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One of the key points of Links the inside pages can not be ignored

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This is the

The importance of

Links self-evident, remember that someone said in the A5 forum, one of the important methods of Shanghai dragon Wang Tong point is the exchange of Links, Links can quickly increase the weight of the site, to ensure the transfer of weight, can let love Shanghai more favor, so here is said to yourself about Links A and easy to overlook the point, that is the inside pages of

in the group saw a classmate that Links, I never change the page, there is always some pages of some of the large Links for me, is not to change, sweat, see here, don’t remind a station easily within the page weight is very low, perhaps, weight a page is higher than your ZhengZhan weight, the most easy to fall in love with the sea search, which search without pages exist within the pages of existence is a symbol, then the weights of the inside pages is how to put up the chain?? then you go to look that some pages fell in love with the sea the ranking is good, have done the chain; want to say here is a correlation, one is the domain name weight, see here, these 2 points is not the essential factor of ranking? Yes, it certainly is, a web site, but also has a correlation Transfer effect, if a page is made of long tail keywords, so for this correlation will transfer effect, that is what is what, not ambiguous, and the weight is the domain name, there is no explanation; for example, the Alibaba section of the page, we inherited the weight of the main station on the one hand, set the correlation in this column, this is a very good performance; don’t think the weight of the inside pages is very low, remember in Shanghai dragon why, Cardiff said, after the Shanghai dragon forum "

Links benefits, so here, simply say some views about Links exchange process. Don’t want to find how to say Links should pay attention to what ah, snapshot ah, PR ah, where to find ah ah ah, QQ group, platform, etc. the common sense of writing, if you write the words, then certainly in order to make soy sauce. So here, speak a little exchange process in Links.

here, little difference between the first simple mention Links and ordinary links, we usually need to do is outside the chain of forums and blogs, but Links is different, the influence is not the same, then simply said, both my own a little bit of views, the most a simple blog posted on the Sina blog, or make a Links link to their website, the significance lies in the accumulation of time and frequency of the spider, a spider blog again the access time is the need for a long time, but is to update the domain independent website is not the same, the worst a week has been updated, so it may cause a spider on your site again access time, which is why the website snapshot update will be better, because of the website Say, let the love of spiders in Shanghai to visit often, anyway, in order to improve the flow.

Tong Yang you can master the five factors to know love Shanghai

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is also the related content, the more relevant content, more conducive to the rankings, because this is equivalent to the "love Shanghai know the chain", is equivalent to the question of "the chain", when people see, it is possible to see that in the relevant content, the results are naturally conducive to the rankings.

many people love Shanghai know, do a few times to give up, because often be deleted or answer questions, very frustrating, in fact, questions and answers are skills, such as question time and adoption time interval to frequently change IP, answer the account level to high, after a good deal of these love, Shanghai know this ranking has just begun.

second, keyword density

this point to a certain extent can improve the keyword density, and describe a number of issues, can give a person a kind of "that’s what I want to ask" feeling, then start the promotion effect is certainly easier.

first, to be ranked first, the answer cannot be deleted.

) This paper by Tong Yang


received a very large number of ranking influences. More, more conducive to ranking.


it is needless to say, from the perspective of Shanghai dragon, how important is it is not self-evident. But here I want to emphasize one point, increase keyword density must not be easily by keyword, such as to improve the word "slimming products", 000 can’t write "slimming products, slimming products, slimming products that good? What good?" and so on, such a look is the accumulation of keywords, it is easy to be deleted.

fourth, the description of the problem.

third, the number of


love Shanghai know there is a "praise" button, as shown in figure

(贵族宝贝 original, welcome to reprint.

as everyone knows love Shanghai for their products, has always been like, often give very high weight, so, love Shanghai know this platform is a a hotly contested spot, a period of love Shanghai know the promotion, the author has done well, the experience of sharing out here to readers.

fifth, "the number of relevant content".

when we have sex in Shanghai know, will see (for example, Shanghai dragon, as shown in figure


The webmaster should do long tail keywords

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1.title and long tail keywords in meta

the first paragraph of the article, for the first time, or bold and inclined to change color, first add hyperlinks, links to write this article, if want to do other web page optimization can also link to other pages, the anchor text link to improve the site keywords is very help and promotion. In the middle of each paragraph reasonable appear several times long tail keywords can, at the end of 1 key words, can be bold or tilt. Through the study of Shanghai library love show: anchor text links only when first appears with it, I found a lot of friends as long as the keyword plus links, personally think that is not reasonable, so as to avoid excessive

general long tail keywords search volume is small, often through the website home page to optimization, through the article page to do the most is Shanghai dragon Er practices, but does not rule out individual special circumstances, such as for Taobao customer sites, often a long tail keywords can bring thousands a month income. Novice by learning some skills in the Internet tend to optimize some misunderstanding, still think this is mainly the problem of mentality, the novice often Yangaoshoudi anxious, but no rankings and flow.

in other pages of websites are reasonable for their own long tail keywords just made by adding links. As long as your web site is included, the links on this page (link to your site other pages) is the reverse link, said these are mainly to the novice to listen to, some novice friends always think only in someone else’s website is the reverse link is wrong, the use of reasonable website inside yourself link more than net >

a "title and meta in the core keywords less, do not cause personal web page keywords between competing with each other, so the title in your keywords, suggestions: 1 times; descriptin keyword occurrences: 3-4; keyword tag: 1 times. Don’t chew, do not stack keywords! Remember

novice!Optimization of

2. to the long tail keywords in the articleReasonable 1-2 times long tail keywords

Optimization of optimization!

3. station link appears long tail keywords

long tail keywords: as the name suggests, is the main site in the long tail keywords keywords front or rear plus modified new keywords new words. Long tail keywords is relative, not absolute. Now there have been many long tail keywords query, the query is also very convenient, the main keywords and long tail keywords analysis is the most important tool to determine the long tail keywords after how to optimize the long tail keywords. Listen to the following cloud to give you a simple analysis of how to do long tail keywords, master drifting, the novice can learn to communicate with you. Bless the A5 staff and the majority of owners in the new year in good health, family happiness!

The small and medium-sized enterprise website do pay promotion or promotion of good Shanghai Dragon

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2, for personal Adsense promotion optimization

2, classified information

outsourcing website

a lot of small and medium enterprises choose to love Shanghai to promote this mode of payment is because of the love of Shanghai promotion is a pay for performance of the network popularization, it is very easy to operate, can also use a small amount of short-term capital investment income and access to a large number of potential customers, the effect is very good. Love Shanghai promotion is to let business owners who own pricing, the higher the price of who is in the front, as can be imagined, we will have to first place for cheap love finally head broken and bleeding, Shanghai.

this is a better way to promote their own website, and now many companies are willing to find some relatively strong capacity, personal prestige >

two, Shanghai dragon

Now a lot of

and small and medium-sized enterprises will choose Shanghai dragon to do promotion, this promotion I believe we know: the cheapest way of promotion. If the enterprise can do that is free of Shanghai dragon promotion.

enterprise development has been more and more cannot do without the network, and the network to bring a small business interests can be said to be great, some companies even completely rely on the network to support a group of people, so enterprises in the network must be ready for war, beautiful play, let oneself at sea surf. If you want to do which a network promotion is a must, promotion is divided into pay promotion and promotion of Shanghai dragon, today I want to share with you is the two aspects of knowledge.


a lot of liberal business owners will take the way of outsourcing website, the website will give a network company to do the promotion, but here it will encounter a problem, a lot of the time we business owners for the industry price will not know, most of the time will be fooled, and many are some outsourcing station by sending software network company to do it, the effect rises significantly, down too fast, there is great risk, of course, to find a good network of companies is good.

believes that some enterprise site, the first time out of the love of Shanghai promotion is used in this way, love is to promote Shanghai burn every day, and the classification of information is mostly only need to spend a year membership fee within a year is free, this seemingly affordable way is not so affordable, because you can’t guarantee on the home front, even can not guarantee in the home, this is not what effect. And every day the need to adhere to, the workload is very large.

1, Shanghai

promotion of love

in fact it is not difficult to find a problem, the beginning of many small and medium enterprises to enter the network in the selection are paid promotion, but are high cost, this problem is worth us thinking. Below I will together with the analysis of 2 kinds of pay promotion ways of small and medium enterprises and people.

, a pay promotion

Talk about love Shanghai for text attitude

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first to determine whether text chain is useful, the webmaster have installed love Shanghai webmaster tools to see, some websites can only send text outside the chain, you can go to the website to send a dozen, until you go to the site included after the back of the chain source, obviously love Shanghai give you pure text of the chain source domain name, you do pure text outside the chain is useful. So the webmaster is not pure text of the chain will bring neither weight to vote, and will also bring flow. So most of them give up.

look at an experiment I did, and I wrote an article in the soft, natural and reasonable to join a new day blog address, this is a pure text blog address, then the article was reproduced, many sites included second days, I went to check the blog, when the day included the home page. I give a screenshot, you can go to the analysis. This is enough to prove that pure text outside the chain is useful. Figure:

fell in love with the sea week released the judgment method of the chain, so that we have a new understanding of foreign chain, first is clear is that the links to nature, nature is the user recommended, this link will be meaningful, so we now how to send the chain? Chain signature seems not what. And what kind of chain can go to good use? The official did not specify the text whether the chain weight, whether there is a vote in nature, we do not know, or have to experiment, to explore their own. Love Shanghai ranking factors are based on thousands of algorithms together to give ranking. Now I will tell you how to know the text is useful? Now I talk about pure text outside the chain.

so pure text chain is useful, the key to see how to make good use of the webmaster, love Shanghai Shanghai dragon more humane, we are trying to do is to take the ranking, flow, let us do useful outside of the chain, do original content value. This love Shanghai "

finally, we will address the chain to text what is love Shanghai recognized useful analysis, love Shanghai is how to climb this text link? Actually I do the experiment to prove that the pure text outside the chain is useful, the new registered blog can immediately included, some people think that is the reason why the blog itself the weight of the high, you can register the two at the same time, a blog with another blog under the original pure text outside the chain, to see which included more quickly, it will be clear at a glance. In fact, love Shanghai will climb from the pure text address, but it is not all plain text will climb, if in the original article, you naturally referred to the pure text address, Shanghai spiders to love your smart text into a hyperlink, and then climb from the collection, the because you are the original articles in the sea by sea fishing to love, is to love a piece of meat in Shanghai, material and with meat, is certainly delicious let love love of Shanghai. If you are a copy or false original, the love of Shanghai included in your text outside the chain will be very small.

Website optimization is not hard is the true nature of Secrets

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although there are many websites, the Internet seems to be a day filled with endless content, but the real original quality content is not much. We see more is copied, is that many large web portals and so. So the real content of the original, more vulnerable to the search engine on favor, high-quality forwarding not less but not more than half. Second show the true nature, around the theme of the site with rich content, as long as the theme of the site content is the real quality. So, even if the copy, the content must be related with the theme of the site. The last note, in the content properly implanted is conducive to the website optimization keywords, but.

How do the true nature of

, a rich content

often see some sites, but also some very conventional corporate website, for one day you can update dozens of articles pure optimization. It is hard to imagine that these articles come from, is a professional writer, an article in the quality of the article to 1-2 hours. Even worse, a day to update more than a dozen or even dozens of articles in peacetime, but encountered holidays but two or three days an essay is not updated. Three days fishing nets two days of drying, regular updates, will naturally lead to question search engine. The manufacturing batch so people, certainly can not win the trust of search engine. Generally speaking, conventional propaganda display type website, a day update two or three articles to the original content, just regular timing quantitative update.

do not know how many people are confused, since the "content is king, link the emperor", why some website day dozens of Posts link has reached tens of thousands, ranking is not always ideal? Website optimization is definitely not just a copy of several articles, just send the link can be so simple, ideal ranking. On the one hand, the search engine algorithm constantly improve, and continuously improve the user experience, let the content value of quality website ranking as much as possible; on the other hand, the competitive environment has changed, with the continuous improvement of the quality of the whole website, search engines are increasingly high demands on the quality of the site. The content, if the content quality is not high, there is a link, if the link is cheating, is in any case can not win website optimization.

but the content is ultimately the soul of the website is, whether starting from the user or search engine which point of view, rich content can not be less. The same link building, Google is not clear to combat paid links? It is enough to show that in the website optimization process, the link is very important, so click paid links, because it has seriously interfered with the search engine to judge the quality of website. Therefore, the author emphasizes that both the content and the link is still an indispensable site construction production and site optimization. We now answer the question at the beginning, the real reason content link ranking still suck is the lack of the true nature of the language, with professional interpretation of the search engine is using "and that the amplification of the search engine algorithm vulnerability".

5 minutes to teach you how to optimize the mechanical industry website

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skills is the first product to distinguish between primary and secondary, the main products are placed in the most prominent position and introduces the category, subdivision of the main products, the same type of subdivision. The classification should not be too much, not more than 7.

product is the difficulty of site optimization, the reason is based on the analysis of Dongguan’s user search habits, the customer through the search keywords of a product into your website, but see is your website 3.07ghz, looking for a long time can not find want the product, to direct user experience is dazzling and this is not consistent with the website optimization. But as a machinery industry enterprise website and inevitably there are many types of products. How to operate

, customers to search the product you, the first concern is the price, if the content of your website is mostly the introduction of products, not to mention the price of the product, the user can then imagine how to do? The customer will turn off your website, continue to search for other sites, until he wants about the price is very simple and tell him the details of the site.

1. content


then came the question? How should we solve the above problems, quickly make your website is in line with the optimization of

4. is not related to the content.

machinery industry is one of the most important industries in Dongguan, many township has a large industrial area, and produce many large and small machinery industry company. So, how to optimize the machinery industry should do simple

website optimization, any of the above is enough to affect the normal website optimization ranking, this is also a lot of machinery industry company website, in line on the site has been difficult to have one of the reasons for good rankings, even has not been included. Traffic is low, not customer consultation.

2. product segments

to the core keywords, according to user needs, the user demand content released. The general customers in Dongguan is concerned about the products, price, usage, comparison, parameter, method is for the demand of more of the layout of site content.


1. web content clutter.

?The steps are as follows:

based optimization of

3. sites with low quality.

According to the principle of

The accuracy of

so the website content wants to meet the optimization, so understanding the needs of users is the premise.

For example, the price of

first, we must first understand the status quo of Dongguan machinery industry enterprise website optimization difficulty what? According to the series for many years engaged in website optimization experience, can be roughly divided into the following problems:


2. too many product categories.

3.Many websites can optimize >

Google paid links against website weight decide on what path to follow

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exchange Links. At the beginning of establishment of the site may because of the weight of your site, collection and PR are very low, so the exchange of high quality Links is very difficult, so we can start looking for some time, and your site is a site to exchange, do not think that this is not good, both sides will eventually have a qualitative change the key is to adhere to. When your website has improved, then find a higher site exchange Links, this gradual increase the weight of the website.


not paid links, how to increase the weight of the website in this environment? I am according to the personal experience summed up the following, we hope to be able to help


domestic paid links business reasons I think like a raging fire, do not say it! The chain especially one-way Gao Quanzhong weights on the website of the increase is very rapid and obvious, so the domestic various rain webmaster related sites are hanging on the sale of small ads, with a superb collection of beautiful things, but it is also the so-called reach, this method is fast and good effect of disrupted Google for the website evaluation thinking. As we all know, the chain is an important index for evaluation of the Google website, so Google announced a thorough investigation of the paid links, no doubt to the domestic market with a head-on blow like a raging fire.


first: soft Wen promotion. In fact, we each write soft focus, some is to increase the amount forwarded from your own web site, will be sent to increase the weight of the website, as well as to reflect their own related products and services in the article, visitors can go to search or direct purchase purpose. Of course we use here is the former. Write text can also make some like-minded friends in addition to the above benefits, so do not write in the soft somewhat conservative, familiar words, really can change really. Where to publish articles I would not say it, A5 ah, we all know that A5 is the best views and forwarded the article published place.

again: Forum promotion. In fact, in the forum to promote the increase of the chain there are many ways you can post, can reply, you can use the signature. But we should pay attention to, then your posts are included only love Shanghai potential is a chain, so even a post in the forum should also pay attention to the original, because the original things more easily included love Shanghai. So I suggest you reply in the forum original post, which included increased the possibility, and not because of the embarrassment of the original post every day. The signature is not to say, you can check it, very simple

finally: don’t give up every opportunity can increase the chain. In fact, the network propaganda mud site is a lot of places to the classified information website, blog, Links station etc..


How should novices learn website analysis II

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, the Dragon Boat Festival is probably the most annoying thing I’ve ever had. Today afternoon flight to Sydney, but because of his careless, can not take place before a moment that the visa, hurry! Return flight and hotel, also missed a very important meeting in a complete mess……


then share our time with the flight to our new friends, because many friends send me letters and ask me all kinds of questions, such as what books to read and what to do. I hope I can help you through this sequel to quickly open the door of the site.


is in the last year, wrote an article "[] letters from readers how novice learning website analysis?" ([] from readers how novice learning website analysis, talked about /?) based web site analysis need, friends are very concerned, but the discussion for the method is not much, I this will make up a sequel, talking about learning website analysis.


read books first or practice first?

we have been studying in school for a long time, but we should know that domestic education is very unsuccessful. For example, if you learn English for more than ten years still can not speak freely with foreigners is not your fault, is our country education is wrong, and the more you are a good student. You are too observant of conventional standards., can not learn English well — not to mention some English is wrong, but also by the church and Emperor wrote in the book China! A large out of the whole education. I want to ask the national postgraduate exam, some of my friends said that if you want to find a soul good wife in the study, or read, or don’t waste a few years of youth.


talks a lot of nonsense, return to the website analysis of study. To be frank, I didn’t finish reading any of the books that were analyzed by the website. I first studied the website for a year and didn’t read any books.

is the book really useful?


if you read from beginning to end, the definite answer is that you are wasting time, or at least inefficiently. Website analysis is practical science, which means that it’s the same as swimming. Are you really going to read three books about swimming and jump into the pool?

so I think the book is useful, but you should make good use of it. If you don’t plan to read any book at the beginning, don’t worry, you can learn the website analysis well, and it’s not worse than those who have read the n book.

How does

do it? The method is simple, direct practice.

first, you have to have a website, and this site can add monitoring code for Google Analytics. If this site has some traffic, it’s even better

User role, innovative booking, airline website, requirement analysis

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will do some research on network booking, in fact, from a recent written test questions, the following analysis is the lack of a large number of user research, the right to enhance personal ability to do some exercises.

the booking site overwhelming, in addition to the airline booking portal booking site, a variety of small professional but involves too many to count, the process of financial transactions, users tend to high visibility and high reliability of the website, like tmall fame, booking system, "where" and "Ctrip" champion, while QQ had rushed to follow drool with envy.

then, what are the user groups for booking websites? The white-collar workers who travel frequently, the middle and high production groups who like to travel, the Secretary groups of the enterprises, the heads of tourist groups and so on. Here we select white-collar workers who travel frequently to create a user role to output user requirements and function lists.

, user roles (Ada),

if you’re going to list the types of users for a site, you need to do a lot of user research. However, after a brief analysis, we can find that Ada is actually a typical example of mainstream users, after refining the Ada can be found.


can see that Ada uses QQ travel to book tickets, which are divided into two main categories: tolerances and private trips, which demand different.



1. screening condition is clear. (such as clear location, clear round-trip time, comfortable price within reimbursement, etc.)

2. efficient completion of tasks. (due to frequent booking, avoid unnecessary information, accurate search, direct target),

3., however, pays more attention to price. (within the scope of reimbursement)

4. to change the information back. (tolerance formation often change, change the rules back loose requirements)

5. requires a travel schedule for reimbursement. (obvious itinerary options)

6. requires real-time feedback and reminders. (work is busy and easy to forget)

private line:

1. tends to choose the lowest price. (clearly marked the lowest possible price; even traveling at a low price);

2. information must be safe and reliable. (to prevent loss of property)

3. time can be changed by price. (providing low price information on the target time, period of time);

two, user requirements analysis (tools: MindManager)