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The word around behind the optimization technique

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webmasters understand the search engine user experience is the survival of a web site, first is to cater to the user; now or the future, the search engine for the user experience will be more and more valued. Reasonable use of four word correlation technique can not only make the search engine understand the content, can also greatly increase the weight of the website; users can more easily from the search engine get the information they need, this is a win-win situation to the search engine.

clearly, the long tail keywords around a word approach, as long as the user carefully, still can find traces of the search engine will find. So the search engine in the end it as what position? I think the station early to make less use of the early, to enrich the content, if deliberately used the word around, is likely to be sentenced to optimize search engine over into the cage; can be appropriate to use this approach to obtain the trust of the search engine; the late weight comes up I do not have to say, you know what to do.

third: multiple keywords appear in the content. "Actual code" and believe that many webmaster have the keyword for the keyword ranking promotion effect is enormous in the content of the text appears. For the first time the keyword anchor text behind, can not do, in order to natural.

fourth: outside the station anchor text keywords, outside the chain as well as the "long tail optimization" as the anchor text keywords do. This is a common technique applied in the construction of the chain, in the search engine algorithm in position has been very important.

Many webmaster

when doing keyword ranking will use the word around the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques! Here we come to know what is around the word and the word around behind the optimization technique, what is its significance to the search engine and users.

second, the website Keywords tag and description tag also needs to appear keywords. For example, the author Keywords: Hangzhou Shanghai dragon, Hangzhou site optimization, Shanghai love optimization, Shanghai dragon knowledge. The author’s Description: Shanghai dragon years working on a couple of website optimization, website promotion and marketing network, to provide professional website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme, to build Hangzhou website optimization to force Internet brand, the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

first, the title of the site needs the optimization of key words. For example, the author of the title: Hangzhou Shanghai dragon, Hangzhou website optimization, website promotion optimization love Shanghai, Shanghai Dragon – lovers


long tail keywords around a word, can greatly increase the keyword density, to search engine, of course, is a very high correlation. The search engine also can clearly know your article is what to write, so that the keyword has a better ranking. However, the search engine algorithm change frequently, Shanghai dragon technique is the use of the word four times around the word still work? What is the practice what cause for the search and user

what is the word around

? ?

For growth in the change in website optimization

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second, /B2B2 classification information website, also used to be concentrated in the chain, the type and classification of information website /B2B2 related information, updated quickly, the industry.

webmaster hair chain is usually love blog, classification of information, /B2B2 website forum, several video sites released by the lamp main position, so we take a look at some of the position change.

3, the chain channel has been changed to

2, the number of the chain can change the quality of

to change to change the website optimization we can correspond to the following aspects:

to change the variable can be said that China is now the site optimization Jinke law. Whether it is love or Shanghai Google every day they change, change, change, ranking algorithm included in the same, today’s Shanghai dragon technique may not be suitable for the next love Shanghai updated rules, today’s Shanghai dragon skills is the white hat maybe tomorrow you love Shanghai definition of black hat technique, has been relentless love Shanghai the punishment. In the website optimization and for growth has also been confirmed in numerous websites in practice.

I want to still have many webmaster every day to your site every day 50-100 the chain today, hard ah. Whether it is really effective, perhaps only they knew his own comfort. Love is still in Shanghai since the June storm, many sites are outside the chain of K is also a lot of, the reason is very simple, love Shanghai algorithm, the chain number can only give the chain overall greatly reduced the quality of your website, we all know that a site outside the chain of high quality of the site is very important but, you 100 a day outside the chain I can say there are 5 things of high quality, there are 95 garbage, at your level of white chain, but also harm its own reputation.

website optimization of the original has been a major search engine favorite, also has been the major search engines to the authority of the high-profile official confirmed, but the search engine is really the most original station that the eyes of the original? No, they are trying to stop the past, write the unique website written since the original personality love Shanghai June storm repeatedly K station trend already reduced to fragments. Now the content or the website must build the core content of the unique, this is the so-called original website.

first, the blog is generally divided into individual blogs and external blogs, like Sina blog. Since the June Shanghai storm is still love the webmaster independent blog I want to have nearly no past scenery, K is basically a Sina blog is dim and dark, and in Shanghai love standard after import. The reason is very simple, in Shanghai has been observed Love Blog group, if the group exceeded the warning line, immediately closed, etc. in smooth water began to slowly assimilate after. Fish expert to say that the blog to do, but don’t overdo it, give yourself some flames to others.

1, the original is the original

Six techniques to help you easily do the new optimization

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The chain construction site of Keywords: Making ?

third point positioning


yes, that’s original search engines love, the one and only thing always people love, do not go to mass some chain and do a lot of the replication, which is often harmful to the optimization of the site, so we still want to put in the original mind is above king. The contents do not only to catch the attention of the user and can increase the site included, Why not?

fourth: pay close attention to the original site

keyword appears, which for the influence of the website I will not say, the first words where bold, keywords in the theory of the word around. This knowledge online, we find their own learning.

font technology in Web site is very important and also very common, but not abuse, because of the abuse of bold and anchor text words will cause the search engine antipathy, it will think you are deliberately to do site keywords accumulation of false optimization, a title of the article is only one, if too much will. To clear your topic.

second: title, label etc. some code to handle the

just entered this industry for the novice webmaster, facing a new optimization is no start, today Xiaobian to introduce the following six technologies to help you get new optimization.

fifth: Web site keywords layout

The frequency and density of the The first point: The

sixth points: to do their own good links

architecture website structure and processing chain in

always observe the development trend of the site, Xiao Bian here as a metaphor. For example, your site is "Beijing computer sales", but with the development of electronic industry, electronic products, computer is constantly being replaced by flat like, you still tangled in the words on it, then your traffic will be less. So pay attention to the development of their keywords and accurate positioning of the site keywords is very important.

has been a very cost us time to work, some people love to do the forum outside the chain, some people can do the B2B chain, some people are good at doing Kung Fu high pen soft outside the chain and so on. Xiao Bian here to give you advice is to do what you do best, which is the most effective time and the construction of the chain road.

points for the optimization of the railway station is mainly reflected in the website included, here Xiaobian to remind you, if you don’t know what is the novice webmaster website structure, then you can be assured, because many of the old owners will fall into the search engine spider trap. The architecture structure of your site do not need to think too much, in the major search engines are mainly embodied in the chain structure of the site appears in the website, we do the chain as long as reasonable dispose of death will not have too big problem to come to you.


How to help your rival Shanghai Dragon

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if your opponent has the correct site optimization, you can view your opponent "each page of the code, the use of view every page of the page title, description, keywords etc.. Once you get to the target keywords your opponent, you can use this information to do for your advantage. Their words are very broad? You can add some keywords combination of long tail keywords. Their words are only focus on the part of the buying cycle? Then you expand your scope to attract search keywords.

of each enterprise in the search engine in the organic search results like the competition for a favorable area of real estate. Because a good ranking means that there is a good flow in the search engine, which means more traffic, more conversion, more sales. High ranking is not an easy thing, especially for a very competitive industry. Even if you hire the best Shanghai dragon Er, Shanghai dragon has the best strategy, you can not guarantee a good ranking on the permanent stay.

in the beginning of a link before some construction strategies, it is important to link the review. Use a free tool, you can find your own opponent and reverse link list. Review their and your opponent’s reverse link list report. By the opponent and the chain to analysis the chain in which one region or type your site is lacking.

for social media, not only for brand building, now is also an important part of Shanghai dragon one, because the search engine algorithm updates, social signals have been incorporated into one of the key factors in Shanghai ranked the dragon. Check your opponent’s social media pages. Every once in a while to see what their use of media and methods, and compare your social media. For example, in their "conversation"; they published articles; their use in the Facebook function, and then formulate a comprehensive strategy to try to use the new method.


two: Meta

check your opponent, use their weaknesses as your advantage is an important method, but don’t crush it. Doesn’t mean they do what you have to do what. Take the time to focus on your search engine optimization and to improve the flow and conversion rate will be more important. Too much to check the opponent may make you lose yourself, and may make some stupid mistakes. >


three: social media

: reverse link

talked about search engine optimization, it is important to find the competitive advantage of every opportunity to exist. There are three places you need to check from your opponent on, and not duplicate their strategy, but through the check and find they do not grasp the opportunity to improve your own optimization strategy.


The success of the optimization optimization is necessary

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2. page optimization techniques



for the content, each page of the first paragraph of the text is very important, as far as possible in this part emphasize key words and themes, such recognition can make search engine quickly you interface theme. The best content of more than 300 words, words more page interface you will have the corresponding weights provided >

we all know that the site should have the original, should emphasize the key, should do the chain, then a little more specific, we should be how to operate? The following is for everyone

love do not give priority to "search engine optimization guide in Shanghai mentioned, but you must first consider the user experience, this advice may seem absurd, but it is a very important principle. Many novice entry in Shanghai dragon often do not know where to start should be optimized, in fact, the real optimization should be based on a friendly user experience, at the same time to cater to the search engine algorithm.

in the web page structure, because the search engine can only identify the text, so the interface text ratio should be higher, so you can better understand the contents of the search engine. The length of the Title should be kept within 70 characters, preferably less than 66 characters, so that it can guarantee the title can be as much as possible to describe the content of the website, but also ensure that the title can complete show in the search engine. Now the meta tags in the keywords and description compared with the previous action to reduce a lot, but it should be possible to write them, so decription should be in no danger of anything going wrong, 157 characters, it will not display in the search results have overflow. URL, URL of each page must bring their own keywords, keywords long, middle line can be used for segmentation, this page ranking is very helpful.

share some optimization rules of my own summary, the optimization rule you may have heard, but you are not really understand.

this is the first step to your website optimization, you should explicitly determine the keywords you want to do and around these words out the operation. The choice of keywords will determine your site traffic and the scale of the future, choose keywords must choose the user search volume, and now there are many webmaster tools, you can then select the 50-100 keyword mining, potential keywords, use Excel files to put these words into a table. After each of these words and keywords difficulty analysis, now some webmaster tools have provided keywords analysis of the difficulty of query function, if not, you can also use the amount collected, the home page web site to determine a key difficulty. Finally, according to the keyword search volume and the difficulty in selecting the most appropriate keywords (search volume, small difficulty) as your web site keywords.

Liu Erchuang the use of YY on a monthly income of 3000 yuanLight weight loss products class station

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facts have proved that sh419 really attaches importance to the number of articles reprinted, the assessment criteria. In fact, every change in sh419 algorithm is just the weight between the parameters, but the basic parameter variables will never change, such as the content updates, the number of reprinted articles and so on. Because sh419 will not be able to put this no content site, or never change the site to the front row. You don’t line up websites that no one has ever seen.

today I introduce a simple project using YY voice: a monthly income of 3000 yuan, YY believe that many people know it, YY number of people online selling a lot, OK, we calculate a bill, 1 grade 64 crown of the YY price of 10 yuan, 1 5 a channel ID can sell tens to hundreds.

make money online in many projects, the key is you not to dig, some even if you know what you are not going to do that? Why? Because a lot of people are not willing to adhere to, some things you must go to succeed, you can make money online.


I also have a single page stand for slimming pills. The main keyword is diet pills. A month before the word weight loss drug list, my ranking was 60 a few, my site in sh419 sixty name, for around 40 days, ranking did not change much. Looking at the weight loss class of Taobao customers more day by day, I am very anxious. If it goes on like this, with the increasing competition, my station may never have the chance to row in. At this time, I passed the test, found that sh419 algorithm has a new change: if the content of the website is the original, but also by other websites reproduced more, then give the website sh419 weight will be higher. In fact, this has been sh419, but recently sh419 increased the weight of the article reprint quantity. So I adopted the method is: insist on writing two times a day on the original article on weight loss for this I also consulted a lot of information on weight loss, and strive to improve the quality of the article. Then I opened ten high weight blog sh419, Sina, etc. I website article is sh419 included later, I put this article wholly intact sent to these blogs, at the same time, I also went to sh419, Taobao, sina Post Bar community community to contribute, at the same time I site take the link note here is the URL, but not type anchor text link. In this way, I have been holding on for ten days. Ten days later, I was surprised to find that there are many websites that have reprinted my articles, and some websites have dealt with my articles in a pseudo original way. Just a month’s time, my chain number from more than 900, an increase of more than 2000, while sh419 rankings from sixty to a dozen.

first one, this is definitely my first thought, was originally released in June at the beginning of, but no one to do, then some of my friends email said to do, but still do not see this thing, how can we make money, between the case with the original 3000 month, earn is less, have a great relationship with the execution of this thing. First, this project ideas, not by YY is the main drainage, YY levels linked to the crown, and then take out sales, a number of YY crown price at least 15 dollars in more than 24 hours, then hang up 1 months can be linked to the crown, was really about sales a lot, I’ll introduce to, let’s take a look at my June Original:


OK, so we can use YY hanging open, because the YY upgrade is in accordance with the time to count, we can hang up 24 hours, a more open device can open 15 accounts, but we an ordinary computer with virtual machine can be installed at least 6.7 words, then we are false to run sandboxed machine, so we actually reached 1 virtual machine *7*3 *15 YY=315 sandbox YY, YY before I was playing 24 hours, almost a month’s time to hang 1 crown level, 5 ID official application standard if I’m not mistaken it should be 50 accounts in a channel for 2 hours to pull OK, so we can hang out one month to 315 YY, and 6 short bit ID, if you have time, you can put up 315 short bits of ID, then a month down is you income Little? Don’t ask me to hang out with YY has no one, I can tell you the exact, as long as you complete information, don’t sell you sold me, I decided to, OK, if you do not understand where you can contact me, my e-mail address: XXXXX@126 changed. If it is convenient for everyone to do the video on the

as far as I know, now do weight-loss products Taobao station, innumerable. If you don’t believe it, you go to sh419 to search for the word "diet pills", and I guarantee that from the first page to the tenth page, it is the top-level domain name for slimming drugs. And more than 80% of the stations are single page form of Taobao. There are a lot of weight Taobao Webmaster Station a headache, because the optimal weight loss drug list the word true is too difficult, too much competition, in my opinion, the difficulty of the word after the optimization of the word "SEO". All of the site structure is basically similar, webmaster optimization methods and means are basically similar, so if you can stand out in so many competitors? Today I use examples to share my experience.

was relatively sloppy to write, but I think you can understand what is the meaning, may say that a computer linked to more than 300 YY sounds horrible, but can not be linked to the main computer with you, as I now if the computer configuration is in general, I have more than 100.

My so-called entrepreneurial projectsHello, founder of a Allen Lin and his 360 million meal, chili s

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sixth project ticketing website. Doing this site is because a period of time, attractions tickets earned a little money. Then start the YY. If I make a ticket class website. Everyone calls for me when I go shopping. Each earned one. There are so many people all over the country. That would be nice. But the station didn’t do it either. Tickets for such things are low in profit. Occasionally there is a phone call to booking, I am too lazy

– yes, except for singing, I only know how to eat and study.

at the end of June 2016, Allen Lin integrates Youku life "creation of meter" food, hand wash, Tmall’s box three platform.

– again, will you choose your

fifth projects. SkyDrive. This site on-line, did not go to promotion. This station is the collapse of the reference XUN6 and the city and thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers. Because I analyzed it. The domestic famous point Wangzhuan network hard disk competition is not so fierce. With the hard disk based Wangzhuan is not much. Bought a commercial version of the program. No time to toss about. The website is off. Now the big companies out of SkyDrive quite a lot. Do it yourself. Hang up pop-up ads, too.

a bottle of 360 million worth of sauce,


both the stage and the cooking stove need to be created. Eating delicious food and talking about art is probably the best combination of life.


cut the fast-food business and concentrated on the sauce. In May 11, 2016, the rice sauce was formally launched, and 30 thousand bottles were sold for 2 hours;

from the singer to roll up its sleeves into the kitchen to make chili entrepreneurs, Allen Lin has completely changed: love free man turned to workers, running around in the project roadshow and prostitution and entertainer, study around the cooperation, because the company management issues such as night insomnia etc.. But Allen Lin is very proud: "from singing to chili sauce, it can be said that the spiritual level to the material level I have covered, and this is a very proud thing."." Some people joked that we grew up listening to Allen Lin’s songs and eating his chili sauce.

says the first project. I’ve been fooling around. Thousands of IP from the first web site. To close the station later, to 2020 after the domain name renewal. Waste without words. Two years ago, I changed my website into a website for the production of websites, and gave it to my brother. It’s annoying to meet a dissatisfied change. But on the whole, if you are willing to pick up. This site is still profitable. Thanks to those who know I’m a vagabond and believe in me.

fourth projects. Base station. Send me a web site from a friend. The station lasted several months. No gain without loss. I don’t understand the world of friends. Therefore, the constant revision, traffic is constantly dropping. Just shut it up. The other day, another friend said his station was walled. Should I congratulate myself on not insisting on it?. Maybe when I sit as close as 1024. Wall again. I guess I’ll feel even worse.

Allen Lin’s entrepreneurial dramatic, LIAN ceyuan founding partner of Feng Bo and he had a meal called "you must do and food related things, I want to invest in you! I want you to start!" second days, he gave Allen Lin 500 thousand dollars, then hit $500 thousand. The news of Xu Xiaoping also quickly joined in, and became the angel of the rice Ye investors, Allen Lin was so "forced" entrepreneurship.

with "capital", "project", "cooperation", "investment", so it is the high-end scam, like college waste have even won’t do this message is full of "my project", the layman does not know this grandson do big business sound. – at the beginning of this article, I quote the words of my friend Mr. Big dog. Ha-ha。

second items, callback card. It was found on Taobao a few years ago. Call cheap. So they sold some cards. Basically make a profit of thirty percent. Later, I did a callback system, and then sold their own cards on the loss. Because I met a cheater. It’ll work just as well as an Internet phone like UUCALL. You should still make some money.

both the stage and the cooking stove need to be created. Eating delicious food and talking about art is probably the best combination of life.


in April 2016, won the Huiyuan Group, Fang Sheng fund and other tens of millions of yuan A round of financing;

people are iron, rice is God, people hungry, will soon appear "Ye" mentality. "God must eat a good meal", which is the name of the name of "rice God".

2014, rice Ye founded, but the product is really on-line in May 11, 2016. In a year or so, 30 million of the sales have been completed. Online "Red + video live + electricity supplier", offline and major business, super convenience store cooperation, etc., rice Ye has been in accordance with their own speed of rapid development:

"the real recorded hotpot appeared in the Song Dynasty, when the name was called" Xia Xia. ". A small stove above a carbon pot, pour in the spring water, meat slice, made into sauce with wine, soy sauce, pepper, cinnamon, etc. bubbling and boiling, clip in soup boiled, dipped in sauce to eat… "… eat Allen Lin, between the words" greedy taste full.

in March 2015, the real fund and LIAN policy source millions of angel investment;

third projects. The conquering SF., those years have been playing conquest. Later, I bought the game server with my friend. I found a computer room in Harbin. Maybe the line. There are always people talking about card delay. It’s nothing special. Not making money, either. Lose money, play for a year. This year, with my friend’s permission. Sell the server once. However, people just opened shortly before being attacked, can not go down.

Site traffic analysis is of great help to improve the conversion rate

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recently held in London the World Tourism Fair (World Travel Market), the tourism industry experts gathered on site traffic analysis (Web Analytics) and the great influence of seemingly not worth mentioning on the business site observation and adjustment are discussed.

Expedia, director of business development at Cameron Jones, stressed the importance of the site’s rapid response to business: "in 2006, people were willing to wait 4 seconds for web pages to open.". Now they are only willing to wait for 2 seconds."

online reservation system can lead to the loss of valuable customers even if there is a little bit of error. Jones, in his speech entitled "don’t make me think, or let me wait", emphasizes that customer satisfaction is bound to be a source of customer loyalty.

In fact, the

website is not satisfied with the crowd, 79% of users even go back to your site, they may not consume, while 27% of people may not visit your site, "he said.

Jones emphasizes that when using web traffic analysis tools, you can’t just focus on conversion rates. The travel industry also spends the same time, not only to attract customers to the site, but also to let them stay on top, and to ensure that they complete the entire transaction.

"Normally, the

is already at the site users to better use than to attract more users to access these sites and poor performance of lower cost," Scotland based Inverness Highland business research co-founder Vicky Brock said. "If we can increase the actual conversion rate of 1000 users who intend to make reservations, it would be more cost-effective than attracting 5000 more users to the site."

Brock added that the successful conversion rate for general tourism sites was only 1%-3%.

"not every web site visitor can finally buy it," she said. However, there are many people who have planned this, but because they have too many difficulties, the user experience is too bad, and one step in the whole process has gone wrong. They tried, but finally gave up, and the site lost the customers."

, she stressed, "this is a simple mistake, but it can also drain potential income.". And because there is no website traffic analysis, many companies have not found these problems exist.

"it’s a quick way to save the orders that are about to be abandoned during the booking process," Brock said. "Whether you like it or not, many people visit your site every day, hoping to satisfy your purpose and meet the purpose of the site, but in the end everything went wrong and the site might not be aware of it."."

"maybe they’ll try again until the operation is successful.". >

The way to Web Analytics (1) where do people visit websites come from

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notes in the process of using analysis tools and learning analysis methods, Paidai starts.


is learning to use tools, it’s probably the original goal. I’m using Google Analytics here. First, I’ll put an overview of it:


this is a very small website, a week of data, you can see:

(1) has dozens of people visiting every day, and the number of people is increasing gradually.

(2) has about two times the amount of visitors, and visitors look at only two pages,

(3) accounts for about 85% of new visitors, and 74% of visitors come from search engines, suggesting that the site has just picked up and is heavily dependent on search engine

(4) has 125 target transformations, which are left for subsequent analysis,

(5) in addition to the home page, the sale directory access is second, accounting for about 10%, indicating that this page visitors click more

business people, the most concerned about is how guests come. In the same way, people who analyze websites are most interested in where visitors come from. Google Analytics [source of traffic] is part of the answer to this question.


can be seen from the figure, Google Analytics can identify the main source of visitors was designated in three types: direct flow, promotion website and search engine, there is a class of the AdWords (the following series of advertising and advertising version belong to AdWords), in addition, there is a [keyword], is a weapon analysis tool, it can be judged whether the visitor is through the search word then went to our website, which make targeted improvements are directly helpful for the analysis of sources and.

below, let’s take a look at the first part: direct traffic

direct traffic is the embodiment of the value of a web site. The direct traffic involved in this article is very small and almost negligible, indicating that the site is basically unknown.



appeared in the "first set" second "target set" Google Analytics provides a simple target monitoring function, it can open the web page through the method of recording link tracking under the visitors click on whether some of the links, the so-called transformation rate monitoring. For example: 1 click the sale promotion directory, is actually a picture link on our website, the target address is the sale directory, if a visitor through the search engine to open our home page, and click on the picture.

Kunming Women’s entrepreneurship innovation demonstration center will be opened tomorrow

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female entrepreneurs often face many social and family pressure, for helping women entrepreneurs, built the Kunming Municipal Women’s Federation of women’s entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration center, help in finance, law, entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship for the majority of women helping support.

2006 years, the Kunming Municipal Women’s Federation and further promote the "action for women employment, to micro financial services as the starting point, has been issuing small loans, help free up lending, labor-intensive enterprises loans 2 billion 177 million yuan of funds to support the 35 thousand women entrepreneurs, with nearly 100 thousand women in employment, and foster more than 2800 women entrepreneurs, reserve a number of women’s entrepreneurship.

in the business sea, Nei, the majority of aspiring entrepreneurs career women through mutual help to achieve business objectives. Successful example of women entrepreneurs continue to encourage new female entrepreneurs recommend