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Love the sea really put you as the original source

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I’m in the A5 Adsense nets cast a soft, but 2 hours later, found in the audit success, but I check included, has not been included in the Shanghai love, so I love the sea search for the title of the article, the original articles included me be startled at, in other sites, other sites must be collected A5 webmaster net, then, I think, love Shanghai will identify who is original? So I did an experiment, just to love Shanghai A5 station network included the first release of the article, in order to decide the conclusion. The second day, I checked the original articles included, A5 station is love Shanghai included, but I love Shanghai in search of the title, in the first row is the A5 station network, but another site of another collection of A5 articles, let’s look at the time of release, A5 net release time it is 11:36 on May 27, 2013, and the acquisition station release time is 13:14 on May 27, 2013, but why is it ranked in the front? You can see pictures, love Shanghai included the original A5 that article, but the ranking is not the first, as follows:

In fact, love is that Shanghai

acquisition station is original, why do you say that? You may feel not release time can determine who is the original? Love Shanghai not think so, because some time release system can be easily modified, may cheat, to love Shanghai will not release time as the main reference factor recognition the original source, that is what love? Shanghai official also pointed out: " adjust the identification and sorting algorithm has been committed to the original content, there are many factors will affect the identification of the original algorithm, and even lead to the failure of judgment. First of all, to the original acquisition and polymerization by content similarity, the similar pages together as the original identification of the candidate set; secondly, the collection of the original candidate, by author, publication time, links, user reviews, author and site history, the original forward trajectory such as hundreds of factors to identify the original judgment "finally, through the analysis of the value system; value judgment level of the original content and appropriate guidance for final ranking ".

actually see this title, we will think of this not what can be the matter in dispute. After a few days I found, I feel love in Shanghai to estimate the original sources is not mature enough, love Shanghai in the webmaster information platform also released the original thing, the establishment of the original project team to fight a protracted war, and pointed out that the original "origin" recognition algorithm, but this algorithm is not mature enough, so I came to Shanghai to talk about love that something original, webmaster should pay attention to this problem, don’t let the other grab your labor.

love Shanghai but also gives some suggestions, we can also go to the Ping Service, because of love in Shanghai approved release time, all our servers crawling when the Ping Service is to update notification service based on XML_RPC standard protocol, is used.

Do enterprise stand optimization needs from 5 aspects to consider

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The rational use of Update and optimization of The Now the

station in correlation to note.

enterprise station itself is not for profit, its establishment is in fact more to create an industry name card with potential cooperation, let friends can contact their active. So the content of the website has become the best form of publicity of their own. This is more important for enterprise station. Of course, during operation we cannot order that several so-called high heat words and go online to grab some articles to supplement, instead we should supplement the process pays great attention to the relevance of the article. For example, your word is to optimize the water purifier, I can be targeted in this paper reflect European water purifier, water purifier, high quality water purifier, different kinds of words can change into a different view, because the love of Shanghai algorithm for judging points between very carefully, not only to highlight the word and related products words are embodied, the water purifier price, purpose etc.. Of course, do we need to understand these articles before website updates are based on the natural foundation, do not appear in the process of keyword stuffing cheating, not only detrimental in spider’s image, but also affect the user experience. >

chain for the emperor, content is king, the truth is not a fake website operation, but compared to the traditional method, the weight of the label should be appropriate to quote us more attention. Common B, strong nofollow, the bold tag, H tag, we use the weight of these markers in the process of optimization is very beneficial to enhance weight of Web site keywords and title, nofllow mainly for the index page of some spiders do not participate in the ranking page, we can use this shielding label let the spider know these pages just to show, not to calculate to the ranking of the weight page. While the use of some other labels can make the whole process of establishment we have many important points. We stand for the enterprise construction, in addition to the content and form of business more flexibility for the rational use of the weight of these labels will also play a multiplier effect. After all, every page there is not always a display to the user, we must make it valuable to the user, otherwise the extra weight page is likely to drag the whole website accumulation.

label on the site structure layer weight.

network elements when popular, many small and medium enterprises in the face of competition under the pressure line, usually used to expand online means to ease the pressure of survival. With the dissemination of information quickly, online orders apparently became a lot of small and medium enterprises straw. Therefore, it is not hard to understand why the small and medium-sized enterprise website optimization will become a vital force in the field of Shanghai dragon new. Of course I don’t want to talk about the optimization method and process of Shanghai dragon in the traditional sense today, but to stand for enterprises in the process of optimization often ignore the details of a stressed, hope to help you.

We all know that

How to achieve the promotion of Shanghai dragon tyrants Internet screen

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screen mode

in the promotion of the work, there is a way "is the screen". That is to say, the keyword search results, video, news source, know the search engine platform products own network products to occupy the proportion, that is to say, the number of search show the position and proportion of more of its own brand as far forward as possible. In fact, do promotion on the screen of the search engine is very important, but also determine the amount of success of the screen a project in an area.

screen is very important, first of all design [Keywords] and then through the search target, the target keywords to view its rankings and key platform. Check the platform included sites, especially UGC, PGC video website, it can help to search engines, in a large number of included after ranking is demonstrated, which is very important. The screen keyword search box there is a way, is the screen of long tail keywords, this model through classified information platform, search engine ranking, know library better platform to upload the content, to do so, it is easy to make a lot of long tail keywords ranking, after a large number of long tail keywords ranking, search engine data screening will enhance the target keywords ranking, put a few of the long tail word ranking based on the target relation >


screen is a way very difficult, to promote its mass, need to continuously update the original, pseudo original, and brought together a variety of resources, mining platform, in order to achieve the effect of the screen from the root, in short is as difficult as the general promotion, Shanghai dragon is a function of the curtain after driving and the need to constantly.

on the screen promotion, Shanghai dragon occupies a very large proportion, often in the promotion process, target keywords it is only a dozen, but requires a large number of video and news source content, know to enrich, so as to ensure a keyword search results page to display. With the standard of Internet products, the quality of the original content, more and more important. The acquisition of user generated content, and screen keywords in the search engine, can enhance brand awareness, especially in the industry, to ensure the stability of its brand awareness and growth, but many enterprises at this point do not pay enough attention, this approach is not desirable. As a business, training industry, manufacturing industry needs to promote, especially in the mining industry keywords results, often through the target keywords Shanghai dragon to make their sites difficult to obtain ranking, then through the search engine to know, video, news sources and other functions to make their commercial brand keywords and maximize the show, then for potential users.

internet promotion screen is very important, but it is time to screen the search results, you need to use a different platform, if you screen your own media is OK, if you want to achieve the screen in the search results, it is a very difficult, need to constantly groping.

Secret 2012 of the school’s most profitable shop

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now the school so many students so much, in this vast market if you do not seize this market that is really a pity.

!The snack bar next to the University and high school

in addition, should choose the brand more loud, well-known national and special snack as a business platform.


these goods reserves are limited, the lack of which are not damaged, often rush to repair. The biggest characteristic of the repair shop is not because of the benefit of small, frequent purchase, so the most suitable for the disabled or elderly management.


How to locate the small ice cream shop how to profit

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we know that as soon as the summer ice cream industry has become the hottest industry, which naturally attracted the attention of more and more investors  . For an entrepreneur, the successful opening of an ice cream shop, location is crucial, and even the success or failure of entrepreneurship. The following Xiaobian for everyone to carry out a detailed analysis.

General for open ice cream shops are: Commercial Street, shopping malls, supermarkets, schools nearby (distance school less than 1000 meters), the campus, bars, office buildings, gas station, airport, train station, subway stations and other places.

according to location: Commercial Street, shopping malls for the opening price in 25 yuan -50 yuan between the ice cream shop;

and the ice cream product price 8-18 yuan, as can be imagined, it should be the best location of the popularity of the mall, commercial street.

divided by external factors: the best store door adjacent to the road, the peak flow of 100 people per hour, the traffic flow of 200 vehicles per hour is the best. Store the best choice from the beauty shop, clothing stores, jewelry stores, supermarkets are not more than 500 meters, because the main crowd is the main consumer of ice cream, ice cream shop in the vicinity to attract the target customers.

According to the


How do yo tea profit – bin Ali

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milk tea to join the project selection, for entrepreneurs, is a very powerful choice. How about bin Ali yo tea? High quality delicious. In the food and beverage market, with the advantages of good business projects, we need to join!

With the continuous improvement of the living standard of

, people are more and more interested in the pursuit of spiritual enjoyment. Manufacturers are also constantly concerned about the pursuit of the trend, according to people’s preferences at this stage to create popular products. The recent one called tea brand fast-food bin Ali yo swept the catering market, attract diners attention, caused the consumer boom. Bin Ali yo milk tea is a fast-food restaurant a snack with tea, tasty and convenient. Yo, fresh tea bin Ali fashion, health, creative invincible, of personality. Bin Ali tea profit yo?


bin Ali tea.


1, selection of tea tea tea source selecting fine bin Ali yo, fine baked fried tea slowly, to retain the original maximum nutrition, unique fragrance.

2, Handmade: method of making unique exquisite handmade, fine tea tea by bin Ali Yo and delicious milk, are now sold, fresh and delicious.

3, green health: Yo bin Ali without adding any tea, no cream, no powder, no pigment, no additives, green health.

4, product variety: Yo tea products bin Ali variety, tea, fruit juice, etc. Smoothie everything. The company will continue to update products to meet market demand.

joined bin Ali yo tea project, is a very powerful choice. If you join, bin Ali also very yo tea project, interested. Then move on! Come and join us!

Want to open a hot pot shop how the site

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Hot pot has now become a no off-season business, so now many people want to join the investment project Hot pot, want to open a business, is the key to making money in the choice of the store Hot pot shop, then how to choose the shop open Hot pot store? Let’s take a look at it.

before determining the Hot pot franchise, regional construction planning must consult the local relevant departments to understand and grasp the potential locations, which areas were planning is divided into commercial and cultural areas, tourist areas, transportation center, residential area, industrial zone, etc.. Because regional planning often involves building demolition and reconstruction, without understanding, blindly selected chain enterprises in the cost recovery before they encounter the demolition, the enterprise would suffer huge economic losses, or lose the original geographical advantage. At the same time, grasp the regional planning for us to determine the different types of business, according to the different regional types and operating specifications.

The wardrobe stores location which has a small – business proposal

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market wardrobe industry prospects, many entrepreneurs choose high-quality wardrobe, wardrobe for the family clothes placed more reasonable, in the face of such demand, people for the furniture product requirements are much higher, join the investment project wardrobe entrepreneurs more and more, and the store location is directly related to the business is good or bad, want to open wardrobe stores choose a good store location is very important.

wardrobe stores want to be recognized, first of all to ensure the store location can have a lot of traffic, traffic convenience can bring good business for the store, because the closet size is relatively large, the transportation is very convenient, these locations not only convenient traffic, there is a flow of people, open the wardrobe stores appropriate.

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The ten rod brand ranking

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fishing this has some movement has always been loved by a lot of people, in order to survive it, or a kind of leisure activities, in short, rod market because this interest hobby has been rapid development. In fact, as early as in the Paleolithic era, the human nature of the use of tree branches and antlers antlers, pig teeth, stone, etc. made of primitive fishing gear in rivers, lakes, fish and shellfish.

6000 years ago, there have been China bone harpoons, hooks, fish dart gun head, etc.. Lu Guimeng of the Tang Dynasty in the "preface" fishing is described in detail and then distinguish the fishing gear and fishing method. Today, the prevalence of fishing gear, fishing law is the last two hundred or three hundred years and the development of the fishing gear materials have been replaced by synthetic fibers and plastics. The following ten fishing rod brand list, so that we can have a better understanding of the fishing rod market.

ten fishing rod brand list NO1- fishing king

Wang is a collection of fishing bait, fishing tackle, outdoor equipment R & D, production, sales and service in one of the professional and modernized enterprise group; founded in Anlu city of Hubei Province in 1995. In 2007 the headquarters moved to Wuhan Panlong city. In more than and 10 years, in the joint efforts of all partners and chairman Gao Jiaquan hard, colleagues for their support in the fishing tackle company, one step growth in China fishing industry to establish a good market reputation and reputation, universally liked fishing people. The company covers an area of 99000 square meters of construction area of 48000 square meters (including construction area) fishing production Industrial Park and logistics base, a total of more than and 500 employees, fishing king group has become one of the most China fishing industry well-known enterprises

ten brand ranking NO2- Guangwei fishing rod

Wei Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, the headquarters of infrastructure in Vancouver Canada Wei Technology Co. Ltd. has a high-quality sales team management, senior management 80% master degree or above, more than 65% business team offers 7 bachelor degree, 24 hours a day, a range of services. Well, products shall test and quality control by strict 100% complete, to ensure the quality, compatibility and reliability of its a to. In the minds of customers and consumers has been completely synonymous with quality stability and efficiency.

ten NO3- brand rankings. Fishing rod

Hangzhou falai Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd, after years of efforts and hard work, rapid development, become integrated fishing industry R & D, production and sales of the modern enterprise. Company to "create a world fishing tackle industry well-known brands, become international fishing friends" for the long-term, professional production of high density carbon fiber and glass fiber fishing rod fishing rod, has been developed to produce more than and 70.

Create entrepreneurship Tianfu introduction of innovative entrepreneurial talent

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entrepreneurship can not be separated from the talent, the current variety of college students entrepreneurship training program, migrant workers return home entrepreneurship support program, etc., are to train or introduce suitable talent. Who can get more entrepreneurial talent, who may take the initiative in the entrepreneurial market.

two to strengthen co-ordination. To further integrate the work of human resources, pooling talent policy resources, the establishment of the most convenient mechanism for personnel services, lay a good combination of talent work". To focus on the relevant provisions of the "policy", and consider the district (city) county and municipal departments have issued the relevant personnel policy as soon as possible to develop implementation rules, operation method and other related documents, to ensure that the city’s "a game of chess".

three to do the propaganda work. To increase publicity efforts, with the help of various types of media propaganda campaign to expand the awareness of the city’s personnel policy, the full release of Chengdu select the world of excellence and use of the strong signal.