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Micro-blog account group let me share the experience of site traffic increased by five times

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included micro-blog is very fast, but the current mainstream micro-blog PR are mostly 0, using the weight transmission theory, depending on how much weight and cannot be passed down, but the weight is low and can not be said not to increase the chain and weight, such as the 300 micro-blog account I in a day can increase 500 the chain. The love of Shanghai is still very good ranking optimization.

micro-blog energy is concerned groups, if the number of your attention in 100 is equivalent to a medium-sized forum, pay attention to the number 500 is equivalent to an advertising banner, the effect is very.

web site outside of the chain webmaster mostly has a blog culture experience, Sina blog once was to a high position, but to change settings from some time ago the blog robot.txt file, love Shanghai spider is the chain weight almost no longer favor large portal blog, publish the blog has not included, this is not often seen in the past, the webmaster have abandoned the culture blog, a few of my friends around to raise hundreds of blog before, is now no longer maintain the blog development, how to explore the new increase chain resources, is now an imminent thing, micro-blog communications the exchange form of point to point, his superiority beyond the Forum, SMS, email, in 2011, two things most fire should be regarded as the group purchase and micro-blog. Every day cruising in the Internet webmaster who can not easily do not pay attention to such things, although micro-blog PR=0, but included is very fast, if you are concerned about the high popularity of words, but also to the site to bring a lot of natural flow. Is a very good way of product marketing website, here is my personal training this time micro-blog account experience to share with everyone.

and micro-blog group purchase are two kinds of Internet products nowadays is fried hot, micro-blog is able to provide effective help to improve the site traffic, my new station so far less than 5 months, through the micro-blog account group promotion, the natural flow and flow into traffic I love Shanghai the rapidly within 1 months increased 5 times, following my personal experiences in the process of exploring to share

we do website promotion and ranking webmaster, to improve the visibility of the website is simple, and natural flow, we should not only pay attention to the efficiency but also pay attention to the chances of success, more development a micro-blog account, if the account is not high degree of concern, perhaps the next account have been a lot of people are concerned, no egg put a basket, micro-blog is not directly anchor link only, some web site, but not too much, but also can reduce the scattered account account is frozen due to a chain loss problem, with the cultivation of blog account group is the same reason

2, the chain can not be lost, PR0 did not increase the chain and do not represent the weight of

1, training a group of micro-blog group

3, to publish advertisements can act tough and talk soft, soft as soft


For the four best Links resource efficient shortcut method

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4, in fact, your competitors on site Links is the best resource, but one thing is, how do we find each other contact, my own research, finally found a way to share with you now, that is to use the domain:+ domain name + Links way, generally as long as the station in the optimization, more or less will do Links exchange in some Webmaster Platform posts, and leave contact information, this time, we can add each other, and then do a chain exchange.

3, QQ group inside, Links, use chain platform, Links platform…… Key words about this, and then join in this group are very active, many webmaster exchange chain inside, but this group, I went to the exchange, found that most are uneven in quality exchange launched station, or related industries, every time to see the flashing of the results. No, I wasted a lot of time. But the new words, go here to exchange without losing a good choice.

how to exchange Links, it still has very deep knowledge, in addition to looking for resources, the next is to talk about, I share here every time I talk.

2, but after all, in the above person is limited, I discovered, many people come to me a link, the weights are relatively low, is not very high, the chain platform number is relatively fixed, there are few updates, basically are those people, I went for a few days, and then for each other, because not all the record, so I do not know who contacted yesterday, just feel the others stand better, then a link, but he said, yesterday you find me, we do not change, the invisible will waste a lot of time, so at this time, we will have to change a mode of thinking, and other ways to find resources.

In fact, there are a lot of resources,

1, slightly as long as you take a little time to good, I usually to a lot of Webmaster Platform to register for an account, then your website go up, this brings a link not only to you, and you can exchange the chain where, after leave your contact information, but also keep people come for friends of the chain.

about this aspect has too many articles, in fact, if it is not too much to say, but the love of Shanghai data are updated every day, every day in the algorithm, we can only go up to the fastest speed, so in this place every day to see everybody stationmaster net article, or is to write their own articles and share are necessary, especially today to share the webmaster should how to talk about the friends of the chain, how to find resources.

another way is to find their own, the Webmaster Platform, with Links platform column, every day there are a lot of people inside the post, if you see fit, see it contact, direct contact with the other owners began to exchange.

Shanghai Longfeng Encyclopedia how to layout the website long tail keywords

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4. long tail word title and description set

mining well placed in the electronic form, remove duplicate and long tail word obvious brush and not related to the long tail word. A class of words such as mining steel tube steel tube dance related long tail word, then dance the long tail of Related words must be removed.

distinguish short words and long words in the selected keywords, if it is short term and index and the degree of competition is relatively large as the column page keywords, and the long term and the index of small degree of competition small keywords as the inside pages of the long tail word ranking. For example, Hefei Shanghai dragon Li Yong blog is a long term, but the index and the degree of competition is relatively large, so as the layout of the long tail word column page, and Hefei Li Yong blog website optimization index and the degree of competition is relatively small, so as the inside pages long tail word layout.

(1) classification of the degree of competition. The same two mean the same, the long tail word text keyword is almost the choice of the degree of competition and the common long tail word. For example, * * * * good * * *, please? Second. For example, Li Yong Shanghai and Li Yong Shanghai dragon dragon blog, Li Yong Shanghai Longfeng blog index is 1818, Li Yong Shanghai Longfeng index is 2828, so the choice of Li Yong Shanghai dragon.

1. mining long tail keywords

2. long tail keywords classification

3. column page and the inside page layout

was screened for long tail keywords on the site, similar to the meaning of selection of the degree of competition, including selection and non included included. The rest of the ecosystem as the layout of the long tail word chain.

study points to

(2) contains the word classification. The relationship between the choice of words can contain a word long tail word, if included word index is relatively large, on the choice of word is included.

mining is the use of long tail keywords relevant search, love Shanghai love Shanghai love Shanghai, and know the drop-down box search tool to find the long tail keywords ask these users often search. Can also use other tools, such as the Shanghai love promotion assistant, long tail word mining will be more accurate; the webmaster tools, webmaster tools etc..

Most of the


station in the layout of the long tail keywords title with two or three long tail word or method of keyword stuffing set the title, this not only affects the user reading and the influence of the long tail word ranking.

(1) title by screening out the long tail keywords


long tail keywords layout is very important, because it involves the website optimization effect later. The first point is the layout of the long tail word mining and screening of long tail words, then according to the long tail word competition and correlation in Web site layout column page and the inside pages. The long tail word inside pages around the word short column page competition degree to the point of layout, not the long tail words of different columns cross and overlap.

The site diagnosis and Optimization about the web series four three elements of thinking

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Hello, a Zhu Weikun recently engaged in channels integration of network marketing or public training, when many people support, basically every day hundreds of people attended, they love to listen to me every day to share the dry cargo. This time, people will want to dry cargo how can every day? This is the Kun marketing thinking, we can see Zhu Weikun on the website the following three elements: title, keywords, description, simple things into marketing thinking, will have the same effect.

The first picture:


1, Shanghai attaches importance to Title keywords



from the picture above can tell you that we use the experience and a user experience derived down:

user experience marketing

Shanghai dragon friends all know that there are three key elements of the website, today is using this web site, Taiyuan move nets as a case. After all, recently with his A5 to contribute, basic submission can be passed, thank you very much for the hard A5 the auditor, well into the following topics:


this is a mode of thinking, we are also on the web site, can be explained, we first take a look at Zhu Weikun gave us the title:

, a website title

first, we want to let go of thinking to think about a problem is not the website with an article is the same article? What to attract people? Very simple is the title, want a valuable article title, accounting for seventy percent, because you are for the original article, change a title, users see and the user will think you, of course you write write well, the title does not have any effect on




official website brand word


we all know love Shanghai Chinese word matching, but not difficult to find keywords perfectly matched, will reduce a lot of index screening time, for example, you just want to do keyword ranking only, so more moving network keywords as you can, the key word can enter the home page.

take these to do the example, look at the picture:



, 3 + keywords + keywords + keywords + · · · ·

2, the main keywords and long tail keywords + brand

the above mentioned are a lot of words are written in the title, the 5 word is suspected of accumulation, but set >



Small website big profit small twist website earns ten thousand yuan monthlyMaster switch to Taobao,

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from the beginning of last year, sh419 no longer stable, I bear in June 22nd K, but did not withstand the August 25th purge, but I still insist, insist on about half a year, the site is still unable to recover! Even a little signs of recovery are not, then, decided to enter the Taobao industry. How I do a monthly income of 5000? Not much else to say, first, there are only the truth.


?We all know that

2007, my aunt was a food company, mainly the production of Chinese traditional snack food company twist, everything is ready, production line equipment are first-class, product sales after the establishment of the company is very good, but because the marketing cost is too high, the profit of enterprises has not been too high, so aunt asked me to help her get a look at the site in online sales.


when the Spring Festival last year, I told my aunt joked, every month I bring you also have a lot of customers, should not be with my red hair? Aunt Frank said: "on your site with your customers in accordance with the 5% Commission." I was overjoyed, that I should also be divided into monthly million pieces of


by chinamahua/ feeds, thank you

why do I choose women’s clothing

choose Guangzhou

2 in sh419 know answer questions in sh419 encyclopedia entry plus website links, such as sh419 encyclopedia entries baike.sh419/view/125938.htm twist.

then at the beginning of 2008, I established a network with China twist Empire CMS, start site visits is minimal, so I then use some SEO my knowledge of the site was optimized:

‘s competition is very large, but for me, there is no competition there is no progress, so I must choose to dress, if I dress well, since they need to set up shop in other industries will be difficult to do? A product is cooked, another product will ease. So I chose to do women’s clothing, and it turned out that my choice was right, because I’m making money now.

, who is in Shenzhen, has some important reasons besides the proximity of Guangzhou to Guangzhou, the price of the product and the cost of express delivery. I checked on the net, in some Alibaba purchase clothes cheaper than I go to stalls the goods are expensive 4-10 yuan, mainly because I do low-grade women, so a little difference can be deadly. The 100 thing is 400-1000 there is no profit, so this is one of the reasons I chose Guangzhou, another reason is to express, because there is too many people in the fashion, so the logistics industry is very developed, far out of your delivery price of your imagination, a large amount of time, the National Post only 5 yuan

soon, the site’s ranking in sh419 will have effect, and bring a lot of customers, my aunt’s fax busy every day, although there are most of the advertising, but obviously, this site does play a role of twist. Because of the Internet to customer is the active site, so it eliminates the cost of marketing, the past marketing cost is very high, the sales representative of the basic salary plus commission, the cost of enterprises accounted for about 30% of the cost.

webmaster birth benefits

3 the content of the web site offers improved website layout.

this is a very important source, if you don’t choose well, you will be more effective, profit drops greatly, the country as far as I know, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, is probably the source area of Dongguan is relatively cheap specifically to women, but Hangzhou is too far away from Guangzhou, I’m close, so alone run go to Guangzhou, rent a room, run the broadband, then went to a variety of wholesale stalls to see the goods, involves much skill here is not to explain.

initial supply problem

, I’m the stationmaster. I speak for myself, but I’m a Taobao. Because I am a webmaster, so I have general webmaster skills, what web design, what PS software use and so on, have already used very skilled, buckle map, change plans are small meaning. Therefore, the shop decoration this step is very simple on the deal. Taobao SEO? In fact, with the site’s SEO optimization is not very different, but Taobao is a little important, do not go to pile keywords. Then, more research users search words, not necessarily search volume, just need to be accurate.

After criticism!


1 a large increase in Links, all in my personal blog, some well-known website forum posts to attract Links.

Why did ?

Zhang Jindong two sessions why the proposal to support entrepreneurship innovation700 thousand years

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obviously, entrepreneurial innovation is not only the need for government support, but also the need for leading enterprises in various industries to drive, after all, entrepreneurial innovation needs to be funded, resources, technology and many other aspects of protection. And most importantly, each big companies rely on innovative small businesses develop slowly, in the entrepreneurial innovation also has accumulated experience, large enterprises if these will be able to experience, resources and ability to output to more young entrepreneurs.

we have a standard ourselves, that is, this product must be: low starting point, quick results, market fire, and great room for development. Combine these four points to choose, salt science and technology writer found that the 3D printer is the most suitable for us to do.

first, we do our own open source master board. We have a platform on which we can develop a lot of things. Such as education robot, Internet of things project, 3D printer. Because the core control of these products is the main control panel.

/ Li Donglou lidonglou

when we set up a company, we shoulder the responsibility to our employees. We must take into consideration the development interests of our company in every decision. In this section, we are mainly promoting the "guest culture", because we are an open source community, so we want more people to understand, and we are also selling products. After all, companies need money to survive. We were very happy when the salt science writers found big companies like Intel entering the field. When they enter, they indicate that we are in the right direction, and that they are also good for the promotion of the industry, so that more people can join in this area.


tell us how to start a business, where we are in business, and how to get back to life. Today, the salt technology writer talks about how college students make the choice of entrepreneurial products.

When the The first two chapters of


especially in this proposal on innovation and entrepreneurship, Jindong is suggested, should further clarify the investment direction of different investment entities, encourage enterprises to innovative entrepreneurship as a mass the main body of investment, especially the industry leading enterprises, should make full use of enterprise resources, support entrepreneurial innovation, improve the efficiency of investment. So, how to understand Zhang Jindong this proposal? In support of entrepreneurial innovation, Suning in the end to do what work? East may wish to read:


recently, the two sessions are being held, members of the Internet industry have submitted a large number of members of the National People’s livelihood proposal. And in which, for Fourteen consecutive years as a member of the CPPCC National Committee, Suning Holdings Group Chairman Zhang Jindong submitted five proposals, involving many aspects of rural electricity providers, cross-border electricity, electronic invoices, innovation and entrepreneurship, youth football etc..

, the main control board made of the company, the 3D printer is not technically difficult; second, 3D and printer hardware products, quick return of funds, which is in line with the characteristics of quick; third, the current 3D printer at home and abroad, the fire was in a complete mess; fourth, the market basically coincide market and main board 3D printer, which indicated that the main control board of customer resources, the promotion of means and channels can direct transition to the 3D printer, so in the promotion we don’t need to do:

Zhang Jindong mentioned in the proposal: "we should further clarify the direction of investment of different investors, and encourage enterprises to be the main investors in public innovation and entrepreneurship."". In fact, now more and more enterprises are becoming the main body of investment, especially in the Internet industry, a large number of start-up companies investment from Tencent, Alibaba and sh419 and other Internet giants, rather than risk investment institutions. Large enterprises have become the main investment benefit is not only to provide funds for startups pure equity, more can also be among the resources, technology and channels open to start-up companies, which can help company a full range of growth.

before selecting a product, salt technology writer combines with their own situation to choose, finally in the smart box, with a guest culture and open source technology in the outbreak of a new company named Fang ink. Ink Fang is also a team member of our company, and is now working as an 3D printer.

For the first

first, entrepreneurial innovation is the national strategy, and supporting innovation is the historical mission and social responsibility of large enterprises.

mastered the platform, you can do a lot of products. The important thing is to find out what is best for you. Screening found that the Internet of things project is not suitable for us, its market is not enough fire, and we are such a team simply can not pull it. Because of the experience of failure, the educational robot is not suitable for us at the moment.

since 2015, the country has already mentioned the innovation of entrepreneurship as a very important position. Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council has personally visited and investigated the development of start-up companies and incubators in Zhongguancun. But the big trend in the real economy growth is slowing down, only the new Internet economy is still growing steadily, Internet plus and entrepreneurial innovation has become a national strategy, taking a new engine driving the economy to continue its rapid growth. As a member of the CPPCC National Committee, Suning Holdings Group Chairman Zhang Jindong said the proposal of industry leading enterprises should make full use of enterprise resources to support entrepreneurship and innovation, is a corporate social responsibility performance.

Data quest Inc told us that our brand has lined up at home third, we think: in the field of main control board we have mastered, then how the main control board in this platform to derive some new products to allow the company to continue to profit. Among the many products, we chose the 3D printer.

5 key points for website promotionThe classification information of the first shares listed on the n

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April 21, 2016, the first domestic classification information shares held in Beijing net three new board listed bell ceremony. It is reported that the people network in March 14th this year formally listed on the new three board, the stock code is 836012. Today, people network chairman & CEO Wang Jianshuo, President Luo Ying, chief financial officer and Secretary of the board of directors Gao Yifeng, Yang Jun and old staff representatives attended the opening bell ceremony, witnessed the net this important milepost moment.

, the new three board listing, is undoubtedly for the people network long-term adherence to the affirmation of public service, network of people in the category of information status recognition. Analysts believe that, based on the classification of information market huge market prospects, the rapid growth of revenue, as well as further force in the field of life services, the future development of people’s networks worth looking forward to.

people network was founded in March 1, 2005, is the earliest classified information website. In the past ten years, people’s network has been committed to connecting the needs of hundreds of millions of ordinary people, and has become a service platform for domestic users to provide localized life information. As of March 2016, the number of active users net million people, more than 50 million new monthly information, covering 367 cities nationwide. Among them, the flow from the mobile has exceeded 80% of the total flow.

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

days ago, people network officially announced the listing of the first annual report, 2015 operating income of 146 million yuan, an increase of 62.85%. In addition, the people’s network still maintained a high margin of interest, reaching 92.70%. Some analysts pointed out that, faster revenue growth and high gross profit margins, making people in 2016 net annual profit probability increases, these companies for the future to enter the new three board of innovation layer laid a good foundation. In the future, the people’s network will continue to classified information website operations as the main industry, increasing the quality of information, talent, technology and other resources into.

to the Internet search, website promotion research materials are many, many of them are effective promotion method. In fact, although electronic commerce construction and enterprise website promotion methods are more, but these promotion methods are always the exception.

here, after a previous learning experience and their gradual exploration experiment, summed up the five key steps of e-commerce website promotion can not know, for your reference, as follows.

Analysis of

Analysis of

Analysis of

Analysis of the competitive

Analysis of

two, site diagnosis

page diagnosis: page code is concise, the page is clear, page size is appropriate, whether the appropriate page color;

file with the file name diagnosis: file format, file name etc.;


Analysis of


Analysis of


Chinese SEO who is the most cattle Learn from examples.

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China SEO who is the most cattle?

I am a novice website in the network, bustling about is 1, 2 years, recently in the relevant technical learning seo. The following is a rookie to write the SEO experience, not what course, nor what charges is not what ^_^ version, the station has been soft, because I do not have to go to ad, too cattle. This paper puts forward some problems, hope master, underhand exchange.

contact sites, although it is a rookie, give some advice: now the so-called master, quackish Luanchui, in the end will be what you pay for his technology, or to spend money to reach their technical support, but what effect, you should know it. Once a large bird to participate in a Pu’er tea, that SEO, I think that competition is very good, but also let me learn a lot, but later banned to Baidu.

why don’t you buy SEO books?.

first, all individual Adsense, making money is not easy. And many cheats now.

last time a friend was glad to have a SEO book that he paid for, and I bought the book. As a result, I saw free books online.

second, master all go to make big money, who do tutorials, experts are not money, you see Admin5 lectures of those masters, not a penny, those so-called master, a mouth is thousands of, tens of thousands of.

once a person told me that those who teach technology SEOER is a real master, where there is time to chat with you, try to make money. Ha ha, looks not false. If a keyword ranking is done. You still care about this income ^_^. Once in the site map king warned not to be fooled, do not buy what what the king X tips.

talk about your SEO process. No achievements, no experience.

how to learn SEO, I personally think, in addition to see other people free tutorial, we should see who’s website in Baidu most cattle, ranking best.

below is my example of a study, for your reference (not very detailed) some things, to see their own free tutorials.

1, first find a cattle station. (Baidu keyword for maximum traffic)

who stand the most cattle, then look at Baidu keyword that most.

, you can open Baidu, look at Baidu’s search list.

Zhang Xiaoyu 792138

halo, a keyword is the flow of 80W, ah, if ranked first, it also got.

admire, admire. Look who’s standing. Stationmaster did not leave QQ, cannot seem to communicate with expert >

Magical cooking at Godaddy meters and Gift benefits Card

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    for a web site, there is no more important than what domain name, choose a good domain name registrar is critical, a lot of people cooked rice is the choice of domestic registered business, as a new network, 10 thousand nets, China channel selection and so on, the business of domestic domain name advantage is more convenient to renew the registration domestic, access speed is also faster, and some do not say, here I want to focus on is the recommendation of the domain name registration in foreign Godaddy company, why to recommend Godaddy? Oh, too much, and I heard one by one.

      the first advantage is safe and reliable. Godaddy is the world’s largest domain name registrar, reputation that is quite assured, in Godaddy cook rice can have full control of the domain name. Not as registered in some parts of the country, met a black agent can control your domain name renewals, solve very trouble, and even lead to some of them give up the domain name. There are also some virtual hosting providers that offer free domain name registration services, but the domain name registration is not in your hands.

    the second advantage is convenient transfer. Registered domain name in Godaddy, you can modify the domain name registrant information, only in the background operation can be completed, very convenient. And in the country, to modify the domain name registrant’s information, you need to send ID card, fax and other complex procedures. Godaddy supports the PUSH domain name, then as long as the domain name PUSH will transfer to the other account to receive it, a few minutes to complete, not dragging its feet, and then transfer procedures very cumbersome in China, hundreds of days or even months, some domain registrars also create all sorts of obstacles not to transfer.

    the third advantage is that the parsing speed is fast. In the Godaddy domain registration, new analysis and modification of the resolution will take effect in a few minutes, and in the country to change the domain name resolution, it will take a long time to enter into force. In addition, Godaddy domain name control panel function is also very powerful, there are many practical functions. For example, the domain name expires prompt, batch registration and management domain name, change DNS server and so on.  

      Godadyy in rice and cook incidental benefits, is free of large ASP/PHP space, a meter can apply for a space before the free space is 5G 250G traffic capacity, recently upgraded to 10G, the capacity of 300G traffic, space can be switched freely in PHP and ASP. Each switch a space IP is a variable, if the space IP is GFW switched back again is good, but the feeling of ASP space SQL database super hard to use, I generally use PHP. But in my opinion, the free space given by Godaddy is better for a garbage station

Secret grandmother hot business secret

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catering industry competition is intense, almost always in the thinking of innovation, change to cater to the food market, and in many food and beverage brands, grandma made no small achievement, business has been good, peers are very envious.

it was concluded that this line of economics. In fact, good people queuing catering enterprises, not only is the grandmother’s house, in front of the sea fishing program mentioned, there are in the queue is sipping Xiabu.


[the first] human knife knife: young people like ZARA fix

According to the words of my grandma

if you have you visited my grandma’s home, you may have a different experience, store decoration is not the same, because each store location, district is different, the passenger flow is different.

Two days ago I went to a

what style ah, really some people understand, some people have pointed out, in fact, grandmother home decoration style, closer to the bar, but not in the restaurant. So some grandmother will use a long table, why, easy to talk ah. Later, the name of the Internet under the banner of certain catering enterprises, such as selling pancakes who also used this trick.