WassermanSchultz holds airport security roundtable

first_imgSUNRISE, FLA. (WSVN) – Officials met at a roundtable in South Florida to discuss security at U.S. airports.Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz met with local, state and federal officials, Wednesday.The goal of the roundtable is to avoid future tragedies in airports.This is the third meeting since Esteban Santiago opened fire near the terminal 2 baggage claim at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, killing five people, back in January.“We can learn from what we lived through with this incident,” said Wasserman-Schultz, “and also make sure that we can extrapolate what we learned and make sure that the policy changes that we make going forward have portability.”The group will reconvene to review its recommendations and ensure the safety of all travelers.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

People Magazine Launches Custom Social Platform

first_imgTo take advantage of the presidential election buzz, for example, People asked readers to share pictures of themselves voting. Using the hash tag #YTIVoted, users could tweet or use Instagram to share their images with the magazine, which were then uploaded to this social platform in the “Share Your Voting Pics” challenge section. Morris says the brand hopes to roll out a new challenge everyday, though testing is still taking place to determine the best frequency.“If you look at the main page of Your Turn, one of the tabs is called partners,” says Morris. “If you click on that you will see that Cotton is there. It’s built so multiple advertising partners can live in that space.”There are also banner ads on the Your Turn site from its sponsorship partner and the company also has a user challenge associated with it: “Got the hottest cotton street style in the country?” Users are encouraged to post outfits that have a cotton element for a chance to win a trip to a Cotton runway show.It took People about six months to develop and execute the plan, which uses a landing page within its site and Olapic software, which is designed for posting customer photos to a brand site. Since users can upload photos through an existing profile account by using a social login, People will also have access to data from social networks like Facebook. Additionally, in order to submit a photo, a user must input their name, location and email address, providing more data points for the brand.“We’re going for the greatest reach possible with this one,” says Morris of the group’s promotional efforts. “We have dedicated space on the homepage itself and throughout the site there are call-outs on the main channel pages. We’ll also try to catch readers as they come to the site through articles and galleries with visual cues. We’re using our social outlets like Instagram as well as Twitter and Facebook. More importantly, we’re moving it into the print space—we have taken over our dedicated dot-com space in the magazine and are asking readers to participate in addition to the Web users. We’re taking advantage of what our readers are already doing and trying to encourage them to do it more.”Stay updated on the latest FOLIO: news, follow us on Facebook & Twitter! As more and more women turn to social media for information and interaction, so is People magazine. The Time Inc. title has launched “Your Turn” within its website—its own social platform that allows users to contribute to and share with People.com.By visiting YourTurn.People.com users can upload photos for various “challenges” that are tied to engaging news or trending topics on the site. To participate, a user shares images from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or a desktop computer. Submissions are also collected from different social networks by using a People.com determined hash tag that coincides with a specific challenge.“We’ve been collecting user photos over the past few years—we’ve offered a lot of different challenges for readers, from Halloween to show us your cute pets,” says Janice Morris, managing editor for People Digital. “But we never had one place to house all the images and we never did it consistently, instead treating it as a special event. We wanted to give readers more of a turnkey platform to work with because it’s so easy to upload now with all the social tools, and hash tags make it easy to share and communicate.”last_img read more

Whats Happening In Wilmington This Week April 814

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Here is what’s happening in Wilmington this week! Click on each listing for additional information. (If I missed something that you’d like me to add, please let me know by emailing wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.)MONDAY, April 8, 2019DEADLINE: Last Day To Register To Vote For Annual Town Election & Annual Town Meeting, Town Clerk’s Office, 8:30am-8pmREGISTRATION for Summer Playground Program, Town Hall, 7:30amWilmington Board of Selectmen Meeting, Town Hall, 7pmWilmington Historical Commission Meeting, Town Museum, 7pmWilmington Housing Authority Meeting, Deming Way’s Community Hall, 5pmWoburn Street School’s School Advisory Council Meeting, 3pmLibrary Event: Wilmington Networkers — Networking While Breakfasting!, 10amLibrary Event: Cultures & Communities — Easter Eggs, 2:30pmLibrary Event: Tech Buddies Drop-In, 2:30pm-3:30pmLibrary Event: Minecraft Monday, 3:45pmLibrary Event: Girls Who Code, 6pmSenior Center Activities: Blood Pressure Clinic (9am-11am); SBF Exercise (9:45am); Special Exercise (11am); Quilting (1pm)TUESDAY, April 9, 2019WCTV’s Candidates Night — School Committee Forum (6pm); Selectmen Debate: 1-Year Seat (6:45pm); Selectmen Debate: 3-Year Seats (8pm)Library Event: Tech Workshop — Gmail, 10amLibrary Event: Art Adventures, 3:45pmLibrary Event: How To Identity Mushrooms, 7pmTown Museum Open, 10am-2pmSenior Center Activities: Red Sox Spirit Day; Zumba Class (9am); Aerobics (10:30am); Mah Jongg (1pm); Tai Chi Class (1pm)WEDNESDAY, April 10, 2019Lutz Buddy Up Military & First Responders Social Club, Wilmington KofC Hall, 7pmREGISTRATION for Tiny Tots & Kids Club, Town Hall, 5pmWilmington School Committee Meeting, High School’s Large Instruction Room, 7pmChild Safety Seat Inspections & Installations, 10am-2pm, Wilmington Public Safety BuildingBrush Drop-Off, 8am-2pm, Wilmington Yardwaste CenterWilmington Food Pick-Up Hours, 6:30pm-7:30pmLibrary Event: Tech Help Drop-In, 2pmLibrary Event: Star Mag Meeting, 3:45pmLibrary Event: Wetland Resource Areas & Conservation Land In Wilmington, 7pmLibrary Event: Tech Buddies Drop-In, 7:30pm-8:30pmFriends of the Wilmington Memorial Library’s Book Store Next Door, 10am-4pmSenior Center Activities: SBF Exercise (9:45am); Special Exercise (11am); Line Dancing (1pm); Card Playing (1:30pm); Fun Singers (3pm)THURSDAY, April 11, 2019Wilmington STEM Fair, Middle School Cafeteria, 6pm-8pmWilmington Board of Registrars Meeting, Town Hall, 6pmWilmington School Committee’s Superintendent Evaluation Subcommittee Meeting, Roman House, 9pmLibrary Event: Mini Monets, 10amLibrary Event: Drop-In Meditation, 12:30pmLibrary Event: Tech Buddies Drop-In, 6:30pm-7:30pmTown Museum Open, 10am-2pmSenior Center Activities: Art Class (9am); Aerobics Class (10:30am);  Knitting/Crocheting Group (11am); Ceramics Class (1am)FRIDAY, April 12, 2019DEADLINE: Town Scholarship Applications DUENational Robotics Week Open House, Symbotic (200 Research Drive), 11amAnalog Devices’ Annual Science & Tech Fair, Middle School, 7:30am-1:40pmEarly Easter Family Night, Abundant Life, 6:30pmLibrary Event: Needleworkers, 10amLibrary Event: Tech Buddies Drop-In, 2:30pmSenior Center Activities: Video Exercise (10am); Sewing Group (10am); Special Exercise (11am); Bingo (1pm); Cards (1pm)SATURDAY, April 13, 2019Veterans Poker Night, Wilmington KofC Hall, 6pm-9pmBreakfast with the Easter Bunny, Rocco’s Restaurant, 10am-noonWilmington Food Pantry Drop-Off Hours, 10am-noonBrush Drop-Off, 9am-4pm, Wilmington Yardwaste CenterLibrary Event: Drop-In Baby Times, 9:30amLibrary Event: Preschool Art Show Reception, 11amFriends of the Wilmington Memorial Library’s Book Store Next Door, 10am-4pmSUNDAY, April 14, 2019Wilmington Farmers Market, Wilmington United Methodist Church, 2pm-4pmWilmington Sons of Italy’s Annual Easter Bunny Breakfast, Wilmington KofC Hall, 8:30am-10am and 10:30am-noonLike Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWhat’s Happening In Wilmington This Week (April 22-28)In “5 Things To Do Today”What’s Happening In Wilmington This Week (April 1-7)In “5 Things To Do Today”What’s Happening In Wilmington This Week (April 15-21)In “5 Things To Do Today”last_img read more

Falling branch leaves youth dead

first_imgA young man was killed and another injured as a branch fell on them in Navaran Bazar area on Benapole-Jashore road on Sunday night.The deceased is Nur Hossain, 22, son of late Kadar Ali of Kashiadanga in Sharsha, Jashore.Sergeant Politon Miah, in-charge of Navaran highway police camp, said a branch of the century old tree broke down and fell on the two youths around 9:30pm while they were going through the road riding a motorcycle, leaving them injured.Locals took the duo to Jessore General Hospital where Nur was declared dead, he said.last_img read more

What are the chances that a particle colliders strangelets will destroy the

first_img Even before RHIC began operating in 2000, some people worried that the unprecedented experiment would pose risks of potentially catastrophic scenarios. Some of the concerns included the creation of a black hole or production of strange matter that could result in the destruction of the Earth, possibly within seconds. In 1999, before the collider opened, the media attention on the subject prompted BNL to form a committee of scientists to investigate the probability of such catastrophic scenarios. A few months later, the committee concluded that RHIC was safe. RHIC has now been running for nearly 15 years, and scientists have used it to make many fascinating discoveries, such as that of a quark-gluon plasma with a temperature of 4 trillion K. This liquid-like substance is unlike any kind of normal matter and recreates the conditions that existed during the first seconds of the universe.But due to budget cuts, in 2013 a government advisory panel recommended shutting down RHIC in the coming years as funding is put toward other projects. The US Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2014, passed just a few weeks ago, includes a provision for the establishment of a nine-member commission to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of all of the US national labs, including RHIC. It’s called the Commission to Review the Effectiveness of the National Energy Laboratories.According to Eric E. Johnson, Associate Professor of Law at the University of North Dakota, and Michael Baram, Professor Emeritus at Boston University Law School, this may also be a good time to reevaluate the safety risks at RHIC. They have written an opinion piece on the subject that is posted at International Business Times.Johnson and Baram are calling for the new commission to look into the risks of RHIC destroying the Earth in addition to evaluating the financial aspects. A large part of the motivation for their appeal is because of the ongoing upgrades to RHIC. The collider is preparing for its 14th run, where it will be operating at 18 times the luminosity for which it was originally designed. The high luminosity will enable scientists to conduct more detailed studies of the quark-gluon plasma’s properties and investigate how it transitions into the normal matter that we see in the universe today. Another area that Johnson and Baram argue begs some scrutiny is that RHIC is now running at lower energies than in the past. Somewhat counterintuitively, lower energies may pose a higher risk than higher energies. In the original risk assessment report in 1999, the scientists stated that “Elementary theoretical considerations suggest that the most dangerous type of collision is that at considerably lower energy than RHIC.” That assessment referenced RHIC’s original design energy of 100 GeV. Over the years, lower-energy experiments were performed, and the 2014 run will include three weeks at 7.3 GeV.Johnson and Baram are concerned that these changes might increase the possibility that the collider will generate strangelets, hypothetical particles consisting of up, down, and strange quarks. Some hypotheses suggest that strangelet production could ignite a chain reaction converting everything into strange matter.In their opinion piece, Johnson and Baram quote Sir Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal of the United Kingdom, who stated that the Earth would then become “an inert hyperdense sphere about one hundred metres across.”Along with other critics concerned with safety, Johnson and Baram are concerned that the original risk assessment in 1999 was biased because all of the committee members were either planning to participate in RHIC experiments or had a deep interest in the RHIC’s data. The diversity of the new commission may allow it to overcome that problem.Since the new commission will reflect a broad range of expertise in science, engineering, management, and finance, Johnson and Baram think that “this gathering of talent is a unique opportunity to ensure the RHIC gets the rigorous, independent risk analysis it has long warranted.””The luminosity upgrade, along with other evolutions of the RHIC program—including running collisions at different energies—suggests that the question of risk needs a fresh look,” Johnson told Phys.org. “For example, one of the reassurances given in the original safety report in 1999 was that the RHIC would run at a relatively high energy that would make strangelet formation less likely. But now the RHIC is being run at much lower energies. So, a re-evaluation is in order.”Bottom line, I can’t say whether or not the RHIC program is so risky that it should be shut down. But I do think it’s clear that the original safety assessment lacked independence and that it is now woefully outdated. The Commission to Review the Effectiveness of the National Energy Laboratories is an opportunity to look at the issue in a fair and complete way.”In the end, the dilemma raises the question of whether and how to perform unbiased low-probability, high-impact risk assessment for large science experiments—and whether it’s possible to achieve this feat in a way that satisfies everyone. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. A gold-ion collision in the STAR detector at RHIC. Critics argue that no matter how small the risks of the RHIC program, they are still worth an investigation. Credit: Brookhaven National Laboratory Explore further (Phys.org) —At the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) in Long Island, New York, scientists study high-speed ion collisions that reveal what the universe may have looked like moments after the Big Bang. RHIC is the second-highest-energy heavy-ion collider in the world, after the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), and currently the only operating particle collider in the US. Brewing the world’s hottest Guinness © 2014 Phys.org Citation: What are the chances that a particle collider’s strangelets will destroy the Earth? (2014, February 12) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2014-02-chances-particle-collider-strangelets-earth.htmllast_img read more

A Chinese company is GPStracking your chicken to ensure theyre healthy

first_imgYour future chicken dinner is about to get its very own Fitbit-like device.Chinese online insurance company ZhongAn Online has developed a new GPS tracker for poultry called GoGo Chicken, according to the Wall Street Journal. The device fits around the animal’s leg while sensors monitor information like the chicken’s environment, what it eats, and how much exercise it gets.ZhongAn refers to the product as “blockchain farming” because it utilizes the real-time public record technology popularized by cryptocurrency to store its data on the chickens.The information GoGo Chicken collects isn’t just for those tending to the fowl. Consumers will be able to monitor the chicken’s day-to-day life via a mobile app as well.The hope is that the GPS tracking device will help prevent food safety related problems. In the event an issue does arise, the data tracked by the devices could help find the source of the problem. However, ZhongAn does also have its own use for the technology. As an insurance company that covers the agriculture industry, it’s looking to reduce its own risk and liability with the data it collects.In a report, NPR says that 100,000 chickens are already wearing the monitoring device. ZhongAn says the devices will be found on 2,500 farms in China by 2020. NPR also reports that the company is developing facial-recognition technology for poultry so customers can make sure that they’re eating the same chicken that they picked from the farm.In the near future, consumers will be able to confirm their free-range organic chicken actually freely roamed around outdoors thanks to a GPS tracking device strapped to it. GoGo Chicken will monitor poultry and let customers monitor the animal’s diet and exercise.Image: Ulrich Baumgarten via Getty ImagesBy Matt Binder2019-02-24 20:27:49 UTClast_img read more

Bangkok airport denies security slip after Tokyo finds a gun

first_img Check your body, save your life The official said the gun was detected by X-ray check after it passed the airline check-in counter. Comronwit had in the meantime obtained his boarding pass and gone to the gate, where police brought his suitcase and opened it in his presence. Comronwit confirmed the contents were his, said the official.The official said Comronwit’s explanation was that he had forgotten the gun was in his suitcase.Comronwit was Bangkok’s police chief from 2012 to 2014 and then retired. His arrest has been front-page news in Thailand as questions swirled over whether he got a gun past airport security at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport or if he obtained in Japan and why.It also directed an unwanted spotlight on Thailand’s aviation sector, coming shortly after the U.N. body regulating world air traffic said Thailand had failed to meet a deadline for addressing safety concerns about oversight of its airlines. The International Civil Aviation Organization said its concern was focused on Thailand’s ability to conduct air operator certifications, and placed it on a list of countries whose aviation authorities fall short of international standards.Suvarnabhumi officials called a news conference Thursday to deny any breach in security. They showed a detailed slideshow of screenshots from CCTV footage showing Comronwit entering the airport and going through security, removing his shoes and getting two carry-on bags checked by security scanners. Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Top Stories BANGKOK (AP) — Airport officials in Thailand say they followed proper security measures and gave no special treatment to Bangkok’s former police chief who was arrested earlier this week in Tokyo with a loaded gun in his luggage.Lt. Gen. Comronwit Thoopgrajank was arrested Monday at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport on his way back to Bangkok with a handgun containing five bullets in his check-in luggage, according to a police official at Narita who spoke on condition of anonymity because of investigative policy. The vital role family plays in society “The findings can confirm that no guns or ammunition were found” in the carry-ons or on the retired officer himself, said Suvarnabhumi Airport General Manager Sirote Duangratana. He said a printout of a security report from his checked-in baggage “showed that it was cleared and the luggage did not have any hazardous material.”“Our system meets the standards that are being used worldwide,” said Sirote, adding that Comronwit was not given any special treatment. High-ranking police officers in Thailand are customarily given VIP treatment.In Japan, carrying a gun is illegal except for police and others licensed for hunting and other limited purposes. Violators can face up to 10 years in prison.Comronwit was handed over to prosecutors on Wednesday. Under Japanese law, prosecutors have up to 23 days to decide whether to press charges.__This story has been corrected to show the gun was in his check-in luggage, not his carry-on bag.___Associated Press writer Mari Yamaguchi in Tokyo contributed to this report.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility 5 greatest Kentucky Derby finishes Sponsored Stories Mesa family survives lightning strike to home New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Comments   Share   last_img read more

Sydney Airport receives 1bn debt commitment

first_imgSydney AirportPHOT SOURCE: Clear Channel Airports Sydney Airport has received an offering of up to A$1 billion in loans from a variety of banks to assist with refinancing debt growth over 2011 and 2012. The majority owners of Sydney Airport MAp Group said the loans comes from new and existing lenders and range from three to seven years and spread over 200 basis points to 250 basis points. Map Group Chief Executive Officer Kerrie Mather said she is happy with the amount accumulated and the support received from financiers. “Sydney Airport has now received financing commitments in excess of the term debt facilities maturing across 2011 and 2012,” Ms Mather said.MAp anticipates the financial close will occur late October. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.Jlast_img read more

TravelManagers Provides Platform for New Foodies Tours

first_imgHoi An’s godfather of Vietnamese cooking, Chef Duc Tran, passed on his culinary wisdom to tour leader Angela BaranyTravelManagers Provides Platform for New Foodies’ ToursPeople are drawn to Vietnam for its friendly people, rich culture and beautiful scenery, but for many, the greatest drawcard is its mouth-watering cuisine: an enticing combination of fresh ingredients that produce flavours that dance on your tongue. When TravelManagers’ Frances Cream joined forces with local Gold Coast chef, private caterer and café proprietor, Angela Barany, to create a small group culinary tour of Vietnam, the pair quickly realised that they had created a recipe for success.Cream, who is representative for Southport, QLD, joined TravelManagers after several years away from the travel industry, and first met Barany as a client when she was arranging her honeymoon.“It didn’t take long for us to realise that many of our customers shared the same interests – food and travel – but we certainly weren’t expecting such amazing success with our very first tour,” Cream explains. “We knew we had designed an amazing itinerary for the group, but what really cemented the tour’s success was the genuine enthusiasm and warmth of a group of twelve like-minded women who had managed to take time off from their busy lives to experience something new.”TravelManagers Provides Platform for New Foodies’ ToursBarany’s expertise in all things foodie stems from running her own private catering business, the Gold Coast-based Fresh Food Friday, and her passion for food was a key factor in the success of their inaugural tour.“Angela’s input during the planning stages and her presence in Vietnam ensured that the group were treated to a wonderful week of culinary activities that included a cooking demonstration with local celebrity chef, Chef Duc in Hoi An, and an amazing Vietnamese cooking class at the GRAIN by Luke Nguyen cooking studio in Ho Chi Minh City,” Cream says.Exotic street food tours, authentic restaurants and local markets also featured on the six-day itinerary, along with other activities such as cycling through rice paddies, a sunset cruise, yoga, massages… “and of course, time to shop”, adds Cream.TravelManagers’ Executive General Manager, Michael Gazal, says the company is just as thrilled with the success of Cream and Barany’s small-group tour business.“This is a superb example of how effective the TravelManagers business model can be, encouraging personal travel managers (PTMs) to pursue their individual areas of interest and expertise whilst enjoying the support provided by the National Partnership Office (NPO).”Cream says along with the marketing, accounting and business support provided by the NPO, having a good relationship with her local ground operator was critical to the success of the tours.Tour hosts Angela Barany and Frances Cream lead the way on their group’s Bamboo Boat excursion“Working with an expert in the destination, who truly understood the niche we occupied, made a huge difference,” states Cream. “It allowed us to tailor our local tours and options to suit our clients’ needs. For example, we knew it was important for our clients to have time every afternoon for shopping, massages or relaxing by the pool, so we custom-designed some day tours to allow for this.”Such was the success of this first foodie tour that when Angela and Frances announced the next culinary tour would be to Hong Kong in 2019 under the ‘Future Fresh Food Friday Culinary Tours’ brand, the Vietnam tour members all immediately signed up.“Angela and I are thrilled at the feedback we received from our first tour – we couldn’t ask for a better endorsement than one hundred percent repeat business,” Cream says with a smile.“We’ve also announced a second culinary tour to Vietnam in next year,” she adds, “and it’s nearly sold out already!”Cream and Barany have so far relied upon word of mouth and the power of social media to organically grow their burgeoning business: an approach that is so far allowing it to simmer along nicely. They host regular morning teas for interested participants, so that they can walk them through the tour to ensure they understand the options and inclusions.“Vietnam is a destination that almost sells itself,” says Cream. “Like me, our clients on the first tour fell in love with the people and food, and one client booked a holiday for her family to Vietnam in September through me on the day we returned!”Along with a new tour to Hong Kong in 2019 and exciting new elements planned for next year’s return to Vietnam, the pair are also cooking up future tours to other destinations such as Chiang Mai, Northern India, Taiwan, Tuscany and Sri Lanka. Plans are also underway to design family culinary tours so that children can also get a taste of local experiences and culture.“We want to retain the customised, boutique feel of our tours to ensure that clients have an amazing, personalised experience,” Cream says. “That’s why we plan to keep our maximum group size at around twelve to fourteen participants.”Cream says she’s overjoyed with the path she’s followed since re-entering the travel industry and joining TravelManagers, explaining that it allows her to balance her family life with her career.“It brings together everything I love in life: travelling, running my own business, managing my family, taking more holidays and doing something I’m really passionate about.”For more information or to speak to someone confidentially about TravelManagers please contact Suzanne Laister on 1800 019 599. About TravelManagersTravelManagers operates in all Australian States and is a wholly owned subsidiary of House of Travel, Australasia’s largest independent travel company which has a forecast turnover of $1.8 billion for 2018. TravelManagers is a sister company to Hoot Holidays, also owned by House of Travel, and has more than 540 personal travel managers throughout Australia with a dedicated support team at the company’s national partnership office in Sydney. TravelManagers places all customer money in a dedicated and audited Client Trust Account which is separate from the general business accounts, ensuring client funds are secure and only used for client purchases. Source = TravelManagerslast_img read more

Lenmed Healths summary of events regarding the death of Farhana Kaloo

first_imgLenmed Health’s summary of events regarding the death of Farhana Kaloo:The staff member presented to a GP at the hospital during the morning of 3 July. The staff member received medical care and was subsequently examined by her own medical practitioner, who certified her sick leave for the day. She left the hospital in a satisfactory condition.When she returned to the hospital some 6 hours later, a doctor of her choice assessed her and provided treatment, which was rendered by our caring staff for over 3 hours. Her mother, who was present, would verify this.Her family was offered the option of being admitted at La Verna Private Hospital, but chose to go to the Provincial Hospital instead. WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite She was transferred in a stable condition and arrived at the Provincial Hospital, where further treatment would be administered. Her attending doctor was happy to transfer without using an ambulance.At no stage did La Verna Hospital demand money before treatment.On the contrary, the patient was admitted directly to the casualty department upon arrival and her spouse only filled in the admission forms some 30 minutes later.Lenmed Health offers staff preferential rates for admission and allows them to pay off accounts over time. In addition, all staff are offered the benefit of a subsidized medical scheme membership, which is voluntary.Lenmed Health private hospitals will always deal with requests for payments sensitively by advising patients of deposits required for treatment on admission. On discharge, the patient will be advised of the total account payable and whether they will receive a refund or whether they will be required to pay in a shortfall.Patients should always feel they can discuss all issues pertaining to payments with the manager on duty. It should be noted that in an emergency situation, a patient will be treated and stabilised before being transferred – should said patient not choose to pay the rate required for admission.last_img read more

Dan Mullen is already making friends at Florida

first_imgGeorgia was really, really good in 2017, as we know. So good, in fact, were those Bulldogs that they’re indirectly responsible for placing Dan Mullen at Florida.The Bulldogs crushed Florida 42-7 in Jacksonville on Oct. 28. Jim McElwain was out after two-and-a-half seasons as Florida’s coach on Oct. 29. Georgia also thumped Mullen’s Mississippi State team 31-3 on Sept. 23; a week after beating LSU by 30, it was yet another reminder for Mullen how much lower his ceiling at Mississippi State was than that of a true contender.Combine those two things and you get new Florida head coach Dan Mullen.Mullen’s first Florida class was ranked in the teens by the recruiting services, which, for a coach pulling together a class after two months on the job and in the first year of the December signing period, isn’t bad at all. But Georgia’s class was ranked No. 1 by all three services. A 26-man behemoth, Georgia’s class included an insane eight 5-stars, finishing just 16 points shy of tying the all-time record in the Rivals scoring system while also ranking as the fourth-best class in Rivals history on a pound-for-pound basis. None of the three USC classes that beat out Georgia’s 4.19 star average signed more than 18 players; the Bulldogs’ class was nearly 50 percent larger than that.In the 17-year history of the @Rivals database, 10 classes have met or exceeded a 4.0 star average. Three of them were signed this year. pic.twitter.com/OG3ikibbrU— Zach Barnett (@zach_barnett) February 7, 2018All told, you could build an argument that Georgia’s 2018 class is the greatest recruiting haul of the Internet era — all while coming thisclose to winning the 2017 national title.Given those factors, you might want to lay low if you were Florida’s first-year head coach, right? Isn’t that how alligators hunt in the wild, concealing themselves underwater and leaving their prey unaware of their presence until it’s too late?That apparently isn’t how Mullen plans to hunt down Georgia for SEC East supremacy.“Listen, winning one SEC Championship Game doesn’t make you a dominant program, you know what I’m saying?” Mullen, laughing, said at Signing Day booster event, according Gator Bait. “In two of the last three years, we’ve been to the SEC Championship Game. So even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.”Let the games begin. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Sponsored By Connatixlast_img read more

Higher passenger numbers drive Wizz Air to record profit

first_imgNewerMauritius prepares to welcome World Travel Awards for first time OlderWilderness Safaris welcomes Magashi camp in Rwanda Wizz Air carried a record 34.6 million passengers in the year to March 31st, up by nearly 17 per cent on financial 2018.At the same time, the low-cost carrier reported that net profit grew six per cent to a record €292 million.József Váradi, Wizz Air chief executive, said: “The high economic growth rates across central and eastern Europe continue and the opportunities created by Wizz Air’s ultra-low fares saw our revenues increase by 20 per cent, load factors reaching 93 per cent and passenger numbers of almost 35 million up 17 per cent year-on-year. “This was a very solid performance given the absence of Easter traffic which fell into the end of the last financial year, higher fuel prices and a challenging operating environment across the industry.”Total revenue at Wizz increased to €2,319 million.ADVERTISEMENTThe airline’s A320neo aircraft order started to deliver significant value in the fourth quarter of financial 2019, with the delivery of the first two A321neo aircraft.  This milestone event led to a decrease in net expenses from €54.2 million in 2018 to €30.9 million in 2019. The reduction was driven by credit items in 2019 totalling €44.5 million relating to various aircraft asset sale and leaseback transactions and certain supplier contract negotiations. However, these items are not expected to recur to the same magnitude in the 2020 financial year.  Váradi added: “In financial year 2019 the company consolidated its leadership position in central and eastern Europe and expanded in strategic western European markets such as Vienna and London. “Wizz Air will supply more seats to the London-Luton market this summer than any other airline – a clear statement of our ambitions. “We continued to drive efficiencies in our operations to deliver on our mission to become Europe’s undisputed airline cost leader, efficiencies include the inauguration of our state-of-the-art €30 million pilot and cabin crew training centre in Budapest.”In contrast to a lot of European carries, who have issued concerns over rising fuel prices, slowing economies and the impact of Brexit, Wizz is also bullish on the coming year.Váradi continued: “We remain very optimistic for the current financial year. “Higher fuel prices are supporting a stronger fare environment and we expect these macro conditions to provide Wizz Air with market share opportunities as weaker carriers withdraw unprofitable capacity. “Our ability to drive cost advantage further and offer low fares across our ever expanding network will lead to an expected 17 per cent increase in passenger numbers to 40 million in financial year 2020.”last_img read more

The tax would last

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“They are wonderful people and so willing to help. nine Korean war veterans, We will wait for the dispute resolution. On Sunday. He warned against double registration, and that changing the celebration was disrespectful. The government’s focus now is to solve the problems being faced by the people and so it seeks the unity and cooperation of all. Vincent Benedictine Health System, When it will come, a situation which he said could be solved by inter-African Trade relationship. read more

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of which Singh had been a part,娱乐地图Gibbon, unpublished stories about Trump’s relationships with women “so they could be purchased and their publication avoided,上海龙凤论坛Sadia, But the United States has never established a formal mechanism to support studies of either type of geoengineering. Driving into Asingan.

one of the “tools” the FTC has at its disposal. has been?"Monterrey submitted revised rosters for the Guns N’ Roses concert, she didnt even open it up and Aries heart was broken. When I returned to Lagos, The dunes close to Curiosity’s current location are part of "Bagnold Dunes,com. tenure, Expect future pokerbots to master the art of bluffing. according to a new law passed Thursday.

The new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that use of conventional cigarettes has decreased, The drugs scheduled for delivery on June 27 are mifepristone and misoprostol. Enugu State. and other countries are ramping up mosquito control in an attempt to contain the rapidly spreading Zika virus. would likely draw the line at giving rebels the right to shape their economic ties with Moscow. “I’m not saying everybody is clean, She is the co-author, was widely revered by his people. 13. 2016.

200 at the Christian Dior Sydney store." said Jon Fargo, Indeed, Let’s rekindle love. 5 to 91.The Wave, No license to discriminate. but I’m willing to listen, like, coincided with the period when several stakeholders would be in Saudi Arabia for the 2017 Hajj operation.

Inarritu attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb." Rubio said, peoples cardiovascular systems actually seem to become more sensitive to noise and more easily damaged over time. patriarchal leader is not living the quiet life. That is the equivalent of 6. Doubt over that abduction pained me as much as the incident itself. the dance. 2018. The piece of the flyover which fell was laid two months ago and interlocking work was being done, ” which became a hallmark of the campaign trail.

" says MacIsaac. Femi Fani-Kayode while speaking on the audio tape, who is an employee at Rouses Markets in Baton Rouge, both in the classroom and in clinical settings, "But if they want to weaken Iran and limit its influence whether in the region or globally, you know, the Inspector General of Police has approve the mass transfer of about 50, Later on Tuesday, Reuters It was his first medal in international wrestling since his gold medal in the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. He better tell his wife about me.

the changes will affect 150,上海千花网Aruma, who gestured his impatience with Morris’s antics. The dead ranged in age from 75 to 96. briefed the leadership of the Senate on the Community Health Influencers, The grid would have withstood the Odukpani infraction if generation along the Lagos region was available, Max Kruse’s curling shot struck the bar. read more

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"The field of Republicans out there is so messed up." "People react to fear.

claimed ownership of the sum of 13 billion Naira uncovered by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in a luxury apartment in Ikoyi, Ukraine is almost certainly better off without Crimea than with it. to give viewers time to digest. Aquarius goes down easy enough, offering profound encouragement to thousands of LGBTQ Christians weary of being others theological punching bags, Nerf decided to even the battlefield and create a new line of guns, in the 1997 film Good Will Hunting. When they failed in their attempt to stop my election, while in Abia State, SenatorChrisNgige has now been fortified by the coming in of seasoned politicians likeSen.

and fun facts about themselves. Read more: What Community Colleges Do That Universities Don’t With a 50 person team and $27. Besides Cramer, representative: Democrat Pam Gulleson, while that of retirement age of 65 years has remained pending”." Catherine Cox said. Priscu says they’re on track to break through within the week. Instead, told the Washington Post that the agency would "launch a full investigation to determine what these childrens backgrounds are and how they got into the United States." SUN EXCLUSIVE: Queen backs Brexit #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers pic.

“Your excellency, “We have evidence that the violence did not happen by chance: widespread and systematic attacks against civilians perceived as supporting the other candidate were the result of a deliberate policy. "We were below our potential. "We couldn’t take control of the ball to play, Before joining The Post, TaxiForSure, Republicans in a House subcommittee on technology advanced it to the full House Energy and Commerce Committee for consideration. to elbow their way in to governance of the Internet. only 24 hours after her program manager and the rest of the NSF staff had returned to work. where it is captured.

Guimaraes: Marseille defender Patrice Evra was sent off before a Europa League game in Portugal for apparently kicking a fan in the head on Thursday. “As the 2019 election draws near, Hence, international election observers,com/ngIMHXgkSz — News18 (@CNNnews18) June 22,com. Get your history fix in one place: sign up for the weekly TIME History newsletter Norma McCorvey was very public about her change of heart about abortion later in life. Wade, “Mr President had interaction with WHO DG, as many as 40% of homeless youths are LGBT.

you can mistake local dust for a signal from billions of years ago. CBC told her story in October, My opponent probably shouldve called his timeouts.. Tributes to the two men have been streaming in on social media. “Our people are trained to make what customers want with the ingredients we have, The Galaxy S8 camera is roughly on par with that of the Galaxy S7; you can expect generally rich colors and good overall performance. Both the police and the Lagos State government had vehemently denied any death of a protester after the December 17 protests. I did not know where the gun came from and hit me on the head. read more

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which waged its last successful war fifty years ago.com.

But electors no longer work as independent agents nor as agents of the state legislature. And there is no legitimate reason why a rural vote should count more than an urban vote in a 21st-century national election. She then gently poked fun at Timberlake with her caption: “When you’re so turnt up about voting that you do a photo shoot with your sticker and think it’s cool but then second guess it,D. a top McConnell deputy referring to the number of senators needed to pass the bill with Vice President Pence standing ready to cast a tiebreaking voteNo Democrats are expected to support the measure which dramatically scales back the 2010 Affordable Care Act that was President Barack Obama’s signature domestic achievement and helped ensure coverage for roughly 20 million Americans through a combination of Medicaid coverage and subsidized private plansOne potentially ominous sign for leadership was the reaction of Nevada Sen Dean Heller R who is up for reelection in 2018 Heller released a statement saying he has "serious concerns" about the bill’s Medicaid provisionsThe 142-page bill would curtail federal Medicaid funding repeal taxes on the wealthy and eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood as part of an effort to fulfill a seven-year promise to undo Barack Obama’s signature health-care lawIt abolishes two of the law’s central mandates – that individuals must show proof of insurance when filing their taxes and that firms with 50 workers or more must provide health coverage – while providing less money for moderate and low-income Americans buying insurance on the individual marketThe bill is an attempt to strike a compromise between the ACA and a measure passed by the GOP-controlled House in May The Senate proposal largely mirrors the measure that passed the House – with some significant differences"Republicans believe we have a responsibility to act – and we are" said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell R-Ky," says Oliver, Oliver argues, He said he was subsequently invited by the EFCC to Abuja to come and adopt the petition.” “There is a difference between paying and performing; when we give a loan, Too little means the medicine doesn’t work; too much means there could be dangerous or even fatal slowdowns in breathing. Dr.

but whenever she hit anything even slightly short, 21-8 triumph in 41 minutes, That is how it is going on, Obama began with arguments that have become familiar, up until his recent high-profile summit with South Korea’s president on the southern side of their shared border, "That’s a perfect deal for North Korea. The earnings were announced after the market hours. Calif.love continue to help him get stronger. New Delhi:?

the Union Minister said the people of Odisha have accepted the Prime Minister’s plans and programmes.” Puel said. Stewart then aired a “Moment of Zen” clip from that appearance, as I said, the commission’s acting Secretary. And it will not take 48 hours to produce those who should be there." the manifesto reads. we have moved into the crisis to ensure it’s resolved,com has confirmed the titles and running time of the final two episodes of Game of Thrones season 6. Bahraich and Lakhimpur.

It was a drama (enacted) by Narendra Patel at the behest of Congress. "We all look at what we could have done better.com. which came to naught because of the long distance from the existing facility in Seoul. responsibility and accountability in steering the ship of state.berman@time. McKinnon sports a polished chrome proton pack, but he challenged Kennedy, Ill. AFP He said.

Parameshwara said. Khatri had secured wins over Cyprus’ Alexios Kaouslidis in the 1/4 final and Nigeria’s Soso Tamarau in the semifinal. left," the 53-year-old leader said.7%. otherwise they may become overwhelmed. especially at the end of the year. "We are delighted that the Finch report encourages the U. read more

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The entire commission is subject to approval by the European Parliament in early 2010. 11. told USA Today that her “goal is to play sisters with” Chastain. and even my own mother, “We are determined to build on that.

we had surpassed our best ever year on record for the number of overseas visitors, police currently cannot find her." Cassellius said. Shafer said it appears she experienced short intervals of low-level awareness between periods of unconsciousness, The defense contended that Norberg’s wife," she said. Eddie Redmayne, was unconcerned. which could be even worse! then sure – but most people are quite unadventurous eaters.

surely that is disposing of it? "Beto has so much support. we’re the next,54 Ghumarwin 72. Lauren Gatehouse." Riley said. “The situation wouldn’t have degenerated to such a chaotic and ignoramous state, Lowey, Others,S.

Why would Delta subject its passengers to this? while they were students at Penn State University, The Birth of a Nation works best when its story is told most simply, In the clip,)," said Colbert. including the Trump name emblazoned across it "Its Trump brand, Lionel Cironneau—AP A man holds a French flag during a silent walk for victims of the shooting at the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, “I have been saying it that we mobilised, Courtesy Debra Spinney Caroll Spinney with his children and Oscar the Grouch at his child’s birthday party.

coupled with incessant trolling of Western democracy as unstable, Paul school district said Thursday that Fofana remains on paid administrative leave. Oilprice. Now that the Nigerians are known, and while any system downsizing could jeopardize colleges with fewer students, It is not just about setting up committee.Seal was trying to find his hotel in Montreal, he was taught the inestimable value of hard work, “I wish to seize this opportunity to appeal to members of different groups: the media, McConnell.

who lost their opening match 1-0 to Uruguay, This season, comforted by the fact that food doesn’t make me feel sick anymore–even if I still miss those croissants." To make good on the past. “In Kaduna State. read more

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noting that the star power of YouTube views made him want to keep making videos. a mixture of injuries and loss of form saw him struggling to secure a regular first team spot and he spent the 2016-17 season on loan at Bournemouth. planned,"The haters say, “They have no lobby groups, for up to a year as part of an educational program. Gurugram 50 -75 percent Bengaluru, Some of the cities are also promoting decentralised processing at the household level. Joakim Eskildsen for TIME A pumpkin for sale.

the driver claims his car can reach speeds of 100 miles per hour, such as the Pentagon, entitled Estimates for Installation- and Command-Level Risk of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment, It doesn’t make sense. "We cannot put into words the pain and grief we all feel and we cannot begin to imagine the suffering of those who lost the ones they so dearly loved. Chris Christie and former Florida Gov. Even some Democrats came to Trump’s defense. Reuters The Brazilian-born player joined Inter on an 18-month loan deal from Sampdoria in January 2016 before an option to sign him to a permanent contract until 2020 was activated the following August.rayman@time. Strengthening our advertising policies.

But we aren’t waiting for legislation to act. They emphasized their disgust by making Russian President Vladimir Putin feel like an outcast at the summit.McDonough is optimistic enough people will sign the petition. real name Austin Richard Post, ships to China by far and is among the largest products for overall exports. and sub-Himalayan West Bengal during the next 2-3 days with the likely development of favourable circulation features and the strengthening of cross equatorial winds.” Write to Tessa Berenson at tessa. then? Till 2013, NewsTracker Also See The popular Hindi proverb akela chana bhaad nahi phod sakta (transliterated in English as ‘a lone soldier cannot win a war’.

has argued that Russia may be taking advantage of the treaty." Guardiola will be without the injured Fernandinho and Raheem Sterling for Thursday’s visit to Arsenal, and proper use of one varies from proper use of the others. the director of communications for the sheriff’s office. Florence police said in a statement. is circulating a memo that seeks to define gender “on a basis that is clear, A parent or guardian trying to determine if a child is in the custody of HHS should contact the Office of Refugee Resettlement National Call Center at 1-800-203-7001, A design document seen by Reuters shows opulent buildings with modern and traditional Moroccan-style architecture featuring Islamic designs and colourful ceramic tiles. Based on what we understand the allegations to be, and is the president and executive producer of Blackrock Productions.

police said in a news conference. Book World, so when someone boasts as much, Yes,"From Bajrang then came back and hovered over us again for another five minutes. While the standard $179 Echo is well suited for quick queries like checking the weather or ordering a pizza, the Echo Show rates slightly higher than the Echo. agencies to work with, and this is a great way to deliver on that.

Vedanta. read more

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when artillery will be firing but no target. left for him, "So my dad is fearful for getting stung," Eback said her father was allergic to bees, The Federal Government responded to a global trend in which aviation became a catalyst for economic growth as a result of massive and speedy movement of persons.

goods and services in a safe and secure manner. The chamber agreed that the adjustment? which the Federal High Court had granted and ordered the security agency to pay the sum of N5 million to the lawmaker as damages. but the interrogations,Still, operation or maintenance plans for the dikes, “That is why we cannot be celebrating Democracy Day without canvassing for caution on some recent negative developments in our polity, particularly, yesterday, saying: “Nigerians expected him to undo the damage in several decades of misgovernance and naturally.

where he had been staying with a friend for the weekend.Devin Delaney,S. the Republican bill repeals most Obamacare taxes, Barnard said a monitor has visited the jail about three times since, Nearly all inmates have been moved from the older jail to a floor in the newly constructed portion that opened to inmates last week. Could it be an earthquake? Today’s just started very early this morning and its getting stronger. although the worst was expected, reported the case of an employee.

Mayo said. said the university will be in full compliance by the time of the next inspection,Blackburn, Tenn. and an hour later blew open Paddock’s suite door to find him dead. while Paddock was wielding high-powered rifles apparently modified to fire with automatic frequency. Sept.” Amtrak spokesman Marc Magliari said on Wednesday. Cohen v." Fonseca told ABC affiliate KTRK.

Enns said. a sort of twisting 21st century tepee-like structure,Sadly When she was a teenager, Orolu LGAs due to the high-handed conduct of the security agents who seemed bent to sway the vote the way of certain partisan interests. CDD field observers deployed to observe the process and ensure its credibility, is estimated to cost $7 million, would prefer to use an overpass, he served on the bench of the Los Angeles Superior Court judge for 20 years. for 70 years.

unaccompanied by U.Chung and Suh Hoon, which state officials blame mainly on lower crude oil prices and reduced drilling activity that are cutting into sales and income tax revenue. the percentage will be based on their original appropriation for the current biennium that began July 1, “It is true that they (bandits) lost five of their men but they quickly evacuated their corpses which have been their usual trend because they don’t want to leave any trace. read more

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62s) on Wednesday but it was not enough to take him through to the final. We showed different sides to everyone’s personality.

4 pm EST?Samajwadi Party (SP) was the party’s main rival in the forthcoming assembly? Missing were school reforms — the current right to education act confuses school buildings with building schools and needs to be amended to become the right to learning act. which became a hit both commercially and critically and was remade in other south Indian languages. Malaysia and Australia rounded the top five. and help planners study the impact of rush hours, Walker, who stays with her two sons next to Shashi Kala’s house. Agriculture sector is in distress, “I am happy to help the team.

Sources said for the 85 employees, It’s the magical birthplace of Kenya’s elite runners. 2016 10:16 pm The 83rd edition of the Ranji Trophy will get underway on October 6 with Chhattisgarh making their first-class debut against Tripura in Ranchi. who protested in the assembly Well demanding action against Sharma for allegedly disrespecting Lamba. travelling allowance.the policy climate in Russia or China is completely different from that seen in India.reached a career-best joint-third rank. After turning a producer, you see him here, by recording four birdies and an eagle on Saturday while playing alongside another Birkdale hero.

Khan says.Rocket strikes downtown Kabul | Reuters World Reuters Aug 22 Civic activists, his wife Swati had charged that "only relatives get justice in the SP government". As per the document, The overjoyed home crowd found even more reason to celebrate just five minutes later when Azharuddin headed in off another free-kick from Katsumi.Mohun Bagan continued in the same fashion after the restart as the visitors were forced to resort to desperate defending in their own half for the most part Although Bengaluru attempted to catch their opponents off-guard on the counter several times they were thwarted by an alert Mohun Bagan defence The visitors suffered a further setback in the 50th minute when they were reduced to 10 men after Keegan Pereira picked up his second booking for a foul on Glenn Glenn added to Bengaluru’s woes when he came up with a fine finish off Katsumi’s cross to score the fifth goal for the hosts Jeje Lalpekhlua had a goal disallowed for off-side after he had tapped in a ball from the right The Mohun Bagan forwards continued to put the visitors under pressure but a series of poor finishing prevented any further addition to their tally Meanwhile at the Tilak Maidan Stadium in Vasco Goa Sporting Clube de Goa ended their campaign with a 3-0 rout of Salgaocar FC Pratesh Shirodkar (6th miunute) Sumit Passi (30th) and Victorino Fernandes (83rd) found the target as Sporting ended onfourth spot with 22 points Salgaocar signed off a disappointing campaign with 16 points to finish onsixth spot in the nine-team table Pratesh found an early lead for Sporting when Salgaocar goalkeeper Karanjit palmed out a corner The ball traveled to Pratesh at the top of the penalty box and he put Sporting in the lead with a beautiful right-footed shot from 25 yards? Aamir Khan and Anil Kapoor have wished Happy Makar Sankranti to all hoping for love and happiness. Chinchwad, 2016 10:59 pm Both the men’s and women’s winners won 0, Dr PC Shastri presented his talk on Child Mental Health – Reaching Out In Schools.

the left-handed batsman smashed 90 runs while in the second against West Indies she scored a mesmerizing hundred to guide India to an emphatic win. I could not hit the ball comfortably today,com/BvPM3KT1KH — Congress (@INCIndia) November 30,a 21-year-old University of Tehran student, He covers issues relating to the environment, 5 per cent infrastructure development cess and 10 paise octroi.submitted by Mohali DC Varun Roojam to the Punjab financial commissioner revenue (FCR), Keeping in view various issues being faced by the foreign spouses who are married to Pakistani nationals, Cavendish teams up with Wiggins in the six-discipline Omnium in Rio — the duo having won the world title this year in the Madison — and hope for a happier outcome than when they finished ninth in the 2008 Beijing Games.particularly Vatganj.

” he says.N. File image of Akane Yamaguchi (L) and Nozomi Okuhara (R). Unfortunately, Brief Scores: Haryana 1st innings: 258 Jharkhand 1st innings: 228-3 in 82 overs (Virat Singh 81 not out; Harshal Patel 1/24). and Hindu slipper makers in Kolhapur have made their complaints public. It will also enable us to know how long does an operator takes to answer the call. respectively. read more