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Thinking about the importance of user experience from restaurants

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said the reason first, because the details of the restaurant changed, and the conclusion had nothing to do with the restaurant.

lunch at the company restaurant, everyone knows that fast food is a fruit delivery, our company’s restaurant at noon to send watermelon, every small piece, but the watermelon is too small, so everyone take more. Disk before watermelon is put in place after the Kagan get the disk, each person’s habits are the first to eat two pieces, then take two meals to play. Then do not know who the idea, put the watermelon on the disc after the meal will be passed by the place, because we finished the meal and then took the chopsticks and porridge two hands basically are used, there is no way to get a lot of watermelon, so the restaurant saves a lot of watermelon.

it wasn’t a big change, but it saved the restaurant a small amount of money.

so I suddenly thought, the people who do the Internet in the design page actually the truth is the same, the same, in different positions, with different forms of performance, the effect will be very different.

, just as our website has recently been revised, has had the honor of attending several editorial seminars and more deeply felt the importance of this aspect.

usually, we also want to change the style, which place to put something, how to put?. But is it the right place for the design right now? Is there a better one than this one, or even the most suitable one? Is there a more appropriate form of expression,

?The job of

revision is more regarded as the task assigned by the leader, so many people may not consider these problems, and these questions are the most important for a website. Maybe a simple change will bring a great deal of users.

, but no matter how it changes, there is one of the most important prerequisites: understanding the user’s shape. When you want to change, ask yourself, do you understand user habits? Do you know the users most want to see is what? You know the current page on which part of most users attention? Do you know what is the reason for this part of the contents of such attention by users? If not understand these problems I advise you, do not rush to the first revision, these problems clear to say.

See the legend Taobao Ke Wu Mei Niang soft Wen promotion cheats!

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soft Wen promotion is a method of higher order! As a simple point: Sun goods in Post Bar, all the same person with a lot of small said products a boast good form is soft! God level such as some time ago very fire Alipay marketing soft Wen: Van Gogh why is Dutch act! A soft.

Taobao guest how to write soft text:

recently in the Hunan satellite TV legend later, especially after being turned into big Wu Wu Mei Niang Legend Legend, everyone is to refresh the mobile phone? When the audience in complaining, Taobao for passengers, it is a very good opportunity, such as this time, you can write an article, name: "count" Legend "Fan Bingbing Wu Mei Niang beautiful clothing and accessories". In the article, plus a variety of related products recommended. Taobao alliance back single product search input or related keywords legend Fan Bingbing Wu Mei Niang, quick search, came out a lot of related products.


(Taobao alliance backend search results)

at the beginning of the article you can write this: TV drama "legend" was immediately launched later, buddy, Wu Zetian Fan Bingbing version of the photo is the suddenness of a thunderbolt to spread throughout the network, and even attracted wide attention of users in Japan, and give "stunning" praise. Fan Bingbing in the play because of a large number of scenes, her dress is only more than 260 sets, one of the most expensive set the value more than 500 thousand yuan. A variety of gorgeous, exquisite hair styles and accessories, the overall quantity is amazing, the crew revealed that all actors and clothing add up to about 3000 sets. So amazing figures, people can not help wondering, stills, Fan Bingbing that luxurious headdress, is not really worthy of attention? Today, it might as well look at the small series, Fan Ye these bright headdress,


then you can list the goods, such as

1, double the vertical height of

stills, Fan Bingbing played the best early in the palace of Wu GUI, childish, wearing a pink skirt, nimble and graceful, attracted netizens praised: "Fan Bingbing play 14 years old girl to have no sense of violation and simply Yan burst table values".

this is the hair bun will be divided into two parts, on both sides of the head of each disk volume drop ring. In the Tang Dynasty is the most popular general, unmarried women or young men, ladies, comb the hair of maids. See, Fan Ye in the play style is in line with some of the characteristics of female in Tang dynasty.


(click pictures to go directly to the product link)

2, double Wangxian bun

This is

hair hair is divided into two shares, with black wool or black belt tied into the ring, towering in the head. Because the pursuit of feeling, look like, so called double Wangxian bun, >

The national mourning website black CSS filter code

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              according to the documents of the State Council, 5.19-5.21 as a national day of mourning, during this period, the national and foreign institutions Xiaban Qi, stop public recreational activities, the foreign ministry and China’s embassies and consulates set up condolence book. At 14:28 on May 19th, the people of the whole country were silent for 3 minutes, when cars, trains and ships whistled and air defense sirens rang. Admin5 and many grassroots web sites will be changed into white station. China and suggested that all sites changed to white. The State Council decided that from May 19th to 21st will be the national mourning day

offers a CSS filter code to mourn for the convenience of the site. The following is the total station CSS code.

HTML {filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.BasicImage (grayscale=1)}

usage: this code can become "black and white, will be at the top of the code to the CSS can be white. Suggest national stationmaster moves. Mourn for the compatriots killed in the earthquake.
: Insert

< style>

< DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "! -//W3C//DTD XHTML 1; Transitional//EN" "" >

How to select excellent employees in the restaurant

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opened a restaurant, there are a lot of preparation to do, choose a good location, find a good decoration scheme, have to recruit outstanding employees. In this article, the small series focuses on the recruitment and selection of staff, teach you how to find excellent employees. Here are the details:

1 to select senior staff

be familiar with the environment, familiar with the guests, familiar with the operation procedures, master the target customer positioning, for regular customers, regulars, consumer, leadership and surrounding competition; status should be very clear and understanding. Only meet these conditions can be better in line with the needs of the post, but also better for the customer service.

2 information and marketing

must have the amount of information collected, and to learn marketing skills, here is not only the problem of marketing services, including marketing, so that consumers purchase themselves don’t need more food, this is not to sell, but can be better made to consumers, to guide consumption.

3 personalized service

service is the most important in the catering industry, but also are basically the same, only make a difference in the service, launched personalized service to make consumers more satisfied, to store more favorable impression, so the personalized service of an employee is very important, but this is not to say that the other kind of offbeat tend to scare consumers.

do catering business, talent is very important, excellent employees can not only make the customer satisfaction, but also to enhance the store image. Therefore, to recruit excellent staff. In addition, the consumer has been tracking service is also very critical, which is also an effective way to increase repeat customers, and even bring more surprises to customers.

How to operate a special noodle shop

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characteristics of the noodle shop need to do what management? If you are ready to start early, then the business will be very successful. Xiaobian finishing a few suggestions, hoping to help businesses find the right business methods, if you are not in line with the business, then hurry to learn about it.

: the first store address is very important. Store choice according to the location of the noodle business to determine, according to the crowd you choose the most appropriate address, in order to occupy as much as possible market. For example, you intend to open a small, simple management of the noodle shop, you can choose in the community, commercial street, schools and other places.

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Management of small candy shop

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small candy shop in some of the many "ambition" aspiring entrepreneurs heart perhaps are not what, so we work together to have a look at what is now the market needs of the store? Take a look at such a small shop is not how much wealth.

in its first month to make money

for entrepreneurs, the most difficult is to start the "ice age", in the first few months, mostly to lose some money, can do. Liu Yangxi said: "from the first month, we will make money." There are two reasons: first, the money is not too much candy store in Chongqing, the most prosperous commercial area of Shapingba, Monument for Liberation, Jiangbei, each district only about two. The candy consumption market is relatively large, newly married more than 80, the traditional Chaotianmen style candy and packaging has been unable to meet their aesthetic needs. Second, the opening time in late August, candy business survived the June to early August off-season.

their candy store opened in a square in Shapingba, the larger flow of people, but the shop transfer fee of up to 70 thousand yuan, most venture capital spent here. What other almost do not have to spend money, decoration of thousands of pieces of candy boxes by the manufacturers deliver goods, almost no accumulation of goods. Customers are optimistic about the box, under the good order, pay a deposit, they find manufacturers purchase, are now sold to buy. Candy, invitations and other supporting items are available in the wholesale market.

location about

the candy shop open in where? A senior practitioner gives the answer: the best in the business district near, but not into the district. The best is the street facade, big traffic, convenient parking.

Tianjin Ling Chi space entrepreneurs hope

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once the "public space" these four words from our lives very far, but with more and more people to join the venture, the public space has created all over the land of china. In the eyes of many young entrepreneurs, the public space is a new starting point for the future career, where pregnant with their greatest hope.

in "public entrepreneurship, innovation" is sweeping, as Tianjin’s largest Creative Park, Li Qizhuang street, Lingao Creative Industrial Park comprehensive implementation of innovation driven development strategy, give full play to the Xiqing agglomeration of innovative resources and develop the advantages of open, to create a unique color space carrier – Ling Chi public record space, by creating a good environment, the establishment of the selection and elimination mechanism, the integration of graduation to raise public resources, greatly stimulate students’ power of innovation and entrepreneurship, attracted a large number of "abuse" agglomeration, forming a strong atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship.

into Ling Chi space, all kinds of solid wood furniture, soft sofa, eyeful of green plants, bursts across the aroma of coffee…… So that the reporter mistakenly entered a warm place for leisure, quiet, simple yet determined, liberal arts. But with the quiet here is the first to start the eyes of college students in the eyes of the passion and the "brainstorming" burst out of the golden idea".

and this new company, here is a microcosm of the entrepreneurship of College students. Lingao creative industry park now consider a lot of recommendation

Landslides in Shaanxi more than 60 people missing

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landslide is one of the most terrible natural disaster, at the same time, some local once landslides phenomenon, it will cause a very big social impact, yesterday in Shaanxi province occurred in large landslide events, has caused more than and 60 people missing.

8 12 days at 0:00 on the day of about 30 points, landslides occurred in Shaanxi, Shanyang.

The landslide occurred

doubt: quarry "tunneling" mountain?

the number of missing doubts: how much?

see here, also let many people feel very scared, but for a large accident like this, at present the reason of the accident is under investigation, also hope that the missing in the accident can be found as soon as possible.


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There are five ways to help you succeed in food and beverage

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no matter what business we do, in which industry, we must understand the basic elements of the industry, the basic law and the basic situation. Food and beverage industry has summed up the food and beverage industry five proverbs. Namely: the quality of health services, innovation is a treasure, store location is very important, the size of the mystery, scientific management.

without characteristic innovation

The size of a


without scientific management

fullyequipped small sparrow. Although there are not many employees in a restaurant, there are a lot of management. We often see such a restaurant: a large number of waiters, seems to have been busy, but the customer is always asking for a waiter, the service is very slow, which is why? This is clearly the process design of the restaurant

Ji’nan Lixia District to participate in the 2015 tour business venture Master invitation

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want to succeed in business, in addition to their own strength, but also need a good environment for development. Ji’nan Lixia District by inviting entrepreneurs to share entrepreneurial experience and other measures to encourage entrepreneurial students fighting spirit and enthusiasm to create a good entrepreneurial atmosphere.

According to the

genuine sharing encourages entrepreneurial spirit

11 13, Lixia District People Club Bureau in Lixia District, Shandong University of Finance and economics university students entrepreneurship Park held in the district under the forum of entrepreneurship 2015. Shandong University, Shandong University of Finance and economics, Shandong Normal University, Shandong Jianzhu University, Lixia District, the streets of the pioneering work of the person in charge, Lixia District outstanding entrepreneurs, investors, Lixia District, shanghaicaida business park in Lixia District, entrepreneurial team, entrepreneurial team representatives participate in the forum activities.

forum site, Jincheng Tongda law firm senior partner Zhang Lei, Qilu equity trading center assistant president Jiang Wei respectively from the "entrepreneurial companies how to share", "capital market" to boost innovation and entrepreneurship entrepreneurial financial management guidelines; general manager of gold car service founder Ma Hongbo, Shandong village travel network founder Li Huabin and Beijing write a flick of Consulting Ltd. Wang Zhiyong as a new generation of successful start-up pioneer and the audience shared the hardships and harvest their business on the road, and the scene to raise questions of entrepreneurs in the face of business confusion proposed site answer, solve their initial problems, to help companies improve innovation business model.

directions to provide funds to support