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An on-line algorithm Scindapsus love Shanghai chain trading platform is K

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Scindapsus?The meaning of the

1, super chain intermediary will be against


visible above the Links plate for a sale site Links, analysis Links visible much of it is not related to the industry, and there are a variety of industries.

to see Ali slightly included in the site records available, included Ali slightly reduced from 125 to 0 of the website, very understand very clearly, is K, and the date is February 20th!!! This love Shanghai Scindapsus officially launched the date of agreement algorithm.

example: Ali slightly outside the chain trading platform by K.

3, buy links will be checked, high quality original site will improve

after the love Shanghai set up a web search anti cheating team, love Shanghai and recently launched a love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm, the new algorithm officially launched, on-line time for the first week after the Spring Festival to February 19, 2013.

What is the


will be right down the site for example as shown in figure

We all know that

Wenzhou Shanghai dragon love Shanghai analysis, think the site is the value of the user’s recognition and the value of the site itself, rather than become a stepping stone to a profit. Super chain intermediary, the chain trading platform is the malformation of the flower, need to purify

love Shanghai new algorithm Scindapsus aureus algorithm


2, selling links website will also be adjusted

analysis of Wenzhou Shanghai dragon blog, this link to sell for a living, collection as the main content of the website seriously affect the Internet environment, will be hit.


can we love Shanghai search Ali slightly, you can not find the site because of Ali Ali slightly, slightly the site was K



love Shanghai pay more attention to the original, so when we remember to retain the source address reprint. Reprinted from blog 贵族宝贝131798贵族宝贝/post/270.html, don’t forget

The Oh!

Wenzhou Shanghai dragon look, feel a little sense. Will the regular benign Shanghai Longfeng way to get attention, at the same time more valuable website will get more and more to show, Shanghai Longfeng staff will see their hard effort to get good results.

love Shanghai algorithm and Scindapsus is green, the green evergreen plants, strong vitality, purifying the air and the environment, known as the "flower of life", and the flower of happiness. Thus, Wenzhou Shanghai dragon that love the sea the meaning of this name is to purify the Internet space, against low quality website.

Also to say defeat WeChat will be what kind of product

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today to see a "Deconstruction: WeChat beat WeChat will is a what kind of products", the authors write very detailed, for WeChat product function analysis is also good, also put forward the future direction of the innovation of the. However, is not deep into the essence of social content from? From the perspective of competition, it is not seen a key winning hand? The final outcome of a product, the product details is absolutely not so simple, is absolutely not a circle of friends the flow of information display, friends comment view permissions settings…


for the product innovation principles mentioned in the article, for the challenge of WeChat, there is no possibility. Here are 5 principles for analysis.

mentioned in the article, "the first point: to strangers social breakthrough."."

to strangers as a breakthrough social, undeniable, to do social networking is a good entry point, is a rare gap in the tycoon, there is an opportunity. But for strangers, socializing, historically, the challenge of being a WeChat class product, has not yet been born. Whether it is MySpace, snapchat, or China, unfamiliar street, micro-blog, explore it, it can achieve a market, the birth of a good company, or even a unicorn, but a few possible giant.

Facebook started out as a school acquaintance and began to expand into society, and in the end it was based on social acquaintances. But its product form is different, it is different from the once MySpace space social, nor is it twitter broadcast social, not MSN instant messaging.

mentioned second points: novelty, fun, extensive participation, continuous use,

this is hardly used as a social product innovation principle as a reference. "Fun" such as the year of happy net vegeteal swept the entire network, resulting in a lot of work directly blocked happy net, to prevent employees to work on happy net, the user’s extensive participation and the insanity of the unmatched. But many "novelty, fun" things do not have the possibility of "continuous use". It’s novel, playful and continuing to use. What kind of being is this, like God?. Million grade products often do not emphasize individuality, more emphasis on simple and easy to use, emphasizing versatility, easy to do new, funny social. It’s not about games, it’s about socializing.

"continuous use" of this "principle", basically all products, not simply the pursuit of social products, it is not a principle in itself, but the goal of all products.

mentioned in the article "third points: interactive way to find bright spots"

, for the sake of beating WeChat’s level of product innovation, it is only one tactical means to find the bright spot in the interactive way. Can not fundamentally solve the fight. For example >

LV Fu home how to enhance the user experience of small and medium enterprises website

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website, for everyone to understand is not the same, the Internet in China, people’s lives more and more inseparable. The rapid development of online shopping, how to retain business users, improve online sales become the focus of attention, for personal website which is safer, more services in place, better quality is a priority. Between merchants and customers need to establish a network relationship, how to establish the business is the most troublesome problem, the emergence of the user experience to narrow the credibility of businesses and users, the rate of single rate has greatly improved. The following author (Lv Fujia) introduces the importance of user experience at four points:

1, customer confidence in the website

virtual Internet, enterprise reputation, customer reputation is very important, only in the case of mutual trust in order to reach an agreement, the success of the transaction. Merchant website layout, color matching, information architecture, image clarity, etc., will affect the customer’s confidence in the site. Users feel good about the site, it is possible to browse down, and then to consultation, comparison, the final transaction. To improve the user experience, here are a few brief points:

1, reasonable layout: customers easily browse the site, the site column reasonable position, primary and secondary clear.

2, color matching: color should be combined with products, the industry, the applicable crowd and other design, different industries and products, users have different effects

3, information content: information content should be professional, should be primary and secondary, clear, reasonable classification. Avoid cross industry information.

4, pictures and text: pictures to be fresh, text size, color, spacing to standard.

above is the author (Lv Fujia) to improve the credibility of the website a few suggestions

two, site content

knows that the content of the site is important, but how to do it and how to make it work is the first consideration for the site owner. Good web content and user experience can increase the viscosity of your website. How to extend the user experience to web content, the author (Lv Fujia) said:

1, website content planning should be reasonable,

there are many branches in every industry and there is a lot of information. So, finding the information theme of your website is the key to success. On the contrary, your website will be a hodgepodge. To learn how to pick and choose, to find what you are good at, large customer demand, high value of information to build columns. Why is there a good or bad Web site, Lu Fu home that reasonable content planning to put the user experience in the first place?.

2, website content authenticity, timeliness,

real content will be read more people, by exaggerating product features and exaggerated information, the actual situation is not feasible. When introducing products, individual websites only say "advantages" and say "no". Cause customer misunderstanding, and eventually lead to frequent after-sale problems. Therefore, when releasing any information, we must introduce more, less exaggeration.

moreover, the timeliness of information is also >

Know the future, to knowledge as the theme of the website, how to crack funds problems

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know is a very low-key company, but in half a month ago rare held a media briefing, two and a half years, this is the first time that apparently know almost ready.

knew about two and a half years since the line was launched in January 26, 2011, during which the invitation system and the audit system have been maintained. By the end of 2011 known registered users from 200 thousand to 200 growth at the beginning of the end of 2012, registered users reached about 400000, until the second half of 2012 or open access to content, and open in March 20, 2013 after the registration, know almost daily active users has increased significantly in a short period of time, active users reached 600 thousand monthly active. Users reached 10 million, half year growth of 10 times, and continue to accelerate. The daily quality of the inner volume has increased by 5 times, equivalent to 2 news portals a day’s update.

The number of

users know not a large number on the Internet, but the growth rate is savage and fruitful, as CEO know almost week source self pride that knows the user although less, but one of the best quality is the user.

through a series of activities, so that the core industry users churn rate from the birth date to maintain below 17% of the low level, new industry users growth is far greater than the low rate of loss. Through the efforts of the operation and long-term accumulation, knowledge has gradually formed a wide range of industry professionals, communities, optional an industry or professional, can be found in the knowledge of the recent active users.

is known to almost give users value is self-evident, in my knowledge on Timeline, many people share and answer questions in all walks of life, of every hue diligently, and make their own judgments on the value of existing answers. Their colleagues who are constantly producing value continue to enjoy the value of other people’s production.

is also known to almost has become my second Wikipedia, scientific squirrel, shell network after another important source of knowledge of the internet.

but the more you love them from the bottom of your heart, the more you worry about their future from the bottom of your heart. Because of the "knowledge" as the theme of the website, there is the problem of funds.

Wikipedia every year at hope users and give them millions of dollars in donations to the consortium, so that they can survive for a year. Although every year the donation will surprise without risk raising success, but there is always a sense of crisis, if next year there is no donations do? Perhaps unfounded reason, every time they raise money when they are offered a few blocks.

now, Wikipedia has become the world’s fifth largest website, "

Meta tag three point detail optimization

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on [meta tags SEO optimization], I have written before the relevant articles, this time mainly to talk about Meta tags in the optimization process of a few details. In the SEO industry, I am willing to share my experience, rather than always silently studying, silently enjoying the fruits of SEO. If you feel good one, feel good, would you please keep a good mood, don’t drop the egg float.

Meta tag three point of detail optimization should pay attention to the problem:

1. Spiders crawl Meta,


, I’m in the [meta tag SEO optimization," a text said, there has been a small error, Spider Simulator simulation, it is really Keywods first grab, and then Desecription. We note that the simulator simulation test does not have mock tests before the entrance exam, yes, after all, it is not the entrance exam. Spider Simulator is the same, after all, is simulation, it is only a tool, rather than the real SE.

The order of

two and Meta

for this problem, I analyzed a lot of Web sites, spiders on the Meta crawl is to see the code, you put in front, I’ll catch, you put, I will catch. In fact, long ago I know this problem, but I haven’t got my own attention. I always ignore the problems around me. One ignores the most common and basic problems in SEO.

three, Spider Simulator crawl does not display Keywods and Desecription

example: Spider Simulator capture does not display the Keywods and Desecription? Why there will be such a problem, carefully open the site webmaster will find that Meta wrote:

so Spider Simulator is not captured, because this description does not conform to the W3C standard. However, it does not affect real spider crawling and indexing, and the real spider uses two patterns: standard and nonstandard. The correct description should be:

is the W3C standard, the simulator uses standard mode, so you can grab the contents of Meta. The optimization effect of the two cases is almost the same, so there is no need to pay too much attention.

Take family portrait mourning husband happy smile sad

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is a family of four sons and daughters, is the most happy thing, but an accident that Nichol lost her husband, only one person waiting for the lovely girl was born. But love is always full of her heart beat, family portrait of mourning husband, happy smile, perfect a touched millions of users.

the group photo in Qian Denis on face book has been shared more than one hundred thousand times, causing a lot of resonance. Many netizens said the group was moved by creative photos.

also have the same experience with friends inspired by Nichol, made a similar picture to commemorate their deceased family.



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How to join the project investment wall easy start

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with the current increasing demand for home improvement, but also to promote the development of home improvement building materials market. There are a lot of people want to do business to join the project investment wall art. But for the novice entrepreneurship, to successfully run a wall art stores, learning the successful experience of the others is very necessary. Following by the well-known Shanghai wall to join some valuable experience summary of brand chain, hoping to provide some help to practitioners.

. Do not have to join the project wall art business, stride, stride forward. Many entrepreneurs will fall into this vicious circle, indecisive, indecisive, not only delay the best period of entrepreneurship, but also to let others seize the opportunities. The wall wall art show with years of experience that the majority of entrepreneurs, the selected target accurate attack, you hesitate longer, more likely to self doubt on the project, and this uncertainty will make you miss the opportunity.

two. First select the industry, and then select the project, so that entrepreneurs can get twice the result with half the effort. In the face of the wall art dragons and fishes jumbled together to join the market, many entrepreneurs do not know what to do, in fact, when you determine the look for their own to enter the field, industry, will be able to narrow the range of options. The beauty of the wall show wall art project as an example, then look for the Home Furnishing decorative building materials, products can take advantage of attracting consumers and agents, provide a variety of wall art for consumers to bring huge profits in return for agents.

three. Do business with the headquarters of the advantages of wall art projects, complementary advantages. For many entrepreneurs, it may be the first venture, for the product, project, management and not fully understand how to deal with such a phenomenon? The wall show wall art project headquarters for the agents to reduce the risk of investment, no store, no space, and simple community sales, can not only ensure that agents directly face the customer consumer groups, but also to achieve the most effective communication. At the same time, the walls show wall art headquarters for the agents to provide goods, on-site installation services and various integrated services, so that agents can easily start.

How to start the

wall art stores, as experienced by Shanghai to join wall art brand chain will own experience for the majority of entrepreneurs, hoping to help get more friends, but also hope that through these suggestions can avoid detours to help entrepreneurs, investors and operators can more easily start.

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Good read Sony name is how to take notes

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may be due to the impact of the environment, perhaps because many people have been in the hearts of such a dream, in short, rather than working for others, it is better to start their own business. The start-up business is a long process, need to have a good plan. Consider from the shop early, then the values and the choice of shops. A name is particularly important in the whole process of the shop.

now "Sony" can be described as familiar to everyone. The birth of a good name is not easy.

Akio Morita in order to be able to take a name for his company painstakingly. At first, he was also the same as most of the businessmen to take a simple name for his company, Tokyo communications industry company". But it is not the name of the foreigners, and often do not feel good about doing business with them. How to get a good name to the company and became a headache Akio Morita problem.

he opened several meetings to discuss the company’s name, but also a lot of books on their own information. After several twists and turns, he felt "sonas" just in line with their own requirements, read a sense of rhythm, but more importantly, it is similar to the Japanese business, the nature of the company can be well reflected. At that time, the word "Sonny" was very popular in Japan, which means "cute boy". Akio Morita thought it was the same as the image of their company.

then he decided not to use the word "sonas" instead of "Sonny". As a global big business, "Sonny" Rome Pinyin just and Japan "loss" pronunciation is similar, it makes Akio Morita feel embarrassed. After careful consideration, he decided to remove the second "n", become now known as "Sony"".

it is clear that the name has been very successful, "Sony", whether it is in writing, or on the pronunciation of consumers have a good impression.

business revelation: choose a good name

1, a good business name. Mr Fujita Da, the founder of the Japanese Society of McDonald’s, said: "get a good name for your business.". Big companies are so attached to the name, it is important to take a good name. Shop for entrepreneurs who have to be cautious. Wine is not afraid of deep alley era has passed, the speed of their stores to spread out the information is particularly important.

good luck, many entrepreneurs believe that. This does not belong to the individual’s subjective consciousness, but it is actually able to stimulate the consumer’s desire to buy. Although there are some people who think that the name >

Create three create Iron Triangle sharing reform and development cake

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the current business environment is getting better and better, so many entrepreneurs are the beneficiary management policy, 2016 double policy continues to increase, business is the time. Volkswagen entrepreneurship innovation, sharing reform and development cake.

to create "three hit" the "iron triangle"

to create a good eco innovation and entrepreneurship, the formation of the "double" habitat, "roots" and "elite" to unleash the entrepreneurial enthusiasm, let startups grow fast. Encourage more capital into the real economy, explore the development of public equity raise, improve multi-level capital market, to create entrepreneurship, innovation and venture capital iron triangle to achieve the three hit linkage.

development of financial risk prevention

focus on Entrepreneurial Ability Cultivation

to explore the diversity of entrepreneurship education

universities to explore the diversified and multi-level entrepreneurship education practice mode. On the one hand, set up for all the students of general type of entrepreneurship education, improve their entrepreneurial awareness and ability; on the other hand, according to the conditions and thoughts of the students, the experimental class or organized entrepreneurship training camp, promote entrepreneurial projects to society. To realize the effective combination of individual needs and educational supply and improve the quality of entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities.   intellectual property to promote the dream set sail

2015 in September, the State Intellectual Property Office, the Ministry of Finance and other five ministries issued "on Further Strengthening the use and protection of intellectual property rights boost innovation and entrepreneurship", to give full play to the important role of intellectual property rights to promote innovation, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of innovative entrepreneurs to make a comprehensive plan, let thousands on thousands of innovative entrepreneurs a dream come true.


Item – small jewelry chain stores business need to pay attention to the whole

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doesn’t want to work in the hands of others. Many people have started their own business, just started not what money, choose a lot of small business projects, now many young people love to wear some small accessories, which led to the development of small jewelry industry, some entrepreneurs choose to open their own small jewelry chain so, running a small jewelry store, chain stores need to pay attention to what matters?

small adorn article chain stores note: market analysis

is not a blind set up shop of things, not to say that you want to shop to shop, shop after shop will be able to make money, not simple, success is not easy, therefore, in the shop to do the preparatory work before. What do we need to pay attention to small adorn article chain stores do a good job in market analysis, clearly know the development of the gift industry and the future trend.

small adorn article chain stores note: correct operation

in the course of the business also need to pay attention to some matters, pay more attention to detail, so as to help investors better business. How to open small adorn article chain store? In the gift packaging should pay attention to. Investors buy gifts have a variety of meanings, but because this is not the same as the meaning should have different packaging, if you pay attention to this point, do the packing work, will attract more investors to believe.

small adorn article chain stores note: location problem

shop location is critical, open a small adorn article chain stores should also focus on the location of the problem, in the right place to open shop will help investors gain greater wealth. Small adorn article chain stores open where good at the site can not need to be a large traffic, but must be conspicuous, easily found by investors. Such a price is not cheap, but also to make money!

like this industry is very good, no experience or enough money people can choose to try, entrepreneurs to open a small jewelry chain stores, we must grasp the three point Xiaobian said above, do market analysis, there is a good shop, pay attention to the operational details, in order to better success!

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