JMC Meeting to address issue of Chief Financial Officer

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, September 28, 2016 – The Joint Ministerial Council or JMC meeting in London from November 26-27 is where the Premier is expected to get a response to his demand for the British to remove the UK appointed Chief Financial Officer from TCIG.It is likely the final official function Hon Dr Rufus Ewing will attend as Premier on this side of the General Elections; and UK Solicitor General who was in country for the Attorney General’s Conference held last week, where the Premier delivered remarks which were both chastised and complimented, had something to say about the hotly delivered speech. Robert Buckland, also the Member of Parliament for South Swindon, is the first UK minister to visit the TCI since the PNP Administration took office in 2012.   Hon Buckland helped to open the four day, overseas territories Attorney General’s Conference held at Blue Haven Resort. Related Items:JMC meetings held at blue haven resort, premier to attend jmc meeting in london Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Subaru officially teases STI S209 ahead of Detroit Auto Show

first_img Review • 2018 Subaru WRX STI Type RA: Performance at a price Detroit Auto Show 2019 Subaru 61 Photos 2020 BMW M340i review: A dash of M makes everything better More From Roadshow • Feb 7 • Chevy’s full-scale Lego Silverado is plastic fantastic in Chicago Subaru More about 2018 Subaru WRX STI Type RA Comment Jan 22 • Our highlights of the 2019 Detroit Auto Show Feb 4 • 2020 Kia Telluride: Detroit Auto Show debut turns Super Bowl ad star Tags Performance Cars Sedans 2018 Subaru WRX STI Type RA is sharper than your average STI May 14 • History of the Toyota Supra, a Japanese sports car legend 2020 Hyundai Palisade review: Posh enough to make Genesis jealous The S209 follows in the footsteps of other limited-edition, S-badged STIs. We can’t wait to test this one on American soil. Subaru We definitely knew this was coming.First, Subaru applied to trademark “S209” in the US. Then the company released a teaser video of a hotter WRX STI sedan testing, saying we’ll see the production version at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show in January. Now, the cat’s officially out of the bag: Subaru confirms its Detroit-bound STI is, in fact, a limited-edition S209. But we still have a couple of questions.For starters, what’ll be under the hood? As Roadshow’s Andrew Krok smartly pointed out last week, Subaru’s most recent special STI — the not-for-US S208 — used a 2.0-liter, turbocharged H4 engine. The current, US-spec STI, meanwhile, uses a 2.5-liter H4 engine. Our money’s on the 2.5 for the US-spec S209, tuned somewhere north of the 310 horsepower and 290 pound-feet of torque it makes in the STI Type RA.Regardless of engine, expect the S209 to get a number of tasty performance upgrades. The S208 came with a faster steering rack, new front strut tower brace, Bilstein dampers and model-specific, 19-inch wheels, among other niceties. We also don’t know just how limited this limited-edition model will be. The Type RA, for example, is limited to just 500 examples in the US. It’d make sense for the S209 to be less than that. Maybe, oh, 209?We’ll know all this and more when the S209 officially debuts in January. Share your voice 2020 Kia Telluride review: Kia’s new SUV has big style and bigger value See All Preview • 2018 Subaru WRX/STI: New look, more performance for the road-going rally car reading • Subaru confirms STI S209 for Detroit Auto Show, to no one’s surprise 1 Detroit Auto Show 2019last_img read more

Tolkien review Poignant Lord of the Rings biopic goes from WWI to

first_imgBut one does not simply make a biopic without bending the truth a little. The Tolkien family has disavowed the film, and there are inevitably some deviations from the truth. The film implies Tolkien and his friends went straight to war, for example, although in reality he delayed joining up long enough to raise eyebrows. And it feels like the film may be playing coy with some aspects of Tolkien’s story. Director Dome Karukoski has made a couple of films based on true stories, and speaking to CNET he admitted biopics are “always a battle between fact and fiction.” But even if the facts are streamlined or adjusted, it’s only to find the “emotional truth” of the story. 2 42 Photos Movie reviews Amazon More Tolkien Comments Originally published May 7.  Farewell to Middle-earth: celebrate ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’ (pictures) 2019 movies to geek out overcenter_img Share your voice Tolkien director: ‘Battle between fact and fiction’ in Lord of the Rings biopic Tolkien movie taught me I’ve been saying Tolkien wrong all this time TV and Movies JRR Tolkien himself also resisted attempts to analyze the influences on his work. But Lord of the Rings remains as influential as ever, with Peter Jackson’s epic movie series soon to be followed by a new TV version on Amazon. And of course Tolkien’s influence is seen throughout the fantasy genre from the Narnia stories of his contemporary CS Lewis to the phenomenon of George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones.Not just for Lord of the Rings fans, Tolkien explores how the war to end all wars inspired the one ring to rule all fantasy. And by taking Tolkien as a representative of a doomed generation, it reminds us of the tragedy that some things which should not have been forgotten were lost. Tags It’s pronounced Tol-keen, apparently.Even if you’re enough of a Lord of the Rings fan to already know that — or even if you’re not a fantasy fan at all — this new movie about the life of JRR Tolkien is still a poignant tale of fellowship and a reminder of the humanity and creativity lost to war.Tolkien’s is available on home release in the US now. In the UK it’s available as a digital download on August 26 and Blu-ray and DVD on September 9.Mad Max and X-Men actor Nicholas Hoult stars as the legendary author, born in South Africa, orphaned in England and instilled with a love of language at Oxford. The story of Tolkien’s life and love for his wife Edith, played by Lily Collins, is framed in flashbacks from the mud-clogged trenches of the First World War where Tolkien served as an officer.Nicholas Hoult as JRR Tolkien. Fox Directed by Dome Karukoski, the biopic illustrates various influences upon The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. These include the epic myths read to young JRR Tolkien by his late mother; Wagner’s Ring Cycle opera; and his transition from idyllic rural English shires to the hellish chimney towers of industrial Birmingham. The film is then tied together by Tolkien’s feverish hallucinations of fiery dragons and nightmarish knight-monsters stalking the gas-shrouded, flame-engulfed hellscape of the Western Front.Some of these mirrorings are a bit dead-on: For example, Craig Roberts has a thankless task as a faithful companion named Sam, spurring Tolkien on an arduous quest through the trenches.Ultimately though the Lord of the Rings allusions are just the hook. Fans will enjoy spotting the references and inspirations to the Middle-earth books, but the real story is about a generation scythed down by war. At the upscale school where he feels like an outsider, Tolkien falls in with a group of artistic dreamers who find themselves in uniform while still only boys. Already confined by the strictures of society, they find themselves fighting for their lives during World War I.tolkien-008-0004-reel-5-no-blanking-rec709-2-93-2Nicholas Hoult and Lily Collins face the nightmare of the First World War. Fox Tolkien symbolizes the artists, poets and painters, the creative, playful and gentle souls lost to war even if they made it home. The film presents Tolkien as a survivor who speaks for a generation of artists lost to history.While it is a heartfelt meditation on loss and linguistics, Tolkien’s actual life story is fairly slight — especially if you’re not keen on posh boys palling around posh schools. But there are gently affecting moments, like Edith pushing Tolkien beyond linguistics and into emotion by inventing a story on the spot. There’s also a heady cameo from Derek Jacobi, who delivers a stirring speech on the power of words. 77 Photoslast_img read more

Industrial Output Grows 19Month High of 47 in May 2014

first_imgThe Index of Industrial Production grew 4.7 percent in May 2014 since October 2012, according to the data released by Central Statistics Office of the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation on Friday.Also, the overall IIP has surged by one percent this year compared to loss of 3.2 percent last year.The data provided optimistic news for BJP government. On 10 July, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had announced his first annual budget with many structural reforms and fiscal consolidation.IIP had been obtained using data from 16 source agencies across the nation. The report said the inclining growth for the month of April-May in 2014-15 over the matching duration of previous years stood at 4 percent.”It shows that things have started improving,” Reuters quoted Rupa Rege Nitsure, chief economist at Bank of Baroda.”Just going by this data one cannot say the trend will necessarily be improving henceforth, given the risks of a deficient monsoon and its impact on the whole consumption side of the economy,” she added by relating weak monsoon that could delay economic growth.As compared to May 2013, IIP rate for mining, manufacturing and electricity sectors grew by 2.7 percent, 4.8 percent and 6.3 percent respectively this year.Furniture manufacturing topped the industrial sector with growth of 60 percent, followed by tobacco products by 37.1 percent and electrical equipments with surge of 33.7 percent respectively.Besides, radio & TV industries topped the list with most loss by 40.3 percent, followed by office, accounting & computing (-28.6 percent) and motor vehicles (-7.4 percent). On other hand, consumer goods has recorded growth of 3.7 percent.Products that recorded highest losses are aluminium conductor (-60.3 percent), lubricating oil (-51.3 percent), telephone accessories (-47.8 percent), computers (-38.1 percent) polythene bags (-29.5 percent), antibiotics (-27.2 percent), commercial vehicles (-22.7 percent) and boilers (-21.8 percent) in May this year.However, the manufacturing sector, constituting three-fourth of the IIP, grew 4.8 percent in May, compared to decline in output by 3.2 per cent a year ago, Business Standard reported.”While it is reassuring to see some pick up in the growth of manufacturing in May, but it needs to be seen in the context of the negative base,”  Business Standard quoted Sidharth Birla, President of Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.last_img read more

Drivers Dont Use Half of the HighTech Features Offered in Cars Study

first_img Register Now » August 26, 2015 This story originally appeared on CNBC Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global 3 min read Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. As automakers race to add the latest technologies to vehicles, a new study has found that most drivers aren’t using these high-tech features in the first place.According to J.D. Power’s Driver Interactive Vehicle Experience (DrIVE) Report, released Tuesday, 1 out of every 5 new vehicle owners has never used half of the 33 technology features measured by the annual survey.”The first 30 days are critical,” said Kristin Kolodge, executive director of driver interaction at J.D. Power. “That first-time experience with the technology is the make-it or break-it stage.”There are a few reasons why these technologies have not been widely adopted, Kolodge said. In many cases, new vehicle owners said they did not find certain features useful, or indicated the technology came as part of package of options they didn’t want.In other cases, the use of new technologies has been limited because dealers do not fully explain how to operate certain features when owners buy a new car or truck.”Automakers also need to explain the technology to dealership staff and train them on how to demonstrate it to owners,” Kolodge said.The report serves as additional evidence that automakers and suppliers are still searching for the right menu of new technology to offer car and truck buyers.Finding the right balance is crucial, as these features are a primary reason why the average transaction price (what’s paid at dealerships) for new vehicles has steadily climbed in recent years. In July, that number sat at $31,691, according to TrueCar. That compares to $29,882 in July 2011.Blind spot warning and detection and fuel economy indicators topped the list as the most-desired technologies that drivers want on their next vehicle, according to the report.Top technologies wanted on next vehicleBlind spot warning and detection: 87 percentFuel economy indicator: 87 percentSeat lumbar adjustment: 86 percentPhone pairing system: 84 percentPark assist: 82 percentSource: J.D. PowerOn the flipside, the survey shows that car and truck buyers have become so accustomed to using their mobile phones for navigation and streaming music that they would rather stick with those devices than transition to in-car infotainment systems.”In many cases, owners simply prefer to use their smartphone or tablet because it meets their needs; they’re familiar with the device and it’s accurate,” Kolodge said.Top technologies not wanted on next vehicleRear seat entertainment: 58 percentMassaging seats: 47 percentIn-vehicle concierge: 44 percentAutomatic parking system: 39 percentAndroid Auto: 38 percentApple CarPlay: 37 percentSource: J.D. PowerIt’s important to note that although in-car infotainment systems such as Apple CarPlay or Google’s Android Auto may not rank high, the systems are still relatively new and only offered in a limited number of vehicles.The latest DrIVE report is based on the responses of more than 4,200 vehicle owners after 90 days of ownership. The survey was conducted between April and June of this year.last_img read more