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Shanghai kuangsong 450 local mobile phone portal into the burn Era

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Chinese Internet market after 10 years of development, the product pattern has undergone many innovation. From the birth to the bubble period, then the Soviet period since the development of economy, the field of Internet innovation, a smash hit, also die halfway.

Alibaba by means of electronic commerce, the introduction of local community walk Taobao e-commerce concept, attracted local stationmaster of a lot of popularity, the emergence of Xiamen fish, long lane from the Discuz switch to phpwind camp. The Tencent to QQ Internet community concept counter. The forum attracted Yantai enabled QQ landing drainage function, and the recent Shanghai Shanghai community forum first let QQ Internet enabled, in Shanghai for the local community to occupy the important step out.

local community over the years by virtue of its interactivity, sharing, user experience strong viscosity, high fidelity and clear and lasting profit model, also for many years as a carrier, whether blog or micro-blog, are the building blocks for derivatives. In recent years, local portal is subject to wind the Blitz, especially the local community portal like Shanghai such a big city, with its broad market space, is to let the wind.

8-10 months of this year, Shanghai launched about 1000000 investment following the Shanghai subway ads, and in October to one million yuan from the United States to repurchase the www.shanghaitan贵族宝贝 domain name (its original name for www.6665贵族宝贝), after a lapse in January, Shanghai once again the millions of advertising on the subway at the same time, Shanghai to Dixon will launch a total value of more than one million large grab building activities in mid December there will be 450 mobile phone (mobile phone giant product contains almost all of the latest products, including mobile phone IPONE4s, Samsung tablet computer, NOKIA N9 and so on), more than 100 thousand of the value of mobile phone accessories, more than 300 thousand dollars worth of Yunnan tourism places, and high-grade, high-end Yunnan Pu’er Tea drink consisting of millions of gift free to send large rob building activities detonated in Shanghai market. Any user can log in Shanghai community participation grab floor, have the opportunity to get free awards. Such a large heavy Tuirang can not help to the local community how much potential? Shanghai formal operation has been just.

however, it is not difficult to find, the local community of the original BBS model has lasted for many years but still enduring. In recent years, Tencent and Alibaba is a local community area launched a fierce battle. In April 2010 08 years of reforming Alibaba acquired the company in Hangzhou Tian altar (phpwind), in August of the same year that came after the acquisition of Tencent (DISCUZ) giant Comsenz forum. Ma Yun attended the phpwind held the webmaster General Assembly speech at the same time, Ma Huateng also attended the discuz held 2010 webmaster General Assembly speech, grassroots station become a two horse battlefield, local portal has become the smoke.

The interpretation of a large female makeup portal offbeat long tail strategy

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How about

Evaluation of

of course, this combination should be based on the user’s search behavior, data base and existing search tools that can be used on the combination, so you can maximize that someone will search through this way. Of course, you can’t understand the search behavior of all the people, as long as the word is expected to have 1~5 personal search, is worth doing, it is also the key content of the long tail.

frequently concern themselves with statistical data of the webmaster should find that Internet users search words sometimes simply beyond your imagination, you don’t think users will search this word to your own web site, for example, once found in my own statistical data, some people search "what kind of XX product is good". A look at this is typical of the northern dialect with user search habits, you also notice that? So don’t say no content can be done.

when doing content strategy, should first locate all possible combinations of keywords, such as:


These methods do

content strategy in this site by the women’s shaping plus behind the operations team long-term website weight, most of the long tail content website ranked at home is inevitable. Of course, share key is not here, more important is the site in the long tail content on the page using the pop-up site navigation page user binding strategy.

The price of

some people think that pop must be cheating or some damage the user experience, in fact, if used properly, reasonable use, can play a good role in promotion website. The station is only in the long tail on the content page do pop treatment, and is according to the 24 hour IP play back, to maximize the control of the user’s psychology. >


according to the above concept, can continuously carry out this combination: brand + price, brand evaluation, brand + price + + + brand evaluation, brand price, how about… The ensemble is actually very much, and some products have a variety of brands, the price also has many kinds, but also can keep the user’s search behavior added in combination, such as good, good use? And so on, this calculation down, in fact, the long tail content of the base is very large.

in website optimization, accidentally saw a large female cosmetics site, found that many of his long tail content are basically on the home page of the search engine, but the rankings are in front, which found a more interesting place, here to share with you. Sometimes this is a website content, many owners do not always feel you can do, but it is not, from the female makeup site, can do really have a lot of content.

+ nobility baby officially pushed corporate pages in the search function promotion features

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Horowitz predicted that "+Pepsi will become an advertising template, similar phrase a lot of billboards in the future."


Direct Connect users will according to approved and established and inter brand show browsing information in the enterprise homepage, it also shows the established brand and user long-term social relationships. This is a bit like the old AOL keywords, and Follow Facebook’s "Like" and "Twitter".

Details of the

although very few people will put the search bar as a command line to use, but Google will promote the brand, enterprise homepage in the search approach is still very influential.


The use of

November 8th news according to foreign media reports, the noble baby + in today officially launched the famous brands and enterprises "service function. This function already has in Facebook and Twitter, so the large enterprises have been expected to launch similar noble baby + function. Google vice president Bradley · Horowitz (Bradley Horowitz) said, in the long-awaited, any "non real users, such as company, brand or organization can finally create an account in the noble baby + enterprise, therefore have to create a free brand + channel in the noble baby home.

and other social networks like function is different, the noble enterprise will baby + page in Google search by "special promotion". Users in the use of Google search, as long as the input of special search instructions "+", coupled with the company name, brand, brand operation can be done to pay more attention to the noble baby +.

+ Direct Connect

for example, the user can type in Google search in +Pepsi, to complete the automatic focus on Pepsi’s noble baby + homepage. The Google technology called Direct Connect, and that the technology has been approved, the principle is a very complex and highly confidential formula based on the.

differenceThe relationship between

brand pages essentially does not apply to the noble baby +, because the user is in the noble baby + through different "circles" to complete the classification of friends, and friends to share the selectivity of different classified information release. Therefore, in order to real.

noble baby

Direct Connect

search operators is not what fresh technology. Google has long supported a very complex and confusing search operators. But Horowitz said, in fact all of Google search, only less than one percent of a small part of the search using these operators.

The Shanghai dragon series (a) Sangumaolu

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at the end of the Han Dynasty, the Yellow turban thing, Cao Cao sit according to the court, great disorder under heaven, Sun Quan soldier Soochow, Han clan animal husbandry Yuzhou Liu Bei listen to Xu and Sima Hui said Zhu Geliang was very knowledgeable and talented, and Guan Yu and Zhang Fei with a gift to Longzhong (now Hubei Xiangfan Yangcheng southwest) Wollongang to ask Zhu Geliang out to help him. When Zhu Geliang went out, Liu Bei had to go home disappointed. Soon, Liu Bei and Guan Yu, Zhang Fei braved the snow to please second.


for the business owner or manager: twenty-first Century is the most expensive talent, enterprise or company internal training not neglect.

this point is very useful in the interview, as the saying goes: "no its people first heard the sound". Don’t let the interviewer know you before the interview, no ground for blame for the interview is good. Shanghai dragon friends know Shanghai dragon WHY forum, there is a Shanghai dragon pool, actually a lot of headhunters and recruiters back above others.

– love Shanghai Encyclopedia: three of thatched cottage

will not copy all of this story, I do not think a few do not know. Three Gu cottage is the best embodiment of Liu Bei’s desperate, Liu Bei is now equivalent to many business owners or managers of the people. Zhu Geliang is so naturally they desperately need talent. This idiom is used in our Shanghai dragon industry, I think is appropriate. At present, the lack of a large number of professional talents in Shanghai dragon Er, I said Shanghai dragon Er, not Shanghai Longfeng workers. The fundamental difference between the two: skill + quality. Every day the hair outside the chain, write some articles can be Shanghai Longfeng workers. Then three of thatched cottage story can give us what inspired? We can also become Zhu Geliang? Of course, like Zhu Geliang the great wisdom of the people are in the minority.

for Shanghai dragon friend: appropriate media is a good marketing strategy.

this point to large companies will no doubt, but many small companies due to limited funds and resources. Internal training is actually useless, it took Shanghai dragon, although seemingly simple. Don’t think about is the chain, but many Shanghai dragon basic knowledge nobody can explain, for example: URL standard, 404 page web site. But these can ask love Shanghai, I feel to ask Shanghai as explained by people deeply love. Furthermore, just contact Shanghai Longfeng shoes may not find this information, do not know how to use the Internet to learn something, after all, there are a lot of graduate students. For a long time many people will feel Shanghai dragon is very boring, very simple. Even that is the chain, update the website OK. What seems to have failed to learn, so they want to change jobs, to be honest, keep people is not easy. Do not compare a salary of two, and can’t learn anything. Liu Bei is thirsty, I want to now no owner or manager can achieve this point? I want to ask my opinion: as their own talent, talent cultivation.

Dining O2O is at the cusp set sail or drowningFrom sh419, tour show, Ang Lee to see entrepreneurs wi

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internal environment: from restaurants, benchmark merchants driven thinking change trend

‘s 2014 food and beverage industry report is an indisputable fact that the online catering industry is growing at an annual rate of more than 25%, contrary to the downturn in the traditional food and beverage industry. Takeaway platform to shuffle the stage, and really open up consumers and catering merchants, as well as third parties platform or catering software service providers O2O mode is also in full swing layout.

say the inside of the restaurant industry, too

this year, the Internet’s most important aspect of the matter is sh419’s change. Prior to the introduction of the key of Mr. Lu Qi in sh419, Mrs. Robin Li, Melissa, the media called "sh419 behind the woman stood to the front, served as special assistant chairman, responsible for the investment, human resources and market public relations work, Robin Li said," sh419 has a spirit called courage, and my wife Melissa Bo.

reportedly, "entrepreneur wife" has become a new venture in the circle of third forces, with investors, founder of the same pace.

Two years ago

was also in that afternoon, the city express reporter asked me to interview the company. Since June this year, the traditional newspaper took out an entire page, each report and the wisdom of life related economic trends.

to see a telecom operator yesterday, we can sit together, because of its wisdom catering suddenly very interested, said a little is interested in intellectual economy, finally fall into the wisdom of catering. For example, to provide WiFi environment, such as restaurants, although this is not a smart life, but also allows operators and smart economy hanging on the hook. "Wisdom economy" is another name for "O2O" at this level of government. Online registration official saying is wisdom medical, quick taxi is wisdom travel, mobile phone ordering is wisdom dining, these are included in the wisdom of the economy in this area. Creating a smart city can be an expectation and a goal for the state and local governments. Operators are concerned about smart restaurants, without the support of the national government.

Hangzhou is a smart restaurant advertised in the restaurant, three months down, after the media exposure of the countless times, now the daily traffic is two times more than before, also be the travel arrangements for a project of Hangzhou tourism experience, not the thirty moment required to join people. Not to say that the restaurant in the end wisdom is not wise, I would like to explain the external environment, the wisdom of the economy, the industry’s attention, undoubtedly it has a great role in promoting.



Ang Lee probably heard the story. Before he became famous, Ang Lee stayed at home for six years, and his wife went out to work to support the family. Ang Lee felt sorry, secretly learning computer, want to find a job for home. Wife found, resolutely opposed, and affectionate to Ang Lee said, "do not forget your dream."." This was followed by Ang Lee, the great director, not Ang Lee.

Abstract: wife entrepreneurs have to play what role? Net red Luo’s words: for entrepreneurs, you may decide to marry the wife finally made out of the $one billion, or one hundred billion. Sometimes they are angels, sometimes the hypnotist, sometimes comrades, sometimes massive roadblocks.

it’s almost a classic image of a wife in an entrepreneur’s mind. Recently, however, the wives’ participation has been somewhat different, and the silent support of this role has been an old image. In the new era, "sister-in-law" should be, when the husband’s career crisis, to pick up the beam, but also played a hooligan.

, /wugaga

the external environment tells us that O2O is at the cusp of the catering business, when it sails and is easy to drown.

I just want to borrow these two examples that happened within a day to show how much the external environment is concerned about O2O or the smart economy. About October, I will often receive interviews from all over the country, talking about the wisdom of the economy, the wisdom of food and drink this thing. This is also an external situation.

catering industry will face an opportunity to seize it and make good use of it, now is the best time, but it is also the most testing period. The test is not only catering enterprises, as well as catering enterprises to provide services of various O2O Internet platform, as well as to provide intelligent management of the restaurant information companies, and so on.

this force has actually been low-key lurking in the business circles, but not to cannot but when they choose the hidden power and name. There are usually two reasons for their popularity. One is that her husband’s net worth is packed into the charts, and that people always have the desire to spy on them and see who has saved the galaxy for the rest of his life. Two is squeezed into the list of husband derailed.

I have a classmate C husband also entrepreneurs, venture capital, trap eyes money day, out of the BAT, with a well-known VC million investment, so we started licking the face hold thigh: remember to ring the bell to pick up our C always SIP! Smiling, she is the kind of Lin type girls, the most exciting time is Minzui smile. Since then, however, we have seen the frequency of small C decline from once a month to once a year. Just know later, home mortgage, child care, the two mountains all the pressure in the small C, she is still in daily work to start a micro business subsidies home, left hand right hand holding baby package mail is commonplace. During this period, the husband’s project changed two times in three years, not to mention IPO, and even the new three board are within the foreseeable future, but little C no complaints support, she in our minds of the image immediately tall.

Analysis of the significance of love Shanghai

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in love Shanghai snapshot faster, the more new snapshot, love Shanghai more attention to its website, the number of spiders to his site is more frequent, this conclusion is nonsense, unable to prove that there is such a meaning of love Shanghai.



first, the first statement today to say: boy love Shanghai snapshot: the meaning of meaningless, love Shanghai snapshot update frequency, update speed snapshot meaningless. Who will say nonsense, this conclusion is what I get out, I certainly must produce evidence to prove my point:

happy net comprehensive strength from speaking, though not the renren贵族宝贝, however, the gap between the two should be relatively small, the key is, although the latest snapshot of happy net, but the relative and renren贵族宝贝, love Shanghai may pay more attention to the happy net? Love sea spiders to happy net the frequency is really better than renren贵族宝贝 frequently? I think the answer is no..

two and more absurd: love Shanghai snapshot affected the weight, the more new snapshot, snapshot update more frequently, to the site of the weight is also higher. This conclusion is more absurd.

love Shanghai snapshot, a familiar term. Many webmaster for the weary, even sleep, so love Shanghai snapshot, what is the meaning? On the Internet are also very concerned about the most Public opinions are divergent., snapshot time that updates faster, more new snapshot that love Shanghai more attention on its website, but there is a lot of argument also said that the snapshot update frequently, Shanghai can give love higher weight…… anyway, that is very important in many aspects, can affect the site, so many webmaster in exchange Links, when review site to put love Shanghai as a snapshot of a very important factor to consider.

it is easy to see from the chart, pages 88 network and network China machine is the latest snapshot of the snapshot, renren贵族宝贝 is last month, is this love Shanghai yellow pages more trust 88 network, 88 network spiders to yellow pages more frequently than to renren贵族宝贝 frequency? I want to be people are bright white, renren贵族宝贝 than yellow pages 88 nets strong, can’t love Shanghai more attention to pages 88 nets and machinery network. Someone will say, 88 pages with net renren贵族宝贝 not in a class, difference is very far, can not be compared, so good, see below:


love Shanghai snapshot of what kind of meaning? I am now 88 Yellow Kid webmaster assistant, follow the 88 steps of network pages, follow the webmaster learning is a long time, today I dare to publish small, personal insights on love Shanghai, agreed to a boy about thumb. Don’t agree with that boy, please.

, many webmaster said the snapshot update more quickly, it shows more importance to love Shanghai on its website, that his website spider to crawl the content of frequency is fast. Then look at the picture:

Ali Mama CPA3 million IP site received more than 5 thousand months is not a dreamFinland IT innovati

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video network, the world’s leading online TV and interactive value-added service providers. The latest movie animation series, all free to watch, updates faster! Faster! Audit mode: manual review Alexa quarterly average ranking 100W within the site on the media: movies, music, entertainment, recommend a large flow of literature website on the

culture: Finn who tells stories, Finn,

is no stranger to NOKIA and the angry birds game, thousands of miles away from Chinese consumers, but once enthusiasm has cooled.


above, someone will ask why there is still data for 1-6 days in August,

but, curiously, why does minimalism always come from Finland,

name, commission description, date of activity, applicable commodity description

"the Finns are shy and the winters are long and cold. People love to hide at home and make up stories.". So there was angry birds." "Supercell," CEO quipped.

1, Ali mom’s charge by effect CPA

depending on the promotion of download: 1.5 yuan /

please be more attention, more replies, more questions, I will answer your questions in a timely manner.

!Since the launch of CPA

appropriate advertising campaigns on their websites to promote and maximize profits.


Ali after I’ve always wanted to try, just start to apply UUSEE to refused, and later the first application, magic could pass, so the advertising code, the second day of landing back to see the data, found no data, then carefully read the rules, this is the original seven days of data, the head is a bit dizzy, realism, directly change the ADSENSE code, the N long, boring landing mom, remembering the promotion of things, then view the data, will have today’s article. I’ll send the data first to share with you.

hay day, a game similar to the farm, is good for both young and old, and has the same taste as angry birds.

with two games, 500 thousand dollars a day, is it possible?

share, I have to AD my plate: bbs.admin5/forum-176-1.html 

but Supercell, the social game company’s CEOIlkkaPaananen, gives a positive answer – we are the most profitable gaming company on the iPad and iPone platforms so far.

in June and August this year, when Supercell’s HayDay "hay day" and ClashofClans "tribe wars" were launched on iPad and iPhone’s APP applications, they were downloaded wildly.

night is falling and the Baltic is cold. Helsinki central station tower clocks at 19, but the capital of Finland unexpectedly early to sleep, the streets do not see heavy traffic scene, square street artists accordion sound from near and far, Kang Shen, the wind in the silence of the night.

recently, the "daily economic news" reporter should be invited Finnfacts, in-depth visits to the Finland national innovation system, trying to decipher rooted in the "Thousand Lakes country" IT industry genes.


ad I put on a day, but the data is not worse than Adsense, in the absence of Ali mother CPA this time, I Adsense day is 30>

2008-07-10 up

Kiosked is committed to the technology research and application of embedding commodity information in network pictures and videos, and its innovative advertising model may subvert the current Internet advertising format. "All we have to do is make shopping anywhere."." The >


in fact, the IT people in Finland not only love telling stories, but also the master of "telling stories". Their keen insight into business models is amazing.


poison never flicker, the data is their own pro test income, to share with you.

, let’s talk about today’s 2 main characters:

answer: because UUSEE’s billing system requires 2 landing. So there’s data for the follow-up.

The root of

advertisers get paid for real advertising, while web owners can pick the most appropriate

billing by effect is Ali’s mother launched another billing.

2008-12-31 music, movies, entertainment, streaming literature site activation, refers to the installation after 24 hours to 7 days, open the client to watch a program above

Rovio, director of public relations SaraAntila on the "daily economic news" reporter said: "angry birds is the world’s first don’t need to see any text, does not need the language requirements, whether it is two or three years old or grey-haired old hands to get to know how to play the game."

far away corner can be seen NOKIA store’s new ad, and open the phone found a number of free WiFi, there is one from Rovio – "angry birds" company.

Star venture project co-founder 24 months without financial resources, I watched it die4 kinds of me

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After graduating from

I have studied the industry’s No. 1 "PP>"

Adsense does not deduct the amount, it is the most worthy of choice, but also the most Adsense choice of advertising alliance. Many webmaster asked me how to increase adsence income. I have 4 kinds of proven and effective methods to introduce to you.

2 brings AdSense ads to the web.

this is like a man watching a boat built by himself, slipping into the endless abyss, unable to adjust the direction. Fortunately, he was a few months ahead of the ship, unfortunately, but also in advance of the ship, because after all, this ship is he and his brother devoted a few years of painstaking work.

also remind you that you must not violate the shlf1314 guidelines and regulations. Otherwise, there is no more income on your books than in your pocket. In terms of integrity, shlf1314 is still trustworthy.

comes from Chiang Kai Shek’s readme, followed by entrepreneur & I dark horse editor.

During the period of

at that time, in the performance of the product, we reluctantly took the PP car, but sales and marketing and management team, the friends of the friends behind more than one Dan PP.

, Jiang Qing had tried to exhaust all the skills put the project, but the end is powerless, he chose the project in a few months before leaving the outage. "The worst feeling, the deep feeling of powerlessness. Even if I stand on my toes, it won’t help me fight for it."

I’ve always enjoyed driving. I’ve been driving around most of china. Many young people have the driving needs, but buying a car, raising a car is not easy, the experience of renting a car is not so convenient. I realize that this may be the opportunity to friends.

can’t bite,

your AdSense is best placed near the top of the page where visitors can see ads quickly. AdSense is placed at the bottom of the page. From the effect, the click rate drops quickly. I have done experiments, advertising at the top of the click rate of about 1%, the same page at the bottom of the page, click rate dropped to 1/1000, less than.

1 focuses on the best form of AdSense ad.

images placed near AdSense text ads have been shown to have a significant impact on click through rates because images attract attention. But to remind you, adsence pointed out a number of illegal graphical placement methods. Please refer to the guide, do not violate the rules. There is no doubt that the 4 methods are feasible. You can increase your click through rate and increase your AdSense revenue. My current English station hits are all at 3-4%, and the click rate at the Chinese station is around 1%. Of course, in the operation, you can and network marketing, continue to try, be sure to monitor its effectiveness, to find your own adsence format.

4 images can be close to your AdSense ad.

"all the pain of man is essentially anger over his own incompetence."." The angry Wang Xiaobao said, Jiang Qing has deep feelings.

two years ago, Jiang Qing worked at BAT to join the venture company car as a co-founder of friends". As a co founder of technology and product, Jiang Qing has participated in product development, team building, corporate restructuring, financing and so on. However, due to industry immaturity, team genes, short board and many other issues, nearly 24 months without access to financing, the project was suspended four months ago.

* Jiang Qing

, however, it’s an unfamiliar concept for users to share their cars and get benefits. Many competitors educate the market in the form of subsidies, and then expand rapidly. Yohyo online for more than a year, the number of tenants reached nearly 300 thousand, the number of tens of thousands of car owners, covering Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu city in 20.

3 AdSense is best placed near the top of the page.


www.mfpf, webmaster, author, kid,

this is like a man watching a boat built by himself, slipping into the endless abyss, unable to adjust the direction. Fortunately, he was a few months ahead of the ship, unfortunately, but also in advance of the ship, because after all, this ship is he and his brother devoted a few years of painstaking work.

currently has 12 different AdSense formats, the webmaster can use AdSense format as needed, and can also combine 2 formats of AdSense advertising. In practice, the big rectangle 336×280 has a higher click rate, moderate 300×250 and 120×600, and the click rate is good.

advise you to set their own color AdSense ads into your website place, for example, if your site is a white background, put your advertising border and background is also set to white, AdSense ads look like web content, this approach can get higher click rate.

, I worked with companies such as sh419, Tencent and 360 to manage products and technologies. In 2014, Wang Gang angel investors optimistic about the P2P car, the friends of the friends of the car investment. They believe that the line attributes of the team has been strong, Ali also have people from China understand the automotive industry executives, but the product is very weak, I found it.

From computer illiterate to junior webmaster summary

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I contact computers relatively late, 04 years of contact with the computer, it is the first semester of secondary school began to contact the computer. At that time, silly even boot, shutdown will not. The teacher taught us to turn on the monitor first and start the mainframe. (now think a little silly) remember the first teacher who was teaching the Internet to enter the site in the address bar, but I didn’t press enter. Ask the classmate next to you. He said a word: "this is not, what computer?"." The mood at that time… Hey… Can’t describe. For the first time I knew how stupid I was. Since then, I have built up my confidence that I must learn the computer well.

when I first contacted programming, the language I used was QBasec, or QB (Microsoft Corp), and at that time I couldn’t even write a temperature switch. Even add calculation will not do. Then asked the teacher: why is learning programming useful?. The teacher threw a sentence: "do you think it’s useless, you don’t have to learn?" I was very depressed. I don’t know the meaning of this sentence. Maybe she doesn’t know it’s useless.

QB studied for 1 and a half years and changed three teachers. You can learn graduation 1 times a month. Learn to cycle (visible quality secondary school teacher teaching.). When I met second teachers. The teacher was graduated from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (more than 70 years old). ). He said he had access to China’s first computer. And using the machine language (bull), he felt great at that time. He later asked him questions about programming. He told me to learn assembly language (not even C at that time). I visited more than 1 months, the bookstore finally found a compilation language, at that time silly thought that the teacher will teach me. Who knows, he asked me to teach myself, ask him without understanding. Then I learned for 2 months, but I really couldn’t understand it. Then came third teachers. I asked him the same question: "why do you learn to program?"". He finally answered me, "you can play games, write viruses," and later asked, "he learned C, C++, VC., no wonder how cattle talk.". I’ve known C since then. It would be only a few months before graduation. I taught myself C. I learned to graduate. Also participated in the 2 level C language examination. As a result, the written examination was passed. Can not try the machine (refers to the pointer problem, when the pointer does not understand!). When the exam, see the next MM, out of books, in the crazy copy, crazy copy. So she was copying from (1+2+· · · 100). Why is she so simple?. Speechless.

finished the C language. Confused. I don’t know what to do. Fortunately, when I was on QQ, I met a man. He said to Beida Jade Bird training. I asked the price: there were 3 stages. Stage 1 more than 5000. Second stage more than 7000. The last stage is 1W. The total training time is 1 years and 6 months. With the support of my family, I went to training. Learned the first semester. Learned C, HTML, c#, SQL (basic). Second semester: >

The dilemma and challenge of Internet Entrepreneurship

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for business, today went down earlier than usual, met with big box small box of distribution in the elevator. I was surprised at his earlier. Asked him how Dangdang had been doing recently, he told me, "well, what’s more, we’re all in charge of a small area, and we can’t deliver it.".

Ma Yun’s winter on less than six months, while Dangdang’s business is in full swing, it is really hot and cold two days,


in fact, the Alibaba and the hot recession reflects the Internet development characteristics: by collecting enterprises such as advertising fees, membership fees, fees and other ways to profit ranking of the Internet Co, because of the economic crisis led to the decline in corporate profits, reduce investment in marketing and have great influence. While users rely on Micro Payment ways to profit the Internet Co, is due to the increase of unemployment linger boring play games online and making friends, looking for the opportunity to bargain and other consumer shows Spring is in the air. prosperity.

we can sum up the two types of Internet charging: the terminal consumption model and the front-end charging mode. According to the concept of supply chain, who owns consumers is the main chain of supply chain. Undoubtedly, the front-end consumption model should be the main innovation direction of the current Internet entrepreneurs.


because of the economic crisis has created a lot of people around the Internet can be a long time, ordinarily, the most troubled Internet business "popularity" to solve the problem seems to be easier, the Internet seems to have a lot of opportunities of entrepreneurship.

in fact, the current difficulties and challenges facing the Internet business is more serious, and before the economic crisis, there are different characteristics.

1, the opportunity for rapid growth and prosperity is gone. The Internet industry, after 15 years of development, has been from the first piece of white paper on "letting a hundred flowers blossom, a hundred schools of thought contend" into the establishment of a truly innovative model and a solid foundation for the operation of the times. PPG’s ups and downs are a good example.

2, venture capital tends to be calm and prudent. Before the economic crisis, the Internet economy to follow the trend China economic way listed return is amazing stride forward singing militant songs. But the economic crisis has made investment firms that have made a pile of money in the past two years been trapped, and in the short run, it is difficult to launch the project. Internet business is facing financing difficulties.

3, the Internet tends to mature, innovation patterns are decreasing. Before the economic crisis, copying foreign models casually was a great innovation. Such as Baidu, Google to put forward their own Gengdong Chinese let their stocks tumbling climb. If some of the popular models are still blindly follow the trend, then only a dead end. Because you are very difficult to shake the others based on pre crisis status.

4, exploration time decreases, cash flow pressure increases greatly. Before the economic crisis, you can also burn venture capital to explore profit models, and now if you can’t generate positive cash flow in the short term