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Shanghai dragon three problems the website architecture + content + Chain high quality difference

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here is the fat Shanghai dragon blog about the beauty of Shanghai dragon is unique, but also from the three problems of some views about the site has a lot of unique, different from the traditional Shanghai dragon, if you are interested, you can control some views following their own study.



to do a good job in the website structure, it is also necessary to search with the user requirements, the real needs of users in the first place, the user wants to give them what content. Here directly on the dry cargo, here is a relatively good enterprise website architecture case, column navigation its home page is very simple, without the introduction of our common company, such as company news, which directly into the LED lamp price list, product category and common industry problems, these are more useful to users column. This site is a reference architecture of the needs of users to search, also a reference to the Shanghai love search, you can search.

beauty case analysis

Netconcepts of the Shanghai dragon ranking conference held in Beijing yesterday, several friends attended the meeting, attend the meeting of the friends are holding the attitude of learning, after the end of course will record and share, this time the Beijing Shanghai dragon is the fat one, come back after Bowen, his sharing is a case analysis about the beautiful ZAC, the case about the present situation of Shanghai Longfeng industry, a view is my very identity, the current Shanghai dragon encounter three problems: how to make the website structure, how to build a website content website where unique, high quality to the chain.

because they also undertake some website construction business, so still do a lot of website, also met many different website structure, of course, most of the sites are a structure, such as take small business station as an example, when the general establishment of the total page template will not be more than 10, generally are: the home – column page (OR column page) – content page (OR page) of the structure, from the perspective of structure of enterprise 80%-90% station is this structure, then most of the enterprise is also with the trend for websites, stand out naturally difficult.

three problems about Shanghai Longfeng, in fact, for many of you probably have not seriously to think, first of all for architecture are many times we can not control, but for web content is indeed unique only (non professional editing) a lot on the Dragon Phoenix couldn’t deal with, and for the love of Shanghai large scale chain adjustment algorithm, Shanghai dragon is bitter to his stomach. So how to break the three problems? Or how to find a point respectively three major problems in the breakthrough? Some simple opinions here to talk about their own.

1, website architecture is with the trend or user with

Google search results page added function calculator graphic display function

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Google search results page add graphics function calculator function


graphics zoom operation

Beijing on December 6th news, according to the development trend of the industry attention to search the American technology blog SearchEngineLand reports specifically, Google Technology Engineer Adidas · Avi Doll (Adi Avidor) said Monday in a blog post, Google search results page has increased the graphics function calculator function, global math lovers only in the Google search function calculation the need to type the box, Google search results page will return the corresponding graphical expression at the top.

Avi Doll said that users in the Google search results page to see the graphics function, but also use the mouse to click on the node graph, to zoom in and out of these charts. Avi Doll said, most browsers have support for Google this new function.

SearchEngineLand pointed out that the graphics function calculator function to increase Google’s new search engine WolframAlpha, can be regarded as the corresponding mathematical calculator function on another Internet response. The WolframAlpha service in May 2009 officially launched, has been hailed as the "outside Google killer". With the Google search service is different, users need to query the search box type problem in WolframAlpha, the search engine will return directly to the user answers, instead of returning a lot of web links.

Effect of site optimization flow of three factors

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site included mainly the following points: 1, the overall structure design of the website; 2, website domain name and directory settings; 3, the site code is simple and standard; 4, website content meets the needs of the users.

website click rate and to optimize the process can not be ignored in a little. The website hits to the ranking has a great impact, the better the site click rate will be higher ranked relatively. Our website editor should grasp the user’s mind, the attractive title to attract users, but also through various channels to promote the site, increase traffic, so as to promote website ranking natural rise.

site traffic is a lot of Shanghai dragon are very concerned about the topic, you want to get a good flow, it is necessary to master the influence of Shanghai Longfeng flow factors, understand to increase traffic to the site below Zhirui Feng Ji skills, site optimization experts share three experience points to you.

The overall The main factors affecting

three is more than Zhirui Ji Feng for influence share site optimization flow of three factors, I believe we do these three points, website traffic will quickly be promoted. The Beijing website optimization expert Zhirui Ji Feng (贵族宝贝youhua18贵族宝贝) starting A5, please keep the

Overall, information!

three, website hits


included in the site

Factors affecting

website ranking are: 1 the main content of title in the web page; 2, the content of the website construction; 3, whether the site can win the user’s recommendation.

website ranking

wants to have a better site traffic, in addition to do more effort in the collection, we should also work hard in the overall ranking on the site. The first thing is to make the website main keywords ranking, because most users search keywords is the main vocabulary, brought to the site traffic is immeasurable. Then do the long tail keywords ranking, long tail keywords ranking is a process of accumulation, in the late to the site to bring traffic even more than the main keywords.

site included more web traffic will be more, there is no doubt that, because the site included more search engines will have more opportunities to visit our website, so as to improve the site keywords ranking. As long as the good internal website optimization, the article is love Shanghai included, with the chain optimization, the website will have good rankings, then can very good drainage.

About Shanghai dragon training for new Internet advice

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slowly, knock knock Panpan experienced a lot, finally from an Internet "white" level to "Deep-Fried Dough Sticks", from a daily hope they can teach me something, I would like for him to do anything I can do to become a lecturer can speak Shanghai dragon also, see too much like I just have contact with the network situation, everywhere to find the legendary "training institutions", hoping to learn something. Or who do master fantasy worship, and then taught me how to do, if you can understand what the night that is best. For these cases, the emotion, the Internet for the novice, as a "veteran", to give you some advice:

2. don’t believe any of the training institutions, I can say that no matter what kind of training institutions, training you to, will be disappointed. You will find your training finished, have much difference with your expectations, and you find that, after you finished your training, or what is not, what also don’t understand. This is a common phenomenon, not to say that the training institutions are not good, also is not to say about the contents of no, in many cases, are you going to buy soy sauce, you can listen to it, what didn’t do, you still haven’t taken the most important step, as long as Michael, there is no training institutions there is no one, training really is so important? You buy a space, buy a domain name, the whole.


long ago, when I was a novice Internet, do not understand the Internet, do not understand the website, every day busy to tinker with world of Warcraft, StarCraft, QQ space, network game. At that time, saw a Sina blog, feel very cow, this man is too much TMD, are able to engage in their own website. It will feel that people especially cattle, so also with one, it is also found. Not long after, he met a person, with your own domain name, the whole space of a web site, but also on the site to make money, and told me the hype. The prospect of the network, as one can say the Internet is white, I was shocked, he didn’t tinker with for a long time. Tinker with what stuff out, then, for the establishment of technology "stunning", feel very deep, no brushes, can’t eat this meal. Later, and come into contact with the Shanghai dragon, to do rankings, even more.

1. a lot of things we are not so difficult to imagine, when you dare to step out the first step, you will find that he is like that, when you participate in the training, many people will dahushangdang. Station, Shanghai dragon is not what we imagined so profound, if you subconsciously see him very hard, so, your first step towards the longer it takes, the more difficult it is to go after the road. When you really walk, you will find that being an ordinary webmaster, do not understand the code of a webmaster is so simple, a lot of things, such as a lot of code, you do not need to know is if you can do it, what will you do what.

What are the similarities between people who are successful in businesssh419 alliance recruitment In

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sh419 Internet cafes membership alliance DELL

in the United States, more than 80% startups live more than a year, less than 4% of the company to survive for over five years, those few, and what is the last deus ex successful start-up companies rely on what? I’ve been trying to find out and summarize it in common.

more information as in the League: http://top.admin5/u.shtml
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we know that some of the best and most successful entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, many of which are the university did not finish the investment business, Bill · and Steve · Gates; Jobs would not have said, Larry · Alison read not founded Oracle Corp, Mark Zuckerberg at the University of · but also the university did not finish the created Facebook.

Dell is a company in the United States known to every family computer company, its founder Michael · DELL in the 14 years old birthday with their own money to buy a apple computer, and put it down out of order. But he was not looking for technology, but looking for opportunities. Later, after dismantling many machines, DELL saw a flash business opportunity: parts of the IBM computer were worth $600 to $700, but the market price was as high as $3000. As a result, DELL went to wholesalers to buy back computers at wholesale prices, then upgraded them and sold them on campus for less than 10% to 15% of the market retail price.

, here’s one point: I don’t recommend dropping out of school to start a business. I just want to say that during the University, entrepreneurship is almost without failure cost, or the cost of failure is particularly low. At the same time, you can learn quickly in such a good environment. Rapid failure, rapid learning, rapid adjustment, rapid growth, such a virtuous circle and valuable experience are very helpful for building your own business in the future.

Abstract: really good entrepreneurs, his attitude is "big mind" Abundance mindset, he believes that all the resources, I can get, I just do not think the best way.

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start as early as possible

respect: in order to promote the development of

1 every Monday before 3 p.m. regularly by mail icafe@sh419 submit statistical tables 7 last week single Internet cafes operating rate to sh419 Alliance in accordance with the number of Internet users daily single Internet billing statistics software.

1 Internet monitoring points can be normal process in the Internet search business for cooperation, to meet the requirements of the user to open Internet cafes cooperation.


the development of Facebook, a famous high-tech company in the United States, is the same. Zuckerberg, the founder, made good use of the resources of the campus and found a "test field" like Harvard

Why should

starting a business is a hard job.

After several attempts by

, DELL tasted the sweetness of the year, when he was only 19, and had just entered college. For DELL, college students are likely to be their own customers. This is a very worthwhile opportunity to try, and, to put it another way, if he failed at the start of the business, that is, the loss of the cost before the investment, he did not have any big losses.

Qihoo Insenz community marketing alliance opportunities, to achieve the brand, traffic and revenue t

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Haoyuedangkong night, dead calm. Lighting a cigarette silently sank into deep thought. Looking back a few days ago, small pan pan mentioned in the circle of friends WeChat entrepreneur boundaries, at this moment feel that they have been personally. As a grass root, if not to mention business, counter attack, even the chance is very slim straight line. From the first day as a personal webmaster, now WeChat venture, dreams were removed from the Internet for nearly eight years. When you are poor and have only dreams, and do everything you want to be close to your dreams, then, "Tao, wisdom, faith, benevolence, courage and strictness" become the motto of your own business in five words. In the face of the reality of the market, any dream or motto seems to be vulnerable, the inner demons are constantly trouble, and temptation to do something contrary to their conscience. Entrepreneurs can have their own dark side, but also have to have. Helpless and refuse to accept, I just don’t want to put on the mask, make sloppy own ass. But it is more difficult than ever, because I don’t get to see second days of sunshine.


those hanging exciting declaration banners, wonderful case is terrified one after another staged training site, you are so excited, secretly determined after going back to the use of a big WeChat. >

notice: Insenz community marketing alliance opportunities, to achieve the brand, traffic and revenue three harvest! The webmaster to join the marketing alliance, received marketing tasks, the system will prompt you for this project specific benefits available. At present in the 1 Forum on the release of Top Posts 1 weeks income in 100 yuan. The 1 section can be released 3 top posts, if your forum has 5 sections, one week income 1500 yuan, a month can earn 6000 yuan. Plus floating posts, ordinary post and community brand advertising benefits will be considerable! To achieve good effect in the marketing promotion activities will also receive an additional bonus webmaster!

Email: group: 5829436 Tel: 010-58781203

note: currently only a forum or community website, forum posting day in more than 150.

published: 2007 31 March 08

from a rise, various people rushed forward to seize the market to kill red eye, a gray industrial chain formed quickly. The interests of the deification of astronomical training, marketing software, chaos generation operations, faction disputes, held on the day of the business model, the enterprise has again become the meat on the chopping block, the micro-blog era shaves, WeChat era Zaigua time. Sometimes I see some small businesses, because of the difficult living environment, I have to look for ways of marketing and pay a lot of tuition for it. The same is in business, or the tree I was born in the Internet grassroots too idealistic, leading to their own can not understand why some people will depend on the advantages of their own, to hang some uninformed people "". Making money is justified, whether the two sides win, some people agree, some people do not agree. Perhaps the business can not be too naive, you have a full stomach to store enough food, or one day you will become a "hungry".

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business for three months, the site experienced by peers attack, training data are peer plagiarism, plan by the customer to cheat, more incomprehensible and even peer business quotation is too lazy to write, pretending to be customers looking for me. When the dawn comes, you don’t know what happened at night. The initial stage of the team is not easy, a few cock silk dwelling a house, hungry, boiled noodles, pour a little soy sauce, calculate a meal, wake up, open the notebook on the bed, began to study, work, sleepy, and then lie down to rest. Before doing a result not hype, but because the start and resource issues, not always with a sense of their own. In the face of the market turmoil, a stop, to be fair, shows that I am too young and naive, resulting in personal blog attacked, has not yet recovered.


My experience in the station for the novice webmaster suggestions

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I am a rural after 90 webmaster, several websites have been closed for a variety of reasons, mainly due to academic and economic problems. Maybe we are not in the field after 90, but I believe we will become the mainstream of this field soon. All right, cut the crap. I’ll share my experience with you.

1, first select the domain name

domain name is easy to remember, suffix in domestic heat COMCNNETCOM.CNORG…. Choose the Registrar can not be sloppy, had better not choose very famous agent, they can not guarantee how long, I will be closed at any time, because it was cheap for a small agency registration, but third years they actually delete my data do not give me the opportunity to renew… So if you want to do the domain name must not be careless, if you think the registered company official is very expensive, so you have to at least 1 good reputation at home full license IDC, here I think you can go to CHINAZ’s IDC123 to see. .

2, space problem,

free host can only do the test, can not be used in the official station, space velocity and configuration is also important, if the configuration is too poor to access a large amount of space can not afford, choose IDC business can not be sloppy, it is best not to take the small agency, although their prices are very favorable, but can not guarantee stability, and their the parameters correctly, choose the space business to choose a higher reputation, but also choose good configuration, CHINAZ’s CNIDC and idc123 to look at the proposal.

3, positioning direction, making website

this depends on your hobbies, expertise, economic strength and other factors, and then you can start making it. If you know a lot of technical expertise that can not see, for no good technical friend, not recommended to source website just download the source code, because there is no guarantee that the author’s character, they are placed in the malicious code or the back door, preferably with high popularity of the professional companies such as CMS. can be easily integrated station: use the PHPCMSDEDECMS Empire etc.. Do video, you can use Marx CMSCCVMS, do personal BLOG, you can use WORDPRESSZBLOGPJLOG and so on, do forums, with DISCUZPHPWINDDVBBSBBSMAX and so on….

4, content

best original, and there is a good SEO, add appropriate keywords, try to use static pages, if not, also the best pseudo static

5, publicity website

can mainly buy advertising, exchange links, Submit search engines, send flyers, forums, post bars, blogs, or soft text. Wait

6, operating website

because there are too many specific patterns, I don’t introduce them one by one. What’s left is the intention

Domain name system again attention, standardized service imminent

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in December 25th 2011 the national industry and information technology conference held in Beijing, the Ministry of industry and information technology minister Li Yizhong pointed out that 2011 will increase efforts to strengthen the management of the Internet industry, code number, domain name, IP address, website access and access management. Gradually improve the website real name system, and promote the domain name registration, real name system.

can predict the regulatory system, a lot of service providers will face a great challenge, for the record, access, some small and medium-sized enterprises will suffer a double whammy of insufficient funds and domain name system, after some irregularities, the service is not in place of enterprises will also be hit, further reshuffle of the industry will make IDC the industry has become more professional.

for the domain name registration services, no matter how the supervision measures should be strengthened in the domain name system with the corresponding measures, and to ensure and supervise the customer registration of domain name information is true, complete and effective, the linkage of the world domain experts believe: domain name registration information has not been previously the domain owner attention, at present after various name events taught, although many domain name owner domain awareness has been strengthened, but the degree of attention still needs to be improved.

There is no real risk of

domain name information is a big, big companies like Baidu in the minds of Internet users has been regarded as a very strong awareness of network security domain giants, but have suffered damage domain hijacking, visible, important, true and effective information for this domain, the linkage of the world that the service providers the domain name registration to strengthen the following work to review the information and domain name, domain name service specification.

first, standardize the registration process, strengthen the website program adjustments, some obvious error in the domain name information, automatic recognition, prompt in time, submit orders, fill in the registration prompt valid, complete domain information, such as incomplete will not be effective.

secondly, check the domain name periodically and check the new domain name every day. Some have been registered, but the domain name information is incomplete and incorrect. Delete the domain name immediately.

finally, specification of domain name information change operation: for some to change the domain name information, you need to check the original owner of the domain name of the documents, and require the user to the domain name management password modify form.

domain name is wealth and assets, so do the domain name system work, also need to cooperate with the Registrar, according to certain requirements and specifications to fill out the real information in the domain name registration, but also to choose a regular domain name service provider, so as to better avoid the losses caused by the domain name, the linkage of the world is CNNIC four star domain name service provider, com/net/org 48 yuan.

original author webmaster, reprint please keep the link, thank you!


How to avoid online CF harm your user community

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(originally from The, Next, Web, tiger sniffing translation)

online platforms and offline communities operate in a similar way. The breeding of irregularities and vandalism can lead to mass abandonment. The same holds true for online communities and markets, especially in the process of community growth.

because of the existence of the network effect, the scale of online community has become more and more valuable. However, if the system fails to manage user behavior, the proliferation of disruptive behavior can make the network effect play the opposite role. Once this happens, a rapid development of the users in the network will begin large-scale loss of users (such as ChatRoulette, is) online discussion atmosphere will become ridiculous (such as YouTube, the online reviews) decision may even unpleasant results will lead to the line (such as the Airbnb owner looted).

won a lot of attention, is the rapid growth of start-up companies will face the failure situation, especially in the design of a control system to avoid violations, supervision and correction of this behavior under the condition of sprayer.

understands the behavior of user driven (user-initiated)

each online user driven behavior designs two objects:

producer (The Producer): part of the user produces content or information on the platform, based on this, resulting in interaction and communication with other users. The author on the writing platform and the seller on the website of the electricity supplier are all producers in their respective systems.

seed (The Seed): refers to the basic unit of content or message, produced by the producer. On video sites, the production of video. On short rental sites, it means products on the list. In short, it is the basic unit of production and consumption on this platform.

avoid spray and irregularities in the system of measures can be applied on the producer side, can also be applied in the seeds of a party, we will see in the following example.

framework to avoid violations of the system design

borrows an analogy from the medical profession (for a community where destruction is like a disease in an organization’s organs). An online platform for designing systems can be made in three ways:

prevention of

is most likely to cut off the source. Here are two ways:

1 producer: the online platform is selected before the producer is allowed to use the system. Some sites have employees who specialize in which users can access their systems. There are writing communities that strictly restrict authorship, but open reading rights to readers. The problem with this approach is that it loses a certain amount of attraction when it says "no" to some people. < >

Summary of experience simple analysis of the site construction steps

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this article will summarize the basic flow of SEO’s actual operations in the shortest possible language. Specific questions are discussed in each chapter, and now the contents of each chapter are linked together.

, build website

you can start making web pages when you define the theme of your website.

1 for each page to determine the title: write the title as far as possible the use of short text, each page title should be different and reflect the actual content of the page.

2 title contains keywords: keyword frequency should be appropriate. Don’t stack keywords at the title.

3 appropriate use of tags, search engine technology is to simulate people’s habits of thinking. Key words and paragraphs should be specially identified.

4 to web page weight loss, improve web download speed.

two shakes hands with search engines for the first time

After the

website construction completes, submits your website directly to the search engine, speaks from the experience, regarding the Chinese website only then needs to mainstream three big search engines to submit. In the face of different foreign language websites, you also need to submit to a local mainstream search engine.

three outside the chain building

is difficult to find outside links as a new site, especially before it is included in the mainstream search engine. And to establish links with related sites, the implementation of more difficult. So, as SEO workers to open up a network, usually pay attention to the accumulation of. However, it can still be submitted to other similar sites, although the success rate is only about 10%.

1. before you submit a link, usually need your website, first do the links, and then write to show their intentions.

2 long lost the spider (log)

has the habit of regularly reading server logs. Observe the crawler’s crawling habits, record important web pages crawled, and calculate the frequency of crawling pages.

3 included, natural ranking

at this point, your site has been included in the search engine, SEO workers need to statistics the mainstream search engine each included amount, so as to compare at the same time every week. On the basis of statistical collection, analysis of those pages have not been included, as well as the reasons for being included.

four evaluate existing external chains and sites that have not been established outside the chain

sees whether websites that have established two-way links have been punished by search engines. Observe whether websites that have two-way links regularly update content. Observe whether links have been built on two-way links to buy and sell links. For these sites comprehensive scoring, the unqualified site is deleted link processing. At the same time, keep looking for sites that have high relevance to your website and link up with them.

The new

your article