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From the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform Shanghai dragon skills website is no longer afraid of I

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With the domestic

in Shanghai in the hope that the dragon as everyone knows, website content often update the value of the content, but the site’s structure is best not too good to change, so the webmaster in dealing with these problems is very cautious, because before there is a website for these reasons by search engine index records all empty, that is we often say that the amount collected is cleared, or by the K station.

search service providers to focus on, now also appears on the market the situation of the Three Kingdoms, and old love Shanghai and Qihoo 360 and married wife SOSO sogou. The search service provider in order to build their own ecosystem, of course, we can also say that they contribute to China Internet, as they say, let the user in a more efficient way to find valuable content, but in fact they are included. They have launched a variety of let the webmaster to use tools, the system is called the webmaster tools. For example, in the past in the eyes of the public, unless the case is not have to adjust the structure of the site, such as modified columns or mobile columns, this operation may make the site suffered fatal injuries; but there is a website, I can tell the search engine website is how to change in the first time after the revision. For example, the path I now transform to another place, impact will be much smaller than before.

When using the However,


we can actually see this technique is very simple, as the official content inside said by the web crawler grab we replace a IP page in the web site, and then crawl to test its results will show some basic information, such as analog capture access device >

love Shanghai webmaster tools before I use the crawlers did some love Shanghai officials did not specify what aided their work. He also from the mining platform to a lot of valuable things, but at that time I also have no confidence to share with you this skill, is the site for IP decrease the effect of skill, and today I found the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform official sent the article to the official, to share with you. The following is the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform webmaster of the official release of the contents:


may have been the webmaster or a few or even painful, it is because of various reasons we have to change the server, the attendant is to change the server IP, such as we use virtual host, website development to a certain extent when fewer resources can not upgrade is also so elastic, traditional VPS. Because it must be replaced IP, but this time we all know that IP search engine is likely to be uprooted, especially before the change will be basically empty records, but also to more than a week to recover, and for the development of the site every detail is very important. Because many owners may prefer to pay more price is not willing to choose to replace the IP.

Analysis of Gome search engine marketing (two) Niche Marketing

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for the new information to the old user search in Shanghai, love know the answer page will appear on the right side of the United States Trade Advertising Association, new users click to enter, can be accurate to guide the new for old, Gome brand all know ", at the same time embedded in Gome’s sales promotion advertising information, right now. Immediately went to the 51 Day holiday, as follows:

the article analysis of "Gome search engine marketing focus search" analysis of Gome Feifei by focus search network marketing, we should remember that consumers buy more and more critical of home appliance products, style and price requirements, at the same time, the emergence of the Internet in the rapid development, so that more consumers used in the purchase of household appliances before you go online to search queries, Gome is by virtue of this while leveraging the power of the ingenious marketing opportunities for "home appliances to the countryside" and "new for old" Gome to bring a lot of marketing opportunities.

In 2,

3, a sharp focus page show wonderful recommended quiz and the right side of the Gome brand introduction, Gome Cheng Long housekeeper professional answer module configuration

together to communicate!

in the "new for old" policy has not been substantial publicity when the United States is already aware of this opportunity and advance and love Shanghai depth of marketing communication, to search the material preparation.

1, "page, TM, the United States all know" by the machine automatically crawl in the way to gather all related issues with old change new


When the

love Shanghai for the United States to choose a high degree of active love Shanghai know platform, carefully build "new for old, Gome brand know topic page, starting from the user to explore the perspective of knowledge, to guide the user to understand the old for the new policy.

page list will Gome and new two aspects to distinguish between the old problems show, users can find the answer at a glance.

of course, this is only my personal some opinions, welcome everyone to communicate and discuss. Original author: Feifei (feather Apprentice) original address: www.sem0571贵族宝贝 starting A5, welcome Paizhuan, Shanghai senior group 112096883

4, the measures to narrow the gap between Gome brand and user distance, put up a direct dialogue between the brand and the consumer’s bridge, Gome brand occupy the leading position in the competition.

My 150 thousand IP website is how to earn 70 thousand yuan per month

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1, I’ve been thinking about websites for three or four years, and making money really starts this year. Here are some of the things I’ve been doing since I started doing it.

2, now my main station IP day average 150 thousand or so, the website last month income in 70 thousand yuan, this month to now more than last month, advertising fee is only more than 6000, mainly rely on membership fee.

3, my current staffing: my +2 MM customer service, +2 editors, +1 part-time PHP developers. Office location: in my 2 room, room 1.

4, started in March this year, the main station, the first month into 8000, bought a web site, when buying this site only earn more than 1000 per month. When I bought this website, I had thought how to develop, and of course I didn’t have 100% confidence. Through continuous analysis of data, organize site columns and find promotion channels spent 1 months, second months, I began the development of membership fees, then the free membership of more than 20 thousand, active up to 2000, the development of membership fees more than 400, membership fee income 40 thousand, advertising fees earned more than 3000, I summed up the end of the month secretly glad that I do.


third months, I got 2 MM customer +2 editors and 1 part-time PHP developers, for greater development, I no longer personally to do specific work, to the new service and how the content of revenue, with more members who earn more.

5, my website is how to do 150 thousand IP,


A, buy traffic, spent the first 2 thousand months to buy some pop, I’m not Luantan, I am looking for a targeted site, and claim the final page pops up, and must be returned to play. After my previous experiments, the final page conversion rate will be highest. Now invest 10 thousand per month to buy traffic.

B, write some related fees, members will pay attention to the soft Wen, sent to my website, target customers will go to the forum, blog, and paste it. This has the highest conversion rate. I asked the editors to write only 1 articles a day. They had to be fine. I passed them.

, C, Baidu, Google, some. I let the editorial staff constantly according to my request to optimize my site optimization is very simple, is to search the word yesterday or before I did the first row, specifically to write an article for the word, but I do not have a hot word, long tail word (the search volume is not high but very targeted). So I’ve been doing it for months, and guess how much the long tail words come in every day, bringing in more than 20 thousand of them every day. 20 thousand IP for some SEO master is nothing, but my value is very high, make money. These words are accumulated by my continuous statistical system.

6, my website 70 thousand yuan income from which?


last month’s 640 fee members, each member 100 yuan, there are hanging some monthly advertising, 60>

USTC Research Institute will be held in the creation of a guest festival

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hit off as a kind of popular vocabulary in today’s society, and is now the social trend of combining, in some of the university campus, creating such a vocabulary became popular, recently, USTC held a day off.

"on the glass with such a piece of film, the light absorption, used for power generation. The glass on the seeding vegetables, supply the rest of the sun plant growth is not a problem, but also can reduce the loss of water." The researchers said that such a device, to achieve a kind of land + electricity, a light dual-use, in agricultural photovoltaic applications have broad prospects.

technology, talent first Institute of spark frequency wipe cumulative 71 patents

2016 female white-collar business story revenue considerable profits

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we all know that the people of the little drops of life cannot do without delicacy delicacy, there are prospects for the development of the catering industry is immeasurable, so the investment industry, most people will choose to invest, catering. With the development of society, the improvement of living standards, people’s demand for food, but also gradually put on the agenda. How to eat, what delicious, has become a topic of growing concern. In a street, there is a happy lemon shop, Huang Li is the boss of this shop, relying on a few square meters of the joy of lemon shop, Huang won a lot of money.

is not happy,

decided to resign

I want to start your own business:

the joy of lemon bigger and stronger

After 80 entrepreneurial talents become the automotive supplies industry Duozhu wealth

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has a big goal is a good thing, but at a young age can achieve their goals that is a sense of accomplishment. The status of a 80 young people by virtue of their vision and look amazing in Entrepreneurship in the automotive supplies industry overlord of wealth.

2010 in October, is located in Hubei province Wuhan City Qiaokou Changfeng Avenue, an area of 35 acres of central China’s largest auto supplies Trade City will rise. Take charge of the large-scale commercial city boss is not an old traveller but Rongma Tianya, a 25 year old 80 entrepreneurial talent — Renhua leaves.

leaf Renhua 25, Guangdong, Zengcheng, Wuhan Yi Liuzhou Automobile Accessories Co. Ltd. chairman.


2004, Renhua leaves college graduate. He was independent, choose to open a stationery shop in front of the school. Born in the family business Ye Renhua showed a good business days, a small stationery store business day by day. Half a year later, Renhua leaves can not stand the father urged to inherit the family business, in his father’s car shop works as a coolie, goods, open the list, is his daily work.

2008 years, with five or six brands into the market competition, the father of the store sales fell as high as 40%. Ye Renhua began to run the market, in the coming season before October, November, Renhua leaves can endure hardship, traveled to the more than and 800 car shop in the province.

Qiaokou District of Wuhan city

What are the methods of floor franchise business – Business

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rapid development of the real estate industry, so that the entire home market also ushered in the development of a big opportunity. In this context, the opening of the floor store will become a good choice. However, the current competition in the flooring industry is also extremely intense, therefore, only to grasp the relevant operating methods, will make the business more popular. So, what are the methods to join the shop floor?

first, if you want your customers into the floor stores, you have to make some counterparts have different characteristics to attract them, a flooring store is like a person’s characteristics, if the store without any special features, there would be no taste. Not only did you notice, although the same store display goods, but if the store service is different, it will make the value of goods and different.

The main function of

consumer management is to seize the consumers of our stores, in the course of the sale of our flooring products to consumers, while allowing them to be satisfied. The operator so that the floor stores must be on all consumer customers into the store to conduct a detailed registration, and understand some of the consumer level and capacity of these consumers, we must grasp the details of the data, and then make use of resources in the process of consumers in the shop.

at the same time, we shop floor operators to learn to make use of the limited advertising costs, we will directly transfer information to the floor of the store more target customers. Of course, the premise is that we store these target groups have been very clear.

All the shops are not

any skills can be applied to the industry, also need to treat specific conditions, the owners constantly sum up only in the process of shop operation, so that it can have a real operating method is suitable for the development of the shop itself. So, if you are now starting to open the floor shop, the above method will be helpful to your store management?

Distribution center two trading up to 2889 tons

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Clean and spacious trading environment, reasonable and scientific management mode, so that the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center (hereinafter referred to as the "center") all businesses feel hitherto unknown modern market atmosphere. In November 18th 15, center operation on the two day, first settled in new markets for vegetables and fruits trading volume reached 2889 tons.

has a new trading environment and management mode, the newly settled merchants to enhance business confidence, since November 16th kaimennake, stationed to the transport vehicle distribution center will reach 461 units, fruits and vegetables 864 times, the total reached 9391 tons. Wholesale to the city of the county and wholesale to the province of the county, Tibet, a variety of transactions in an orderly manner.

According to the

city commercial company responsible person, distribution center project started after the operation, service life of the people, meet the market supply, in order to control price, expand urban and rural employment, promote the rapid circulation of agricultural products, promote the development of the city’s agricultural products trade has played a role in promoting and protecting. At present, the distribution center has also begun to bear the main task of winter vegetables in our province, to a large extent can ease the supply of vegetables in winter, will play a positive role in stabilizing prices.

in addition, distribution center has strong trading ability, standardized management means, large-scale distribution and warehousing facilities, after the project is put into operation, not only the service and drive around the area, meet the people’s demand for quality, variety and quantity of agricultural products, to promote local economic development, it is important to maintain social and political stability.


How to start a business simulation doll shop

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a lot of people want to start, but there is no sufficient funds, in fact, some projects do not need high cost can easily start, first heard simulation doll, I believe you are unfamiliar, fake people’s image made out of the so-called simulation doll dolls, toys more than the usual personality, is the main service people children. This toy is more innovative, rare in the market, but the future market prospects. Therefore, the simulation of the baby to make money.

a child I made in accordance with the appearance of "simulation simulation doll dolls" launched to the market in 2005 in Guangzhou, immediately sought after by. Many large cities are also eyeing the business opportunities. The dolls and doll Bobbi, it is more personalized, because it is the copy of "master" the way the production, the main consumption for 1 – 14 year old children.

products are mainly divided into two dimensions: one is a half to 2 years of age "baby mabao", the size of 20 inches; the second is 3 – 12 years of age, the "baby mabao", the size of 23 inches, the retail price of 1280 yuan and 1380 yuan.

simulation doll investment tips

simulation doll doll production is not complicated. The facial and physical characteristics of small customers "with a digital camera shot down, according to the requirements of customers to design and manufacture of clothing, accessories, solutions and products commonly used combination scheme to make good parts, to allow customers to" adopt ". Simulation doll is tailored to the body, can only be sold once. But the "simulation doll" as his young master, will produce a series of consumption, such as a variety of popular products, furniture, clothing, small vehicles and so on.

how to open a simulation doll shop? Each simulation doll will generally have more than 10 years of playing with. Therefore, in order to obtain a steady stream of consumer returns, professional quality and service with a family of vital importance. For example, regular telephone visits; timely to provide a number of game programs; the implementation of preferential policies for repeat customers, such as the purchase of children’s clothing accessories, VIP VIP card, etc..

simulation doll shop location

The high-end positioning

"mabao", must be decided by the image store launch, so the store location is very important. For example, Guangzhou’s "mabao home" can choose at the junction of the old city north of Yuexiu District, adjacent to the Yuexiu Park, many visitors and children’s activity center, while the new city senior commercial buildings, senior white-collar workers gathered in this old city; on the other side of the local residents is more affluent. Opening soon attracted a large number of target consumer groups, to prove the location of the impact of the speed of information dissemination.

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Online shop eight trick sharing

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in the network is now a small store is a lot of people’s entrepreneurial goal, at the same time, in the online shop also need to pay attention to some aspects of business strategy, in the online shop has become very popular today, the market competition is the natural existence, master these, can easily win.

second strokes: price positioning

in online sales, shop rent no pressure, no business tax troubles, no underworld harassment, so long as we can have a good source, then make a block is a very relaxed. So, the price must be cheaper than the net, do not mind too black, others can refer to the price cheaper as much cheaper, so there will be a lot of money to the guests to come in, then you better service, the number of guests and become your long-term customers.

The third measure:

rich product

Fourth strokes:

detailed product description

products selected, it must make a detailed product description. I have been to some sellers shop, the product description is quite simple, then a few words, a few words, let people see this, foggy image points can be discounted. A good note, not just that. It embodies the respect for the sellers buyers of their products, respect, good products, not only attract knowledgeable buyers come in, can provide help for those who don’t understand but interested in the product of the novice, let them sell to you what interest, to fall in love with you shop. In particular, a detailed description of the product, will make every guest feel recommended