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How to choose the keyword keyword analysis

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4. can not be too narrow. Keywords search too narrow is relatively low, even no search, which is why most keywords causes no flow of

5. will expand the seed keywords and competitor keyword combination, basic keywords BK (Base Keywords). BSK = ESK + CSK. The basic principle of


2. search number, little competition. Through a large number of detailed keyword mining, search the number of relatively large, relatively small keywords


4. according to the competition website CS, looking for competitors website keywords CSK (Competition Site Keywords)

)Keywords ESK Keywords

2. ensure that the target keywords too fierce competition;

1. according to their own site, try to summarize site keywords, keywords are SK (Seed Keywords) seeds;

2. ensure that the target keywords too fierce competition;


3. is not too broad. On the one hand, the higher price competition keywords are generally larger, broader; on the other hand, broad keywords low conversion rate of



3. according to the development of seeds, looking for competitors website CS (Competition Sites

5. key words with higher commercial value. For example: for the sale of TV website, "the principle of" LCD TV is low than the word "LCD TV price" business value. Try from the key analysis on the psychological and visitors intention

. steps.

1. content. Keywords the content and requirement of the target is of great relevance, the conversion rate of

1. ensure that the target keywords have certain search volume

3. ensure that the target keywords can bring directional traffic to the site;

is a basic principle of

2. search number, little competition. Through a large number of detailed keyword mining, search >

1. content. Keywords the content and requirement of the target is of great relevance, the conversion rate of


2. according to the seed keywords SK, development tools use keywords to generate seed (Extension Seed expand keywords ESK Keywords;

1. ensure that the target keywords have certain search volume

two. Selection based on

3. ensure that the target keywords can bring directional traffic to the site;

two. Selection based on

Common medical problems in Shanghai Dragon

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medical industry in Shanghai dragon in order to improve the keyword density, that can improve the maximum possible keyword ranking, will continue to the title tag keyword stuffing, especially in the home tab. Not only that, there are also many medical websites for the three major label does not pay attention to the home page ZhengZhan title tag, causing page similarity is too high, at the same time will cause the title tag is too long, great circumstances affect the user experience. Whether in the website keywords ranking and user experience are underperforming, need to do so in Shanghai Longfeng medical website strategy, rational planning of the three major labels is the first step to Shanghai dragon, must be refined and excellence.

The most serious problem is the highly repetitive content in

more and more industries began to contact in Shanghai Longfeng area, in the medical industry in Shanghai is a disaster caused by flooding water dragon. Shanghai dragon how to reasonable use to improve the effective flow of the hospital website is critical, as many medical marketing topics. At present, many problems exist in the medical site application in Shanghai Longfeng, we should seek as soon as possible to solve these problems, to help the site traffic has been a qualitative leap. What are the common medical problems of Shanghai dragon? For this problem, people talk about their years of experience and views, hope industry colleagues to explore each other, jointly improve and gradually improve the self ability.

1, the title tag repeat

medical websites, medical websites in order to meet the search engine spiders crawl on the security of the major search engines included effect, the use of a large number of filling content, the content is not only exist in the Internet, while its own website information is too redundant, resulting in repeated contents the degree is high, no unique advantage content you want to get traffic to the site unprecedented leap, more difficult than ever. The medical website application process, to avoid excessive redundant repetition and prevent the emergence of the phenomenon of excessive optimization.

< >


3, the content of highly repetitive

structure is not clear



good website structure can help users quickly find the required information, however, in the medical website most put in common, namely the website structure is not clear, there is no specific division of disease structure, which often leads to difficult for users to quickly find the required information. For information retrieval, is most concerned about the cause of disease, symptoms, treatment, nursing and other aspects of the user, so the disease site navigation structure design, should be a good grasp of dimensions: fast. If the user cares about "disease" symptoms, can from the home page navigation bar directly enter the condition related list page for users to choose the reading, this can quickly solve user needs.

The new station will not be search engine included what

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      website optimization, in the general case, even if he do bad, the search engine will not at all not included. The line on the website for a long time but the search engine is still not included, only the following reasons.

with unstable web server

so, if your site is put up for a long time, but still have not been included, see your site is not the existence of these problems.

many people for the sake of convenience, the time of love with the old domain name, but we know that the old domain also has certain advantages in the website ranking, if in the old domain have the right conditions, and your content to its website content and almost, this time is beneficial to your site ranking, but then go home, if the old domain have been punished so that the result of history, on the contrary, if you choose to have an appropriate domain name is registered, but after this, we need to be vigilant, to fall in love with Haicha records.

at this time comparable to the era of money a lot of people are in order to facilitate the time when selecting a server, consciously chose to record space abroad, to know the operation of development of the site there is a fatal impact, if you really want to have a website to long-term development and survival, it is necessary to the server can ensure a stable state. Because of the instability of the space when in use will be very slow or even close to collapse, so that the web experience will be low, and finally only face off results. With this optimization is not directly related to, or as early as possible a stable space.

degree is too lowIn fact,

has been punished the domain name


normally, just on the line will have a new robots file settings, this is to prohibit the spider love Shanghai. But when the new line really is to lift the ban, so if it is not set to lift, the search engine of course is not grab.

robots is set to not allowed to grab


search engine said that he is a robot is not entirely right, because the search engine special love original content, therefore, when many sites in the acquisition of content, although the content is very rich, but included the speed is very slow, we generally on the website of the update speed or to have the law, and must be updated that is the original. Of course, there is no original false original words is feasible, but at present, the intelligent search engine with more and more high, his ability to distinguish content is more and more strong.

The chain construction site overall analysis

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chain number, import links, external links, >


what is the chain? Mix long time webmaster all know what is outside the chain, but a green hand practitioners who may not know or know some. In fact, the chain refers to from other websites into their own websites. The import link is a very important process for the website optimization, the quality of import links directly determine the weight of the site in the search engine.

The name of the

of course, from the current search engine optimization love Shanghai perspective, may effect the chain on the site without prior effect is good, but the site is still indispensable. Therefore, whether now or in the future, then, as long as the search engine optimization exists, the chain will have to optimize the site work.

may be for some entering the Shanghai dragon industry practitioners, the majority of couples is a chain machine, daily work only in the chain, the chain, or the chain, either high quality or low quality of the chain to hair, although the chain Commissioner will not do high quality the natural chain, but the low quality of the chain of garbage or do very badly, for example, once the prominence of the chain advantage of the medical profession, medical chain is one of the arch-criminal Internet spam chain, they do all the same, so many medical websites have suffered a serious punishment. Only one reason they will not do the chain". I want to say is, as the Commissioner of the chain if you are doing the chain for the website, you must first to understand, familiar and skilled, grasp the construction of the chain, especially some of the staff or a green hand optimization webmaster, only to understand what is outside the chain, the chain, the chain of basic algorithm and how to do the chain and the chain of some matters needing attention, will really make the chain website and bring the website optimization effect best, and this is the chain’s own advantage.

according to incomplete data, in this competitive industry in Shanghai Longfeng, many Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are not fully grasp the method of the construction of the chain, resulting in website optimization has no obvious effect, finally let practitioners have lost confidence in the industry. So today A5 marketing team Shanghai dragon industry practitioners who compiled a not complete is not simple "the construction of the chain analysis", I believe I can help some people in need of help, please read the following content:

said the chain, believe that the website optimization webmaster should know, but the chain is to optimize the work necessary every webmaster every day in website optimization process, so the chain has become the optimization webmaster cannot do without, since the chain is to optimize the work station must do every day, you can see the chain for the importance of the website.

, a chain of the basic knowledge of


: what is the chain of

Shanghai dragon Combat stand in user angle promotion

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found the cleaning plate industry needs to focus, the following is the promotion of the website layout.

First we study keywords " The

, today the author Dennis the Shanghai dragon combat is carried out with the user point of promotion perspective, to see how to get a new website ranking, popularity. Today we are using the keywords "purification plate" as an example, look at how the layout operation allows the website to participate in the rankings.


web site keywords ranking position determines the new "popularity", multi site audience, the ranking will naturally good. The impact is website ranking has many factors, like title, inspired the title and content matching, web content differences and of course the most important user experience.

user experience has been many Shanghai Longfeng optimization problems, common people think that as long as the user enters the website, the website user experience is perfect. But the fact is not true, we know the user experience is also a comprehensive value, its coverage from the user by clicking on enter the site to start browsing users close the web site to the user’s page, is a complete process. Any steps in the process problems, then bring is the low quality evaluation. Therefore, the author thinks that Dennis website optimization to stand in the user perspective, rather than blindly to ranking par.

third, the difference of the content on the website. The new color to talent shows itself is a must. The difference of website content is the most critical of the show. If the content of the web site and other web content had no difference, and how users love Shanghai would choose the new old domain name website! It must be able to let the user know that our content and other sites, I >

first, internal site must have on "cleaning plate price" and "purification plate installation" knowledge, you can be the top in the news column top, or open a separate section place of knowledge content, allowing users to enter the site to be clear at a glance. Of course, in the title site also highlights this point, users have to click on the purpose of convenience.

second, the industry needs to meet. In the search when we already know that the key picture of demand is relatively strong, so it also tells us that in the setting of the layout of the site, in the home must have a picture display section, in order to meet the needs of the user’s picture. If the picture link to expand knowledge document download, can further meet the demands of the users.

purification plate" user demand. The love we can see in the sea search is still one of the top three love products in Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai love love picture encyclopedia, from here we can analyze the picture for strong industry. Another is that retrieving the keyword for user query. The analysis of user specific data, we can see that purification board industry vocabulary, on the "purification plate price" and "cleaning plate installation" search focus.

Four years of experience sharing to interested in Wangzhuan Wangzhuan friendsLet them make money in

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often hear some movie station or software download station friends complain, said his website resources are always being hotlinking, the results did not earn a penny does not say, also often bring huge pressure hotlinking to his paralysis of the server. In the Internet resource sharing today, is impossible to guard against anti Daolian, even the best technology will also be broken and for its use. Since the guard, why don’t we change a way of thinking, let these people Daolian for their services? Some friends may think that this is Arabian Nights, try to learn the methods I.

above method, I personally are in the experiment, the specific effect I also don’t need to say, just want to give you webmaster a train of thought, I hope everyone can make excellent stand, make more money.

2, honesty is the life of Wangzhuan this is important

six, the network is very sensitive to the excellent resources, will soon let you connect the resources all over the internet.

3, a lot of people have a corruption free two word psychology, dream of the sky really will drop down a big pie for yourself, will? Some people have been giving them cheat, also stubborn, really sad. Many stations under the guise of defrauding the join for free membership registration, white hard for them to make money, so I said: fools do free wangzhuan.

four, each resource is compressed into a self extracting compressed package and written into the ad page of its own website, so that when the browser unpacked the document, it would pop up its own web page.

1. Rent a relatively good server so that you can provide resource download services.

we rough calculation, those popular film and television or software brings us 100 thousand traffic every day, light window advertising also has hundreds of pieces. Because resource download users are highly targeted, if appropriate, do CPA and CPC advertising, every day can earn enough 3 digits, so stick down after the purchase of a more advanced server, improve download speed, thus forming a virtuous circle. I’m afraid that also worry about hotlinking fewer

The hotlink of

2, is too slow to make money although the development of offline are easier, but even if you have hundreds of members of the lower monthly income is not very optimistic, some of the more you Wangzhuan offline development you will die faster, that is several together add up to only tens of dollars, although for some you pay, but the poor, even the electricity does not come back to earn, wasted valuable time, I had all these cost compensation.

often saw on the Internet, so foreign websites now wrong Chinese payment, I think this is not necessarily the site itself, the majority of it is at least the Wangzhuan friends integrity even their life would not attempt to use trickery to earn more profits, but I do not know the magic of a ruler, meaning "daogaoyizhang. Have a lot of friends in the lower pull, I do some publicity referrals, I send you a full set of advertising software, do my downline commission how, this is really work for you? You can earn a lot of money? I think not just inevitable, deception those bent on cheap do not attempt to work, "

of course, some people may think that such a program is not feasible, or not enough to shirk the reasons for not doing. I personally think, want to make money through the network does not require too much technology, or that technology is the most obscure link. Alibaba founder Jack Ma is one of the most typical examples, without technology, we can ask people to do, the key is whether we have to do, have not thought.


two, to the thunder resource download ranking, looking for the current most popular resources, resources should not be too large, every few megabytes to tens of megabytes can be, resources will be arranged standby.

1, thinking, the development of

three, make a download forum or web site, each post or article added to a resource connection.

this article comes from: 70 webmaster network www.70admin.

seriously hinder Wangzhuan friendsSince the beginning of June 2004 in

notable features of free web sites:

self do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, found that many domestic friends have a common heart is just free or charge site is added in the free, free of course do reputable websites may earn a little money, but a free website will not give you too much money, you can subsidies electricity and Internet access is good, but the vast sea, why so lucky? And most friends in charge website free period to join, because of their lack of experience, and few people are willing to join for free during the subordinate agency counseling, or that they do not know to ask his boss or his agent, the agent is a novice, and how coaching his subordinate agents! Before entering the toll period, suddenly became very confused, and begin looking at a loss. The new free Wangzhuan, fail, fail again, that lost to the higher confidence, it is deplorable!


five insists on updating resources and compressing them in such a way.

1, foreign net profit more than 90%, is not trustworthy, but also can be said to be a Swindlers Company, even if you do a minimum payment amount is more than 90% of bad faith, some domestic free Wangzhuan, without a penny of investment, the vast majority of the site is not stable, some even don’t speak credit, not to pay members; there is a

Garbage content will become a site of internal injuries

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we may be an illusion in the update of the content on the website, that updates the content not only can let the website snapshots. And that the search engine included more, the weight of each page to your home page with more high, thinking that the keywords ranking will be useful. Of course, there is a more important reason is to do the long tail keywords, but the general long tail keywords if not closely linked to the website theme bring flow in general are garbage flows. For example, if we are a Shanghai dragon forum, the others about reports of electronic commerce, the article e-commerce is popular reports, our forum and weight will be high, this article will rank well. Our website to bring good traffic, but because this waste is the garbage flows will bring content to us.

I see too many Shanghai Longfeng operators commonly do two things, that is to update the content of the website and send the chain. I don’t understand is a corporate website there are so many updates? Need that update? Update will have a beneficial effect on the ranking? The answer is no, can only bring benefits to update a website, that is the site of the new. The snapshot is only one of the benefits of the new, it is convenient for you may point in time for Links, but whether you have a new snapshot of the rankings, but no good, this is an indisputable fact. More terrible is that in order to update and update the content on the site but is harmful, but it is the daily updated website content people are not aware of. So today I said the main impact is the content on the website of the garbage.


said the content will become clear in the garbage when a site of internal injuries we first need to understand what is junk content, such as some Union website advertising put, not related to the theme of the content, the Internet repeat high acquisition type of content, the content can not meet the needs of users. And the most important thing is this cannot meet the needs of the user, you update daily news that companies and related products of technical articles, is not what role for users. You will see no business news, most people would not to understand the technical knowledge of a product. The main culprit no one see what is on your site can drag.

spam will drag the entire website, the overall quality of the entire site down. If your site has one thousand articles, daily traffic is one thousand, PV is three thousand. The competitor’s website only two hundred articles, daily traffic is one thousand, PV is three thousand. Do you think that what the result is, when the search engine to determine the site will determine the overall quality of a website. When people two hundred content could also contribute to the PV value of three thousand, then, every piece of content about people website are of high quality content. And you believe the content there are a lot of sleep, never to disturb. This is not what the user sees is not available to the user value, naturally don’t even want to improve the site keywords ranking.

Ma Yun the Internet is not a money making tool, entrepreneurs should believe in the futureAli mother

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to see ah in the forum, never go, and see a lot of people say ah, in these days, the chaos K number, only my heart comfortable,,, I was not bad. This is a big chance that, before I do sh419 cheating sh419, K, after that is determined not to cheat in doing well, honestly, did not expect that, honestly, even worse, hard earned money to be withheld, back… I remember sh419 K I also said to me, I cheat, what, ah, more cattle. An abnormal data.

, I gave them my statistics account password, they called them, or data anomalies… Really still exist, and so far I didn’t figure out, they said I cheated or what happened,..

I don’t know if I can’t stand it, or I can’t do it. I’m always raped by others, so I’ll take our breath away,

I’m sorry, according to the proof of your offer materials, we again review website name, the existence of abnormal data, so you can not.

Ma stressed that the secret that has kept him confident about the future is that he believes in the future. "10 years ago, I wanted to survive. I just wanted to have the money to pay my employees.". 14 years ago, my monthly salary was only 92 yuan, or 15 dollars a month, and I was hoping to get 30 dollars. But I have expectations for the future.".

DoNews news in December 11th December 10th, the Alibaba group chairman of the board Ma speech at the University of Seoul in South Korea, explained the thinking of Alibaba and the future competition ", and expressed confidence in the future of young people and. Ma Yun said he believes that the Internet is not a tool to make money, but to improve the tools of society, and to keep him always the secret of confidence is to believe in the future.

Ma Yun said in his speech, the last century, if you want to become a great company, usually need to take 1, 2 or 3 opportunities; and this century, to become a great company, it is necessary to solve the social problems. What the Alibaba can do is to get jobs, expand domestic demand, enrich the peasants, and make the economy greener three aspects.


Ma Yun said, 10 years ago, he has identified the Internet as the future, "even if it is not our success, there will be other people’s success, so we have to work hard.". To this day, I still believe in the future".

Ma Yun: it’s my pleasure to be here. I never thought I would have the chance to speak at the University of Seoul.

asked how he should deal with the government’s relationship, Ma said, Alibaba’s principle is "love with the government, but do not marry the government."".

why did Alibaba develop to this size? Because we believe in the future. 10 years ago, I told people that I firmly believe that the Internet is the future. Even if we do not succeed, there will be other people succeed, so we must work hard. To this day, I still believe in the future.

in Chinese, Taobao, sh419 and Tencent, we have no chance? I think in South Korea the same situation, everyone will think, have this company, how can we survive? 10 years ago, my bill · Gates also have the same idea, because Microsoft, I have no chance because of the Go>;

these days, Ali fucking K, I think most people have experience, I stop every more than 2000 IP, a lot of places ah in advertising, but there are a few very hot day, click, point out 2~4 yuan, every thought, a few days ago suddenly changed ah, in the propaganda, into account, a look????. The abnormal data…!!!! After a complaint, is ah service you push me, I push you, push the mailbox, the mailbox that background complaints… No resistance. Finally picked up the phone a dozen long was resolved. Received a letter:

"it is our duty to contribute to this country, whether you believe it or not, or whether you like it or not. On the road to China’s development, the Chinese government does play the most important role.". "If the government does the right thing, it’s good for China, China is good, we will be good, that’s a simple truth," I said. "I’m very confident about this new government. They’re great.". "It is very difficult for anyone to do this government and to manage a country, so what we have to do is not to complain, but to help," Ma said. finished

the following is Ma speech excerpt:

Website design analysis according to the user’s inherent habits to design

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The development of

‘s inherent operating habits comes from every aspect, the most notable of which is the training of users from the most conventional controls. In the design process, if you take a look at the usage of these regular controls, usability can be helpful. Think of a friend before the optimization of the selector when a case, you can share with you:

original version


This is the use of 1

users, click "select friends", found in the drop-down menu has expanded list of friends; 2, in the list of friends need to check (if there is a need to do the appropriate inverse operation); 3, the real experience, you will find the third step, suddenly at a loss the. I don’t know how it works.

if you think about it, you’ll find

1, the next operation (gift giving, sharing)…… ) has been blocked by the drop down layer;

2, you need to wrap up the layers, but how do you put them together?

3, if it is stopped, will my selection operation be saved?.

think, users need to charge their brains in this place, the fundamental reason is that in the design process of the two habits of the user controls (drop-down menu, dialog box) to do the integration, but the integration is not perfect, so that users can not complete the task with the inherent habits.

problem analysis

1, first of all,


before users click on "choose friends" and pick friends, the design of this place conveys the feeling that the user is working on a droplist (drop-down menu). However, the user’s drop-down menu is radio, and when you select one, the menu is automatically retracted.

2, and then


users are beginning to focus on the drop ups to select friends. Since the check drop-down menu does not stop, the user automatically applies this layer to the use of dialog box controls. The dialog box’s usage must be that the user needs to trigger the action to close the dialog box after the operation is complete. And our design does not provide such operations, so users will begin to generate confusion.

solving directions:

1, try to weaken the droplist type;

2, increasing the operation of removing floating layers in the horizon.

final solution,


Tips from Baidu search box to talk about user experience

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Baidu launched a search box shows that search has been prompted for some time, and did not pay much attention to the original, increase the user experience, of course, is a good thing;

today, SEO- Kobayashi, as usual, when opening Baidu search, found that next to more than a "set" option,

as shown in the red section:



can be selected by the user that their love search tips, can not help but sigh in Baidu more and more attention to the user experience, think also failed to seize the user place how can do about


below, I’d like to point out that when designing a web page, we should take care of the user experience:

1, navigation design, hierarchical

confusing navigation is the most affecting user operations, and can not make it easy to find what you think. Users come to a page, do not know how to return to the previous page, I do not know the current page is under which column, such a site may soon be closed by the user, will not come again.

2, page opening time is too long,

if the page is open for more than 30 seconds or even longer, I don’t think anyone would like to wait.

3, dead or invalid pages too much,

, this is the most common mistake, including 163, QQ, such as large sites exist.

4, too many FALSH and pictures

appropriate use of pictures and Flash, can increase visual effects. But excessive use of Flash and pictures will cause page file to open faster, and the most important point is: is not conducive to search engines crawl on the site. So, in building time to consider visual effects, but also pay attention to the optimization of the later,


5, useless information,

, especially resource information, is not updated or expired users are full of joy to find, the result is useless, it will certainly have a bad impact on your station.

6, the user useful content as far as possible on the home page


home page should make everything the user wants is obvious if the content is in a corner of the station. Of course, not to say that all the things on the website list out, and get a home page of ten, OK? I think everyone should know,


7, eye-catching station search

and it’s better to have a tip to tell users that it’s necessary to be on a special site