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Around Taobao, you can do a monthly salary of over ten thousand thingsGrandma said to create CPC imm

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with the rapid development of e-commerce represented by Taobao in recent years, more and more people have made money through the Taobao platform. There are a group of people who don’t sell things, but they can earn over a million dollars; they don’t sell products, they sell only services; they’re Taobao photographers, scouring girls, shop decorators.

it is understood that Taobao paid photographer generally divided into two categories: one category is according to payment, the other is paid in accordance with the day. According to the first approach, Taobao needs to shoot photographer around 10 pictures for each item, different products will be taken in accordance with the degree of difficulty is slightly different, daily necessities, kitchen supplies and commodities generally 15 yuan / piece of clothing, usually priced at 40~60 yuan. Second days according to the payment style, average in 200~500 yuan / days.

, a senior hemp bean

although Taobao’s photographer has earned a lot of money, he faces some challenges due to the immaturity of the industry. According to a two-year Taobao photographer, said: "the average monthly can receive 4~5 single business, mainly in shooting clothing. In addition, the weak season is very obvious in this industry, income is not stable, when the season may earn 3~5 million a month, on average, about 10 thousand per month, the problem is not."

announcement on 19 day earnings decline!           yesterday, there are many students reflect Saturday’s decline in revenue in the forum, after learning of the news, to start the verification work overtime are quickly, after a day of hard work, finally find out the reason, because the fault settlement server, resulting in 19 hits a day data there is no complete settlement to the owners, there is no complete deduction of advertising spending, we are currently working on emergency treatment, will be the first time for the owners make up income, at the same time, advertisers spending the day no longer buckle up, this part of expenses shall be borne entirely by the mom!
          with the integrity of the webmaster to grow up, Ali mother has been adhering to the principle, the mother will continue to work hard to make everyone’s every effort to pay off. Grow together and share the fruits of development!

activities details:

rapid development of the electricity supplier industry, to the electricity supplier industry sub ecological chain brings new opportunities. Known as the "Amoy girl" online model, because of increased demand, has become a beneficiary of the development of the entire electricity supplier industry".

3. CPC launch plan must be for full category launch. That is, do not choose any category, you can choose the region. Click the unit price shall not be higher than 0.5 yuan.

photographer is not a new career, but with Taobao two words, it has become a very hot career in recent years – Taobao photographers. According to a photographer who relies on Taobao’s online store, he made 60 thousand yuan a month just before the double 11 eve.

in order to thank the webmaster for Ali mother’s long-term support,

if they directly create the CPC program

4. time this week from 5 July 18th to calculate, for a period of 7 days, 4 week July 24th 0 PM, as for an accounting period, the newly created during this plan CPC consumption will receive 50% of the cash back. the sooner you create a plan, the more you send it.

right now!

"If you want to step into this," says

punch out new activities: new CPC plan, return 50% now, 50 full 100, and so on

, he also said: "Taobao photographers this profession has not yet received most of the online shop’s identity, which is also one of the reasons for income instability.". For many small and medium-sized shopkeepers, finding professional photographers is an additional expense."

girl platform disclosure data show that in October this year, the Amoy girl orders up to 200 thousand capacity is far beyond September, pen, increased by 40% compared to September, even businesses began early in July to the Amoy girl film. It is understood that the "Amoy girl" platform registered about 35 thousand hemp beans, the first half of this year’s output value has more than 1 billion 100 million yuan, the per capita output value of about 31700 yuan. It is said that the highest daily income of 50 thousand yuan, equivalent to the first tier cities ordinary white-collar income for six months.

members who meet the above requirements need not sign up. They will be able to participate in activities

5. activities are tentatively scheduled for 1 weeks, and activities are subject to daily forums.


1., Taobao photographer

6. will be eligible for cancellation if it finds cheating.

According to the "

2. has never created a webmaster for a CPC plan who has created a CPC plan but has no actual consumption and can participate in it.

no matter how much it is consumed will be returned

in the online store shopkeeper earned money when making online shopping, who made money from the shopkeeper’s pocket?

webmaster friends:

2. Amoy girl

1. event is aimed at a member of a registered Ali mom who has successfully released an advertising station which has been advertised for more than 30 days.

Changde Talent Network talent network, domain name selection can not follow the crowd

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before I published an article on "from the brand, convenient, friendly full consideration" from the talent network domain name choice about the choice of personnel website domain name, said the three elements: short and easy to remember domain name selection, search engine friendly. This paper analyzes what kind of a domain name is the good domain name, which is suitable for users, but also for the search engine, but with the stand growth time, and continue to communicate with the elite, I was in my former idea gradually had suspected, and in part under the guidance of the successful webmaster, again to determine an extremely important factor for talent network domain name choice: do not follow the crowd, have originality.

in the previous article I mentioned, a local talent network, appropriate domain name than using code +job, so that customers easy to remember, and search engines can easily understand the meaning of the domain name, and the optimization of SEO bring very big help through the key word domain name. But in the ensuing process, I found that this entered a misunderstanding, then there is no competition.

in local talent network operation, we can see the same keywords you choice: XX talent network, XX network of excellence, XX is the name of this website title, will only make yourself very hot competition, and the sites are basically rely on search engines to live, customers are through the search habits of keywords, find the site.

a lot of people will say, this is a good thing: search volume, ranking, traffic. As everyone knows, this is in the most primitive state of competition: there is no own brand, no unique trademark.

How to create

does not follow the crowd their uniqueness? We can analyze a number of outstanding domestic large local talent site, such as Qilu excellence, excellence, digital Zhuobo talent, talent, talent eight party peninsula…… And so on, they are all in be too numerous to enumerate, regional talent market, but they have adopted the XX talent network mentioned what? No, but their domain name? Is it follow the code +job? No, a brand through their own creation, and through a variety of publicity will be the popular brand and achieve the maximum effect.

when one day, our talent network in the region, such as Shandong, for example, many people in the Shandong area of search job recruitment information, no longer search Shandong talent network, but the habit of input Qilu network of excellence, so he became the only vested interests, and look at the "Shandong Talent Network" this word, how many website can let a person remember


one day, customers remember your site logo, then you will achieve the greatest success, we should give full play to their imagination, name brand originality, but it also needs to master a perfect generalization ability and financial support, but I believe more and more owners have been aware of this point the local domain name, Larry similar Zhuobo is also gradually increased.


Hubei will continue to implement the Implementing the disabled employment

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disabled in this world is a very special existence, at the same time, for many disabled people, they are often want to self-reliance, now the whole society to encourage and help some people a better life, but also to provide them with a lot of opportunities.

in addition, the venture Star Award in recognition of the disabled, increase the intensity of employment for the disabled. The employment of persons with disabilities to highlight the collective and enterprises, will be in accordance with the policy of VAT or business tax, corporate income tax, tax relief for the employment of disabled persons. The implementation of individual business operators, the implementation of tax relief, tax incentives and other related policies.

In fact, now the entire


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Beautiful career for women

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women love beauty, the pursuit of the cause of beauty is a woman’s life career, how to make women in the pursuit of their own side of the beautiful career at the same time can harvest their careers? With more and more women with their own unique and meticulous excavation of their own success, the first pot of gold, the entrepreneurial era has ushered in a sign of the distinctive "her" style of the trend. The following Xiaobian for you to bring the beautiful woman to do.

It is the first

the theme of female consumption, many female entrepreneurs are around their own beauty characteristics, looking for projects.

women look ", mainly to help customers, and other Manicure collocation makeup, even to the wardrobe management, is a kind of new service project." This blue Q color show makeup head Li Fengling introduction.

"and beauty salon, we only do makeup service, specifically divided daily makeup, makeup, bride banquet makeup, about half an hour, a delicate beauty can all attend the event." Li Fengling said.

trained stylist can be recommended according to different customer, clothing, makeup and harmonious collocation, can also according to customer specified locations to help other appointments. We found that the future market space should be larger." According to Li Fengling introduction, the future trend of female consumption, will serve as the main product.

Dianzhi choice: mainly in high-grade community or commercial, regional cbd. Standard store business area 150 to 200 square meters.

investment reminder: image design and operation requires a certain professional knowledge, the accumulation of relevant experience or suggestions for training, to lay a good foundation skills.


The Spring Festival travel destination Hainan tourists 5 million 157 thousand and 600

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Spring Festival is not only a day of reunion, but also a good holiday for everyone to travel, then the Spring Festival travel is more popular? Hainan attracts a large number of tourists! Reporters learned from the Hainan Provincial Tourism Commission, during the Spring Festival Golden Week, Hainan tourists 5 million 157 thousand and 600 passengers, an increase of 11.9%. Which received overnight tourists 2 million 93 thousand and 800 passengers, an increase of 14.7%, received a day tour tourists, an increase of 10.1%. The province’s total tourism revenue 12 billion 442 million yuan, an increase of 18.1%.

holiday Sanya Yalong Bay, Haitang Bay, Sanya Bay, east of the bay area " bloom", Turist Hotel average room rate of more than 70%, especially the Yalong Bay average room rate was 80.94%, the average room rate of 78.18% Haitang bay. The province’s 933292 people, an increase of 17.9%, out of port, an increase of 7.2%, an increase of 826663. The province’s 89379 vehicles into the port, an increase of 27.8%, outbound vehicles, an increase of 16.05%.

Haikou duty-free shopping the total number of 27329 passengers, an increase of 7.96%; to achieve sales of 53 million 407 thousand and 500 yuan, an increase of 4.1%; the Sanya duty-free shop in the total number of 239037 passengers, an increase of 26.87%, achieved sales of 279 million 770 thousand yuan, an increase of 6.66%; the total number of Wanning’s first Oteri J into the store of 95378 passengers, an increase of 7.93%, sales of 64 million 910 thousand yuan. Down 1.98%.

during the Spring Festival holiday, holiday beach tourist area, the Boao forum for Asia permanent venue, Yalong Bay international Rose Valley, yanoda rainforest cultural tourism area, boundary Island, areca Valley, Nanwanhoudao province’s 52 A-class tourist attractions crowded and hot scene. The Sanya Nanshan, the size of the cave, Wuzhizhou Island, Forest Park, Yalong Bay, the remotest corners of the globe, eternal love Island seven scenic spots received 1 million 10 thousand tourists trips, an increase of 10.29%. In order to cope with the situation of tourists, Sanya scenes will be staged in the event of the scene by the usual daily two adjustments to four daily.

The prosperity of

The Marine Hotel and resort community, special B & B, Travel Inn and other multi hotel industry, provide a variety of options for tourists "live". The Yalong Bay in Sanya, Haitang Bay, Sanya Bay, Lingshui Clear Water Bay, Wanning Shenzhou Peninsula, Shi Mei Bay, Qionghai Bay, Boao, the west coast of Haikou, Chengmai Changjiang Qiziwan, Yinbing The Peninsula Hotel sales. According to statistics, during the holiday, Yalong Bay, Haitang Bay, Sanya Bay, east of the bay area " bloom", Turist Hotel average room rate of more than 70%, especially the Yalong Bay average room rate was 80.94%, the average room rate of 78.1 Haitang Bay recommended

Ivan Seth sugar cake how – net

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cake to join the project selected Evanescence Fondant Cake? Ivan Seth sugar cake what are the advantages? Ivan Seth (EvAnEsCeNce) is currently the domestic monopoly of high-end art cake chain, founded in May 2008, headquartered in Taiwan, Kaohsiung, China operations center is located in Fujian, Xiamen. By the founder of the Chinese high flying (RichardStevenson) effort investment, will be popular in Europe and the United States into the art cake. "Ivan Seth" has brought a strong shock to the slow development of cake domain Chinese, is committed to providing a strong plasticity of art series cake for consumers: birthday cake, wedding cake, cake, cake, gift welfare party celebration cake, cake, sugar cake, cake and other art cake products.

my sugar cake? Look at the following strengths analysis.

my sugar cake join advantage

headquarters support: Ivan Seth art cake chain brand under the Taiwan Ivan Seth Catering Management Co. Ltd., is a professional engaged in catering brand management, brand management, brand planning, brand promotion to join in one of the restaurant management company, serving for franchisee, service to the society, serve the Chinese catering business.

management support: for franchisees to provide store management system, management system, personnel configuration table, and continue to bring new business ideas franchisee. Solve the franchisee in the actual operation of the various problems. And regularly do business information feedback, sum up experience, develop programs, the implementation of the program.

brand: the company has provided support for the right to use the registered trademark brand franchisee, tradition, brand culture, brand promotion, product promotion, guidance planning activities, and a series of services, to provide interior design drawings, VI guide system for new franchisees. And assist franchisees to implement and apply the VI system.

training support: to provide pre job preparation for franchisees. After signing the contract with the franchisee, my company will send experienced trainers stationed in the local franchisee, assist franchisees do prior to the opening of personnel recruitment and training skills (including: Service essentials, service process, operation management, production, procurement of raw materials, raw materials processing and preservation the supervision and so on) to assist the franchisee to complete all the procedures before the opening, which stores opening free. After the return to normal business my company, and keep contact with the franchisee, do visit investigation.

technical support: a successful brand must have a strong backing of strength, this strength is the technical level, Ivan Seth catering brands were hired well-known chefs, and Taiwan’s West Point master, for technical guidance, and dedicated to Ivan Seth food.

Qinghai large set of goods on-site signing 350 million yuan

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October 4th, the 2013 Qinghai large scale activities organized by the Organizing Committee held a joint meeting and signing ceremony. The dealer field buyers, 18 enterprises in our province and Sichuan concentrated signed 3.5 million yuan purchase contract."Our

is a distribution of halal food and supplies trading company, Qinghai has a large number of halal food and supplies production enterprises, we hope that the two sides can reach a consensus through our sales platform, let Qinghai brand-name products landed in Sichuan market as soon as possible." The general manager of Sichuan dry Rong de Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd. Ma Zhijun said, "the Qinghai large set of goods of this platform, we found the Qinghai rapeseed oil, specialty drinks, honey, vermicelli and a number of high-quality products, today we and Qinghai two companies signed a purchase and sale contract, and the other two companies reached intention contract."

The docking of

very high gold content of the negotiation stage, Qinghai Gangcha grassland meat dish Co. Ltd., Qinghai Juneng vitality source beverage Co., Zhejiang Qinghai westerncarbon Co., Ltd. and other 18 companies with Sichuan distributors and buyers signed contracts worth 354 million 500 thousand yuan. Among them, the Qinghai Tibetan sheep carpet (Group) Co., Ltd. signed a contract worth 60 million yuan, is the largest contract amount of a company. (author:

  and CuO);

A lot of good little happiness

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happiness Xining Civil Affairs –

shares: happy life support line

[happiness connotation]

happiness from life we shoulder the responsibility, play different roles, a role is to try as well, that is the role of civil affairs workers, because of great responsibility, because happiness is hidden in them. Do poor households a warm quilt, make the elderly light smile, do military and civilian yushuiqingshen Xiangruyimo, do a marriage certificate on red gold hi words, a sow the seeds of happiness, let many happiness happiness together.

[happiness goal]

Municipal Committee of the thirteen plenary session of the twelve, fifteen National People’s Congress Eight meeting and mayor Zhang Xiaorong made the "government work report", depicts the "happy Xining" development blueprint for Xining civil affairs play a promoting effect of people’s livelihood, make up the short board, bottom line, maintaining stability, pointed out the direction of the struggle, put forward specific request.

city’s home work will focus on the provincial "131" General requirements and the municipal "12315" overall goal, organize a comprehensive implementation of the "12345 project", "a prominent development" and "construction" on the two "issued three policy" to "deepen the reform of the four" Five "promotion services", "happy Xining" in civil affairs, specific measures, to enhance people’s happiness index.

[happiness support]

a variety of convenient services around pension

effectively assume the responsibility of the province’s comprehensive reform of the pension services experimental services, pension services industry development in the forefront of the province. Accelerate the construction of old-age service system in the home-based, community-based organizations, to supplement, around the "9064" pension service pattern, enhance the government purchase service basic pension service standards, boost social organization participation degree, expand the pension services, expand service crowd, let 90% elder people enjoy home-based care services. Let 6% elder people enjoy community (Village) pension services, so that 4% of the elderly enjoy pension services.

Huimin project a year to catch up with the past five years

civil project construction. 2016 plans to implement key projects in 4 categories of 10 to 581, mainly involving 231 pension service facilities, 345 urban and rural community service facilities and child welfare relocation, city mental patient welfare, the construction of new city elderly activity center and municipal pool of relief supplies construction etc.;

Traffic Qinghai people say go and dream come true

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on the back of the bag, a walk to go on the trip that everyone has had a dream. Traffic improvement, the world becomes small". Last year, the province’s transportation industry development, there is always a wonderful let us in the time of the coordinates of the fine taste. This is a wonderful promise, with the extension of the four rural road, cash rich folks in this wonderful smile and laughter; is waiting for, with the implementation of the "quality project", waiting for every "go" travel; this is wonderful to promote, driven by technological innovation, rooted in the hearts of the people the development of the concept of green highway ecological environmental protection…… Wonderful constantly, the province’s transportation service level has been significantly improved. Today, the road more and more people under the foot of the road, the road environment is more and more optimized, said the dream to go finally come true.

2017, positive development, transport infrastructure, improve the level of service and the golden period of transformation and development, the first light in the golden age, traffic people in our province have been standing at a new starting point, to be together!

2016, the year to complete the transportation fixed asset investment 38 billion 836 million yuan, an increase of 14.44%, the total investment plan for the year of 102.2%. The province’s total highway mileage of 78579 km, an increase of more than last year, 2986 km. Among them, the highway and a highway mileage of 3500 km (high speed of 2878 km, a road of 622 km), the level of highway mileage of up to 7099 km, highway mileage of up to three and up to 67980 km.

key words: Highway

teeth with high-speed, high-speed, high-speed, Dechamps fragrant tea, Sichuan high speed high speed lattice…… In 2016, described the highway construction in our province the most fiery year, 2015 to complete the "three basic, two breakthrough, to ensure a" goal, our province’s traffic, water bridge builders cut paths through mountains to the road for home, and a road to more people’s hometown, with a number of our Province the highway was opened to traffic, the "fast times" to shorten the time and distance, these highways also dredge the arteries to the local economic and social development, highway repair to where, where it will activate the economy, extending to where, where economic growth pull…… The vitality of the high speed engine is also increasingly excited. In addition to speeding up the construction of the highway, in 2016 the United States, such as the construction of a small number of highways, but also improve the people’s travel environment, making travel quality is getting higher and higher.

Key words:


smooth Xining, not only the government’s commitment to the people, but also the responsibility of traffic builders. Xining as the capital of our province plays an important role to the traffic center and throat, but is influenced by the geographical distribution of four mountains rivers, leading to something to travel a long distance, demand intensity, to greatly ease the Xining City East-West main road traffic flow, Xining City, Qilian Road, the north and South wings mutual Road, road and Kunlun road traffic volume, the city clearly accelerate the construction of Xining "outer ring;

City agriculture and animal husbandry and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau to carry out th

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Small and micro enterprises is the cornerstone of economic and social development, and economic growth, promote employment, social stability is closely related to the development of the real economy has an important role

small and micro enterprises is the cornerstone of economic and social development, and economic growth, promote employment, social stability is closely related to the development of the real economy has an important role. General Office of Xining municipal Party committee, municipal people’s government office "on the" help businesses, steady growth, structural adjustment "implementation plan" notice issued after the Xining agricultural development and poverty alleviation Bureau attaches great importance to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment as an important livelihood work to grasp. Promptly held a special deployment, put forward specific requirements, determine the agricultural and animal husbandry focus on helping enterprises 128, and sent 7 cadres to participate in the municipal intermediate title above, the working group, to further enterprises in four districts and three counties to carry out the investigation work of helping. Currently, the cadres to listen carefully to the views of the enterprise, in accordance with the policy to send, send ideas, send methods, send service requirements, to help small and micro enterprise ideas, find problems and seek development. During the main publicity of the provincial government on the sixty policy measures, policies and measures to support the steady growth of the Small and micro businesses development; carry out business loans to bank loans for the project, the recommended project 22, the total loan demand 1 billion 400 million yuan; to guide and support the Small and micro businesses in various types of investment and trade fair and products exhibition will expand the visibility of the product characteristics, expand product sales channels; provide project information service, guide Small and micro businesses to actively apply for eligible projects, funds for the project support.

City Bureau of agriculture and animal husbandry and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau to take the lead in the city of agriculture and animal husbandry special working group on the work of the agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises to carry out the supervision of the situation, the initial combing the problems and difficulties of enterprises. First, the prevalence of raw materials, rising labor costs, resulting in corporate profit margins squeezed, operating risks. Two is the enterprise financing difficulties, financing costs, especially the shortage of liquidity. At the same time, the bank loan threshold is too high, interest rates rise to increase the financial cost of the loan, the loan approval time is too small to become the main problem of small and micro enterprise loans. Three is the lack of talent, recruitment difficulties, it is difficult to attract talented people, the lack of excellent management personnel.

recommendations: first, increase loan emergency, do everything possible to broaden the financing channels for small and micro enterprises. Two is to reduce the burden on small and micro enterprises to provide financial support. Three is to encourage innovation to help small and micro enterprises upgrading.