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Never understand Shanghai Longfeng optimization to became a Shanghai Longfeng practitioners experien

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I contact Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the time from the beginning of June 2010. Remember entered network industry is 2009 May, the Shanghai dragon does not understand. Every day only to imitate other people’s practice, I went to check the Shanghai index was also not love, only to see the people to do the site title is about some types of Wangzhuan keywords, then check their income cut figure is very attractive to me, every day hundreds of hundreds of income cut figure, I think, if I can copy the title and content of them, maybe I will have such a good website ranking and revenues. He also copied their title. After the description and keywords where to copy all the people, even the people of the copy.

In a meeting with

cannot start the optimization of Shanghai Dragon Well, pure is to find the network above, the network above people see the tutorial, some very outdated tutorials for me as treasure. According to the course of the above instructions, I started to go to some classification directory submission site, because the previous tutorial that submitted the catalogue can improve your rankings and included, the weight is very high, I for Gospel truth. Submitted after also found no website ranking up there, then I started the downhearted.

in the ASP system of website management, I slowly found defects, is that it is the access database, every time the amount, if the change of space, upload and download will continue to break, because the database is huge, if each interrupt after all re transmission, used for a long time in and out of habit, I found a lot of trouble.

because before my website is purely static, own website, no background, are FTP submitted the upload page update, I feel very tired, I started to go to the network above mining method easy, slowly found above the network that there are a lot of procedures can be downloaded directly to download a a ASP program, and then through the study of the modified, slowly uploaded to the space layout than I do that pretty much, and the message system, before their desire for such a layout, is very happy.

my first website was born, the name of good Wangzhuan network, because there is no what desirable, take your name at the end of the word as the name of the web site. Well after the commencement of operation, to imitate others, I began to write some tutorials inside the site, basically is to copy the somebody else’s article, then change a little bit, and then use their statement. After two or three months of hard work, I found the website ranking slowly with a little love in Shanghai began in 113, then slowly increase to 85, and then to the first 4 pages of the ranks, and never go up. Some late than I do website, I found that there are several obvious one or two months ahead of my site. I began to wonder what I was doing wrong, I began to slowly toward the direction of the development of Shanghai dragon optimization.


Do not know to teach you how to write business optimization scheme

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of their own understanding of the situation, to analyze your competitors, because if they before you will have embarked on the optimization of the road, then they will than you high starting point, worth a lot of things, to its aspects, from keywords to web design, layout and so on all sort of down.

The framework of

clearly understand the company’s current situation, the company operating status of user groups, existing rivals in the plus, then to the depth of mining analysis to locate keywords for their company’s current status, the word is very important, must be careful, because every word must be clear choice, at least in the heart a why their.

three, competitor analysis

user group analysis and

five, the website set up

six, Shanghai dragon’s strategyUnderstand

, keywords also have the website construction well, then as a Shanghai dragon e>

Keywords How to describe the

enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme, this should be a lot of confusion just settled in Shanghai dragon industry practitioners who believe that, just go to work, or when the optimization of business negotiations and other individual enterprises, hope to provide a detailed plan on the Dragon Phoenix, popular point that plan good or bad, can directly determine the rest of your income, so the importance of the program will not be repeated, the enterprise optimization scheme in the end you how to write? If you submit a proposal of Shanghai dragon to your boss, then a Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme can be achieved through the following eight aspects:

for the purpose of optimization for the purpose of marketing, marketing orders, and orders from the customer, so the analysis of user groups is important, according to the current situation in the first analysis of the company, the company to locate the user groups belong to the kind of people? Have enough purchasing power or the huge user base of white-collar? The group of young? These are to be analyzed clearly, the direction of development, and then according to the analysis results about the site positioning out simply, how to optimize.

After Keywords

two, the company’s website

four, positioning

analysis of the current situation of the company’sThe status quo and the optimization scheme of

will locate the optimization framework with the means to draw up a website frame erection scheme, it simply is the construction of a suitable for the optimization of the site, and to speak the key words reasonable layout to the site.

company what is the relationship? Seemingly unrelated, but learned a lot, at least you want to work for someone else, you also need to know what others are? Can you quietly toil, which is pretty as a husband, then analyze the company’s current situation is very necessary, simple situation describe the importance of the company, and engaged in the Shanghai dragon, which will determine the future will invest for you how much RMB your boss.

, a

How to determine the site keywords

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in the Shanghai dragon eyes of Er, according to the personal subjective thinking is to determine the key words is not accurate, the late site development, often need to re design the keywords, modification and screening, in order to meet the needs of users widely. It is for this reason, after the keyword determine on the website theme, the need for strict selection and positioning website before


keyword is for web services, so the key words need closely related with site theme. This is easy to understand, but very important, do not ignore the


broad stationmaster is often the most easy to make mistakes, a lot of Shanghai Longfeng newcomers will make this mistake imperceptibly.


for an independent website, subjects are generally determined well in advance, for example, you have to do a Shanghai Longfeng learning website, the theme is Shanghai Longfeng nature.

learning when writing in the school, the teacher will tell us: "in writing before, must first determine the main content, the theme of the article, and then around the theme of the content and thought of writing." In Shanghai Longfeng work site, like a good article, and keywords, is the main content and the center of the thoughts, the webmaster need at the beginning of the site is fixed.

keyword selection principle

1. and the theme of the site is closely related to

however, keywords can not plan well in advance, such as a Shanghai Longfeng learning website, may not be able to identify some and their related business, may not be able to identify some of the themes and his related keywords.

in many have realized the importance of the Shanghai dragon in the enterprise, they will first think of the name of the key is the industry. For example, the boiler company, will choose the word "boiler" to optimize the company will keep the toilet toilet; "the word optimization to the first. However, such a broad selection keywords is unwise, has the following drawbacks:

not a lot of experience in Shanghai Longfeng often in accordance with their own ideas, to set some of the main content related to Shanghai dragon website, and then focus on the content for the website construction. This essentially is not wrong, but you have to understand that the head of the idea does not necessarily represent the majority of Internet users interested in Shanghai Longfeng ideas, but can not say that is determined according to their own personal views will be able to meet the needs of most users keywords.


2. to be precise but not broad

> The

for a web site, everything should be around the site theme, keyword is no exception. If the choice of keywords and website topic, even the so-called "hot words" can bring to the site of money flow, also can not use this word, because such words of website brand, network marketing has no meaning, but also have adverse effects on the visitors.

Whether the problem included the webmaster has become

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I also considered many things. Below I my analysis of several cases and experiment.


first, you may like me, think of the first question is whether the content of the problem is. Indeed, this may have an impact on the collection, but I can definitely tell you, I did a few days of experiment, the pages and page article is absolutely original, but the very serious changes in the changes, that is a very good article, but it is by love Shanghai spiders test. The same problem still exists, the home is still very good included, basically no what included within the page.

second, can think of is the chain, many people will think it is the inside pages of the chain, and basically do is home chain. I do not deny this, home chain is indeed more, we do traffic, is the main page flow is more important. Through several days of the experiment (Ps: before the chain, the chain page also have to do, but also many). The chain increase in my page, whether the submission B2B or soft, also did not see the inside pages of the effect of flow more and more home instead.

The first thing

two, whether there is a relation between the

, 1 quality problems of the chain

through the experiment, then follow the above 3 points Never mind, obviously, love Shanghai algorithm to change the quality of the chain is to have a relationship, talking about the quality of the chain, many webmaster said.

and internal chain

well, and the contents of the article, the chain has no absolute relationship, whether there is a relationship between and within the chain? I think, through these days of experiment, so I let the editors to do the best in the chain, the chain of keywords, long tail keywords are carefully considered, after my confirmation will be released within. This is the chain always do well, so, in the chain is not a key factor.

three, whether there is a relation between the

and the outer chain

recently opened the computer do not look at the data changes, but first open the website for the website of the Shanghai love is included, strange things happened. Do not know if you have not encountered such a thing, web site included is the next day included, but the inside pages do not know why that is not included, 6788 Chinese business network I do, (some Ps: station which includes the inside pages) included 1 Manzo, included home 3www unexpectedly reached ten thousand in 1800. It makes me too much to handle, the other page is completely not included, basically all is the home page included, articles are absolutely original (including pages).

is the content of the problem

more than three points should be considered the most webmaster, because the site is closely related to the change of these factors is to cannot do without, so it is the main experimental analysis of the three main factors, so here to talk about my views, I hope to help you, as soon as possible to love Shanghai new algorithm and new collection.

Analysis how to locate the site user groups

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how can we find the industry’s largest user groups? In fact we are positioning of user groups is done in user demand analysis, positioning analysis group is part of the user is to belong to us, that part is not belong to us; for example: this website is selling reflow equipment; we love Shanghai the biggest demand is "drop-down box principle, reflow reflow process, reflow temperature

before a few sites are love Shanghai, love Shanghai encyclopedia first, then know that the Interactive Encyclopedia, an independent site, and the emergence of love Shanghai library……… We know that the independent site is two, then the ranking contrast gives us what information? Weiwei tell you: site prompt is the "search and download data of these user groups is the largest search;" reflow "maximum user needs is to find information and download information"

maximum demand groups

user groups need to pay attention to:


we do in the positioning requirements of users and user groups is the object of our analysis cannot do without them, because when we do in the analysis of user needs to determine the part of the greatest demand, so we went to meet the maximum needs of users; why we can not meet the needs of all if we put all? The requirements are met, so our website will become very fat; user experience more severe; so when we analyze the needs of users only need to find the maximum to meet the demand. User groups when we demand analysis into the biggest demand groups, small groups and other groups, if we meet the biggest part of the group’s website capture most of the traffic, then the search engine will push up on our website.

so we are selling equipment, users find information with us not related, we don’t need to do this part of the user; Wei Wei told you: if the maximum demand and the site itself is not relevant, and we don’t have to do; at this time we’ll loss maximum demand of user groups, we want to website ranking in the home to meet the needs of the largest part of Wei Wei Group; make an assumption: our website to meet this part of the user community, so when the user search data will see our products; there is the possibility of purchase! When we in the industry has been met when most of the users search engine is not that we the website has more advantages in the peer, so as to push us up! Weiwei to tell you some little knowledge: when we go to the forum is not See some of the posts is marked "fire" or "hot" two words, said.

1. find the industry



A few key points when we locate

then we take a look at the comparative ranking of the site is how


Optimization of website user experience let fly article access speed

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home page open speed slow

solution: regular space is not stable, the morning opened the afternoon, open, open the night, as soon as the replacement of a stable security, so do their own optimization more are useless. At the same time to determine the stability from the bandwidth, IIS number, CPU, memory occupancy rate, taking the visibility of several aspects, for a stable, this is fundamental to let the user experience to fly.

many sites use the PING command to test, with very few connection time, and doesn’t switch, but when open their own web sites, but with almost a >

for the user experience this thing really let the webmaster is really a headache. But if not words on it, then the site will eventually go off station, although most of the time we analysis the user experience is to rely on a lot of statistical data of cold, but I think, in fact, analysis of user experience is not difficult, but also can not through the data analysis can be effective. The operation method is first put the new users themselves as the website, the data to a new visitor mentality to test their own site, be sure to remember, when they find their own site open speed slow or interface is not clean, the need to record, and then ask yourself whether to continue to visit, and then to third the State Party on their website to have a general understanding, also can invite friends to help test, therefore, in fact, not only the analysis of the data analysis of user experience this way, as the saying goes, all roads lead to Rome. But today, I talk about improving the user experience of the operation in the first part of the whole optimization, processing text access speed.

ZhengZhan spatial instability

The instability of the

space is definitely a big killer of the user experience, but also to let the spider crawling into the web site content to crawl. If the site is a villa, the space is the villa of the foundation, when the foundation is stable, who dare to live in? However, many owners when analyzing the degree of user experience are rarely aware of the importance of space, most of the webmaster is around the content to improve the user experience. In fact, this is a very big error, even after all the sites are open or sometimes open and open, but also to talk about the user experience? And it is not open space, natural good content users have no blessing. We determine the site space is stable, can through two methods, the use of the system comes with the PING command to test, when the connection time is less than 60MS, is to ensure the stability of the natural space, of course, the need to test in the peak of the Internet, such as 12 noon to 14 p.m., between 8-9 night. The use of Webmaster Tools query is connected with the frequency of the country, this can be tested through the webmaster tools of super PING command. When the space is not stable, we don’t talk about the user experience can not fly, even can not open the website is a problem.

After the mess, Uber adjusted the employee pay system, which could be the next crisisShenzhen introd

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Shenzhen City Social Security Bureau responsible person, Shenzhen City College, school, occupation in technical colleges graduate school within the school students, graduates and graduate with a Shenzhen residence within 5 years of college, school, occupation technical college, graduated 5 years studying returnees were satisfied for business support objects.

has appeared on pay frustration in some employees, especially in the same period under the leadership of Mr. Kalanick outside of the company’s taxi service more and more dissatisfaction with the company treats the way the driver, there are obvious loopholes in the management of the human resources department and other issues related to the company culture have criticized the case. The outbreak of the company’s crisis began early this year, after Uber’s workplace culture was amplified by several sexually harassing allegations. In June 6th, Uber disclosed to the outside world sexual harassment cases and other misconduct in the company’s investigation report.

when Uber’s cultural crisis attracted industry attention, many employees were outraged by pay packages. They pointed out that many of the staff has been the recruiter’s verbal advice at the time of entry, they said these new employees should receive lower pay than before work, because the valuation of Uber will maintain the current momentum continues to rise, the company has a bright future. However, the company’s forecast price has barely changed over the past 18 months. More than half of the employees employed last year received more pay than previous jobs, according to a person familiar with pay plans and specific figures

college students start their own business after leaving school and after graduation, the rental subsidy standards on the existing basis to improve 20%-50%, outstanding projects can be given a maximum of 500 thousand yuan subsidy.

original title: Shenzhen allows college students to drop out of entrepreneurship, institutions of scientific research personnel can undergo Entrepreneurship

in the middle of 2015, Uber chairman Garrett Camp and Bill Gurley once told investors the leadership of the company expressed concern that they were on the board of directors remuneration committee, Uber for new employee equity incentive too much, so that the existing shareholders diluted.

pointed out that some measures to promote the "on" talent development, Shenzhen city intends to not less than 1 billion yuan a year to cultivate and introduce overseas high-level talents and teams, targeted to the introduction of the shortage of professional talents, culture of the party and government regulation institutions of scientific research personnel can undergo entrepreneurship……

therefore, CEO Kalanick Travis Kalanick, which owns more than 30% of Uber shares, has approved a new algorithm based system that provides relatively low pay packages for new employees. According to two people familiar with the controversial program, although it has not yet been publicly disclosed, this has led Uber to spend billions of dollars in equity incentives in the next year and a half.

data show that as of the end of December 2015, the year in Shenzhen city business students a total number of 2564 people, the city’s venture secured loan student entrepreneurs 21, the loan amount is 1 million 210 thousand yuan, and 10 business students who received a total of 610 thousand yuan unsecured loans.

change another effect of the salary system, the salary gap between the same period into Uber and hold the same position of the employees become larger, which is one of the leading causes of employee dissatisfaction, and within the company started a new system to new recruits female employees pay less than about male employees salary.

, which stipulates that students from school and after graduation to start their own businesses, the rental subsidy standards on the existing basis to improve 20%-50%, outstanding projects can be given a maximum of 500 thousand yuan subsidy. To improve the standard of job placement and internship subsidies for college students, the maximum monthly fee is 2500 yuan per person, the longest is not more than 6 months.

it is understood that Shenzhen has now identified 18 incubation parks as incubation bases for municipal business incubation, and 1 business incubator park was identified as the provincial incubation incubation demonstration base. Among them, Shenzhen University Pioneer Park, Shenzhen Polytechnic creative business park, the two have accumulated more than 350 college students entrepreneurs, driven employment more than 1000 people.

Shenzhen City, before the introduction of "on the promotion of talent priority development measures", which states that will encourage innovation and entrepreneurship students, allow college full-time students leave school business.

Uber recent troubles, not only faced with the outside of its corporate culture questioned, the company does not let people worry. Uber adopted a new compensation system, aimed at reducing the cost of equity incentive and avoiding dilution of equity, but the effect was achieved, but it also caused a series of side effects. Some employees think the new system is sexist and is particularly damaging to the company’s current situation. This article, entitled "After Revolt, Uber Changes Employee Compensation", explores this issue in depth.


ad4all, look at the net advertising contract expires, stop promotionEco counter is a mediocre produc

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in the media discourse, "black music" seems to be politically correct, but we do not want to the "political correctness" to the evaluation of a company is not, just want to through the data analysis of some of the reasons behind the image.

ranking is stable, but the trend is not optimistic,

, for example, in September 2013, LETV in cash plus equity acquisition flowers film making "the latter" Mi months pass at the end of 2015, a fire, and music by virtue of "Mi month biography" the Internet broadcast rights alone, the Music Video Activity climbed see: report Nora LETV, want to rely on the "Mi month biography" counter attack into the video boss >

August 20th MEITONG Alliance

this idea is good, but unfortunately, as music is only focused on expanding the territory, the pace of radical radical, but ignored the support of the most basic elements of Ecology – products. No quiet down to do products, but abuse of "ecological" concept of blind expansion, which is the music as the industry has been criticized everywhere.

distinguished League members, hello everyone!

distance LETV announced LETV Jia Yueting resigned as general manager position has been in the past half a month, half a month, LETV did not calm.

"anti ecological" depending on the context, namely the "content + terminal + application through 7 is not related to vertical business, then let all the business through the integration of vertical interaction" chemical reaction ", and ultimately the formation of ecological circle music as a unique"".

if you have any questions please contact our customer service, contact as follows:
> OICQ:360618788

music group have burst of music as the VR team disbanded, LETV mobile phone supplier door bizhai negative, previously LETV, music as sports, music, music as holding the United States branch and many other music department of the company, as well as LETV shares cool, easy to have been broke big layoffs. Fortunately, as the music sports in May 26th to get the B+ round of financing, after a new round of financing, as the music sports valuation of more than 24 billion, which is regarded as a vortex of public opinion music as a good news.

music video is the whole music as the Department started the business, is one of the music listed business, but also music as the core business. As music in the video business has a huge investment, music, video, often spend money to occupy the Internet TV broadcast rights alone, but also benefit from it.

Hello everyone! Advertisers together to see network contract expires in August 20, 2007 Monday, decided to suspend the promotion, by the end of the day before the cost of clearing up, please switch to other products!
in addition, I put on the code of advertising alliance JS members such as not to replace the ad code, I will put all the alliance through the background of web advertising network advertising pie together watching the switch to my alliance, we will provide you the product automatically opened on permissions, you can see our platform next to the profits of the products the day before.

in Jia Yueting ‘s time, this article will organize data from the point of view, see the music as its music video, music and sports, the car is easy to app all areas holding, as observed from the side of the "ecological" results.

"ecology" is music as a proud concept, every time there is music as the occasion, almost all will appear "ecological reverse" word.



Music Video: core business is not enough attention, missed the opportunity to force

music as ecological map

Talking about the core value of blog marketing

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did you write a blog today? Classmates and friends often ask each other questions similar to each other. Indeed, Blog has become an important part of Internet life in the past few years, and blogs are becoming more and more powerful at the level of public opinion, media influence and celebrity effect. The major mainstream portal blog has gradually become the stage of people’s life expression, personality display and ideological collision. It has also become an exposure platform for celebrity life and career. This is the full embodiment of blogging as a media attribute.

in the enterprise end, blog without entertainment celebrity so hot, as content for the king of the blog, enterprise want to have a certain, not overnight can achieve. The enterprise also must sober understanding, the blog marketing value, can have the definite goal, the persistent does. Blog marketing for enterprise core value mainly has the following points:

1, great influence. The core goal of blog marketing is to compete for the right to speak, with corporate blog influence, expanding their audience, professional, authoritative blog by enterprises, and gradually establish a network interactive enterprise brand influence, ultimately affect the user’s buying orientation.

2, good search engine performance. Blog marketing itself is in the enterprise to submit a link information page and website of high quality to the search engine, continuous blog marketing must be able to bring web search ranking to improve, blog marketing and search engine seamless docking, complement each other.

3, word of mouth effect, lasting effect. Enterprise blog in a field of continuous in-depth study, and user interaction at multiple levels, will inevitably produce word of mouth effect, to help users build lasting attention and loyalty.

4, low marketing costs. Compared with the traditional media at one hundred thousand above the level of advertising spending, blog marketing is the cheapest way of promotion, as long as you have time and perseverance, the enterprise will continue to return, at the same time in the middle of the blog marketing online survey for the enterprise and save the market research expenditure.

5, beyond competitors. Victory belongs to the people in the morning Road, blog marketing is the same, enterprises as long as the early consciousness, early action, adhere to do network marketing, competitors are always behind us.

The value of

blog marketing lies in the foresight. When the enterprise insists and seriously does it for a long time, the help of blog marketing will appear constantly. It is the ladder of the long-term interests of enterprises.


Wilson Beijing neighbor Network Technology Co. Ltd. ( senior marketing consultant MSN such as neighbor network marketing expert network enterprise side (welcome to reprint, please keep the source and the author with the same.

Every day I let the soft loss of more than 3000 IP

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as webmaster all know, soft Wen can increase the external links, improve the weight of the web site. But who knows the link in the soft text is not free to add, in particular, can not add the source of the article, once to improve the weight of the site.

all know the search engine to implement the word segmentation technology, search engine based on the key word combination, convenient for users to search the required content, the implementation of segmentation technology is a boon for high weight website, the life service peak online there is an article named "body art photo pictures" this is the Google search engine is the combination of a new "company" keywords, and give a good ranking, when you search for the words "company" when the engine in Google, easy to find in the first page can. This keyword belongs to the popular keywords, the daily search volume is high, ranked eight in the first page, every day can bring more than 3000 IP. As the saying goes, "avariciousness", this does not meet the current pattern, seriously write a "typical" in website promotion once more "soft, with the link 28976.html, used to increase the page’s external links, improve the weight. In this way, the keyword can be ranked in the second or even the first position, and the ranking will be more stable.


writing, published quickly to webmaster online, a few days later, as expected, "" typical "in website promotion once more" this article is a reprint, external links also grow with each passing day, happy in the heart, have no heart thought Kung Fu, this will be good return. But in the end until it is a let me feel sad ending, search the words "human portrait" in Google search, has been found, it can be said that because a large number of reprint this article soft Wen, let every day I lost more than 3000 IP.

for this thing as a warning for the future, a profound reflection, the expectations of the customers "keywords ranking is not only not improved, but can’t find it, there must be no known factors. Universal navigation nets webmaster once said: "the external changes, because some internal changes, as long as the use of paichufa, to find out the internal change and external changes can be explained!", because it is not modified, the site has not been changed, the stable time has been more than four months. The only thing to do is to write the article with a modified version of the article, so the question arises in connection with.

actively consults with the senior experts at They are eager to tell me that they have encountered similar problems in popularizing universal navigation networks. After careful study and discussion, they finally come to the end