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Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis scheme Interpretation of Shanghai dragon new ideas

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site location


3, a directory name and layout

whether new or old station, we all need to locate the site, we want to know, why is our website, which mainly provides services for users, our website belongs to what type of site, our site development is how, we all want to induce, and then to their website a combination of summary and positioning. As long as the site is what a good location, we have the power to step to plan according to the site location, even if the site location are not, how can we go to the next step of

for the new station, what is zero, start from a newborn baby, what, what, what the weight of the chain within the chain, what keywords ranking, what site for a new station, are so strange. For a new station, we must plan your site keywords from the first, we need to do the word, as a new station, we must know that our website is that the core keywords, target keywords our website is that, how do we locate our core keywords or layout again, what is the target keywords, which is the site of our long tail keywords, how can we find their own websites or screening core keywords and target keywords and long tail keywords, how can we know whether the competition, with low conversion rate, with user retrieval? And whether these problems should be considered in our choice of keywords idea keywords range? We choose whether considering competitors choose keywords? We through some Auxiliary tool or manual work, we are through the three screening, if indeed we choose words are targeted? These we have to lay a question? We have to do excel good

screening and good planning arrangements, the 2 key words table statistics?


is the most headache to do the new site navigation, we know that the site navigation is the most core position of the entire site, if the location and layout of the site navigation is not good, will directly affect the site of UV (visit guest), PV (page views), bounce rate, user experience (UE) and IP number however, these.

just came into contact with Shanghai dragon industry for Shanghai dragon understanding is not strong, through three months of hard work, I raise a lot of Shanghai dragon, but there are still many shortcomings, I still need to learn more. The beginning is the boss has said, whether new or old station, Shanghai Longfeng scheme we have a website or Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis scheme. I was very puzzled, why the boss to say ah, why write Shanghai Longfeng scheme? Until their own hands to write the company’s Web site, and then discovered that the original scheme is that Shanghai dragon. Let Nanning Shanghai dragon small and we slowly come.



How to efficiently write high quality pseudo original articles for the Shanghai Dragon

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title which keywords determined, is the label, this step is often ignored for many people, and ignore the consequences of that leads to lower efficiency, generally I first cursory look at some of the content, and then establish what keywords embedded, it may take 1 to 2 minutes. But to lay the foundation for later work, reduce the number of repeated modifications of the time, and the article have labels it is also good for search engine. The following is the beginning of the false original content:

false original article writing is the basic technology must understand website editors and the Shanghai dragon staff, general pseudo original is to rewrite the past, only need to change the title tune out of order one, included the effect is good, but with the continuous improvement of search engine, it is clear to this kind of the recognition well, even included the article ranking will not be good to go, do not directly collected. The Shanghai dragon is included and ranking for originality are very important, which requires us to improve the content editing capabilities, share how to efficiently write some insights into the high quality pseudo original articles to Shanghai Dragon:

is a pseudo original, there must be the source, actually speaking of the source can be very much, the limited space is incomplete, the content sources suggest that in several major search engines and blogs through the relevant keywords to find out a pile, now the site of 100 also greatly facilitate our. This article is mainly used for bedding and general use, if the content needs to be updated daily and have timeliness can be news search, when you search for a certain amount should know where to find the website content.

You should consider the content of the article should be embedded

more convenient way is to cut the redundant part of the article, to do a good pseudo original words of the original data and some cases are in fact must be cut, there is some part of the long winded to delete, delete these articles after only one subject to the backbone. Some of his collection to other articles embedded in, and then adjust the paragraph order, but it is emphasized that the article must be normal to see to understand, not only for the pseudo original and pseudo original, this way is relatively low-level pseudo original style.

to further improve the pseudo original effect, must spend some effort, we must first do is to the original.

After the

content began to Shanghai dragon pseudo original, first and most important is the title, whether it is self-evident importance of Shanghai dragon or do the title of the article, I recommend directly to the need for optimization of keywords in the title, of course, to nature, not title and content is not corresponding, also suggested with a long title or subtitle means, this kind of method is not very hot to do some long tail keywords effect is very good. A final reminder is the best pseudo original title with the original title is completely different, this is more conducive to deceive the search engine.


Entrepreneurs dry sharing how to work on big data applicationsPain and happiness to see how to build

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in Xiao Yonghong’s view, the big data industry is really built up the core or technology.

According to the

36 big data study found that currently get big data for corporate financing, most have been in this industry for 2-3 years. Big data business can not be anxious, can not blindly rely on government support and financing to seek development, can really create commercial profits with big data companies can survive in the fierce competition, big data technology and talent is the core competitiveness.

below is a wonderful view of the NetEase’s on-site guests:

36 big data founder Liu Jinling believes that big data is a plough industry, find the breakthrough and development in depth business is very important, big data applications focus on segments of the easier access to capital favor.

a lot of much of the knowledge about the webmaster website claiming rookie, compared to these modest people I had to call myself a rookie, because I am not a computer professional background, did not grasp what what Html language, thanks to the Dreamweaver visualization software to build, I also set up their own station, go on webmaster entrepreneurial road, although the road is not smooth, although the process is striking one snag after another but saw his website, sh419 included, some people patronize, still very satisfied, then I am willing to own a super rookie Jianzhan process and the webmaster exchange, also hope the role of master get advice, I would like to thank

Bao Zhongtie: mobile App has become the entrance of customers and data

Liu Jinling: focus segments large data products easier access to capital favored

Zhang stressed that enterprises should attach importance to product retention, especially mobile Internet products. Focusing on retention rates will lead to better customer reputation and marketing, a longer customer life cycle, more opportunities to do cross selling and lower CAC/LTV ratios.

in Bao Zhongtie’s view, companies are moving from product centric to customer centric, and mobile Internet is becoming the mainstream of online business, mobile App has become the entrance of customers and data.


my site first from the course of why I choose to build station to start, first I am a Taobao owner, now has two diamond store this is the real deal done by sales, not sales, brush is good, I feel very satisfied, but there is little shop Taobao is indeed very hard, every successful transaction requires patience exchanges, and work for a long time, until the small hours of the morning is a regular thing, he sometimes wanted to be able to have a simple way to make money, don’t try so hard, but occasionally a chance to see the Taobao launched Taobao off, I feel good, as long as the construction of a website or blog to Taobao promotion of goods is put up, there are people to link into the things they buy are not royalty, and sellers to communicate directly, save a lot of trouble, So there is the idea of site promotion. But how to build? How to release? Etc., not too much, do not know, let me start, by chance I saw Admin5 station network, the first browser grabbed at once, since then, the Admin5 station network became my daily must see the teacher station here, I know the station program, learn how to understand the network promotion, advertising and so on, I can say that the station can have the appearance of today, half of the credit is Admin5 webmaster, I am here to Admin5 webmaster and say: Thank you! through a period of study, understand, I started the first step of the website, choose what software is a station, choose the site CMS program or use the Dreamweaver site, through the front of their study also learned some CMS procedures, the need to quickly build, who do not want to simply save ah, so on the Internet under a CMS program to get you, and source code, and database, in a few days did not understand how to use it is not feel shy to say, I was too stupid, who have no master can ask, no choice but to give up. Then bought a book, is about the use of Dreamweaver, while reading, while practicing, I feel slowly get started, although not understand the HTML language, can also be built directly with Dreamweaver

The core of

NetEase Francisco March 9th news, recently, organized by the 36 data of the application and practice of "big data" salon held in Beijing, a number of big data industry on behalf of the enterprise to make sharing, and solve the problem of big data business applications.

Zhang Ximeng: enterprises should pay attention to product retention rate

Xiao Yonghong: Data Trading is the use of rights or value-added data, rather than the data itself

data hall co-founder Xiao Yonghong share, said the direct data trading platform is impossible, because it involves the original data, security and personal privacy issues. Data transactions do not directly sell the data itself, but the use of data or the value of data.

TalkingData. "Different people’s perspectives will lead to big data and different business models.".

GrowingIO company CEO Zhang Ximeng shared "growth hackers" in the speech of the. He believes that the core of the growth of hackers, including access to users, stimulate active, improve retention, increase revenue and dissemination of recommendations, support growth hackers continue to create commercial value behind the "black hand" is the big data.

Bao Zhongtie says shift >

"Data science is the art of translating data into action," says Bao Zhongtie, chief financial industry expert at

Google scholar for ten years founder of product history review

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Acharya for many years, and the team to continuously deal with publishers, improve products, to the new field. A new baby is noble academic search, it can correctly identify the specific author. "There are a lot of academic circles the author’s name is’ JaySmith ‘," he said. In order to solve this problem, first nobility baby of works to judge, may be the same person works together, and then let the real author to identify. It seems very not noble way baby. However, Archarya>

review 10 years

many people may not understand the nobility baby academic search, however, for scholars, lawyers, and student groups, noble baby academic search is a very important network services. Where they can find the key information, at the same time, can also share their own research to the real needs of the people.

noble baby Academic SearchOriginal title:

so he got permission to cooperate with another engineer Alex Verstak, create a free and open service: noble baby academic search. After some tests, they show the product page. Paige’s response is, "why haven’t the line?" then, in November 18, 2004, officially launched the academic search.

AnuragAcharya joined the noble baby in 2000. In a very long period of time, he has been responsible for the noble baby network retrieval technology. To this end, he needs and website administrators, publishers, enterprises, government and other dealings, at the same time, he is also responsible for the search update. This is a stressful job, let him feel exhausted. "Or to leave the company, or do some pressure on the smaller their interest and work." He said.

noble baby academic search 10 years, founder of product history

baby was born 10th anniversary in the noble academic search on the occasion, the famous science and technology author Steven Levy interviewed the project key founder Anurag Acharya, reviewed some of it in the development of the story.

academic search on-line, Acharya and team effort to persuade academic publishers, to get their permission to retrieve their academic journals. Because many articles are to be paid, users to search, not be able to read, but even if it is only that these academic works are sometimes of great significance. At the same time, the noble baby talks also, hope they allow the user to see the academic works. They persuaded the world’s largest online journal database JSTOR, allowing them to provide academic works of the first page scan to the user. Generally speaking, there is the first page, in the old academic works, you will see an article, "Acharya said," at least it can let you have an idea, to decide whether to work."

In the

Novice bloggers write the most prone to these problems

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very subjective things, this article is to show the value of their own blog and thought, which is the requirement of the novice webmaster do some reasonable optimization of the site itself. In order to update machinery to fill content is also a novice bloggers are more prone to the phenomenon. Here, Xiaobian to tell the blogger, do independent blog and web portals, large portal sites are basically mutual news reprint, but independent blog is definitely out, even if your site to a certain extent, you don’t write the article, but even if the articles, search engines, this blog is not long, look at the industry famous Moonlight blog is how to do it is easy to see. I often see such articles, when you take the title inside, is a picture of a video, or a copy of the news. Without any explanation, very unexpected is not natural, I believe that visitors will think you are just a pure forward, than to the portal to see where the comment.

blog is not to write prose, even bloggers literary talent is again good, most of the blog can not be displayed in the form of striking literary grace, as long as you are a person, is not ornate. In addition, we should understand and write is not Sina blog, blog portal more than the people’s daily, so the text style not too official too bureaucratic and too deep. Blog text with some of the best, the best example is Xu Jinglei Sina blog, each article is his own feelings or learning.

this is generally held to be included in the state of mind, to update the blog, the article is mainly to the search engine, rather than the presentation to the user. First of all the wrong understanding of the webmaster friends are generally novice webmaster, continuously updated to keep the site is very important, but users love to read your essay which is more important. Not because of the one-sided pursuit of the daily updates, but only to pursue the search engine will love what. The general webmaster all know that search engines follow the user experience to go, if visitors are the keywords you feel too stack, then search is not love. So the qualified post is not just on the search engine friendly, more user friendly. Here including the expression of fluency and clarity can give users search the required information.

1 blog, one-sided pursuit of continuously updated

3, the content of


pure forwarding newsThis is too

post new blogger is a lot of new Adsense headache problem, but since the blog site, or update the content every day, a lot of new bloggers in writing, are facing this or that problem, A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝 www.yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai, zhenduan/) today and we exchange we are most prone to problems, and how to solve it.


Using forums to promote how to guide users to actively participate

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evaluation of a forum is the key to user participation and activity, network promotion forum platform selection is very important, more people respond to a post, the repercussions of the greater our promotion effect was more likely to. So, what are some of the ways that users can be more active in the interaction of Posts? In order to guide users to participate actively, we need to do a lot of work.

from the point of view of topic selection,

using star hype approach, we can appropriately apply to the promotion of the forum, the modern people are flooded with a lot of information all the time, others what to pay attention to your post?. One is that the topic is sharp enough, and the other is something that concerns its own interests. Topic sharp, but also related to the interests of users, of course, we will respond. In fact, these two points are not completely isolated, and the integration can achieve better results. The main thing is to be independent and innovative, such as the accident of the previous train car, you use a kind of unfamiliar angles and positions to observe, you will get a lot of response. Gimmicks are not ends, the purpose is to achieve promotion. If you want to promote the main panel, you can lead in the middle of foreign and domestic host, and even domestic IDC market big discussion, after all, in the forum need to avoid the topic is not much.

from the point of view of their own popularity,

From the perspective of

promotion, determination long were removed from the forum should not only become a link, a little publicity, to use all methods to enhance their visibility and popularity, with visibility, people will naturally pay more attention to you, the more users to participate in. The industry has a well-known webmaster is removed from a large number of long-term forum, let everyone know this man, he is at least proved to us that the method is successful. Through the accumulation of time and extensive exposure, insiders do not know you are difficult. Another is to have their own style, personality of talent will be more easily remembered, mediocrity, no characteristics of the people, it is difficult to accumulate popularity. Circle of well-known forums similar soft Wen, said small selection activities, but also as much as possible to participate in,

from the point of view of the forum activity,

forum activities, a much favored by all parties, but also the classic way to promote the forum. But forum activities often require a certain resource platform, and the biggest difficulty is that it is difficult to have a very new and exciting program of activities. Some popularity is not very high and often have some forum rob floor send tickets activities such as bloggers also participated in, from their own experience, such activities often do not make people aroused strong concern of the forum itself, promotion effect often can not support costs, but once the campaign is over, not much longer go to visit the forum. So it is not the forum activities, but also according to their own circumstances, the key is to have promotional effects, but also to attract users of the forum itself viscosity.

from the perspective of humanistic care


Local WeChat public number, Qian Jing is good

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visited several local WeChat public figures these days, and found that Qian Jing was actually good and learned a lot.

is the first value, the local database is better than the national team, because most of the companies or business ability, can only be radiated to the fixed region or industry, unless it is the world’s top five hundred enterprises, or even have a large database, also can not play much role.

local databases, because they are in the same area, people and people, whether physical or inner distance is relatively close, and have a common topic, can be used relatively large value, liquidity.

one of the public numbers I visited, the subscriber 3W+, reads 10W+ on a monthly basis at around 8W, and costs about 2W.

3W subscribers are not many, just make a number, work hard to promote, in the first half can generally achieve, but the activity and profit is not the average number of the public comparable.

The number of public

bottleneck should be content, there is no good content to maintain the subscriber activity soon is not popular, and now many of the contents of the public number, basically put all sorts of things together, piece repeatedthe old chicken soup riotous with colour, and the previous QQ space in the copy to come here, so to make popular it is difficult, because there is no good; do the public number or from the media, are not content is king, trees, not to lead the phoenix.

The contents of the public number

local source is relatively easy, have a common topic of common concern about the incident, but no sense of distance (= local side), insist on doing it, the activity is much better than the general public no..

profitability, "every day, XXX city, nearly 10W people reading" than "every day, nearly 50W people reading," a lot of attraction, a concentration, a decentralized, which valuable, self-evident.

realizable channel has two main, one is to do for the city’s products, and two is investment, it is best to combine the two, as long as the product does not conflict.

investment needs relatively strong ground business expansion capabilities, to take the initiative, subscribers and activity is bargaining chip, in short, can not wait for others to find the door.

local WeChat public number there is another advantage: landing on the Internet contacts, understand the real friends of all walks of life.

Where do

fans come from,


1, the city community forum; 2, city group; 3, please ground promotion, street 4, engage in activities.

what level is it,


city and district (county) relatively appropriate, the provincial level is too large, below the county level is too small.

last note: the combination of WeChat private number together, as far as possible to the public, subscribers are turning into private contact; public number is folded, open rate is not high enough, but if you add a private number of contacts, in my circle of friends also.

Server hosting

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easy four trick to teach you select hosting server

first recruit: first managed, may wish to look at the ICP card

is the first time you want to rely on this server hosting business, dig out the life first bucket of gold, then never considered without a ICP license "small company", to lock a good qualification, large scale, great reputation, high credibility of the company, which is the basic principle, even spend thousands of dollars worth. In the future you will understand why.

second trick: try to cross unnecessary middlemen (intermediaries)

as far as possible across the middle taking unnecessary, less roundabout, it is not all to save money (of course, this is also one of the factors), because middleman, future instability may occur more difficult mutually making excuses. Try to find a hosting service that rents the cabinet directly from the computer room. A friend asked directly to the room is not the best managed best? I think it might be, but sometimes directly managed to the room, the price more expensive than through intermediaries, because the room is mainly for companies that hire cabinet, on the server hosting sporadic customers is not very seriously, the mandatory service business service is not necessarily catch good.

third: don’t study room, recommended to investigate the service

remember, not about service providers in the room to meet, because study room is the second, investigate the service is fundamental to service company to see the house big? Many people? Scale okay? Okay? History is not long? General service providers can’t wait to go about you see the deluxe room, deluxe room again, but remember, family room will not give you any responsibility, a problem you have to find a service provider.

do not select fixed telephone, fixed place website hosting, especially to ignore the PHS, leaving only easyown, QQ number, E-mail, this kind of personnel will evaporate at any time, don’t see their online phone and you can talk to the fiery, serious things when vague, so don don’t put the machine where they rested, otherwise the machine lost you can’t report.

fourth strokes: inspection room, focusing on its size, history,

although the investigation room is secondary, but it is also necessary to investigate, not only to listen to service providers boast of bandwidth, speed, good, depends on the size of the computer room, history. Now the Beijing engine room is bristly, from time to time there is a new computer room emerging, one is telecom level, others said, but the telecommunications level of the computer room, did not say that the telecom opened ah, do not misunderstand ah, ha ha. The service provider may give you the speed of testing websites in person, but the bandwidth is good and the speed is not always good. It’s a tongue twister, but it’s a common knowledge in the industry. A new room originally because the machine is less, so the speed must be fast, but this new room considering the initial start-up costs, often leading to smaller total exports of the Internet backbone, operating for a period of time, many customers.

Despite the business model, why is the news still difficult to succeed

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Most people in

for all the chips in the form of news comments, most concentrated in the business model, and when we put the idea back to the news industry to look at this issue, the answer may be similar, but the process of enlightenment is undoubtedly more precious.

raised the concept in today is no longer fresh, to raise public projects are becoming more and more diverse, the past few years abroad to raise public platform rise on the occasion, to raise the public news once the topic is the focus in this field and hot item. However, a short period of time, the news raised almost all domestic chips platform disappeared, in foreign countries are also facing the embarrassment of fewer people.

Most people in

for all the chips in the form of news comments, most concentrated in the business model, that there is no clear business model is the most important reason to raise public news quickly died, but when we look away from a commercial point of view, put aside all the predictable interest factors, only from the news and the media industry see the news all the chips, we can also get the similar conclusions, to raise the public news perhaps only as a concept eye-catching, it represents the people for the pursuit of citizen journalism in a certain extent, more is a reflection of the readers for the news of the value of their emotional sustenance, and indispensable it is not of this form, between concept and reality of the distance is far, the news in the form of vitality also confirms this problem in the side.

therefore, the congregation raised hot news and rise to fade and is not a business issue, more is the media industry’s own problems, if the judge might have deviated from its starting point starting from this point of business only.

did not win the editing line

All the chips

news appeared inspired from readers but the reporter, reporters for the truth of the incident attachment or other private purposes, are often tied to avoid the single-handed system to investigate the incident, and this behavior to a certain extent to some readers.

due to the current status quo of the media industry, has been in the news reports are more constrained, the reader demands for the truth behind the events often in the traditional media are not met, so when I stand out when reporters tend to be part of the support of the people. This is just the reporter impulse in some time, in the process of raising funds, the timeliness of news has disappeared, and the characteristics of network communication also determines a topic is difficult to calm and then set off the climax of the wave is larger than that of the. In this case, whether the journalist can persist in pursuing the truth or not, the reader can continue to pay attention to the topic, which are uncontrollable factors.

from another point of view, the news raised this form of reporters as an individual pushed to the table, and the production of news itself is a process of group cooperation. As we all know, the current news production process, reporters and editors duties are separated, the reporter is only responsible for interviews and writing, while the editor is responsible for reporters

Site positioning is very important, the webmaster how to choose

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memory, also have access to the Internet for some time, but at that time, only talk about what QQ play a quack, don’t know behind a group, in all weathers, tired day and night stationmaster. The sour, sweet, bitter, hot believe that every webmaster Dou Xin experience. In this with you to share my Adsense site in the some understanding and experience. Here to talk about the five steps.

, the first step, site positioning is very important,

first, we can go to the Baidu Chinese Search Ranking check, to see what the most popular keywords, this website more or less, you own the industry ripe, and Baidu keyword search index this index, then don’t make the website not people care about, then a few people visit your site. For example, search MP3 many people have IMP3 such a website, home page advertisement is about 20, an ad 6000, January also can have a little bit of income, income is good. Of course, one can find other relevant keywords. Usually many webmaster do stand by like Baidu and GOOGLE to get advertising revenue, I personally think that this idea is wrong, then you should find directly in website advertising website to do, such development space is relatively large, the prospects are good. Of course, such as hardware website, home advertising is generally hundreds of thousands of days, we do not believe you can see VERYOL, MYDRIVERS these sites, you see how many people are advertising offer is very alarming. The chemical network, CQJOB, study of these sites we can also learn from the charging mode. In a word, first of all, you must be interested in an industry, you will have the motivation to continue to do so, so that there will be a chance of success,.

second step search engine, how many webmaster


hard to the website, all aspects have been basically perfect. Must login to the search engine’s own website, at least in the Baidu and GOOGLE login, this station will do battle each step. After time, still have to submit your site to other search engines, including dmoz. this is a very good sign, but I do not know. English generally can log on to the site, the PR value will be increased by 2, the new log not many opportunities, I will look for the following categories of editor’s mailbox, contact them first, to be a good friend, so familiar explain their purpose, so basically it can successfully login.

three site level everyone wants

We all know that

PR’s website is often concerned with the PR value, the traditional kernel sentence is said, the higher the PR, your price is higher, the weight is changed to the value of.PR must be high, and the PR value high site each other Links so as to enhance their website PR value however, this is not an easy project, every time I want to and some PR value high site links, is the first with each other as friends, often linked to the people.