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Webmaster friends landing brothers, why flesh and blood pro

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at noon to go to the school cafeteria, walking in the campus with the mall, see some of the students are full of youthful spirit put on his coat, just know the autumn has come, 08 years of summer has gone away from us, and the webmaster friends impetuous mentality doesn’t seem to have cooled down, perhaps is the webmaster have forgotten spring and autumn and winter, eyes only IP, PV, master PR……

a pack of cigarettes, two bowls of Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables three was in front of a computer, lonely and busy, this is the webmaster; ten owners, nine grassroots, eight live in the ideal and the reality of the edge; webmaster love the lack of weather, no rain or snow is Yin; the income of stationmaster no starting point, not the K button or less the poor; the needs of users without boundaries, our pursuit would not end point; the mouse click, we value……

In the first phase of the novice stationmaster net

training group, someone asked the teacher what is a group of stationmaster of hadron, what kind of person? The teacher said "hard hadron pay a lot, but not necessarily have the rich fruit, this is the webmaster". Indeed, in the Admin5 is hosting the creative AD unlimited station, AD also crazy activities, a named "happy station" webmaster friends, with humor video interpretation of what is the webmaster.

MM:, I heard that you did a website,


stationmaster: Hey hey, yes, done a lot of. (whispering: all they do is garbage stations)

MM: is very easy to do web site,


stationmaster: Hey hey, more relaxed. (muttering to himself: "we are getting better than chickens, and eating worse than pigs; and doing more than donkeys and living more than dogs)"


MM: don’t be afraid of doing anything,


stationmaster: Hey hey, nothing to worry about. (my heart whispered: afraid of hackers to attack, to check the network server, be sued because of copyright issues)

MM: website, you can make money,


Webmaster: Hey, promising ah. (himself: it is difficult to apply for GG, Baidu advertising alliance advertising to receivables, low price, other Ali alliance alliance buckle weighing)


webmaster is easy to be misunderstood groups, the sweet and sour in this is only our own heart clear. Landing brothers, why the flesh and blood Pro?. In fact, each other more inclusive, more understanding, this afternoon, the novel free ( nets webmaster F9F8 because of misunderstanding and knives in the QQ simple communication once, then F0F8 should eliminate misunderstanding, and misunderstanding in the knife, after the elimination is quite happy, but also before and after one or two minutes, he happy to do his station, and I’m happy to complete my work.

in fact, this misunderstanding often occurs, has happened before with netizens articles were deleted, stationmaster net is designed to give you.

Webmaster how to start soft writing

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recently found a lot of ad comments with links on the blog. Despite the daily deletion and exhaustion of various malicious comments to prevent the plug-in. But there’s still no way to solve the problem. There are still a lot of people who will post some link comments by hand. There is no way but to admire their stubborn spirit of making garbage. But couldn’t understand, these people do what is good, in order to increase the chain, is certainly not what effect, do not say that I am now a lot of people comment on the surface are used JS call, there is no effect on the search engine. Even if the search engine can crawl to these content, the effect will not be obvious. Rather than writing the content, then the stately to each big website publicity, saving effect is good, and have a sense of achievement.

talk about the benefits of writing soft text:

first, publicity effect is obvious. At present, the station collects the wind. Publish an article casually, publish to popular website, can be collected or reprinted by other website. Equivalent to many sites for you free publicity, if the article with links, but also bring a lot of the chain, to enhance the weight of the site is very helpful.

second is good for both webmasters and visitors. General soft writing, the purpose is to introduce or own their own web site or product. Just wise, soft Wen writing staff often can write the soft text like technical articles or empirical exchange of the article, so that people do not feel advertising. The general level of the people often write relatively straightforward, although also can write like in summing up experience, but it is easy to see. But no matter how well written, readers can learn or learn from them. Published on other people’s Web site, only a little value, the general webmaster will not delete. Unlike the direct link, just finished, it will be deleted immediately, wasting everyone’s time, there is no effect.

website how to start soft text writing propaganda:

1. Do a good job of locating user groups. Soft writing website, first of all is to consider the website user group to write target users interested in the content, this article written propaganda effect will be better, to achieve a multiplier effect. If your website is a entertainment site, you can write some eye-catching star gossip content, if it is a technical site, you can write some popular technology applications, or industry news.

two, write down the content of the target user group. When you have a good target audience, you must also understand the psychology of the user group to write down what they are interested in.

three, choose the right release channels. After the soft written, choose good to release channel is also very important. Publication channel selection. First, consider the number of users of the channel, and second, consider whether the user base of the channel is your customer base or close to your customer base.

friend is a fortuneteller, opened a forum, EDAW forum is a fortune forum, the goal is to create a life.

DAMBOLO shoes to join a good market choice

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actually, the choice of women’s shoes to join the market, is a very wise choice. Women’s shoes to join, for entrepreneurs, the cost is small but large profit margins. DAMBOLO what about women’s shoes? Good quality projects, successful venture worthy of trust!


said thick shoes ugly people, must have seen their own thick shoes to wear the ugly look, but certainly did not see those female stars wear thick shoes, beautiful and confident and the appearance of gas. Among the many female stars, the number of Fan Bingbing like to wear thick soled shoes, it can be said that all the year round in the wear, there is a pattern, pure color, anyway, thick soled shoes style has come a. Of course, in addition to Fan Bingbing, as well as Angelababy, Zhao Liying and Zhao Wei, they are not to be ignored, but also very deep love shoes. Always like to wear a pair of thick shoes, show a strong gas field.



in addition to the stars are wearing, the annual fashion week T Taiwan have thick soles of the shoes, the designer is also deeply love the thick soled shoes. Have to say, the shoes are still pick people to wear, no contrast, do not know the original thick shoes can wear so well.


as early as in the 70s of last century, thick soled shoes began to fire up in Europe and the United states. It can not only explain the lively and playful style, but also to support the sexy wind, variety style is so annoying. You are ugly, ugly shoes, because you probably do not know what is the difference between the shoes and the shoes, shoes today let DAMBOLO tell you loudly.


anyway, remember, thick soled shoes and platform shoes are different. Thick soled shoe soles are generally not so exaggerated heavy platform shoes, at about 7CM, suitable for daily walk. Remember, the wrong way to make a thick bottom shoe is the main reason for it.


wear thick shoes ugly? That’s why you didn’t choose a pair of shoes. Next, DAMBOLO shoes that you have the best of these cheats get up, you will never say thick shoes ugly.


The first step for

to make a thick soled shoe look good is to choose the right style. To choose the shoes Square, tip design, thick soled shoes so exquisite radian can make big toe become more slender and elegant, but also modified the foot, perfect. Vamp with solid colors is better, it can let you casually collocation your clothes; the best is the sole wedge slope, there are color design, this design makes it the line more good-looking, not clumsy, also very fashionable personality; at the height of the best exposed ankle, so wearing them to look good, there is a sense of hierarchy.



saw thick soled shoes look fashionable, next is the collocation, the DAMBOLO women’s strengths, absolutely let you beauty earthshaking. >

How to deal with off-season leisure agriculture

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for the current business off-season is commonplace thing, but for the operator, can be encountered in the off-season, take relevant management strategies also need to have a better way to deal with. In short, in order to off-season is not light, the main needs of leisure agriculture operators in the landscape outside the environment to provide new content for tourists:

1, the use of science and technology, to avoid seasonal differences.

For example:

acres of greenhouse facilities Shaanxi Baoji hengfengyuan sightseeing agricultural ecological park, the winter people into the sunlight greenhouse, seasonal instant conversion, a seductive strawberry red dotted in the vast green field, like the girl’s smiling face, the tourists interest is lit immediately. While we pick a red one strawberry, while asking the winter strawberry cultivation techniques, according to the local agricultural bureau of statistics, the number of tourists in the winter of 2013 to the agricultural Chencang District Tourism Ecological Park picking up to more than 3 thousand people, single income can reach 100 thousand yuan picking.

in the cold winter, as long as the effort in the agricultural science and technology innovation, in the sunlight greenhouse for a "selling point", the characteristics of crops, allowing visitors to enjoy new crops rare elsewhere, meet their thirst for knowledge and innovative ideas of the psychological needs, it can attract stop picking. For tourists, although at this time there is no picking up the summer and autumn season so lively, but it makes people feel not a flavor.

2, comply with the season, highlighting the four seasons.

The seasonal

agriculture seriously affects the distinctive leisure agriculture tour, but it is because of seasonal characteristics, agricultural tourism can be exchanged according to different season change, launched timely for various agricultural and recreational activities, such as the spring flower, bird watching, plowing, sowing; summer swimming, watching wildlife, fishing, fishermen under the cage, feel fun fishing; autumn, autumn, autumn fruit picking ornamental ornamental southwards migratory birds; winter skiing, skating, sailing, ice fishing, winter fishing.

For example:

Shandong Qufu Wu Village "estate economics", is through continuously enrich and explore the potential to create different seasonal tourism highlights, in order to completely break the Manor Farm Management "solar term limit, spring flowers, summer, autumn and winter to see the cool fruit branch" seasons have a golden week. All the year round tourist season, produced good economic benefits.

Zhejiang Huzhou Changxing County Guzhu village in the farming work experience to fully reflect the seasonal. Spring: strawberry picking, tea, fried tea, dig bamboo shoots, fishing; summer: pick loquat and peach picking, pick watermelon, grapes, catch loach; autumn: pick oranges, gingko, chestnut, knock hit wrapped dumplings, touch snail; winter: rice cake, rice wine, tofu, grinding barbecue, bonfire.

< >

Purifier franchise business skills which grasp these points

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whether it is air purifiers, water purifiers, these products in the market demand is growing. So invest in this industry, occupy an absolute advantage. What are the operating skills of the purifier store? Master these, you can easily profit.

purifier stores in the daily sales process, in addition to relying on the excellent quality of the purifier to impress consumers, but also to the operator through the skillful product promotion and encourage consumers to purchase to achieve speed up. At this point, some of the necessary sales skills can make the staff in the purifier shop twice the result with half the effort. So, how to succeed in product sales and not to make consumers feel disgusted? The following method is the sales industry veteran summed up the essence of the purifier sales staff may wish to learn.

with purifier stores continue to increase, the market competition is increasingly intensified, investors want their stores for a steady purifier development rise, it is necessary to master the purifier sales skills. If the purifier stores can not grasp more purifier sales skills, so the store competitiveness is not strong, the final will be unable to adapt to the development of Cleaner market, can not adapt to the development of cleaner industry, will end up with failure.


2012 top 10 business thinking

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want to do poineering work no problem, just before the start of their own should be considered clear, everyone wants to be the richest man in the world, but only one of the richest man in the world, how to achieve that goal is how you start on 2012, 10 business, these you want to know? People say that the next United States is China, the next Gates is Ma, who is the next ma?

1, your interest: from project selection to the location, and then to the specific operation, will conduct a series of investigation and planning, and in accordance with their own ability and the actual situation, find their own interest in the project is a good choice.

2, your professional: Ma said, what do not want to do, then what can be done! Entrepreneurs are engaged in production and business activities for the community to provide a professional product or service must have adequate consumer groups or stable customer groups, must ensure that the production and management of product or service value of genuine goods at a fair price ". Allow consumers to enjoy the same social product functionality while reducing the cost of use, or allow customers to spend the same cost of use can be more advanced product features, which requires a professional spirit.

3, your positioning decision of life. First of all, the entrepreneurial mentality depends in part on their own evaluation, what you locate yourself in your heart, what you are, if not an unrealistic, or healthy mentality, will not succeed; secondly, is your enterprise positioning, product positioning and brand positioning must be accurate.

4, your model: not only profit model in the world, even the most successful business model is not necessarily suitable for you. In fact, which projects are the same can make money, just look at what people earn, what kind of way to earn it. Therefore, the search for their own business model will continue to be the premise of stable operation.

5, your strategy: a person’s pattern and pragmatic level, ultimately determines the height of development in his career. Is the expected strategy a reality? Are the objectives identified by the strategy correct? To find these answers in the future entrepreneurial practice

Management of children’s clothing shop skills

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operating children’s clothing shop is a common choice for many small entrepreneurs, because the market outlook is good, the investment threshold is not high, it is worthy of attention. There are so many people to invest, then entrepreneurs should be more prepared to master more business skills, so that the store is more and more prosperous.

‘s stores should first impress is the child’s mother, the reason is very simple, the child before the age of 3 there is no subjective consumer awareness, consumption, consumers are children, but policymakers are the parents. Therefore, the children’s clothing is sold directly to the mother sold to children. The big children’s clothing is to impress the child, and also need a mother’s recognition.

is generally the mother took the children to children’s clothing store to buy clothes, because you want to try. The children are willing to come here for shopping, most of the decision in the children, the children’s clothing store can be attractive enough to attract children, also decided to attract many of the children’s mother, so our children’s wear business businesses should pay attention to the decoration of shops, more in line with the child’s imagination, interest and games, is to increase and the child’s interaction.

in carrying out the quality of children’s clothing service marketing activities, can take the form of product quality tracking card, is to buy children’s clothing when customers send a card for tracking the quality of customer service quality tracking activities. When customers use a period of time for children’s wear, children’s clothing quality information feedback tracking according to the quality tracking card tracking the quality of content and time requirements, given a certain return to participate in the return of quality tracking information of customers, such as gifts.

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How to stand out in the competitive market

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entrepreneurial boom rise, no matter whether there is a large amount of money to join the army to venture, so the competition is unusually fierce. So how can we obtain the success of the enterprise in the fierce environment?

A, rational business

especially the first venture, must be rational thinking, find out the following problems: one is the business model, must find a profit point, there must be a clear source of profits; two is to do the worst case of the operating budget, rather than to the ideal data to make predictions, to prevent investment budget small, market forecast, cost estimation and low misalignment phenomenon, too idealistic will inevitably lead to higher expected benefits, problems will be taken by surprise; the three is the ability to integrate resources, first venture to integrate all the available power ", to create a complementary community of interests.

to effectively reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, the enterprise operation is four multiplier; all kinds of resources "chain" can not be broken, the resources here refers to the raw materials, products, talents, capital, channels and other elements, in order to do this an enterprise must reduce dependence on certain resources, or have to mobilize, the ability to contain resources.

to the venture capital source, target customers, partners (need complementary), start-up and operation mode have a very clear understanding, from pay attention to important points, start small, attention to detail, rational entrepreneurship.

as the current join and agents is a fast way of business, but the risk is also accompanied by many, in the decision to join, must pay attention to the details, through the use of the Internet, related to the enterprise stakeholders consultation to deepen the understanding of enterprise, even if there is a kind of joining the board shop, nor by the appearance of confused, improve the legal awareness of self-protection; the best lawyer first confirmed, and learn to apply additional provisions to protect themselves; to choose the most suitable mode.

If you want to join the

Chongqing Industrial Park building 1+2+7+36 tower architecture

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Chongqing’s economic development, Xiao Bian has written too many information reports, along the way is obvious to everyone. Chongqing keep up with the pace of the times, continue to carry out the reform of the industry, the construction of a new industrial system, which has made a series of development, is proud of!

in the first quarter of this year, Chongqing GDP 377 billion 273 million yuan, an increase of 10.7%, higher than the national growth rate of 4 percentage points. The city’s above scale industrial added value grew by 10.2%, higher than the national level of 4.4 percentage points. Among them, the city park industrial output value of 403 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 10.8%; industrial investment 75 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 14.7%; the actual new construction billion yuan investment in 28 key projects, plans a total investment of 30 billion 300 million yuan.

in recent years, vigorously develop industrial park in Chongqing City, the new Two Rivers District, Yongchuan Science Park as the national new industrialization demonstration base, the annual output value of more than ten billion yuan level Park reached 35, including one hundred billion yuan Park 4.

city’s industrial park has built up a perfect "1+2+7+36" (i.e., Liangjiang New Area + Cuntan bonded port, West Wing comprehensive bonded zone +7 national and Municipal Development Zone +36 specialty Industrial Park) tower architecture, the park layout continuous optimization, resource allocation efficiency has been improved, built up area of 460 square kilometers, to support the nearly 80% of the total industrial economy.

in order to further play the role in promoting economic growth and Industrial Park, the Chongqing municipal government to speed up the optimization of the city’s industrial layout, the introduction of the development of ideas and planning 1+3 Industrial Park, to promote the new industrial investment projects into functional areas, into the industrial park.

with the continuous optimization of the industrial layout of Chongqing, the city’s Industrial Park concentration reached 78%, industrial park output reached 7 billion 900 million yuan / square kilometer. Beijing will also promote the modern 137 projects started this year, brilliance Fuling Xinyuan base 122 projects, Changan Ford three factory 77 project. Chongqing City, through the establishment of 65 park investment team, strengthen the market analysis, project planning, key breakthrough, innovation, project negotiations and other work, 2015 contracted billion yuan more than 1000 key projects, 354 billion 300 million yuan investment agreement.

Chongqing also focus on improving the park service, based on strengthening the "seven links one ping" and supporting facilities, the implementation of one-stop service, with access to employment, and factors of production security, improve the industry capacity. At present, the output intensity of the whole city reaches the level of the developed coastal areas.

reporter learned from the Chongqing Municipal Commission by letter, "12th Five-Year" at the end of the city’s Industrial Park recommended