the survival, is actually on the network can earn the cost of living.

on the network to make money a lot of ways, Xiaoqiang is not one by one example, I just say I’m good at making money online one of the ways, personal adsense.

One of

‘s business is strong, do webmaster foundation class teaching, simply put, is recorded in the tutorial, sell tutorial, get data, personal webmaster more and more, more and more personal webmaster want to survive in the gold rush on the Internet, so personal webmaster how to make money?

personal webmaster want to make money, we need to know what they will understand, what, what, to do good work for the first, on this basis, and then try to maximize the possible, sometimes, even if we don’t understand what the novice webmaster, if master some skills and ideas, can make a lot of money, although rarely, said about to below some knowledge in the Internet to make money. Attentively read + practice, as long as there are some basic, I believe you can mix food to eat.

PS: the end of the article will give you a project operation methods, adhere to the operation, living expenses, no problem.

Basics: location, tools, and principles

self localization

Are you ready to

how to make money? If Xiaoqiang said, Jack Bauer (have been used to make money selling tutorial sold about 200 sets), Taobao (and other passengers also used to make money, such as high-end SEO service), said we should have accurate positioning, and be aware of their own ability, so as not to chew more however, chew.


tools have

with the positioning, we have to have the necessary tools, remember, always with the diamond, you can take the porcelain work, "tools" is the fundamental money making network.

what is a tool?


simple can be summarized as "money + money tool tool", of course, according to the specific, we choose the way to make money, such as Taobao, Jack off, is to do with the +SEO/ keyword website architecture, so we need a tool to make money, the website of +SEO itself, and the money is the natural tool, Alipay each month, Ali mother (guest Taobao official) will check to alipay.

The logic principle of

project itself

How can

earn the money for this project? How does this project work? Are there any chances to take shortcuts? Can you make it by yourself? Don’t get it. What about making money?

, such as Xiaoqiang selling tutorials, how can you make money? Customer base is an individual novice webmaster, recorded >

09 years is a good time for the master to train and save energy

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with the rapid development of the Internet, China’s rapid expansion of the team of webmasters. 08 years ago, a lot of people are likely to be born, because of higher technical requirements, so the non-technical stationmaster is very difficult to intervene, now accompanied by many fool program, chief of the technical requirements in the lower, head of the threshold is low down. A webmaster who has no contact with technology like me should be a lot.

economic crisis, so many entities enterprises have been greatly shocked, the economic downturn of the entity also affected some webmaster’s website revenue. Many comrades who have just stepped into the ranks of the stationmaster are now the best opportunity for us to build up our strength and strengthen ourselves, and so on, when the economy recovers, that is, when we can play. Novice webmaster must keep learning, take good care of your web site, let your web site can grow up quickly. The old owners also have to continue to work hard for tomorrow to share more market share, and not be chased after the army.

the Internet is a place where miracles continue, and access to the Internet is relatively low. Now neither employment pressure nor work pressure is greater. Choose the Internet business or part-time is very good, as long as you are diligent enough, mature mentality, I believe the road of the webmaster, you will go farther, go wider.

as a new webmaster webmaster to join the ranks from 09 years in February, now operates 99 car network, we have the opportunity to look for advice. Because they have no contact with the technology, friends to help on-line, after all on their own to maintain a person. When the economy is good, everyone is busy making money. Now that the economy is recession, the company is not good and can’t make much money, we may as well make full use of our spare time. Not only will it enrich your life, but it will also add chips to your future life.

08 is an extraordinary year, 09 years on 08 years of extraordinary, webmaster friends wherever you are now in what situation, please do not give up, I believe that through your hard work, your site tomorrow will take you to pay double back to you. The economy will recover and the market will become optimistic. Take good care of yourself in the economic downturn. When the economy recovers tomorrow, it will show you good performance, provided you don’t give up and keep going.

article starting A5, reproduced please indicate the source: 99, car network

Mo the Internet should have three qualities of entrepreneurship

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rain today, looking at the number of Mo Xiang Mega window rain, rain falls and told me that one day will fall from a height, to a one-time death, so now I strive to climb the highest life, then drop when hope a lovely death. I chose the Internet business now, although the result is not very good, but the nineteen year old young enough to let the people around strange, today to share three Mo Xiang Mega quality Internet entrepreneurs in their understanding and feeling the significance, hope to continue to provide some spiritual baptism for long friends in the Internet industry.

first: one of the qualities that Internet start-ups should have: passion,

Mo Xiangzhao’s entrepreneurial thought as early as a few years ago, but the parents at home has not agreed to start until Mo Xiang Mega after a series of things to tell their parents, the son can really work can create more unbelievable miracle to others, then was reluctant to part with giving his son to go, now I led my team on the Internet in our army execution flow of the three ideas, the spread of our class execution. Many Internet business people, passion in the first place no sorry who spread, interest is the best teacher, from the first Mo Xiang Mega a silent struggle. Now, to lead the team, passion can give the team more strength, but also can make yourself always firm their goals, and toward a better tomorrow.

second: the Internet should have two of the quality of Entrepreneurship: modest

has always been a modest, everyone is their own standards, lead the team to feel the most is the team members to learn, good at communication, the Internet can not always lead, if a person is good at learning, he can help his career, and his life of 80%. Mo Xiangzhao, in the months of the Internet journey are constantly learning, learning seriously, a few days ago to see an example, say is a special pride between entrepreneurial team members in Guangzhou, is developing very fast in the team, because it is not a good question of research and discussion, so that the final failure, thus the thought of his team, creating a modest learning atmosphere, leading everyone to learn from each other exchanges.

third: the Internet should have three of the quality of Entrepreneurship: persistent

Internet entrepreneurs not to burn the place, Mo Xiangzhao’s team at all costs are not many, these are based on each team member’s persistent feelings, Internet entrepreneurs to see far, entrepreneurial gambling is the trend and imagination, a firm goal, according to the plan, a team because it is not able to the persistence and peer beat, each project has a transition, who can insist is victory.

A little feeling:

morning rain today, looking at the number of Mo Xiang Mega window rain, rain falls and told me that one day will fall from a height, to a one-time death, so now I strive to climb the life.

Positioning, product, marketing, a website operator can not be ignored three points

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these days there have been some small fluctuations in the website, the problem is also considered more than usual, and recently has been considering network marketing and traditional marketing problems. At the same time, thinking of something to share with some SEO colleagues, I can get some colleagues and friends affirmation, I am very happy.

In a conversation with friends,

mentioned how new websites should operate, and then talked about the operations of older websites. I am very much talking about such a problem, I hope we can find something out of it. Zac said that Seo had no master, only novices and old hands. Through discussion and practice, let us continue to accumulate experience. We learn from each other, and that’s my SEO philosophy.

website operation is a very tedious matter. The reason why he is tedious because it includes positioning, product, marketing, promotion and other links. Positioning is the starting point of website operation, and it determines the development of the whole situation. The success of the operation is determined by the accuracy and differentiation of the products provided by the website in the market. Website products are the core of website operation. Products are divided into two kinds, one is to sell physical products, and the other is to sell behavior services. A website operation can effect, not how much money to decide, do form mall sites friends should know that the product text description and picture decoration is largely to determine whether the customer purchase intention. In the entire operation of the site, such an idea is also very important, that is, a straight point of view of the site is a set of good or bad products, affecting the user experience, thus determining the conversion rate of a series of problems. Here’s a full range of Web site products, including product quality, after-sales service and pre-sales description.

1. Site positioning

, a website, whether the traditional marketing or network marketing, whether the products can be sold, played the key role is to locate. A position that has a precise purpose and is clearly differentiated from other services, and such positioning can be successful. One of Procter & Gamble Liezi, Head and Shoulders and rejoice also belong to the Procter & Gamble products are shampoo why can sell well? Because of the precise target. Head and Shoulders is the dandruff, rejoice is shunfa. Multi brand strategy of Procter & Gamble business, not a product simply paste several trademarks, but the pursuit of similar products the differences between different brands, including function, packaging, publicity and other aspects, so as to form a distinct personality of each brand. That’s what we’ve been talking about, precision, product differentiation.

the same problem we reverse thinking about why the website operation is very bad, why so long operation is not profitable, are we in the positioning of the site of a problem, our position is not clear, there is no difference between products. If no one else sells it, you sell it. Why do customers buy your products? These are the questions we need to consider.

also >

Talking about the successful way of Zengcheng Information Port

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local portal to allow users to feel at home, that is, a sense of belonging. Because the local station, target customers are locals, all are very familiar with the local information port of Zengcheng is to seize the local user heart, the latest information released by the local, and user interaction, often organize the party, such as the gathering of friends, the young customers together gave Zengcheng harbor great affinity.

Zengcheng Information Port found information inconvenience to local users, the local university has three or four students, it is a huge consumer groups, to this before but not a good way to unite students. Zengcheng information port with the University Forum to realize data synchronization with the inside and outside of China Unicom, Zengcheng information port data, so as to seize the most groups of college students, after the party, to achieve communication and exchange under the line.

then founded the easy campus network, which mainly deals in some daily necessities. "Easy point campus" opened successfully in Zengcheng quickly between universities and local businesses spread, so the accumulation of popularity, every day there are a lot of users to issue purchase sale information, reached the City Trading effect. Also use the school club activities, and business cooperation, opened a variety of convenient student business propaganda, to serve everyone, and return to yourself.

Zengcheng garden in Guangzhou, and Honda, the property market, the car is very popular, so the Zengcheng harbor is certainly cannot do without these two large blocks of information released slightly, combined with their own friends, in real estate, in Honda, so we can get the real estate and the car first received information, such as preference to other local information website, the information superiority, we have the advantage.

as the business matures, rich information about local websites, in response to these circumstances, our team promptly opened new topics to meet the needs of users. Powerful communication function has also accumulated a lot of popularity for Zengcheng information port. How can we turn these popularity into a wealth, which requires a team planning and organizing?. We have a strong editorial team that regularly projects some of the hot topics. Such as entertainment, tourism, consumption and so on. Zengcheng port of information in this way, in the minds of the people of Zengcheng have some constructive comments and suggestions, some local authorities recognized and praised.

meets regularly to achieve online and offline interaction, to achieve young people’s thoughts, collisions and friends.

with the business matures, Zengcheng port began to implant their unique business philosophy to other areas, continue to show a strong compatibility with the local market, abundant information and powerful communication function for region construction and development and provides the convenience of daily life. Article source: reprinted, please indicate the source!


What are the new trends in the home textile industry how to grasp the opportunity of the monkey

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is now investing in every industry, the majority of the investment managers who need to know about the future development of a trend in recent years in the industry, we are now in the textile industry as an example, today Xiaobian take you to understand, I hope all of you to help.

2015 introduced a two-child policy, causing many franchisees to children’s home textile bedding ready to, many children are popular in the market, many brands have a series of children’s home textiles, but specially set up a sub brand for children’s home textiles but not much known as Luo Lai Jie baby and children. Although the textile industry environment is not optimistic about everyone, but many textile brands still maintain a uniform rising trend, although many children adhere to the high-end brand textile line, but the feedback from the market and consumers’ purchasing power, Chinese baby market still has great potential.

In fact, some


Sun Yang 1500 meters final crushing dream of the top three

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Sun Yang is a good swimmer, our domestic relatively high visibility at the same time, he in the world of sports is also a very good athlete, once in a number of world-class competitions have a very good performance.

however before the final, only 7 people in the waiting area, Sun Yang did not appear, the long distance the king chose to retire, according to official said, Sun Yang is because the heart does not opt out of the final tonight, Yang Saiqian participated in the sun to warm up, the body is not too big problem. Sun Yang 1500 meters freestyle three consecutive mengsui.

7 in the final, Paltene Leigh of Italy and Cochran of Canada competition before the 200 micko Karen in the lead, followed by only 0.45 seconds behind Paltene Leigh. 400 meters, Paltene Leigh to achieve anti super, Karen lagged behind for about 0.23 seconds, the United States of Jagger in the third. Paltene Leigh to keep the edge, 750 meters ahead of Cochran at the time of 1.81 seconds. After 1000 meters of the race, Paltene Leigh’s first position more and more solid. 1200 meters, Paltene Leigh ahead of the second of the Jagger, 3.10. The game entered the final 100 meters, Jagger will be distance to catch up to 2 seconds 88. But Paltene Leigh is still firmly in 14 minutes and 39 seconds to win the championship of 67, creating a European record. Jagger of the United States to get the silver medal, Canada’s bronze medal for the bronze medal of Cochran.


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Ten reflections on entrepreneurs’ entrepreneurial failure

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now the domestic business environment can be said to be excellent, and there are a lot of entrepreneurs who have devoted to such a tide of entrepreneurship, some people succeed, there are also some people fail.

There is a "golden rule"

three reflection: no profit management system, all kinds of resources can not be effectively, to co-ordinate the use of financial resources, resulting in less than